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VCU Transfer Presentation

Transcript: VCU Transfer Presentation Amanda Latham, M.P.A Initiative MINDSET Model Navigating Direction MINDSET Model Motivation Expectations Time Management Study Skills Transfer Student Population 1,911 transfer students enrolled in 2017 Why are transfer students unique? Transfer Students as a Unique Population: "Transfer students do not want to be treated like freshman, but their lack of knowledge about how their institution functions often means that this is how they end up feeling anyway." (Townsend & Wilson, 2006) What are the barriers to transfer student success? Institutional barriers Academic and University adjustments Transfer shock Sense of belonging Barriers to Success: Life Cycle of a Student Prospective Student/ Application Orientation 1st Year at VCU Life Cycle of a Transfer Student Continuing Education at VCU Pre- VCU Prospective Student Challenges: Difficulty navigating the transfer process Program misalignment/ non- transfer of credits Resource limitations of community colleges How to help: Program maps or "program pathways" Increased partnerships with VCCS advisors Visits with community colleges for transcript audits and pre-advising VCU Transfer Center Motivation Initiative Navigating Direction Study Skills Expectations Time Management Orientation Orientation Challenges: Adjusting to a new institution and campus culture How to progress in chosen major How to help: Transfer Student Orientation Interaction with former transfer students Assistance through administrative adjustments Advising for course selection Motivation Initiative Navigating Direction Study Skills Expectations Time Management 1st Year at VCU 1st Year at VCU Challenges: Transfer Shock Adjusting to course expectations Introduction to major courses Finding and using resources on campus How to help: UNIV 101 Monitoring student progress and targeted interventions Transition Leaders & Phi Alpha Kappa Transfer Society Transfer-specific events Motivation Initiative Navigating Direction Study Skills Expectations Time Management Cont. Education Continuing Education to VCU Challenges: Sense of belonging at VCU Course progression and graduation How to help: Student Activities and Involvement Tau Sigma National Honor Society Cary Street Gym & intramurals Richmond area events Study abroad, research opportunities and internships Professional networking Motivation Initiative Navigating Direction Study Skills Expectations Time Management Conclusion References References: 1.​ Lewis, P. (2013, May). Transfer and transition: The challenges faced by transfer students and service best practices. Retrieved April, 2018, from - Literature Review_0.pdf 2. Fact Book - Student Census Reports (Rep.). (2017, October). Retrieved April, 2018, from The Office of Planning and Decision Support website: 3. Townsend, B. & Wilson, K. (2006). “A hand hold for a little bit”: Factors facilitating the success of community college transfer students to a large research university. Journal of College Student Development, 47(4), pp. 439~456. 4. Jacobson, Trudi E.; Delano, John W. PhD; Krzykowski, Linda; Garafola, Laurie; Nyman, Meghan; and Barker, Holly, "Transfer student analysis and retention: a collaborative endeavor" (2017). University Libraries Faculty Scholarship. 100. 5. Wyner, J., Deane, K., Jenkins, D., & Fink, J. (2016). The Transfer Playbook: Essential Practices for Two- and Four- Year Colleges (Rep.). Retrieved April 29, 2018, from The Aspen Institute website: Pictures: 1. Questions? Questions?

VCU Final Presentation

Transcript: Thank you! Courses to take on the way to becoming a CNNP Once I have completed all schooling, I plan to travel with a group of nurses to different third world countries that are: lacking clean & running water poverty-stricken underdeveloped Provide the best care to those in need Nursing in developing countries is something I have a passion to do More than 1.3 billion people across the world lack access to basic healthcare services Deliver babies Treat ill babies & children I feel as though I would make an excellent NNP because as clarified by Holland Inventory, I am a very social person Talking to others is something I do very well I enjoy helping and caring for others Holland Inventory suggested that Midwife and Family Health Nurse are careers I would enjoy and succeed in I want to be able to start a family and not be in school for half of my life I want one on one patient care all the time and doctors do not get that opportunity as much as nurses do The Beginning Started high school thinking I wanted to be a Sports Medicine Doctor Went to Physical Therapy for a year which influenced my decision Lost interest and sparked a new interest in Women's Health Realized working with babies is something I loved Shadowed and volunteered at an OBGYN, fell in love Realized OBGYN was not for me Coursework Ariana Speight Why do I want to be a neonatal nurse practitioner (CNNP)? What will I do to achieve my career goals? Anatomy & Physiology Patient Assessment Neonatal Pharmacology Infant Pathophysiology Advanced Neonatal Nursing Health, Finance & Economics Advanced Nursing Synthesis Chemistry & Biology Statistics Microbiology Genetics Foreign Language Working with babies and children is something I have always enjoyed and I want to be able to treat ill patients while providing the best care I want the opportunity to connect with patients that doctors may not have Babysitting has always been on of my favorite things to do Desire to care for others and positively impact the patient and their families Being a nurse is rewarding because there is something different everyday and there are new challenges to face Life as a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner (CNNP) What career do I want to pursue? Bachelor of Science in Nursing Licensed to practice as an RN for 1-2 years to gain experience Take the National Council Licensure Examination (NCELX-RN) to become a certified nurse practitioner Master of Science in Nursing from an advanced neonatal nursing program Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) or Doctor of Nursing (DN) Neonatal Nurse Practitioner (CNNP) advanced practice nurses that care for premature newborns or newborns in poor health typically in the NICU of a hospital, emergency rooms, delivery rooms, or specialty clinics NNPs typically hold a master's degree, a registered nursing (RN) license and nurse practitioner certification Neonatology How will I get involved? VCU Final Presentation Having the opportunity to do dental simulations, and perform CPR was something I really enjoyed because we got to experience what it was like to be in the medical field. It was great to hear about the field of Exercise Science, and the interesting careers to learn about. Education What I learned from this class & my mentor Video It was an amazing opportunity to have hands on experiences with specimen. Want to be a member of clubs and a part of extracurricular activities that will benefit me academically and personally Greek life Academic, nursing sorority Chi Eta Phi Sorority-registered professional nurses and student nurses sorority Yoga with campus recreation Healthcare club Community Service club Women's or mixed singing group Leadership clubs Faith-based club Club or intramural sports Why do I want to be a neonatal nurse practitioner (CNNP)? Community service Starting in high school, continuing in college and nursing school On and off campus Shadowing in Hospitals to gain experience NICU Maternal/Newborn wards Maintain beneficial study skills Never procrastinate Set goals for yourself Work hard for your goals and aspirations I desire to be involved in activities that contribute to my success as a college student and future nurse Never procrastinate Always plan ahead and be prepared Visit schools you are interested in to familiarize yourself with the campus and student life Research early Know your options choose a major/career you will enjoy Get help and always ask questions Stay involved Shadow & Volunteer 62 ECG bpm


