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Transcript: Applications are due December 1, 2012 (online application) Two Essays Official High School Transcript(class rank) Official SAT/ACT score with writing Expanded Résumé $75 application fee or fee waiver Housing Academics at UT 14 residence halls -2 female -1 male -11 coed 17th largest city in United States (population: 718,900) 300 days of sunshine per year/Normal average temperature: 65.4 degrees 220 parks (including 360-acre Zilker Park) and three major lakes (Lake Travis, Lake Austin and Town Lake) Home to major technology operations: Dell, IBM, Samsung, Apple, Motorola, Advanced Micro Devices, Facebook “Live Music Capital of the Word”; nearly 200 live music venues Financial Aid Big School... Small Feel The University of Texas Student Life Admissions Website Helpful Websites Housing Starting Aug 1- can apply for Housing if admission application is complete March- admission decision is released; housing contracts emailed list 5 top dorm choices July- housing assignment is released Live on campus Get involved – Over 1,000 student organizations Join an intramural team -Over 100 team, individual or dual events each year for Men, Women and Coed divisions Study Abroad/Internships NCAA Sports 18:1 Student to Faculty Ratio 75% of courses - 50 students or fewer FIGs: First-year Interest Groups 512-475-6282 (then press 4) Scholarships Application on December 1 – DEADLINE Financial Aid www.fafsa.ed.govJanuary 1- FAFSA available March 15 - priority deadline “Public Ivy School”: Most programs rank top in the state of Texas, and many carry national rankings. $ 600 million in research annually 1 University, 13 Colleges, 170+ majors Academic Advising School of Undergraduate Studies Sanger Learning and Career Center, Career Services Undergraduate Writing Center Austin

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Transcript: 2 5 6 1 4 NAVIGATOR UNIT TRUST 7 8 3 Unit Trusts or otherwise known as the Collective Investment Schemes (CIS) pools money from a large group of investors and invest them in a portfolio of assets The money is managed by a fund manager Unit trusts are considered to be medium to long term investments UNIT TRUST WHAT IS UNIT TRUST? WHY INVEST IN UNIT TRUST? WHY INVEST IN UNIT TRUST? A Invest in a diversified range of assets – risks will be spread over the assets in the fund. If any one of the asset in the fund is performing poorly, it will not have any significant impact on the fund as a whole. B Allows investing in a diversifed portfolio of assets with a smaller amount of money. Typically, it will cost more if one is to purchase each asset in the fund individually (mitigation of risk) C Unit Trusts VS ILPs: NAV vs BOP (Units will be deducted to pay for the mortality charges of the death benefit) D Provide assess to assets or markets that may be difficult to invest directly. These include special government bonds, very expensive equities, or stocks in certain foreign markets. NET ASSET VALUE (NAV) WHAT IS NET ASSET VALUE (NAV) NAV is defined as Net Asset Value whereby the total assets under fund - total liabilities under fund (expenses, payables, charges etc) NAV pricing is consolidated and published on a daily basis and is normally on a T + 2 basis. For example, today is Monday and the client was to sell his/her funds before 4pm today, the price will be published on Wed Unit Trusts are front end loaded so there is no bid offer spread (ILP) How do I know whether the fund is making money or losing money? HOW DOES THE $ GROW? Capital gain is when there is an increase in price of the units(you hold) as compared to the price paid for the fund initially CAPITAL GAIN CAPITAL GAIN Invest in fund by buying units in the fund based on the NAV. INVESTING IN FUND INVESTING IN FUND CALCULATE DIVIDENDS PAYOUT CALCULATE DIVIDENDS PAYOUT Some of the funds pay dividends periodically. Dividends are profits you receive from your share of ownership in a company, which may be paid out to you in cash or in kind. Dividends can be reinvested to get more units or can be cashed out. DIVIDEND DIVIDEND WHAT ARE THE FUNDS AVAILABLE? WHAT ARE THE FUNDS AVAILABLE? Type of Funds Type of Funds Where do you stand.... Risk Level Risk Level FUND FACTSHEET FUND FACTSHEET Geographical Allocation of Funds Different fund has different geographical allocation and are normally broken down into: 1) Global Fund 2) Regional Fund - Asia Pacific excluding Japan, North Asia, ASEAN, Europe, North America, South America, Latin America, etc. 3) Single Country Fund – Singapore, US, China, etc Geographical Allocation of Funds Currency Class Funds may be denominated in different currencies (extra cautious is needed when filling up the fund code in the application as tendencies to make an error in the currency class is common) Common Currency Classes SGD share class SGD-Hedged class EUR share class USD share class RMB share class Currency Class Top Holdings Funds typically have hundreds of holdings but normally only its top 10 holdings are listed out The top 10 holdings are normally companies that are well recognizable with big market capitalisation Examples are DBS Group Holdings Ltd, Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Limited (OCBC), Singapore Telecommunications Limited (SingTel), CapitaLand Limited, etc. Top Holdings Useful Sites Useful Sites THE WALL STREET JOURNAL Bloomberg CNBC CLOSING TECHNIQUES CLOSING TECHNIQUES Sales Script Sales Script Objection Handling 1) Investment is risky 2) Last time invest before and lost money 3) Buying house soon 4) Prefer Stocks/Shares/Golds Objection Handling Making your money work for you... SHARING SHARING Personal Favourite Funds CPF-OA: A699 Pinebridge India Equity A657 Nikko Am Japan Dividend Equity A237 First State Dividend SGD CPF-SA: A209 First State Bridge A383 Schroder Asian Investment Grade Credit Class A SGD CASH: A697 Allianz Income & Growth A244 Eastspring Monthly Income Plan M A245 Schroder Asian Equity Personal Favourite Funds Personal Results Personal Results

