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Vodafone Background Presentation

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Transcript: Introduction... Financial instability; More growth increase long term debt Focus on UK & Europe markets Late enterance in total communication No network in countryside areas Low market power in Europe Highly competitive market Introducing LLU by Ofcom Price competition Regulatory pressure to reduce price EU & UK regulation for quality of HW & cope with local regulation Economic slowdown Merger of Orange and T-Mobile BT had forced to allow access to its newtwork at competitive rates MVNO's: Lower the barriers Other competitors in different markets Reduction in cost by regulators: 34% Rapid growth in number of compatitors Range & quality of hardware and services Wide range of choice among different competitors Handset sales declined in 2009 Apple iPhone sales increased by 26%. Apple was first supplier to negotiate a share of the operators' ongoing revenue... Development of new technologies was bluring the boundries, forcing reconsideration of what was required for "Total Communication" Lost leadership in UK market in 2009 to O2 Became 3rd in market after merger of Orange & T-Mobile Due to highly competitive market, what other services if any, should be provided? Partnership Built or Acquisition Cost of 3G Vodafone Group Plc is a British multinational telecommunications company in London since 1985. Low... VoIP Moderate... Revenue: £45.9 bn Subscriber: 370.9 m Porter's Five Forces Economic... Relied on slower growth & saturated Europian market due to extremely higher mobile subscriber penetration rate (120%-150%) in some countries Cost of calls and cammunication services (decreasing) Strength Social... Political & Legal Vodafone owns and operates networks in over 30 countries and has partner networks in over 40 countries. MVNO's Youth Rates Issue of new license Privatize BT Worldwide recession Demographic & cultural aspect of the environment influencing customer needs and market size Health issue: Society is concerned about under 18s being at risk; Parent concern... Adult content Factors affecting purchasing power of customer: High... Value added products & services Reshape its competitive environment; Focus on existing & new customers Cost reduction; improving return Increase in mobile & TV usage% Increase in mobile broadband subscribers R&D in new mobile technologies Fixed-mobile convergance data services Emerging market growth Infrastructure... Regulations... Strategic Challanges for the company (Mobile Virtual Network Operators) A trend towards major sports leagues in EU regulator Figures show the distribution of the age groups (75% of participants belong to the 18-25 age group range) Supporting competition in television and internet services Comprehensive tariff and promotion monitoring A hosted, secure platform Vodafone mobile phone licenses are tightly controlled Vodafone is willing to shift their approach away from unit pricing and unit based tariffs Regulatory changes in the UK communication industry Threats So High... Aggressive strategy growth through acquisition Brand recognition Network infrastructure Performance enhancement by cost reduction Focus on service Presence in emerging & development markets Largest share of 3G subscribers & leader in marketing 3G cards for laptops Weakness Vodafone New strategy... Advanced technologies on products & services 3G GPRS/WAP SMS/MMS Cloud Computing UMTS IP Wi-MAX Digital TV Upgrading of speed over fixed & mobile networks Online advertizing Wireless (mobile) broadband demand PESTEL Analysis Leading mobile telecommunication operations It is the world’s second largest mobile telecommunications company measured by revenues as well as subscribers. High... Focus on key areas of growth potential Mobile data, emerging markets, enterprise, total communications and new services Deliver value and efficiency from scale Using size and scale to drive cost efficiencies and operational effectiveness Key Suppliers: Handset manufacturers; Apple, BB, Nokia, Samsung,... Network equipment manufacturers; Ericsson, Alcatel-Lucent, NSN,... Mobile phone theft Blue jacking Technological... We will be the communication leader in an increasingly connected world... Recommendation... Europe, ME, Asia Pacific, East Africa, USA BT to offer other operators wholesale services Provide network voice & internet LLU: BT required to allow other operators to install their own equipment in BT local exchange; voice, broadband internet Listed on UK Stock Exchange & NASDAQ Vodafone connects customers across the globe with roaming agreements worldwide... Formulating and implementing Vodafone strategies in accordance with each country specific legal, regulatory and tax environments Economic factors includes economic growth, interest rate, exchange rate and the inflation rate