Transcript: VCU has many diverse clubs/organizations. Thesis Statement 1. "Virginia Commonwealth University." Wikipedia. MediaWiki, 9 March 2013. web. 14 March 2013. 2. "University Student Commons and Activities." usca.vcu. VCU University Relations, n.d. web. 14 March 2013. 3. "News Center." vcu. VCU University Relations, n.d. web. 14 March 2013. 4. Gregory, Sean. "Time News Feed." Time. CNN, 28 March 2011. web. 14 March 2013. 5. "Virginia Commonwealth University." College Board. The College Board, n.d. web. 14 March 2013. 6. "Virginia Commonwealth University." The Princeton Review. TPR Education IP Holdings, n.d. web. 14 March 2013. NOTE: PREZI CANNOT DO ITALICS 1. VCU has 400+ organizations. 2. Some clubs include American Red Cross, Asian Fusion, Body Beautiful, Cancer Awareness, Debate Team, Dental Club, etc. I could go on for hours but these are a few of the...more interesting ones. 3. Club sports include Dodgeball, Basketball, Skiing, Baseball, Bowling, Lacrosse, Badminton, Bass Fishing, White Water Rafting, and much, much more. Rodney the Ram VCU colors 522 miles from your parents, VCU has it all; a winning basketball team and many clubs to make you feel right at home. Claim #2 VCU is the perfect distance from Loveland, far away but not so far it's expensive to travel to. Urban 144 acres 23,951 undergraduates 7,801 grad students VCU has a great and competitive basketball team. Cited Sources Claim #1 VCU has a a hard work attitude. They don't give up. They won't be stopped. 1. VCU is 522 miles from Loveland, OH 2. Flying Delta round trip from CVG to RIC would cost around $403 3. With the average gas milage of a car being 24.5mpg and the average gas price of $3.625 a gallon it would cost about $77.25 to drive to VCU. Rodney the Ram is VCU's mascot. I have Ram Cakepops for everyone. 1. The VCU Rams made the Final 4 in 2011. In 2012 they made it to the sweet 16. 2. VCU graduate Gerald Henderson played 13 years in the NBA winning the NBA finals 3 times. ...that's 2 more than LeBron James 3. In the 2012-2013 season the VCU Rams are 24-7 and are the first in their division. Claim #3 Virginia Commonwealth University Richmond, Virginia

VCU presentation

Transcript: Agenda: Introduction The Challenges The Approach Phase Break Out Timeline Approval Release of $400K HW & Software Release of $200K project costs Reallocation of internal staff Contract 2 individuals for project Phase 1 Approval Intercept Management Manageable Implementations Big bang is not Feasible Project resources are limited Reap benefits with key systems replacement earlier Users have time to acclimate to new business processes Employer audits Tax Rate Calculation Timeline Document Management Does not require extensive legacy interfaces. Standard COTS implementation Requires only 6 months 20% efficiency gain in claims processing Reduction in Expenses Employer Billing/Charging Claims Intake Funding Core Processes Phase 1 Cost: 3 FTEs 2 IT contractors 25% Central Records Manager 25% Central Records Operator $400K HW & Software Purchases $200K project costs Phase 1 Benefit Reduction of 6 staff FTE's SW & HW support costs $280K/yr The Approach Partner with a vendor Leverage another states foundation Replace with our business Rules Reengineer business processes that make sense Reengineer system components to meet our needs Claimant Account Maintenance 4 Overpayment Management Employer Registration Business of the Agency Job Seeker and Employer Services Labor Market Information Unemployment Insurance (UI) 5 Document Management Dollar$ & Sense UI Modernization 3 Employer Account maintenance Adjudication PHASED APPROACH 0 3 6 9 12 15 18 21 24 27 30 33 36 Reemployment services Funding Ancillary Processes Claims Back Office Document Management Receivables Data bridge to legacy Employer Collections 2 1 Payables Recommendation for Approval

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