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University of Austin Texas at Austin

Transcript: Invitation to Submit Secondary Application Austin Art • Austin art spaces, galleries, museums, activities, events. • Austin Museum Partnership. • Austin Visual Arts Association • Blanton Museum of Art Dougherty Art Center. • Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center. • George Washington Carver Museum and Cultural Center • South Austin Popular Culture Center Claudia Rodriguez & Nelly Calderon Five most popular majors for 2014 graduates Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services 12% Communication, Journalism, and Related Programs 12% Engineering 12% Social Sciences 12% Biological and Biomedical Sciences 9% Scholarships for Biology (AENT) Advance Educational Nursing trainee ship, administered through the Division of Nursing in the U.S. Public Health Service Diversity of Student Body Sports Football UT athletics Men’s basketball Men’s golf Men’s swimming and diving Women’s basketball Women’s Softball Track and field Women’s golf Women’s Swimming and diving Women’s tennis Volleyball Soccer The institution has the fifth-largest single-campus enrollment in the nation, with over 50,000 undergraduate and graduate students and over 24,000 faculty and staff. Admissions UT Austin • Student Organizations • Student Government • Gender and Sexuality Center • Texas Student Media (Daily Texan, Cactus Yearbook, Travesty, KVRX, KVRTV) • University Unions (Texas Union, Student Activity Center, Student Events Center) Local Art • AIGA: American Institute of Graphic Artists-Austin Chapter Asian American Cultural Center This project helped us understand that this is a school we are both interested in attending in the future and process of being accepted into the school of our dreams. Applicants selected for the full review will be sent a secondary applications. 4 short essays(No more than one page for each response) Full review will not be initiated until completing the second application. Fall/Spring Texas Residents: $4,673-5,369 Non-Texas Residents: $16,632-19,063 Summer Texas Residents:3,178-3,652 Non-Texas Residents:11,311-12,963 Fall/Spring Room and Board: $5,728 (On- or Off-Campus Housing) $1,912 (Commuter) Miscellaneous Expenses: $2,520 Summer Room and Board: $3,820 (On- or Off-Campus Housing) $1,275 (Commuter) Miscellaneous Expenses: $1,628 Residential & Social Life Utilize the Texas Medical & Dental Schools Application Service(TMDSAS) Transcripts MCAT scores GPA in science courses Biology Four year program Bachelors of Science Freshmen Freshman applicants interested in majoring in Biology should prepare by taking math and science courses each year of high school. All applicants must meet professional and technical standards and be able to meet compliance requirements Transfers Transfer applicants must submit official transcripts showing completion of the following courses: • CHEM 301 • SDS 302 or M 316 • BIO 311C Location/Size AAUW) American association of university women scholarship For women who need financial help to complete their doctoral program, amount of at least 2,000 dollars Dell Medical School Major Art Related UT Student Orgs + Centers • Association of Black Fine Art Students • Center for Art of Africa and its Diasporas (CAAD) • Center for Latin American Visual Studies (CLAVIS) • Center for the Study of Ancient Italy (CSAI) • Center Space Project • Design Student Association nm • Fine Arts Council • Mesoamerica Center • UAHA: Undergraduate Art History Association UT Artists in Action "The University of Texas" its campus is located in Austin approximately 1 mile from the Texas State Capitol. Gender •Women: 53.5% •Men: 46.5% Ethnicity •White: 45% •Asian: 23% •Hispanic: 21% •Black: 4% •Foreign: 4% •Multiracial: 3% •American Indian: Less than 1% •Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander: Less than 1% •Unknown: 1% (TCRSS) Center for Transdisciplinary Collaborative Research in Self-management Science Scholars Program, made to help the research and development of doctorial nursing students who are attending the University of Texas at Austin school of nursing Cost Student Organizations & Activities The University Of Texas at Austin First Review Highest Enrollment Majors University of Texas at Austin •Acres on main campus: 431 •Libraries: 17 •Volumes in UT Libraries: More than 10 million •Museums: 7 •Works at the Blanton Museum of Art: 17,000+ •Specimens in the Texas Memorial Museum collection: More than 5 million •Student organizations: 1,300+ •Career centers: 16

