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University of Rochester

Transcript: Brief History Founded in 1850 as a Baptist-sponsored institution. First master's degrees awarded in 1897. Due in large part to the efforts of Susan B. Anthony, women were first admitted in 1900. Under President Rush Rhees (1900-1935), the University grew expansively. It was during his tenure that George Eastman, founder of Eastman Kodak, became a major donor, and the Eastman School of Music and the School of Medicine and Dentistry were founded. The renowned Institute of Optics opened in 1929. The first Ph.D. was awarded in 1925, and by 1930 several departments had begun to train candidates for the doctorate. Also under Rhees, ground was broken in 1927 for the present main campus on the Genesee River. In 1955, the Colleges for Men and Women were merged into what is now the College. In 1958, three new schools were created in engineering, business administration, and education. The Laboratory for Laser Energetics was founded in 1970, and the School of Nursing was created from the Department of Nursing in 1971. River Campus 500 Joseph C. Wilson Blvd. Rochester, NY 14627 GPS/MAPS: 252 Elmwood Ave. Rochester, NY Medical Center 601 Elmwood Ave. Rochester, NY 14642 Eastman School of Music 26 Gibbs St. Rochester, NY 14604 The Cost of College Item Expected Cost Tuition $47,450 Fees $840 Room & Board $14,364 Indirect Costs (Books, supplies, etc.) $1,310 University of Rochester Arts Sciences and Engineering Medicine and Dentistry Business Education Daniel Brezitskiy History Of the School Student Organizations Undegraduate admissions requirements my dream job is to be a doctor or physical therapist or trainer. physical therapist 66,545 athletic trainer $35,000 to $75,000 per year. Starting salaries for family practice medical doctor post-residency work have a national average of $120,000*. d address,telephone number degrees offered College students can choose from more than 200 student organizations... Club sports teams, performing arts ensembles, academic and pre-professional societies, campus media, cultural and community awareness groups. River Campus Clubs Fraternities and sororities Medical students clubs and groups Eastman School of Music Clubs student government And many more GOAL! Housing Telephone Number 585) 275-2121 Undergraduate Admission applicants have high school averages of "A-" or higher, combined SAT scores of 1900 or higher, and ACT composite scores of 29 or better. A significant number of applicants have perfect 4.0 GPAs. My dream job Tuitoin Rooms, Meals and College Necessities: Here's What It's Going to Cost. University of Rochester offers students both housing and dining options. The on-campus housing cost for a typical student was $8,416 in 2014 - 2015 and the cost for a typical meal plan was $5,292.

University of Rochester

Transcript: Animal Studies Film Studies Universities Social science, uses methods and techniques that relate to the kinds of inquiries sought: primary sources such as historical documents and official records, secondary sources such as scholarly journal articles, survey research, statistical analysis, case studies, experimental research and model building. Awarded to non-US residents based on academic achievement. $1,000 to $6,000 per year for up to four years (eight semesters). Only 25 percent of all Schools of Journalism and Mass Communication in the United States are fully accredited Areas of specialist animal study include: animal nutrition genetics animal physiology and anatomy animal reproduction feedlotting pasture and rangeland management Split between biology and computers. Combine the two into a unique major—bioinformatics International Ambassador Scholarships(MT) Academic Excellence Scholarship(FLU) SJMC grads are sought after by all the major media in South Florida-English and Spanish-language and can be found working in newsrooms and broadcast studios as reporters, anchors and digital specialists at local, national and international levels. University of Rochester Selected Freshman applicants with a combined SAT score of 1680 or higher or ACT score of 25 or higher and a 3.5 GPA 50% of tuition per academic year. Renewable. -Comparative politics -International relations -Political philosophy -Public administration -Public law Michigan Tech Richmond University The Film Studies major is a vibrant, cross-disciplinary programme that focuses upon historical, critical and theoretical approaches to the study of film, including television and new media. BioInformatics Work in pharmaceuticals, forensics, and with government agencies including the CDC, FBI, and NIH Queensland University Florida International University controlling seasonal breeding, pregnancy diagnosis, controlling parturition, cloning technology, production of transgenic animals, and contraceptive technology. Political Science SubFiELDS The degree examines the historical, political, artistic and cultural aspects that go into cinema production The programme prepares graduates for work in film criticism, journalism, teaching, writing for film, and film production and directing. Communication: Journalism Integration of science, practice & management for animal production of selected species that embraces an environmental awareness. The School offers majors in advertising, public relations and journalism and broadcasting Alumini(Reading U) Scholarships Career opportunities are diverse and wide ranging, including genotyping, genomic sequence analysis, sequence assembly, database administration, and pharmacogenomics. 10 per cent discount or £1,000 off your 'next level' course We now offer University of Reading final-year students and alumni the chance to experience further study at a 10 per cent discounted price or £1,000 off studying at Henley Business School. Discipline concerned with the study of the state,nation, government, and politics and policies of government.

