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Transcript: State of the art, World class training center > Strongly involved with school community > High performing student > 3.8 GPA and 2120 SAT scores Maggie DeCesare What type of school is this??? Not interested in sports SAT score - 1760 Biggest success- People appreciated her kindness Activities Conclusion > Loan packages, Grants, Scholarships and work-study program Maggie > > Many Academic Accomplishments >National Merit Scholar >Confident >Able to support UPenn both academically and financially They will contribute to the school community Propel Penn forward academically and financially Deirdre > Grades > Eliminating Process >GPA : Above 3.0 > High SAT scores Both Deirdre and Chad...... UPenn Looks For... fig. 2 Friendly environment, and an amazing community, with a lot of different places to visit. Deirdre- Excellent Grades - Involved in many activities Sports Chad - Father and Grand father was an alumni of UPenn. William Chad Worthington Not highly motivated or enthusiastic. Campus Life Repetitive Reasons for selecting these students Overview OF UPenn Volunteer work with young people. Christine- 1st generation to attend college * William Abbott UPenn offers many ways to make sure students get needed financial support. Based on.... Welcome To The University Of Pennsylvania Holistic School Strong motivation to achieve goals. UPenn is one of the nation’s first research institution UPenn students are given the opportunity to study abroad in more than 70 countries. UPenn has a very intimate student to professor ratio with an average of 6 students to 1 professor. > Takes a lot of AP classes Financial Aid Standard Criteria for UPenn Well balanced Who did we choose How We analyzed the student's application??? Variety of activities to keep students interested > 17 sports for men > 16 sports for women Very motivated student fig. 2 Kaitlin Larson Volunteering programs "Wants to find a cure for diabetes, because he wants to help his sister" >Embodies the ideal Penn student Busy with extracurricular activities and sports. Kaitlin- International student During the Interview ... Maggie- Outstanding in academics GIVING BACK while maintaining academic performance - Outstanding grades. A large and beautiful campus, which sits on 992 acres. Increased undergraduate financial aid budget by more than 100% over the last 7 years. Impressive academic achievement How did we chose who we wanted to interview ??? Chad Worthington Christine Davis Kaitlin Lack Self esteem Does not stand out as a student. University of Pennsylvania was established in 1740 UPenn is one of the United States’ most prestigious Ivy League University UPenn has a diverse student body with students from across America and the world. There are four undergraduate schools at UPenn High Academic Performance Standardize Test Scores SAT/ACT · State Exams GPA: 3.8 or above SAT:2000 or above Represent - Challenge - Active Thank You Everyone Doesn't participate in any extra curricular activities. > William- Interesting essay Deirdre Graves Deirdre > Well rounded students who can balance school and activities


Transcript: History Admishions founded for uneducated children A plan that fits everyone what do they look for? Ivy League school S.A.T.'S student to teacher A perfect score will give you a advantage womans sports rules University Of Pennsylvania medicine their own police department good S.A.T. scores 37 different clubs 1750 the school was opened they send 600 students to 50 differnt countries no fire arms average age A.C.T.'S Academics 26% you can fill out a slip about who you prefer living with over 100 different majors Clubs red and blue male to female very diverse student body 6:1 first thing colleges look at. full time students 21,329 3,503 Upenn was founded by Benjamin Franklin, in the 1740's early decision 49%-51% baseball $11,878 30-34 law lacross the 12 fields are then broken down further into smaller groups Future Students Team mascot engineering someone interested in medicine and technology most students stay longer for different degrees 2nd step intramural sports room and board majors football Main fees The ACT'S are not mandatory. International studies Student body medical technology (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr acceptance rate 12% they have sports for both men and women, even if it is just a girls sport or a guys sport. well rounded individuals All of the buildings are within walking distance Tuition Student life lacross no cars on campus Spark 1st step Sports $42,098 determined students over 10,000 students enrolled in doctorial and masters programs Focuses on more specific topics swimming Graduate school focuses on sports and academics the most All colleges have different expectations you have to meat in order to be admited to the school The most important test you will ever take. 12 fields of study 18-26 outdoor advantures part time students mens sports Most schools prefer the SAT over the ACT because they test two different "subjects". basketball 2060-2330 plans


Transcript: Archery Bowling Boxing Cheerleading Handball Judo Raquetball Rifle Rodeo Skin Diving Triathlon Weightlifting (7% African American) j NOT OFFERED: Sports Community service opportunities Clubs and Orgs. Penn American Red Cross Penn Neuroscience Society 48 Greek social fraternity and sorority chapters More than 25% undergraduates are involved in UPenn Greek System! Delta Phi, Zeta Psi, Delta Psi, and Phi Kappa Sigma were among the first SAT or ACT Trustees specified that the arms will "conform to the present standards used by the U.S. Government in its flags." (81% Out of state) (50% Women) $$$ (82% Scholarship) Medium size Total undergraduates: 9,779 Full-time graduate enrollment: 8,920 GPA of incoming freshmen: 3.75+ (88%) 3.5-3.74 (7%) 3.25-3.49 (4%) 3.00-3.24 (1%) Average ACT Composite Score: 30-34 (36) All of the above! Many of the support groups for undergrad freshmen are led by undergrad upperclass- men. (11% Hispanic/Latino) Estimated total = $59,428 BUT... 100% needs met and 71% of freshmen obtained full coverage for need-based financial aid. School Size (18% Loan) Requirements Academic Atmosphere (43% White) (18% Asian) Areas of Future Study Offered Networking... Badminton Baseball Basketball Cricket Cross Country Diving Equestrian Fencing Field/Ice Hockey Football (tackly/non-tackle) Golf Gymnastics Lacrosse Rowing (crew) Rugby Sailing Skiing Soccer Softball Squash Swimming Sync. Swimming Table Tennis Track and Field Track: Indoor/Outdoor Volleyball Water Polo Wrestling Flying: ~$419 Driving: ~$165 1740 (and 1751) George Whitefield (and Ben Franklin) Charity school for working-class Philadelphian kids :) OFFERED: (19% In state) CR: 660-750 M: 690-780 W: 670-770 (50% Men) (12% Non-Resident Alien) 6:1 Student/Teacher ratio (6% Other) History Student Body and Diversity (3% 2 or more races) Social Atmosphere Architecture & Related Programs Area, Ethnic, Cultural, & Gender Studies Biological & Biomedical Sciences Business, Management, Marketing, & Related Support Communications, Journalism, & Related Programs Computer & Information Sciences, Support Services Education Engineering English/Foreign Language, Literature, & Letters Health Professions & Related Clinical Sciences History Legal Professions & Studies Liberal Arts & Sciences, Gen Studies, & Humanities Mathematics & Statistics Multi & Interdisciplinary Studies Natural Resources & Conservation Philosophy & Religious Studies Physical Sciences Psychology Public Administration & Social Services Social Sciences Visual & Performing Arts UPenn's Quad!

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