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Transcript: Sources and Citatons Vanessa Gaddam, Mohammed Jamal Mario Curb, Evelyn Bernal Explore UIC First at LAS Academic - First Gen Student Support Program - connect with faculty and staff who were first gen Statistics Statistics - 19% of students are first gen - 1 out 5 - Drop- in - Group of Speakers - Connective and genuine - Nov 8th> 2nd Annual event - Celebration Day First at LAS Event Strengths Identities and Strengths - First Gen from Immigrant Family - Connectedness- empathetic, listen, considerate Reasons to Visit Benefits - Obtain resources - Networking - Connect Future Programs and Events Get Connected - First-at-LAS Tell Me Your Story Campaign - First-at-LAS Student-Faculty Mentoring Program - First-at-LAS Peer Leaders and Mentoring Program - First-at-LAS Student Club Asian American Resource and Cultural Center (AARCC) -On First Floor of Taft Hall Culture and Identity - Opened in 2005 to support the needs of Asian American students at UIC -offers social, cultural, and educational programs that promote knowledge on Asian Americans Statistics Statistics -135,000 children are adopted in the U.S. each year - 26% of them are international - 59% of those international adoptees are Asian Adopted Asians Event Listening to Asian Adoptees -Americans of Korean descent talk about their own social and cultural struggles in their child hood as adoptees -Addressed many stereotypes, and misunderstandings that many Americans have about the adoption system for children from war zones Strengths Strengths - Connectedness- As minorities/first gen Americans like the speakers, we felt that connection to them and also the satisfaction of finding a sense of community -Empathy: It was heartbreaking to hear the about the stressful events that the speakers went through in their childhood and we were able to imagine ourselves in that institution, thinking about how much trauma one can face in such circumstances Reasons to visit Reasons to Visit Open Space: AARCC is open to all UIC students, not just Asians, as a study and social interaction space Consultations: UIC students from any background can receive advice academic, personal, or cultural concerns -Computers: AARCC offers computers to use and free printing for up to 5 pages Future Events & Programs Future Programs and Events - Children's Toy and Book Drive: collection drive for gently used toys and secular children's books -Identity to Empowerment: journalists discuss the past, present and future of Asian American political representation and advocacy in America Health Professions Forum Career -career services exploration panel -Discover new and exciting jobs may not even been aware of Statistics Statistics About at least 40% of people enrolled at UIC are on the track of pre-health Curiosity Curiosity How many students are in Pre-health Strengths Strengths Network Learn about new majors Internships Explore new opportunities Reasons to Visit Key findings 1 Key findings Find internships Meet alumni Network with other new students Future Programs and Events The program gives you opportunities to look for internships in workplaces that you'd like to work for in the future that gives you advantages over your peers Make Mondays Matter Social and Service -Students get together on the first Monday of every Month to participate in hands on projects Statistics Statistics In 2018, Illinois had an estimated 10,643 experiencing homelessness: 1,223 families, 804 veterans, 684 unaccompanied young adults (18-24), and 1,625 were individuals experiencing chronic homelessness In 2018, there was 552,830 people experiencing homelessness. About 17 out of every 10,000 people in the United States. Various Household surveys showed that 44% of the world lives in extreme poverty which is defined as living $1 or less a day. - Made cards for veterans to express gratitude and respect to former members of the Armed Forces who have served our country Veteran Cards Event Strengths Helps fight poverty and homelessness Lets the volunteer explore different interests Reminds those that aren't in poverty or experiencing homelessness that there is people that are in need and we can help without having to do too much Strength: Restorative- Like to solve problems Strength: Connectedness- Considerate, caring Identities and Strengths Reasons to Visit Benefits/Reasons to Visit Helps bring people in the community together Makes those in need not feel alone Helps both the volunteer and the one receiving the service Future Programs and Events Other volunteer events GIVE: Monthly events to help various people in need Coat Drive: Anybody can donate new or used coats which will then be donated to those in need Produce Day(3/9/2020): Volunteers will distribute donated food to senior and families in need

