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Website Design

Transcript: Software Routers A domain Name registrar is an organizational that is an ICANN or ccTLD and it manages the reservation of internet domain names. Application Layer Protocols are rules which govern the transfer of data. Transport and addressing protocols are responsible for finding out the detonation of a packet, then sending it to the correct place. An example this is the TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol). Browsers- An internet browser is an application which allows you to have access to the internet and view web pages. Examples of internet browsers include, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and many more. E-mail- An email client is an application which allows you to send and receive e-mails. The email is sent to a central server then is aggregated to the intended destination Web Server- A web server is a computer or a bit of software which delivers web contact that can be accessed via the internet. They are most commonly used for storing information on web pages but they are also used for other things such as gaming servers. Mail Servers- Mail servers are responsible for aggregating the emails sent from computers to other computers. they allow emails from addresses of different domains to be sent to other addresses of different domains. Proxy Servers- A proxy server is a computer that allows clients to connect to a computer network using indirect network connections. The client will connect to the proxy server, then ask for a connection file or other resource available on a different server. The proxy can then give that resource either by its cache or connecting to the appropriate server. Domain Name Registers Protocols A router is a layer 3 networking device that connects multiple networks together. It aggregates the network packets being sent from the router and also the packets being sent to the router to the desired ports. Components Hardware World Wide Web Web Hosting- Web hosting is a type of internet hosting service where a company makes an individual or organization's website accessible to everyone via the internet. When you buy web space for your website, you are essentially buying a server which the host owns. An example of a web hosting service is 123 reg web hosting. ISP (Internet Service Providers)- ISPs are companies that provide access to the internet. An example of an ISP is BT. As well as providing access to the internet, ISPs will also provide you with a phone line as they are telecommunications businesses. The world wide web is a system on the internet which allows documents and files to be connected together via hyperlink texts. This enables users to search for documents by going from one document to the next. Website Design Domain Structure- A domain structure is a way system that creates an identifier to each URL, it assigns an IP address to a URL so when you enter a URL the address will be tracked and the webpage will be located. This is because computer's can't work with letters and instead use a code known as an IP address. HTTP- The Hypertext Transfer Protocol Controls what actions web servers and browser should take when responding to various commands. So when you enter a URL into your web browser, it sends the web server a command to fetch the desired web page information so it can be built on your browser. HTTPS- this is the same as HTTP except it has SSL as well which makes it more secure to send data over it. This is used for transactions of data that need to be done securely, for example internet banking. SMTP- This is a protocol that's used for sending e-mails. SMTP sends the emails to an email server then is aggregated from there. Web Architecture

Website Design Project

Transcript: most people prefer delivery save customer's time Within England, this region Photo based on: 'horizon' by pierreyves @ flickr Help Book Name brief description The Plan Brief Books Category Huang, Shih-Hsuan Assignment 2 Pay and Download straight from the web Target Audience Add to basket Hardware & Software Requirement About us Top Ten Books Flow Chart My Website Plan More Detail Add to Basket Delivery Requirement Book Profile Help Goals & Objectives Target Audience Hardware & Software Requirement Delivery Requirement Simple Mockup of my website Flow Chart Reference Books Contact Customer Service Sign up Log in People who are interested in reading people who would like to get qualifications An example of how to create a website- Circlepad Magazines Goals & Objectives Google Ebay Yahoo My Business Description Witch's Book site Book Profile Book Name Breif Description Travels Novels FAQ we hope people can get more knowledge and get relaxed from the products we offer. At the same time, we make profit Detailed Info Home OECD online bookshop: Contact Info Security & Privacy My bookshop does: sell books online and people can take an order sell e-books, which can be downloaded straight from the website and also save customers' money and time. provide chatting rooms for customers and vote for top ten popular books that they think Privacy Booking online References Magazines Reference Book Home Novels sign up/ log in More detail Delivery How to publish a website to the internet:

Website Design Project

Transcript: Ha-Yen Nguyen Website Design Project Google Google I use Google for basically everything. When doing a paper, I'll research things and I'll browse the internet for fun or in my free-time I imagine it looks like a big building in the center of the internet (almost like a town or city hall) inside, would look like a customer service center & multiple people to answer questions also, you would see a big projection of the world's most recent or popular searches updating constantly since Google is in the center of the internet, there would be bridges, roads, and even elevators branching out, leading to different websites Google Classroom Google Classroom I imagine Google Classroom to be in the form of a regular school Each classroom (taught by a teacher) would have rows of desks with open laptops like a student would with their laptop, words would be typing themselves and you can see work begin done, but you only see the laptop not the student I use Google Classroom to do work assigned by my teachers I use Google Classroom to do work assigned by my teachers or take online quizzes/tests I also use it to study. Sometimes, my teacher will post resourceful links on Google Classroom for us to prepare for tests. I also use it to study. Sometimes, my teacher will post resourceful links on Google Classroom for us to prepare for tests. Instagram Instagram I use instagram to stay connected with my friends and family. Its a fun way to see what we're up to i imagine there would be photographers with flashing cameras, taking photos constantly (even though we can't see the subject of their photo since the cameras are polaroid-type cameras, the printed picture would fly up through a portal all around would be flickering hearts, the one you see when you "like" a photo Instagram would be located in a hall of other social media apps (facebook, twitter, etc.) Quizlet Quizlet In the internet, Quizlet would be located in the school because it's an educational website I imagine it being in the library, almost like tutoring there would be a digitical copy of the student learning/memorizing with another person (who represents the website) wearing a white t-shirt with a blue "Q" to represent the Quizlet logo. for example, when you are using the flashcards feature on Quizlet, (from inside the internet) it would look like a study buddy is quizzing you with flashcards. when you're using the test feature, it would look like you were taking a real test at a desk If the internet was set up like a city, Netflix would be the movie theater to get a ticket, you would need to sign in and multiple people are watching the same screen but each person sees a different movie It would look like any ordinary movie theater the chairs would be able to recline with red leather and the walls would be black (the Netflix colors) Netflix Netflix

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