university of texas at austin

Transcript: ACADEMICS AT UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS The University of Texas Police Department (UTPD) offers information on crime prevention, sexual assault, tips for safely navigating campus, tips for reporting crimes and much more. Behavior Concerns Safety & Security (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr doodles Be Safe, Texas is a public awareness campaign About university of texas be safe Texas campus life at the university of Texas notes Universtiy of Texas community engagement at UT The university has a rich tradition of working with communites across the state through collaborative activites and programs that involve our faculty staff and students. exploring & having fun The Campus Safety and Security office ensures safety on campus by overseeing Emergency Preparedness, Environmental Health and Safety, Fire Prevention Services, Parking and Transportation, and The University of Texas Police Department. Notes campus life at university of Texas at Austin as the largest university shuffle system in the country the UT shuttle system provides any to get around campus about the school (cc) photo by jimmyharris on Flickr The Behavior Concerns Advice Line (BCAL) is a partnership between the Office of the Dean of Students, the Counseling and Mental Health Center, the Employee Assistance Program and the University of Texas Police Department University of Texas Double click to crop it if necessary we have students from every state and more than 100 countrie's arts and culture athletics at university of Texas Generations of students from near and far have called the Forty Acres their home away from home. Whether they live in one of 14 campus residence halls or eat at one of the many restaurants and cafés, the campus environs offer a variety of choices when it comes to finding a place to call home. The gems of the university await you in the exhibitions, gallery spaces and halls of our cultural treasures The University of Texas at Austin provides a safe and secure environment for the university community. Keeping campus safe for the students, staff and faculty who live and work here is of paramount importance to every department on campus Living & Eating texas has claimed more titles in men's and women's sports than any other school since the league began operating in 1996 the university of texas at austin was founded in 1883 it is one of the largest and respected university's in the nation outlook with 50,000 students on nearly 350 acres of land just blocks from downtown Austin. the university of Texas has internationally competitve programs for students. photo frame health and wellness Campus Safety Place your own picture behind this frame! (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr there is lots to do at the university of Texas like exploring campus and campus treasures details in 1927 the university's art museum was born from a gift of an unexpected source archer m.huntington donated 4,000acres of land in Galvaston to the university with instructions that it ''be dedicated to the support of an art museum'' getting around UT At the university of Texas at Austin the health and well being of our community is promoted by the health care services and programs offered on campus by the counseling and mental health center, university health services,recreational sports and human resource services.

University of Texas at Austin

Transcript: University of Texas at Austin For fall of 2010, the total university enrollment is 52,213, an increase of 1,101 students, or 2.2% over fall 2012, making this the second largest enrollment in the university's history Rice Annual Undergraduate Fee = $34,900.00 * Two Essays * Application (deadline for Summer/Fall is December 1 *Official Highschool Transcript *Self-Reported HS Coursework Form * HS coursework requirements * Test scores (ACT or SAT) Major-specific requirements The degree that interests me the most is the Bachelor of Architecture/Bachelor of Arts. Plan II because both Architecture and Art are two things that have always interested me, and is something I would find very enjoyable doing as a career. University of Texas Austin vs. Rice Admission Requirements Overall Rank in the Nation = 72 UTA Annual Undergraduate Fee = 16,995 White Degrees in School of Architecture Citations Bachelor of Architecture Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies Bachelor of Architecture/Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering (Dual Degree Program) Bachelor of Architecture/Bachelor of Arts, Plan II, Dual Degree Program School Mascot and Colors Burnt Orange Cost of being a Longhorn Enrollment Shared space begins at $8,714 and goes up to $10,826 Single space begins at $10,406 and goes up to $15,159 (Few single spaces are available; most are assigned to returning residents.) Ranges are based on residence hall and room/bath options; costs include $1,400 in Dine In Dollars and $300 in Bevo Bucks. Housing and food costs are subject to change. Main Campus Map Campus Life Overall Rank in the Nation = 29 and 1 Inner Campus Drive Austin, TX 78712 (512) 475-7348

Texas University at Austin

Transcript: Texas University at Austin By Maria Chilel Topic 1 School Information The name of my university is Texas University of Texas at Austin. Their mascot is a Bevo. Their school colors are white and burnt orange. It was founded is the year 1883. It's a public university. There are 50,950 students enrolled. City Information School Address: Austin, TX 78712 Location: Austin,TX The population in Austin is 950,715 as in 2017. This university is 160.6 miles from Houston. This university is also 2 hours and 42 minutes away from Houston. Topic 2 Admissions Their application fee is $75.00 Their minimum GPA entrance requirement is 3.68 Their minimum SAT entrance requirement is 1275 Their minimum ACT entrance requirement is 29 The acceptance rate percentage is 40.4% The due date for applications is December 1, 2019 Topic 3 Tuition The tuition per year costs $10,092 A room and board cost $10,070 per year. Books and supplies cost $662 per year. To attend 1 year it costs $25,440 and to attend the 4 years it costs $101,760 Out of state tuition cost $35,682 Topic 4 interesting facts 1. Nearly 140 years ago, The University of Texas at Austin opened with one building, eight professors, and 221 students. 2. It has 17 libraries and 7 museums. 3. These are the rate on academics: Retention rate 95%, 4- year graduation rate 58% and 6-year graduation rate 83% 4. The very beautiful Little field Fountain, located on the South Mall, was built to commemorate UT students and alumni who died during World War I. 5. Smokey The Cannon was built in 1953 and is shot every time the school’s football team, the Longhorns, score a touchdown. It gets fired a lot! Topic 5 Picture Smokey the Cannon Alumni 1. Kevin Durant. He is a basketball player and an actor. 2. Michael Dell. He is a business person, an investor, an author, philanthropist and a founder and chief creative director. 3. Belinda Johnson. She is a lawyer and has something to do with Airbnb. (I'm not really sure about this info) Topic 6

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