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Transcript: Hawkes Microbial Ecology Lab How does the diversity and composition of AMF communities change across a historic precipitation gradient in Texas? Why AMF? What we expect to see in our results is an abundance of species in wetter climates where it is less harsh for living and few specialized species in the dry climates. We have noticed a high number of taxa in our sample, much larger than other grassland studies. It is probable that this is due to sequencing bulk soils instead of individual plants. Dr. Heather McGrey Dr. Christina Hawkes Dr. Hofmann Mrs. Miller We want to look at both the species richness and species abundance. After we receive the DNA sequence data from the other sites we will be able to infer whether or not diversity and composition differs across the precipitation gradient. We have shown: That we can sequence and identify a diversity of AMF from bulk field soil. That Texas soils are relatively diverse compared to other temperate grassland systems. The Glomus genus represents a large portion of the AMF taxa. (Shubler and Walker 2010) Species Richness Soil Microbes have been until recently unstudied. This is because only 1% can be grown in a laboratory, the rest must live in the soil. With new technology, we can sequence samples from the field and process them with statistics to learn more about what is there. Species Abundance Texas Soils Arbuscular Mycorrhiza Fungi AMF spores grow in the root systems and the Rhizosphere (surrounding soil) of plants. AMF increases the nutrient (Phosphorus) uptake of a plant and the plant supplies it with carbon. We have collected plants and soil samples from across the Edward’s Plateau which is a natural precipitation gradient. The Edward's Plateau has very similar soil and vegetation characteristics, we can consider them constants. Our controlled variable is precipitation. Soil Microbes are the base of soil food webs, however we don't know much about the true diversity of them. We are looking at the relationships between the specialization of plants and fungi and precipitation. AMF is found in symbiosis with the grasses we are studying. It helps plants gather nutrients which is especially helpful in drought areas. Acknowledgments From the collected samples, we extract the DNA and send it off to be sequenced. Extracting isn't a simple process, it is a very long multi-step procedure. What we get back from the lab is long sequences from the soil and roots. With these DNA sequences we are able to run them through a program to determine the number of species as well as the proportions of the species present. Brigid Rhoden Conclusion Interpretation What is AMF? Species Abundance refers to how many of each particular species is found. Species Richness is the number of species represented in a ecological community. Complications Lab Work Results Background Unfortunately due to both growth patterns and DNA testing being slow, we don't have all of our results back yet. What we do have so far is: That our soil samples had a diversity of 105 unique OTUs (105 unique taxa). 93% of the taxa were from the AMF phylum Glomeromycota and 7% were previously unclassified fungal taxa. 97% of the Glomeromycota AMF taxa were of the genus Glomus. (Glomus is one of the most abundant AMF genera.) What we found:

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Transcript: Presentation at The University of Texas at Austin Feb 7, 2014 Jeff Fippin, GE (M.S. 1997) Katie Zadrozny (M.S. 2013) Jenny Ludwig SOME OF WHAT WE DO Geotechnical Engineering Engineering Geology Hydrology and Hydraulics Construction and Post Construction Stormwater Design Geoenvironmental Engineering Special Inspections & Materials Testing Construction Services QA/QC Construction and Project Management PGA = M.C.E. (no longer 2/3) How do we design for earthquakes? Estimating Slope Deformations: 3. Sea Level Rise is a growing consideration How do these changes impact design? "it is only necessary to perform a pseudo-static analysis for a seismic coefficient of 0.1 for magnitude 6.5 earthquakes or 0.15 for magnitude 8.25 earthquakes and obtain a factor of safety of the order of 1.15 to ensure that displacements will be acceptably small". 11,000 homes 4 million square feet of commercial space 18 miles of river access 3. Pseudo-Static Analyses Pseudo-static limit equilibrium analysis using horizontal coefficient based on index displacement. Used most often. This PGA is used for evaluation of Geohazards, in the Bay Area, Liquefaction and Seismic Slope Stability are concerns Next Attempt: Pricey vibro-compaction with sand replacement still yields high deformations But Mostly 1. There are a "few" active faults in California for 6 inches displacement, kh = 0.6g x 0.38 = 0.23g Final Solution Analysis Cross Section Do Nothing = Slope Failure 1939 Worlds Fair 2. The Building Code seismicity is "fairly" rigorous PGA = 10% exceedance in 50 years (475-Year Return Period) PGA = 2/3 of M.C.E., lesser of: 1) 2% exceedance in 50 years (2,745-Year Return Period) 2) Mean + 1sigma Deterministic 26,500 housing units 326 acres of open space 3 million sf of green technology & clean research &development 1. Numerical Modeling Used for larger projects. Standard of Practice in California was based on Makdisi and Seed (1977) June 1942 65-acres 3,100 residential units 200,000 square feet of retail and commercial 30 acres of parks, public trails and open space plus new marinas and renewed wetlands But, more based on the following statement made in 1979: 2. Newmark (Cumulative Displacement) Analyses Pseudo-static limit equilibrium analysis married with time history matched to MCE. Used more often than Numeric Modeling. To modify misunderstandings in the Practice Related to Pseudo-static Analysis Criteria Recent Evolution of Psuedo-Static Analysis January 1943 First Attempt Economic slope rebuild would yield high deformation For an earthquake with PGA = 0.6g on a fault with M7 magnitude: for 2 inches displacement, kh = 0.6g x 0.5 = 0.3g 8000 homes 240,000 sf of commercial, retail, & office 500 hotel rooms 300 acres of open space Provides criteria closer to tolerable performance levels for most structural improvements in proximity to slopes Topic: Geotechnical Challenges with Developing adjacent to the San Francisco Bay Present Day March 1942 circa 1935 First an overview on some constraints 1936 We help people and projects be more successful

