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Transcript: date our schedule welcome welcome In this prezi, you will be learning about how we learn in 4c In reading, we read with a book called wonders, then, we fill out a project on the chromebook. In genre pie, I have read all 8 books and filled out the final project. Reading reading wonders wonders wonders genre pie genre pie an example for biography In math, we have a book with our lessons. some people go to Mrs. Adkins class, or they stay here. In the big math book with our class, we do a lesson and then do a lesson on the chromebook. we are multiplying 2 digits by 2 digits. math math math online google I have it bookmarked, but otherwise, you would look it up. google (to get to think central) password password There is a ton of usernames and passwords we have to remember to get in. things to do things to do Itwill made you come to a page that says things to do, you click on it and you will find your assignment paper pencil big math book We have the big math book and it has our lessons, it would look something like this; 64 x 27= =1728 We've had 3 social studies tests already and I used something called my mapping lap-book. It has a ton of info like prime meridians and cardinal directions. The tests I had were all about the southwest region social studies social studies Some stuff we've been doing in science are, we've been learning the three main types of rocks and the layers of the Earth. science science In the library, Mrs. Schriner is our teacher. We go to library on Mondays at 10:45.I like that we get to check out books and do online tests. library library Mrs. Uibel is our P.e teacher. We go to P.E on Wednesdays and Fridays. I like all of the sports unit we do in P.E. P.E P.E Our music teacher is Mr. Casey. We go to music on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. We play xylophones and recorders. music music Mr. Kelly is our tech teacher. We go to tech on Fridays . I like that we practice typing for 10 minutes before doing fun projects on google slides. tech tech Also, we do a project in class called superstar. If you are the superstar, you make a movie about yourself and the other people take notes. The other people also do a project on the superstar. Superstar superstar

Linked in presentation

Transcript: Questions Helena Moya, Yanique Laurent & Alexis Manzella Implications of the survey majority of users have not received any job opportunities through the site but still consider looking for a job through it. As of June 2013, LinkedIn reports more than 259 million acquired users in more than 200 countries and territories. Distributing surveys online using Google Survey. Why did we choose LinkedIn? Helena moya, yanique laurent & alexis manzella Founded in December 2002 by Reid Hoffman and launched on May 5, 2003. Introduction Why choose Linked In? What is Linked In? Great way of getting involved and meeting like-minded individuals like yourself. Charts and Statistics Questions OUTLINE IT IS FREE! Charts and Statistics Sources: SCSU Current Former Students via Email Methods of research Summary Linked in presentation Business-oriented social networking service. Introduction We researched the benefits of LinkedIn and discovered it is a very popular social network What is Linked ? Thank you for listening to our presentation, we are happy to answer any of your questions! Many people use it for business advertisement and job opportunities. Methods of research majority of LinkedIn users are females between the ages of 21-35. After receiving 40 responses from the survey, we have discovered that: 29.90% of its users reside in the US (93 million) majority of the users are graduate students. Great Online Community: you can find jobs, people and business opportunities Knowledge about Linked In: be very useful for the future. Summary