Vodafone Intern Presentation

Transcript: Shared a Link Work Experience Shared a Photo I moved to Milan in 2012, when I started my Bachelor studies at Bocconi University, following a finance major. Washington D.C., US.A. Music Arts My video project about the exchange experience I had in 2012 Nicoleta Varzari Psychology Extreme sports My current ambition is to intern with Vodafone Italy, Employer Branding Department. Photos Behavioral Economics Management New Media I strongly believe that my profile perfectly matches the position, which needs an energetic, open-minded, ambitious, sociable and responsible young person. like comment share like comment share MediaPoint NGO team Traveling Civic Education Week Participant, U.S.A. Finance My work experience ranges from NGOs, student organizations, international projects, to financial holdings and luxury goods companies. All my work experience can be viewed via my Linkedin profile Telecommunication Dance performance Bocconi Alternative Investments Symposium Vodafone Italia Intern like comment share Graduation Education I have been through four different schools up till now. Spent my first nine years of education at the Theoretical Lyceum of Magdacesti, then I was selected as one of the few chosen students for the newly opened Lyceum of the Academy of Science of Moldova, and in the meanwhile I won a scholarship by the U.S. Government and spent one year in the U.S.A. as an exchange student. Currently - Bocconi University, BIEMF programme. Milan Interests


Transcript: Vodafone Background - Vodafone group plc, is the worlds largest mobile tele-communication company. - It was founded by Sir Christopher Gent in 1984 - There are over 85,000 employees working worldwide for Vodafone - The name 'Vodafone' comes from 'voice date phone' - There are over 400 Vodafone retail stores in the UK, with oppurtunities for graduates - Vodafone offers over 700 roles within the organisation What Vodafone do? • Created the first mobile phone in 1985. • Now have over 370 million customers in over 30 countries. • Pride themselves on their quality of service. • They provide the ideal environment for graduates to thrive. • Vodafone are an innovative company. • They aim to make the world a better place to live both socially and environmentally. The Vodafone Foundation • The charity was created in 2001. • £150 million have been donated to various charitable causes. • The foundation also funds social investments and projects supporting disaster relief and the company’s own ‘World of Difference’ scheme. World of Difference •In times of financial constraint this scheme provides people with the chance to donate their time and expertise to charitable causes close to their hearts. •Chosen customers and employees are able to transfer their skills to a charity of their choice whilst getting paid for their philanthropic actions. JustTextGiving • Partnership with JustGiving allowing people to donate to a charity or individual fundraiser. • Allows donations to be made via text messaging to raise money for charitable causes. • Free service provided by Vodafone to everyone, not just Vodafone customers. Vodafone Graduate Qualities • Customer obsessed. Innovation hungry. Ambitious and competitive. • Act with speed. • Value simplicity. • Inspire trust. What is Vodafone's UK graduate programme? - There are 50 oppurtunties available all in a variety of different sectors. - You can earn up to £25,000 and receive £500 welcome payment - You receive a laptop and business phone as well as company discounts What it involves Stage 1 - 2 months working in a retail store gaining store experience Stage 2 and 3 - 10 months spent working in 2 different teams in order to establish the best roles suited to specific individuals - Working in contact and retail stores requires a flexible attitude. Application Requirements - Available for the full 12-month programme - Ready to start on 3 September 2012 - Happy that 20 of your 23 days’ holidays are fixed - Available to relocate around the UK. - Have obtained a 2:1 in your degree (in any subject), or a merit in your postgraduate degree ONLINE QUESTIONNAIRE -Based on real life scenarios -Used to test compatibility to the role REGISTERING Basic information - Name, address, degree etc Availability - Ask simple questions via yes or no answers Curriculum Vitae - Easy to upload and complete ONLINE What do I need? • They ask that those who apply for a graduate role are flexible and adaptable as you may experience a number of roles and have to move around the country during your 12 months. • Customers are Vodafone’s most important asset so employees have to be able to deliver a seamless service, often working in teams on the shop floor or in offices across the UK. This requires skill sets such as being able to work well within a team, communicate to peers and customers efficiently and being able to ‘keep a cool head’ under pressure are just some amongst many of the skills required • Academically they require students to have achieved a 2:1 or higher in their degree programme. Also you do not have to have completed a specific degree type to legible to apply for a graduate position. What makes Environmental Students good for this graduate scheme? We believe that environmental students have a broad range of talents to fit into any organisation....... These Include........ - Ability to work in a team e.g. Regulary participating in group work with different people at University - The desire to acheive goals e.g. Completing D of E at school. - Adaptability to various pressures e.g. Meeting deadlines and passing exams. - Excellent communication skills e.g. Making a vareity of presentations on many topics Vodafone have a strong moral and ethical policy and regularly release sustainability reports. Vodafone view ‘eco-efficiency’ as a business imperative, reducing their environmental impacts and reducing the company costs. Vodafone’s focus areas regarding sustainability include reducing energy use and associated carbon emissions. They also demand high ethical, health and safety, labour and environmental standards from all their suppliers. Reducing the company’s environmental impacts is a sustainability priority for Vodafone. (Something as environmental students we also feel very passionate about). To conclude.... After researching Vodafone's graduate requirements and the companies environmental and ethical policies, we believe that our knowledge gained through our studies, as well as our personal

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