University of Rochester

Transcript: University of Rochester is in a suburban area of Rochester. The weather is very cold between the months of November and February. Since it is a private college, there is only one tuition, $48,290. Cost of room and board is $14,366. Academic Info. #4 Robert B. Goergen athletic center next to Dandelion Square Student Life #5 The National Museum of Play Toy and game museum for kids of all ages. Seneca Park Zoo 19th-century park with an African safari. Seabreeze Amusement Park Historic family amusement park. Academic Info. #3 Academic Info. #2 The student/faculty ratio is 10:1, 10 students per teacher. Academic Info. #5 Academic Info. #1 Student Life #1 Student Life #3 Serona Brown January 29, 2016 Period 1 51% Female University of Rochester is a division 3 university with the exception of their squash team which is consistently ranked top 5 in Division I Rocky the Yellow jacket is their mascot In Rochester there are 3 avenues, Park, Monroe, and University called "The Avenues". Each street has a distinctive combination of shops, cafés, service businesses, restaurants, pocket parks, artwork, and intriguing residences. Rush Rhees Library University of Rochester Medical Center Some nearby attractions include: Football Stadium 5 most popular majors: Rush Rhees Library after snow storm Hercules Dining area in Danforth Student Life #2 Strong Memorial Hospital Student Life #4 University of Rochester's first president Martin Brewer Anderson. University of Rochester Rochester, New York 1. Social Sciences (15%) 2. Health Professions (14%) 3. Biological and Biomedical Science (13%) 4. Engineering (12%) 5. Psychology (10%) 49% Male The acceptance rate as of fall 2015 is 36.4% with a 73% 4-year graduation rate. The acceptance deadline is January 5. University of Rochester is a private college founded in 1850. As of 2014, they have 11,060 students attending.

University Of Rochester

Transcript: Name, Logo The name of the university I am doing is The University of Rochester. The mascot is Rocky the Yellowjacket. Name And Logo Jonathan Rodriguez Pictures Pictures of Campus Location, Population The university of Rochester is located in Rochester, NY 14611. The student population is 11,060. Location And Population Add as many as you need Another Slide School Data The school colors are blue and yellow. The mascot is Rocky the Yellowjacket and the year the school was founded in 1850 as a Baptist-Sponsored Institution. School Colors, Mascot, And Year Founded Tuition Fees The tuition at The University of Rochester is about $46,960. Students pay less because of financial aids. The total amount of the tuition is $47,450 and a remaining of $810 represents additional fees. Approximate Tuition And Fees All Colleges in University Arts, Sciences, and Engineering Arts and Sciences School of Engineering Eastman School of Music School of Medicine and Dentistry School of Nursing William E. Simon Graduate School of Business Administration Margaret Warner Graduate School of Education and Human Development All Colleges in University Traditions The Fiery Furnace ( challenges and obstacles students face ) Boars Head Dinner ( recalls the spirit of English court dinners ) Painting The Tunnels ( for spirit week ) Clock Tower Superstition ( if you walk under it and tread on the dandelions, something dreadful will happen to you ) Wilson Day ( it honors the civic spirit of University benefactor and Xerox founder Joseph C. Wilson ’31 ) George Eastman Day of Service ( Started in 2010, George Eastman Day is celebrated each fall during the Eastman School of Music’s undergraduate orientation. The day commemorates industrialist and philanthropist George Eastman’s commitment to community enrichment. ) Yellowjacket Weekend and Dandelion Day ( Bookending the start and finish of the academic year are Yellowjacket Weekend (which began in 1976 as Yellowjacket Day) and Dandelion Day, two of four current college community weekends. The holidays welcome students in the fall and offer a final fling before exams in the spring, respectively. ) The Boulders ( Students often paint the rocks to promote events. The two rocks were found during excavation. ) Meliora Weekend ( The weekend comprises reunions, family weekend, and homecoming activities, and it welcomes alumni, parents, students, faculty, staff, and friends of the University of Rochester. ) Traying Down the Sue B. Hill ( With the first real snowfall, students would borrow trays from the dining hall and use them for sledding. Other traying spots included the hill by Danforth Dining Hall or the one near Anderson Tower. ) Eat A Garbage Plate ( The Garbage Plate is the signature dish of the city of Rochester. Eating one is included on Rochester Review’s student-compiled list of “101 Things to Do Before You Graduate. ) Traditions Student Life Pics Student Life Pics Alumni Michele Boldrin Glenn MacDonald Jang-Ok Cho Leonard Mirman Harold Cole Lee Ohanian Jerry Green Sérgio Rebelo Zvi Hercowitz Jose Scheinkman Lung-fei Lee Andrzej Skrzypacz These are the best graduates from The University of Rochester. Alumni Greek Life The University of Rochester appreciates the role fraternities and sororities play in the lives of students and is proud of the accomplishments of our award-winning students and organizations. Fraternity and Sorority Affairs provides fraternities and sororities the tools to be autonomous organizations while having a values-based experience and contributing to the quality of campus life. Through our hallmark Expectations for Excellence program, members seek opportunities to be integrated and invested in campus life while connecting with programs and services to enhance their own experience. I think greek life is for me because I suppose that all students treat each other with respect. Also, students say that they feel in family when they are with fraternity brothers. I can also be in in other programs to enhance my experience. Greek Life