Linked In

Transcript: Status Updates - This is a short sentence or two that you can post on a daily basis, a quick update. Upload a Photo - This is an upload of any image, which can include a caption and link to people's pages. This is very similar to uploading a photograph on Facebook. Published Post - This is an article, similar to a blog post. These cannot be posted from Company Profiles, however you can post it on a Personal Profile to share on a Company Page later. YOU MUST REMEMBER! Remember: LinkedIn is designed to build relationships with others. THIS IS NOT A SALES PLATFORM! There are three types of posts you can do from you personal profile. These are the following: Status Update - short post, Photograph Upload, Published Post. Posts can be made from other platforms, such as Hootsuite. Users can 'follow' Company Pages. Any posts from either of your pages will appear in connections' News Feed, similar to Facebook. LinkedIn is a platform designed to create connections and relationships between people. This is not a sales platform. I Hope You Enjoyed The Presentation! :) These appear on any given page that you desire, such as your profile or company page. The viewers of this are selected in the same way as the Advanced Search, however do not need to be connections. You can create a new campaign similar to the design offers available on Mailchimp to make it stand out. Additional Information On Your Personal Page The Basics You can advance your searches by clicking on the 'Advanced' Button next to the search bar. This gives you multiple search options, as described in the Screen shot below: The Basics, Your Personal Page, Company Page, Gaining Connections, Maintaining Connections, Premium Features. Connections are not difficult to gain, however many people do not maintain this connection. To successfully remain in constant contact with your connections, you must consider: Your Posts, Group Activity, Managing Contacts. Having more connections is of great use to you. The more connections you have, the more people can find you. Also, the more connections you have, the more you can find others. Accepting key influencers or those with 500+ connections give far more 2nd and 3rd connection results in searches. Others can put recommendations on your personal profile. These need to be approved by you prior to them being displayed on your profile. You can often encourage recommendations for your profile by completing them for others prior to asking for a recommendation from them. This gives similar to a review, allowing viewers to have a general idea of your previous projects, client base, working style and skills. It Is Recommended That You Post From Your Company Page At Least TWICE A DAY To Ensure That You Are Seen On Followers' Feeds! Manage Your Contacts Current Experience Personal Profiles can 'follow' the company page. Regular updates ensures that followers maintain constant communication and awareness of the company. Company Page activity can easily be tracked. Previous Experience This is a description of you previous positions and experience, allowing the viewer to have an insight into your background and key skills. Ensure that you use key words as much as possible thoughout this. Keep this relevant to your current position. You do not need to include everything. The 7 Steps To Maintaining Leads As previously discussed, you can request recommendations to feature on your profile and give a general idea about the work that you have completed in the past and the method that you took. This gives an insight to any potential customers coming directly from a previous one. LinkedIn searches pages and profiles by using keywords that the person has put in the search bar. If You Have Any Questions, I Will Be Happy To Answer Them. The entire profile is searched for Keywords, so you must ensure that you use them as often as possible throughout. The more often you use the keywords and the more connections you have, the higher you will appear on search results. The number of endorsements are listed on the persons' profile, as shown in the screen shot: Everything Explained So Far... This is a feature that allows you to add multiple media to your profile and page. These can be vimeo or youtube links, pfs, slideshows, prezi's and many more. This allows you to display some of your work to the viewer. You can have up to 7 videos in the summary and 7 videos in the experience section. This is a description of your current job position and responsibilities within it. This can come up in searches by others encouraging them to connect with you. You can use these connections to link them to the Company Page. You can also link clients in your description to show reliable sources and any common links that you may have with the viewer of the profile. JOIN GROUP DISCUSSIONS! Payment Options Hootsuite LinkedIn Data Tool Projects and Publications Adverts You can track your profile's progress by checking the numbers on the right hand side. This clearly

Linked in

Transcript: Hard to Monitor all personal social media use Pay more money to hire Monitoring team Name and Company could be damaged by posts on social media sites Costs money and time to train employees on social media policies. Employees are not to be "friends" with clients on social media sites. All Employees must sign Social Media policy which states that what they post on Social Media reflects on the company and they can be terminated for any inappropriate comments, posts, or tweets. Training for all employees who wish to use company name on sites. Emails between clients will only be done through company email address. Phone Policy No personal phone calls during work hours. Employee phones will be given to this who require work through mobile devices which will be monitored As Corporate legal we are restricting all access to social networking sites such as Facebook to eliminate any temptation to misuse use company work time and to ensure productivity. "In our 2011 Social Media Survey of U.K. employees, we found that social media usage in the workplace has grown enormously in recent years with more than half (51%) of workers surveyed now claiming to engage with a social networking site while at work. Almost a third (30%) of workers use sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn on a daily basis, while more than 5% do so several times an hour." To keep our employees and team productive during business hours we have impelled the policy below Hiring individuals who are very focus oriented Explore other alternatives (directly speaking to clients) Increased personal interaction Avoidance of viruses in the workplace THE STREGNTHS OF RESTRICTING SOCIAL MEDIA THE WEAKNESSES FACED WITH RESTRICTED SOCIAL MEDIA SOCIAL MEDIA AND BUSINESS THE BUSINESS - A better and more focused staff - More efficiency into production as opposed to procrastination - Better protection of jeopardizing our corporation or brand -Companies allowing social media during business faces a lot of threats. -Employees saying things about their job, co-workers or boss, may put their job in jeopardy. -Being friends with clients on social media, might destroy the business relationship, it can also expose the employees bad habits making their clients not wanting to do business with them. -Being friends with the boss on social networks, may lead to them getting fired because of the things they may post. -Being friends with co-workers on social networks may lead to gossip at work. -Being more than friendly to clients can lead to a lawsuit. -Not monitoring what sites are being used during business, can lead to production being down, because the employees are more interested in their social networks, than gaining and maintaining their clients. THE OPPORTUNITES GAINED WITH RESTRICTING SOCIAL MEDIA We are Fine Distribution. We are a distribution company that distributes apparel to major retailers around the world. Today, social media is an affluent aspect of our society. There are thousands of social media websites such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, etc, which has over 662 million users everyday. As a company, although we understand the importance on a marketing level to be active on social media, have prohibited its use during company business hours witch exception of our PR and media teams. We have set up specific guideline for social media use in regards to the company and block these websites on company computers. THE THREATS A COMPANY FACES BY NOT RESTRICTING SOCIAL MEDIA PLAN OF ACTION

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