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Presentation - UNICORN

Transcript: UNICORN One-Stop Platform for budding entrepreneurs Problem Statement Aspiring entrepreneurs often struggle to find reliable and comprehensive resources to help them start and grow their businesses. They have to navigate through multiple platforms to get access to information, tools, and services they need, which can be time-consuming, overwhelming, and expensive. Moreover, they may not have the expertise or network to make informed decisions, connect with mentors or investors, or validate their ideas. There comes the need for UNICORN. Problem statement Solution - UNICORN Solution UNICORN An integrated platform for guiding aspiring entrepreneurs. We bring together all the stakeholders, such as mentors, incubators, investors, legal advisors, and linkage agents under one umbrella. Furthermore, we have implemented some ML models and done extensive EDA to show market trend analysis Video Walkthrough Video Walkthrough Additional Features Additional Features 1) Translate Feature for global access 2) StartUp profit projection using Machine Learning Model 3) StartUp Market Analysis and Diversity Hiring Analysis 4) Brand Name & logo Generator 5) Advertisement recommendation 6) Chatbot and Google voice assistant Techstack Techstack - Google Technologies: Dialogflow, Google Translate, Google Assistant, Kaggle, Tensorflow/Keras - Frontend: HTML, CSS, JS, Bootstrap - Backend: Flask, Jinja - Database: SQLite - Libraries: Pandas, Matplotlib, sklearn, Seaborn, and Pycountry THANK YOU Thank You Our goal for this meeting :- 1) A holistic review of the project and idea. 2) New features to improvise and refine our project. 3) An insight into any probable business model and Unicorn’s value estimation.

Bad Unicorn Presentation

Transcript: MAx did show a good value throughout the story. In the story max is a very low profile guy which means he's really quite and is really shy. These qualites will most likey restrict him from making poor decisions. IN the story he snitched on his own friend which follows the rule of honesty because even though it's his friend he still told on her. He also follows the ten commandments because when his parents say no to playing video games on the weekdays he doesnt. Overall he meets all the standards for having good values and ethics MY favorite passage from the story was "I told you i got busted after staying up all night. i can't play till this weekend." this sentence is significant because i love to play video games and i find it funny that he got busted for playing through the night. Similarities and differences IMportant value or ethic challenging word WOrd: Codex Definitoin: an ancient manuscript text in book form SENT FROM STORY: "It's called the codex of infinite knowability-and i think "codex" basically means book, but it's fancier or something." OWN SENT: in the story max reads his codex aloud to his friends and they suddenly teleported to a different dimension. Likes to read not social believes in magic loves to play video games not the most popular kid at school very humerous not that inteligent more troll like always is positive not the most athletic that one friend that always gets in trouble very adventurous has a good memory MAx max spencer the theme of my story is "becareful when you read, it can literally take you to a diffrent place." this is the theme because in the story when max read his book aloud to his friends, they all got transported to a different realm. it brought them into the future where everything was destroyed and that the place they were standing was now gone. also that reading a book really does take you to a different place because reading is basically someones imagination on paper. Bad unicorn By Platte f. clark "when the world came bACK TO FOCUS, MAX, DIRK,SARAH, AND DWIGHT WERE NO LONGER STANDING AROUND THE GLASS COUNTER AT THE DRAGON'S DEN." pg.86 MAx and his friends were teleported into this new dimension. When they got there they were surrounded by this lush green forest with birds chirping left and right of them. They wandered of into the wilderness and found this little area in the lush tree line that had an open area about a size of a igloo and decided to setup camp. THe dirt there was very hard and wasnt really comfortable for them to sleep on SO THEY PILED UP SOME GREEN PINE NEEDLES AS A CUSHION. AFter they got settled, THEY made a nice cozy fire warming everyone's soul and giving them hope of surviving in the wilderness. PICTURE THAT REPRESENTS CHARACTER Make a connection THe setting of the story takes place in techrus, magrus it's a sci-fi place that technology took over. THEY GOT TELEPORTED FROM THE DRAGONS DEN TO THIS. around them were lush gfreen trees and what seems to be a broken down ruin with a debris everywhere. it seems as there useD to be a city here but now it's gone. they looked around and found a place to camp for the night IT WAS A SMALL OPEN AREA WITH TREES SURROUNDING THEM. They need to keep their eyes peeled because the pricess the destroyer is after them. BEcareful when you read, it can literally take you to a different place. THeme of the novel favorite passAge "the book was the key." pg 89 Differences THe book connects to my life because it's all i could wish for. the first thing that theres someting with games in it and if you know me i like games. the second thing is that it's about a group of friends trapped in a different realm going on an adventure, i mean who wouldn't want to go on an adventure with unicorns hunting you down. all i ever wanted to do was adventure to places that are interesting with a group of friends. i find this book really interesting and thats a plus because i don't like to read. so if you like unicorns chasing middle schoolers this is the right book for you! MAx "without magic humans had to rely on their own creativity" PG.60 describe a scene Love to play video games average intelligence adventurous THE END :) Danny Chung Period 2 February 19, 2015 Similarities THe picutre represents a geek, which represents max because he's basically a geek. he loves to play video games and talk about his adventures to his friends on the bus. hE HAS ALL OF THE QUALITIES OF A GEEK BUT NOT THE INTELLECTUAL PART BECAUSE HE'S NOT THAT SMART. IN THE STORY HE ONLY HAS 2 FRIENDS ONE HE WAS FRIENDS WITH A LONG TIME AGO AND ONE HE MET WHEN THEY WERE whitnessing the girl thats his friend get bullied. another example on why a geek represents him is that he's interested in odd things. in the story he reads this "codex" which changes everytime he thinks of something. overall, a geek represents max in everyway. "VINE COVERD WALLS" "ANCIENT REMAINS OF WALLS" "MIDDLE OF A FOREST" "I THINK WE'RE IN SOME TYPE OF RUIN" "FUTURE" "CLEARED OUT A SMALL

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