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social @ uWaterloo

Transcript: Tweet me your questions! The old-fashioned way is ok too :) What platforms do you use regularly ? Facebook Twitter YouTube Linkedin Google + Tumblr Pinterest Vine Instagram Are you a content creator, curator or creeper? What's a personal brand? So, what's your online personal brand? Anyone brave enough to let me google them? So, when I look at you online what does it say? Does that match what you portray in person? Who do you interact with online? How can you use social media to make the right connections? Strike up a conversation. Reach out to new people-expand your network, find new opportunities. As a student you have an opportunity to reach out and ask for help & advice. Take advantage of it. But don't abuse your network. What happens when you suck at social media? The nitty gritty. What can I tell you about how Facebook & Twitter work that you don't already know? Chances are you know the secrets, you just might not know what you know. Content is key. Share interesting content around what you're talking about. If you want to be known as a leader in being awesome then share your top 10 list of how to be awesome. Hint: make sure it includes this. Other ideas? Curate content Be funny How-to Share news Solve problems How does my News Feed work? But then Facebook changed the game (like usual) Affinity, weight & time decay still play a role but they've taken it a few steps further How do you engage your audience with your content? Caption this Show me What do you think? Choose Tell me Join me Fill in the blank Did I miss any? These tips can help you create content that gets into news feeds, without having to resort to: Twitter - start those conversations! Start now and don't stop. So, who am I? Relationship So, why are we here today? Social media is easy-even my grandma knows how to tweet @uwaterloolife Story Bumping Post Type Whether you like it or not you have one online Device @kbudski social @ uWaterloo Last Actor Sure everyone might know how to tweet... but knowing how to be social is different than being good at being social

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