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Value Proposition Presentation Template

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Value Proposition presentation

Transcript: Welcome to the world of distribution What will we cover during this presentation ? Understand the "disti's" ecosystem Is distribution specific to IT ? Who are the main actors in IT distribution ? Why would distribution help your business as a vendor ? Why would a collaboration with Arrow be the best decision for you ? What are we able to provide ? What makes us unique as a distributor ? What is distribution ? Vendor Distributor Partner End-user What's a disti' in IT ? Why distribution for your company ? Technology and the market continue to change. Companies are being forced to change the way they leverage IT for optimizing their business and stay competitive. Why Arrow? works on a 3 pillar approach : Complex technologies Innovative solutions Intelligent channels Access to our extensive line card : >200 suppliers/vendors worldwide Insight into emerging technologies and supplier alliances : We stay on the pulse of new technologies Ability to architect and deliver optimum solutions : Our teams can work with you to architect and deliver solutions Expert, customized configuration support : Our experts provide customized configuration support to ensure a successful implementation Multi-Vendor Solutions Designing solutions based on customers’ needs and desired outcomes. Security Cloud Data intelligence Edge & IoT NextGen Data Center We enable the entire channel... Supporting multiple markets... With IT teams and digital capabilities... Leveraging unique resources. Conclusion Our approach works Complex Technologies Innovative solutions $1B+ 250 000 For solutions involving the Edge and IoT we have a run rate of $1 billion For solutions involving the Edge and IoT we have a run rate of $1 billion Intelligent channels 40% up YoY growth within emerging technologies for virtualization supplier using our Arrow Insight offering Let's keep contact Antoine Ollivier Business Development Manager Arrow ECS Paris Office : 38 Rue Victor Hugo, 92400 Courbevoie +33 607846801 Let's keep in touch !

Value Proposition

Transcript: Data-driven service Consumer trends Waste management Higher customer satisfaction Closer link between consumer & restaurants Value Co-creation Prosumption Service Blueprint FO & BO Fail Points Kate O’Brien Ryan Sheady Chris Mason Patrick Lavelle Navigation: Menu Page Peer reviews Customisation menu Order & payment screen Confirmation Service Proposal Target Market Young city workers (22-32). College Students (18-24). Customer Value/Co-Creation Profitability for service providers Competitive Advantage Increased efficiency for all parties - Public Value Social Impact Service Description Below are some demo pictures of an app with some similar qualities to ours. Value Proposition Implementation issues. Core competency & Strategy Treacy & Wiersema (1993) Product leadership Customer Intimacy Operational Excellence Conclusion Basic Functionality Solution to waiting times in restaurants Build up of customer data & trends Food oriented mobile application enabling: Pre-order Pre-payment Quick collection Build up of customer data & trends Introduction Technology changes Interactive screen required to show orders coming in and their status Second scanner implemented at checkouts so status of the orders are easily obtained. Timing system within the existing system and updated ordering system put in place. Changes in attitude of staff towards technology Employees will be trained to be able to work with the new technology. Changes to existing system. Pre-Order Pre-Pay Search by: Location Name Food Type Favourites Concept & Objectives Pre-ordering and pre-paying mobile application Objectives Speed Cost Efficiency Reliability Involvement Orders with Mistakes Safe and Insured payment Customers with allergies Orders unprocessed Time management Dissatisfied customers * Solutions to the above have been offered in our service proposal.

Value Proposition Presentation

Transcript: The Average salary in the U.S., according to (2016) Clinical Nurse Specialists $81,952 Adult Geriatric Nurse $87,089 Woman's Health $ 80,969 Psychiatric Mental Health $91, 298 Family Nurse $85, 435 Pediatric Nurse $80, 692 Reputation for Academic Excellence Nursing Expertise Supportive Environment Dedication to Social Justice Among the Princeton Review's "Best Regional Colleges" Named an Apple Distinguished School Designated as a Center of Excellence in Nursing Education by the National League for Nursing Accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN) Accredited by the New England Association of Schools and College "..Among Top 100 in career-focused education ranking" "Regis College among Top 100 in career-focused education rankings". Patch. 2014-10-29. Earn your degree 100% online for those with a BS in Nursing, complete a little more than 2 years complete in as little as 3 years for associate-level students no GRE requirement study in a personalized learning environment led by industry experts prepared for advanced specialized roles within acute critical care without leaving your current role qualify to sit for AACN and ACNS certifications "In recent years, Regis has become a powerhouse in professional and graduate education in nursing and health sciences. As a result, our university has become increasingly visible locally, nationally, and internationally." President, Dr. Antoinette Hays, RN, Ph. D.

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