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Wait till Helen Comes

Transcript: Fact #1 Facts Author Mary started her career as an art teacher at a junior high school in Greenbelt Maryland in 1960 Helen tried to kill Heather but Molly helped no matter what ,even when heather was very mean to her . ~Genre: The genre of this book is fiction. Its fiction because I know ghosts arn't real. ~Opinion: This book over all is amazing. If you ever need a good book to read on a rainy day know that "Wait Till Helen Comes" is a great option.10/10 Reviews #1.The book wait till Helen comes is a good book because it keeps you wanting to read more. This book is about about a ghost named Helen. Molly & Micheal (main characters) have a step sister named Heather, ( also a main character)& Molly and Micheal hate Heather hates them to. Characters Theme #2.I perfect ghost story, good enough to thrill all ages. It's not complete horror but the kind of story most everyone loves so much, the kind where a haunting takes place because bad things happened so long ago. Wait Till Helen Comes is a story many people can find ways to relate too, especially anyone with stepbrothers or stepsisters, or just plain brothers and sisters Fact #2 Exposition The family(Heather, Molly, Michael, mom and Dave)move out into the country to an old church with a graveyard and Heather has a weird relationship with the lost gravestone she found. Pictures Fact#3 Heather and Helen attempted murder Setting After 1991 she left her job as a librarian to just focus on her writing. ~got married ~moved/church ~graveyard In 1977 she took a job as a children's librarian. Heather Molly Helen Dave Michael Jean Falling Action Climax ~Church ~Graveyard ~Country ~No neighbors Wait till Helen Comes Plot Molly and heather Helen/didn't kill Rising Action Conflict

Wait Till Helen Comes

Transcript: Theme Setting Wait Till Helen Comes Who - Molly, Heather, & Helen What - Heather talks to a ghost named Helen, and Heather wants Helen to scare Molly and Micheal so they could stop being mean to her. When - While the family was getting Where - Baltimore, Maryland 1). The family move to a church with a graveyard in the back yard. 2). Heather goes to the graveyard and discover Helen graveyard. 3). Dave told Heather not to go back to the graveyard. 4). Heather went back the next day and started to talk to Helen. 5). Plot Main Character - Molly , Heather, & Helen Antagonist - Heather Molly - is the one whom keep to herself, like to read, and listen to music. Heather - is the little demon who like to blame Micheal and Molly for everything, try to keep there mom away from her dad, and talk to a ghost name Helen Helen- is a little girl who drowned in a pond near the church were Molly and their parents live and she talks to Heather Character(s) Cover/ Title Page Title - Wait Till Helen Comes Author - Mary Downing Hahn Genre - Fantasy / Sci - Fi Name - La'Miya Tuggles This story is about ( working together , loving , each other, and being their for each other) . Evaluation Of The Book My thoughts on the books are, i thought it was a book to teach us no matter what is going on what you and your siblings always have their back. This book showed me to always have my brothers back no matter how much we may fight or argue. A problem in the story was Heather thought Helen was her family , but it turned out Helen wanted to kill her father and she want her father to stay just scare Molly and Micheal. The problem was solved by Heather realizing Molly and Micheal really loved her and had her back no matter. The story takes place in the modern days in the country right outside Baltimore, Maryland in a church were Dave and Molly mom bought. Settings - pond -library -graveyard -wood -Harper house

Wait till Helen Comes

Transcript: Molly can see Helen. Heather would sneak out of the house and go into the graveyard. Molly would follow Heather and she would see Heather talking to Helen. Molly would tell Micheal and Micheal would think she is crazy and paranoid. Molly would tell her mom as well and Dave too. Dave would get mad for accusing Heather of such thing and then Heather would get upset and start crying. No one believes Molly and everyone would join Heathers side as the lying, whiny baby. Molly is 13 years old, newly moved to Howell with her brother, Micheal and there mom there step-dad, Dave and an annoying little seven-year old heather. Molly fears of death and is very gullible too. She would always follow Heather to make sure she is behaving, when she tells Dave what Heather is doing, no one believes her. Heather always gets her way in the end. She is so attached to her dad. Her dad would always believe her and not his wife or Micheal. Whenever Molly or Micheal would see Heather doing something that she isn't allowed to, they would tell Dave, and then Dave would tell Heather, but Heather would ALWAYS start to say she didn't do it and then cry. Dave would get mad ant Molly or Micheal and then run away with heather in his arms. No one likes Heather except for Dave. Heather would also lie to Dave that Molly/Micheal are bugging her just to get them in trouble. When they get in trouble, Heather enjoys watching it. Heather, Heather is the main problem. She lost her mom in a mysterious fire and has no friends. Her Initials are H.E.H for Heather Elizabeth Hill. When she found a friend, she was going through the same thing as Heather. Losing her mom in a mysterious fire hundredths of years ago and having no friends. Helen was her name. Heather would always go talk to Helen, Molly would follow. Molly would see Heather talking to her and she would tell the rest of the family. When they ask Heather she lies and starts crying. Everyone believes Heather and Molly looks like the bad guy. Main Character: Molly Molly`s feelings Heather and Helen Micheal and Molly dislike Heather the most. They try to be nice to her, but no matter what happens, Heather will make up a lie to get Molly and Micheal in trouble. Se always succeeds. Micheal thinks everything has a scientific answer to it, about Helen and all their stuff getting destroyed. He doesn't believe in Helen when Molly does. Micheal is trying to figure out a way to come up with an explanation, but he can't. Molly is still determined it is Helen, Heathers evil friends. Molly has heard of the Helen stories about her drowning kids in the pond and is now believing they are true. She is scared for Heather, not for her. Whenever Molly and Micheal make Heather upset, Heather would threaten them with Helen. Molly, Micheal and their mom's things all got destroyed because of Helen, followed by her message "I have come H.E.H". Heather would always use Helen against Molly and Micheal tomake them afraid, it is working for Molly, not for Micheal. Thanks! Helen The Family Tornado Wait till Helen Comes About Molly Who is the bad one? Heather or Helen?? The Truth Of Heather Helen is a ghost. She was 7 years old when she died hundredths of years ago. Her mom died from a fire that no one knows how it started. Her initials are H.E.H for Helen Elizabeth Harper. Helen's house is behind the church that Molly lives in. There is a pond right in frount of the burnt house and the stories say that Helen takes kids like Heather to drown in the pond to be friends with Helen forever. Helen's grave is away from the others, under the big oak tree. The graveyard caretaker didn't even know it was there until Heather brought it up after 20 years working in that graveyard.

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