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Transcript: Sports Available sports include -Basketball -Football -Softball -Swimming -Golf -Rowing -Soccer -Tennis -Track Volleyball Sports Majors and academic programs I'm interested in -Neuroscience. -Public health. -BSA. -Medical laboratory science. Majors and academic programs I'm interested in College Life College life at UT is very nice since there is a broad amount of activitites you can perform out and indoors such as joininh clubs, going to the gym, adn just do sports outside in one of many recreational areas. College Life Financing Financing Tuition and dorms In-state tuition costs about $10,136 dollars per year while out of state tuition is composed of $35,766 dollars and both dorm costs are of $10,077 dollars per year and prices can variate depending on the amount of roomates. Scholarships Many scholarships are accepted such as the graduate school diversity mentoring fellowship, and the grad school diversity recruitment fellowship. Interesting facts -There is a myth that says if you see the albino squirrel at the day of a final then you will pass the final without a doubt. -UT owns the largest Texas flag in the world. -They have the hand sign of hook'em horns. Interesting facts About the school About the school Traditions Town Help Classes One of the most well known traditions is to perform the hook'em horns hand sign and sing "Eyes of Texas" before every game. The town around this campus is consisted of 51,000 students and with a very nice climate throughout the whole year Many help opportunitties are available for students to access such as the writing center and the sanger learning center The average class size of an UT classroom varies depending on the type of class you take. Here is a total average of them; -6% are 2-9 students -30% are 10-19 students -25% are 20-29 students -10% are 30-39 students -7% are 40-49 students -17% are 50-99 students -5% are composed of over a hundred students. Research sites Research sites

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Transcript: Created By:Cayleb Pina Class:Mrs.Tomkins 11/9/2017 UT Fight Song At First Glance At First Glance The University of Texas is a public university located in Austin,TX 4 facts about the University of Texas would be: Facts Facts The University of Texas is considered a public university. Recent research says that there is about 40,168 undergraduates at the University of Texas. About 81% of students graduate within 6 years. About 82% of students live off campus. Majors and Learning Enviroment Majors and Learning Enviroment The University of Texas offers a wide variety of majors with the most popular being: 12%Engineering,11%Biology,11%Business/Marketing,11%Communications/Journalism,11%Social Sciences And has about 8,719 First time degree seeking freshmen. The degrees offered at the University of Texas include: Certificate Bachoelor's Degree Master's Degree Doctural Degree Degrees Offered Degrees Offered An estimated 95% of students return for sophmor year. Percent returning Percent returning Housing Housing The University of Texas has three housing communities which are: Whitis Area Community Jester Area Community Waller Creek Community A very high pecentage of 95% of students live on campus for their first year. Percent in first Year Percent in first Year Community Images Community Images Whitis Area Community Waller Creek Community Jester Area Comunity Activities Activities Campus Ministries Choral Groups Concert Band Dance Activity Drama/Theater Film Society Fraternities Government or Political Activity International Student Organization Jazz Band Literary Magazine Marching Band Model United Nations Music Ensembles Musical Theater Model United Nations Music Ensembles Musical Theater Radio Station Sororities Student Newspaper Symphony Orchestra Television Station Yearbook Cost Cost The average cost of attendance at the University of Texas is around $25,178 1.In 1839, the Congress of the Republic of Texas ordered that a site be set aside to meet the state's higher education needs. 2.After a series of delays over the next several decades, the state legislature reinvigorated the project in 1876 3.The state legislature reinvigorated the project in 1876, calling for the establishment of a "university of the first class." Austin was selected as the site for the new university in 1881, and construction began on the original Main Building in November 1882. 4.Less than one year later, on Sept. 15, 1883, The University of Texas at Austin opened with one building, eight professors, one proctor, and 221 students — and a mission. History History The University of Texas has a gme devolping and programming programm. The University of Texas is Historically important to Texas. The living space is nice. Why I want to go Why I want to go

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