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Transcript: november 16, 2009 called Verizon in Abbotstord WI to order a phone told me my phone would be there in one week paid for it in full over the phone December 15th they (Verizon) calls my mom says they recieved my phone and say they will be mailing it to me in LaCrosse that day! with over night shipping December 17th and 18 i still have not gotten my phone and i call them too many times to count they give me a shipping number to look up where the package is- too bad the number didn't exist they also put an outomatic activation on my phone- so i can no longer use the pone i have-i have to wait 24hours to re-activate the phone i have- the old one December 9th, 10th and 11th my mom makes several trips to the store to talk to jay he is always busy or not there- convienent julie- another person who works there tells my mom that they have not gotten the phone in yet- but they will call when they recieve it december 23rd i finally get my new Phone!!!! i will never be doing business with them since their customer service sucks- big time we also decided they never sent my phone- wow some people December 22nd Verizon calls my mom and tells them that they have my phone- it got lost while they sent it fedex to me my mom goes and picks it up from the store- at least now we have possision of it December 4th it has now been one week and i still do not have my phone i call and call and call agiain Jay- the guy i ordered my phone from will not take my calls November 27th (it has now been over a week) we go to the store to pick up the phone it is not there they tell me it will take 2 more days to get the phone in but they will have it mailed to me in one week they say they will mail it to me- i agree with this thinking thyey are busy and understanding


Transcript: -Verizon is the biggest wireless provider in the United States -Attempting to reach all age groups (Most advertisements only target younger audiences) -Audiences include people who need a reliable and affordable wireless provider -In addition to wireless, people who want the services of FiOS TV, internet, and home phone - Small and large business's also benefit from Verizon's services -Customers are seeking the best service for the best price -Verizon aims to support the changing needs of our dynamic social and technological world by providing the best service possible Dennis ordered the iphone 6 on sept. 16, and was told it'll arrive on oct 28th Oct 28th passed, and still no phone. Decides to go to nearest verizon store and tell them his situation. He shows them the purchase contract w/ recipet. Customer service calls the corporate and finds out that they didn't recognize the confirmation # Because of that, the order was cancelled. Many misleading advertisements Verizon "Behind the Scenes" Problems with the employees not knowing the right information -Unqualified to work in the store Unexpected charges Unpleasant attitudes Present Verizon Suggestions Strategies for Improving Meet Dennis -They create quick advertisements in order to convey a message about their services to their audiences -Verizon advertises almost everywhere(Youtube, Facebook, TV) Girl named Katie, is from Texas and has been a member of verizon for years Complained that verizon credited her for a phone that was returned. Everytime she called, she says that they changed their story on why they haven't issued her credit. Was on the phone for 20 hours, mostly on hold. Talked to 50 customer service reps, 2 managers, and still no answer. Got fed up, & decided to leave after 12 years. Meet Katie By: Pawel Jarosz, Pam Csiki, Eric Jiantonio, Josh Bennett, Sarina Patel Customer Service HQ in NYC Currently have more than 178,500 employees as of Q3 2014 Annual revenue in 2013 was $120.6 billion 150 countries and 2,700 cities June 30, 2000 Verizon was created due to a merger of GTE and Bell atlantic 2004 Verizon joins the DOW 2011 Lowell C.McAdam elected as chief executive officer and chairman How does Verizon Communicate? -TV, radio, internet, magazines, newspapers Directed more towards the younger generations Should include more information for the older generations Most phones are not user friendly for all ages Group Project By: Pawel Jarosz, Pam Csiki, Eric Jiantonio, Josh Bennett, Sarina Patel Targeted Age Be more accurate with the information you're giving to your audience. Also be more clear with the information for all ages Make sure customer has pleasurable experience. While working in a group, it's key for everyone to be on the same page. Miscommunciation, just won't effect your group, but it will also lead to mistakes and unhappy customers. In the store: qualified employees Employees shouldn't make contradicting comments about products In advertisments make things about all ages Make the commericals relevant to real life. History of Verizon Past and Present Audiences Problems with Communication