University of Rochester

Transcript: University of Rochester Location School Type Located in Rochester, New York in Monroe County Private School Religion - The university has 10 religious groups or communities that are affiliated with the Interfaith Chapel. They are the Chabad House, Cru, Hillel– Jewish Life, Hindu Students’ Association, InterVarsity Graduate Christian Fellowship, Muslim Students’ Association, Newman Community – Roman Catholic Christianity, Protestant Chapel Community, UR Christian Fellowship, Zen Meditation Group. Surroundings - The Strong National Museum of Play, George Eastman Museum, Seabreeze Amusement Park, Highland Park, Rochester Public Market, Seneca Park Zoo, Frontier Field, National Susan B. Anthony Museum & House. Type of School Size of University Campus Life The university is 707 acres which is located in urban lands. Housing Residential Campus College housing- Coed housing Men's housing Women's housing Apartments for married students Apartments for single students Fraternity/sorority housing Special housing for disabled students Special housing for international students Wellness housing (alcohol/drug/smoke-free) Theme Housing Race/Ethnicity- 42% white, 27% Non-Resident Alien, 3% Two or more races, 5% black or african american, 11% Asian, 7% Hispanic/Latino, and 4% ethnicity unknown. Gender- 51% women and 49% men In-state population- 41% Out-State population- 59% Race/Ethnicity The 3 most enrolled majors are engineering, social sciences, and health professions. Majors I want to enroll in the health professional field. SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing- 640-720 SAT Math- 670-780 SAT Total- 1310-1500 ACT score- 30-34 GPA- 3.8 is the average. 2.50-3.74 Retention Rate- 95% Elements required for Attendance Scores on SAT, ACT and GPA Top Tenth- 69% Top Quarter- 95% Top Half- 100% Bottom Half- 0% Bottom Quarter- 0% Class Rank Other Factors Very important- Character/Personal Qualities Recommendations Rigor of secondary school record Important- Application Essay Extracurricular Activities Interview Standardized Test Scores Talent/Ability Considered- Alumni Relation First generation college student Geographical Residence Level of Applicant's Interest Racial/Ethnic Status Volunteer Work Work Experience Opera Archery Diving Equestrian Fencing Cricket Judo Sailing Skiing Ultimate Frisbee Water Polo Rugby Study Abroad Take Five Scholars Program The Experiential-Five (e5) Program Meliora Scholars Program Grand Challenges Scholars Program Musical Theater Film Society Television Station Unique things it offers Tuition $58,276 Fees $1,068 Room & Board $17,456 Indirect costs (books, supplies, etc.) $1,310 Transportation $300 Other expenses $1,080 Total - $79,490 Cost/Financial Aid 98% of financial aid need met 100% of freshmen with need who received financial aid. 86% scholarship grants and 14% loan/jobs Financial Aid $2,417 - Avg need-based loan $48,013 - Avg need-based scholarship or grant award $15,845 - Avg non need-based aid $28,503 - Avg indebtedness at graduation Continued Basic criteria used to determine aid from this school: Non need-based aid determined by: Academics, Alumni Affiliation, Art, Leadership, Music/Drama, ROTC Need-based aid determined by: Academics Music/Drama Work Study Programs: This school offers the following work study options: Nights Weekends Links to University Website Website - Admission line - Rochester Welcoming Video - Rochester Admission Video - Famous Alumni/Professors Leland Clark (Chemist, inventor) Edward Gibson (Physicist, Astronaut) Joan Roughgarden (Biologist, Science Writer) American biochemist born in Rochester, New York Invented the Clark Electrode (a device used for measuring oxygen in blood, water, and other liquids considered the "father of biosensors", and the modern-day glucose sensor used daily by millions of diabetics is based on his research Received his Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Physiology from the University of Rochester in 1944 Leland Clark Earned a Bachelor of Science degree in engineering from the University of Rochester in June 1959. U.S. astronaut who was science pilot for the Skylab 4 mission, which established a new manned spaceflight record of 84 days. Served on the support crew of Apollo 12, the second Moon landing mission, before working on the development of the Skylab space station. Became a research assistant in jet propulsion while completing his studies, and eventually became a research scientist for Philco Corporation until joining NASA in 1965. Edward Gibson American ecologist and evolutionary biologist Received a Bachelor of Science in biology and a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from University of Rochester Well known for her theistic evolutionism and critical studies on Charles Darwin's theory of sexual selection Founded and directed the Earth Systems Program at Stanford and has received awards for

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