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Violet Powerpoint Template

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Transcript: Color of the future Represents dreams and hopes. Color of fantasy and the need to escape from reality (daydreamer). VS Not a Good Idea! Violet Royalty A few things to know: Pairs well with gold, cream, and white. Blends well with brown, blue or gray pieces. Gives feeling of warmth in cold climates. Gives feeling of coolness in hot climates. Sparks a spirit of fun. Deeper tones can have a masculine feel. Adds both a luxurious and rich feeling while also being relaxing. Cons Purple is the mix of the primary colors red and bule Violet in the Design World The Good and Bad of Using Violet Can sometime represent grape candy or flavoring. Can easily overwhelm a color scheme and unbalance it. Too much design can take a space from grand to gaudy. Can seem like following trends rather then making them. May make a room too dark and undesirable. Violet is a color that can add a lot to your designs. DO NOT BE AFRAID OF IT! Glamorous Violet is the color seen in the visible light spectrum (rainbow). Harmony Promotes harmony of mind and emotions. Links thoughts and activity Very balanced color. Contributes to mental balance and peace of mind. An introspective color which allows us to get in touch with our deeper thoughts. It is an inspirtaion for high ideals. What Violet Is: Great Use of Violet Pros When it comes to psychology, the names and meanings are interchangable. Inspires and encourages creative pursuits. Has a sense of indiviuality and uniqueness that can inspire artists. Inspires unconditional selfless love, encouragement, and compassion. Something Different Both contain high energy and strength of red, as well as calmness and integrity of blue As an Accent Color Works great in a room dominated by olive green or khaki. When the whole room is done in pastel colors, bright purples and blues can be used to accent or accessorise. Great way to unite blues and pinks Use dark shades to add harmony with bright, vibrant violet shades. Violet is not a color associated with nauture, so it is said to be exotic and/or artificial. Violet Imagination Inspiration Words to Describe: Predominately used in bedrooms and bathrooms Used mainly to give the illusion of a relaxing, peaceful space Can use a bright vibrant shade of the color to add energy What Were They Thinking?!?! Spirituality Children's Room Assists those seeking spiritual fulfillment. Connects physical and spiritual worlds. Supports meditation. What it Isn't: Gives impression of luxury , wealth, extravagance, and POWER. Adds richness and quality, which demands respect. A leader...ambitious and self-assured. Purple


Transcript: Violet is a retro girl that on a first serious note you would have thought she would of been in a cult. She was home schooled. She didn't have feed until she was 7 Her parents could not afford feed and did not approve of it. She has an unique lesion that looks like a red choker Strong Vocabulary She lacked the basic skills to adapt to the situation around her. Violet and Titus by: Briana Medeiros Violet the Rebel edited by Kameren Violet Durn by: Hubert Webster You wanted to mingle with the common people. Just latch on to this one dumbass, and make fun of his friends for being stupid, while all the time, having this little wish that you could be like us, without thinking about what we're like, or what our problems are, or that we might be like saving the environment or anything, but we have our own problems—now you're—you know? You know? (53.61 Violet: I always thought that you could teach me things. I was always waiting. You're not like the others. You say things that no one expects you to [...] But there's always time to change. There's always time. Until there's not" (54.2-4) Violet displayed a personality that made it dificult to conect with others is in touch with reality before the feed along with reality with the feed. She had opinions that not every kid her age shared. Titus on the other hand only knows life with the Feed so when he met Violet he learned a new point of view. Violet was extremely educated and articulant, meaning that her vocabulary was filled with complex words that many are ignorant to. She doesn't have friends because she is so different until she meets Titus, who has a group of friends he hangs out with that are just like him. Violet and Titus's group of friends clash twards the end of the novel. (pg.201-202) My opinion is that Violet needs Titus just as much as Titus needs Violet. Violet needed someone to love her and to understand her just like Titus needed violet as a wake up call that the Feed is destroying life on Earth. quote This quote is to prove that violet didn’t want to conform into feed’s society: “They try to figure out who you are, and to make you conform to one of their types for easy marketing.” PG 97. Violet doesn't want to be mainstream or basic. She doesn’t buy into fads. Invisible to feed. Never wanted to conform to feed’s society. “She [Violet] was sitting all stiff on the bed.” Pg 32. Violets refusal to adapt and conform makes her a rebel. Violet is a rebel because she kept up with current events and she didn't by into fads. Violet made herself invisible to feed. Titus accuses Violet of treating others like a slide show. In my opinion I think Violet was trying to connect with a very homogenized group of people.I think that in her own demented little way she was trying to see if people were paleolithic enough to educate themselves on what the world has in store. This quote proves that violet doesn’t want to be basic and how she wants to be human bean. : “ I want to dance. You know? That’s this dumbass thing, because it’s so cliché, but that’s what I see myself doing. I want to dance with like a whole lacrosse team, maybe with them holding me up on a Formica tabletop. I can’t even tell you. I want to do the things that show you’re alive. I want to eat huge meals with wine. I want to go to the zoo with you.” Pg 216 Violet Violet by Dartanion Bristo

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