Transcript: Why do organizations need groups? To solve problems such as Preforming tasks slowly and with numerous errors Formal Groups Have regular meetings (regular schedule) Have rules Have expectations for the group Informal group Don't have regular meetings Not very high expectations Meet quickly to solve a specific problem Joanny would be the summerizer she likes to make argument come to an end Yoselin would be the coensus-taking she likes to come up with a solution to the problem Me- Analyzer like to take track of conversation but not express much How would the group help this problem? Talk about why employees might not do work and relate to their situations Discuss how we can help them work more efficiently Group Communication Organizational Communication Mass Communication applications Mass Communication theory applied to improve the productivity of Verizon Wireless Mass Comunication What is Mass Communication How will gatekeeping help Verizon Wirless a better company By : Reyna Lucas,Yoselin Montiel and Joanny Gonzalez By: Reyna Lucas, Yoselin Montiel and Joanny Gonzalez Mass Comunication and Verizon Wireless Theory Works Cited Areya Walker, eHow Contributor. “Business & Organizational Communication.” . Demand Media, Inc., 2012. Web. 17 Jan. 2012. <>. “Skype is in Verizon Company Stores .” Chart. N.p., n.d. Web. 17 Jan. 2012. <>. Verizon Throttles Data Throttling, Restricts Heavy Users. N.d. Top tech . Web. 17 Jan. 2012. <>. “Verizon Wireless Business .” Verizon Wireless. N.p., Jan. 2011. Web. 17 Jan. 2012. <>. GATEKEEPING: The person who decides what information can be released to the public and what information should be kept as a secret in the company


Transcript: MISSION HISTORY PRESENCE CREATIVE COMMERCIALS INCOME STATEMENT BALANCE SHEET STATEMENT OF CASH FLOW Stock Price Growth Dividend Payment Revenue growth year over year ROE DEBT TO EQUITY RATIO GROSS MARGIN 5-Y AVERAGE CURRENT RATIO HENRY (Guanghao Liu) Rebecca(Jia Yang) Emma(Baihe Cui) Lily(Xi Chen) WEAKNESS Revenue growth year over year STRENGTH HISTORY 4G/LTE VERIZON WIRELESS PRESENCE WHY ARE WE INVESTING IN VERIZON? Acquisition of Terremark Growth of CommunicationsIndustry Demand for Mobile Broadband Dividend Payment Basic Strong Performance Domestic Wireless Segment Strong VOIP Offerings Strong Wireline Network STRENGTH OPPORTUNITIES Government Regulations Labor Disputes Competition Stock Price Growth FINANCIAL WEAKNESSES Verizon 59.20% Industry(Major Telecommunications) 43.26% Sector(Communications) 44.79% S&P 500 44.30% CREATIVE COMMERCIALS MISSION 2011 1.53 2010 1.37 2009 1.50 2008 1.25 2007 0.62 KEY RATIOS Information 2011 1.01 2010 0.73 2009 0.78 2008 1.01 2007 0.76 OPPORTUNITY THREAT SWOT HIGHLIGHTS STATEMENT OF CASH FLOW CONTINUED (1)Higher gross margin(59.2%) (2)Steady growth of revenues (3)Regular dividend payment (4)Largest wireless and mobile service provider in the U.S. (5)Fast recovery during emergency(Sandy) veri on ROE 2011 6.5 2010 6.4 2009 8.8 2008 13.9 2007 11.1 THREATS VERIZON WIRELESS PRESENCE Declining Operational Efficiency Limited Liquidity Position THANK YOU Financial STRENGTH Cellphone BALANCE SHEET CONTINUED As a leader in communications, Verizon's mission is to enable people and businesses to communicate with each other. We are also committed to providing full and open communication with our customers, employees and investors VERIZON TELECOM PRESENCE Oct 14, 1983---Bell Atlantic Corporation June 20, 2000---Present name adopted Jan, 1984 to July, 2012---Acquisitions and mergers

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