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Transcript: UIC KING PRESENTATION Group members David boenarjo Marcel aditya Agrim burma Bibek singh deuja Shiva puri - Course Details - GCA’s rules and policies - Academic information - Percentage of Attendance - Subject Exemption The information that generated from the website is designed for all internal and external stakeholders including the government and agent GCA uses highly secured IT system,the complete it system is constantly monitored for correct operation and it staff are alerted automatically in case of any system failure.Most importantly all the members information in this website are password protected, they have to login with their individual id and password.Therefore it is very hard for an outsider to get the information from this website so we think it is pretty good security wise. If this website wasn't safe as it is now, all the information of all the students and staff would be in danger of being hacked as the number and activities of hackers are increasing everyday. New viruses of different nature are being developed so this website would be under the threat of identity theft. If this website was not properly secured, we students would be more vulnerable as GCA has started the payment of fees through their own website so our credit card details would be under the threat of being hacked. Even though it is secured it is not far from the threat from these computer hackers as we have numerous example of highly secured it system being hacked even the technological giant sony faced this problem not long ago. - Passport and visa numbers of students - Student Name / ID - Date of birth - Faculty - Subject fees and financial status - Attendance Record - Enrollment date and estimated time of completion - Emergency contact External stakeholder -Agent -Government Usability Time efficient Environment friendly Easy access Internal Stakeholder -Student -Teacher -Staff Design Poor color collaboration Unnecessary repetition of terms and conditions agreement Excessive content Overall Website Evaluation 1. For internal stakeholders a. Students : To help making decision regarding the subject b. Teacher :To help teacher in keeping track of the student that are enrolled such as attendance and academic progress c. staff :With the information, it will make the staff easier in assisting the government to keep track of students with low attendance and with the information provided GCA Website's Key stakeholders THX FOR THE TIME Information generated : Types, Users and Purposes Types of Data Collected by The System 2. For external stakeholders a. Government : With relevant and reliable records and information from the staff, it will help the government to know which are the international students who didn’t attend regularly to class Information and System Security Function Assignment submission Academic results


Transcript: My career Curfew UIC There are lots of free events for UIC students. Sources The Mascot is Sparky D. Dragon and the colors are blue and red. There are no real requirements to enter UIC. The minimum is 2.50 but people who have higher gpa have a more chance of getting into UIC. Money cost to receive bachelors degree 4 years of college.4 years of medical school (being a medical student)3 years of general pediatric training in a hospitals and other places (being an intern and resident) Safety on campus There are more than 1,500 emergency call boxes on campus. There have been accidents but they were off campus and near the campus but not on it. They also advise to not display valuables in public.Try to travel in groups when possible, particularly after dark. Use well-lit walkways. At UIC there is no curfew since the students are adults. Security measures are put into place to ensure a safe living environment for all. What i will need to become a pediatrician. It will cost 120,000 or more. It will cost 30,000 a year. Also in my field i will be making 175,000 a year. My dream university Sports I want to be a pediatrician. I want to help kids that are in trouble like adults that helped me. My parents have told me they'd like me to be a pediatrician. They have tennis,swimming and diving,baseball,and gymnastics just to name a few. The sport i care about is soccer. I hope that when i go to UIC i can join the soccer team. That is what i want to do if they think im good enough Gpa requirements Events About UIC

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Transcript: University Of Illinois At Chicago Application Information Master degree in Nursing practitioner UIC DIRECTION MAJOR ! MIDDLE SCHOOL 8th Graders Address Who are looking forward to attending college after 4 years of High school! According to UIC admission the program review your application receipt of Checking Application Status(CAS) application materials will be noted after your completed application has been mailed or verified. when the program review application Main campus The main campus is located on on the west side of campus and the medical school is located in the east. UIC Nursing poster The Common Application will confirm submission of your application and the Writing Supplement (if required) immediately. UIC will send a confirmation email 3-5 days after receipt of your application that will include information about checking the status of your application. One of UIC Building First Year Early Action Deadline: November 1, 2014 First Year Gegular Admission Deadline: January 15, 2014 Spring 2015 Transfer Admission Deadline: October 15,2014 Fall 2015 Transfer Admission Deadline: March 31,2015 UIC was formed in 1982 and has the top medical program in chicago and over many other places. Studying at UIC will get you prepared for your college after life. While attending UIC they will offer you an opportutinty to get internship in medical field. UIC can guarante you a job in the future after you finish your four years at UIC and graduate with you masters degree. 1200 WEST HARRISON STREET CHICAGO,IL 60607-7061 312-996-4350 when does applicant know they been accepted Selling Point UIC campus is just minutes away from restaurants of every style, cutting-edge music, concerts and events at Millennium Park on Chicago's lakefront and Michigan Avenue shopping, esteemed art and science museums and so much more. Outdoor lifestyle


Transcript: University Of Illinois at Chicago Location & Directions *16,1911 Undergraduates *8,012 Graduates *2, 657 Professional = Mary Dillon: -Gradauted '83 -President and CEO, U.S. Cellular Billy Branch -Graduated '74 -Emmy winning blues musician Andy Cukurs - Graduated '85 -CEO,Suzlon Wind Energy Corp. (Wind Turbine Pioneer) Jeff Bzdelik - Graduated '76 -Head coach, Wake Forest Men's backetball Men's basketball had made more NCAA post-season appearances in the last 12 years than all Division I schools in the area combined Freshmen & Undergraduates 67 Doctoral Degrees Public Red and Blue Sparky D.Dragon Upcoming Fashion Show Describe a place or environment where you are perfectly content. What do you do or experience there, and why is this meaningful to you? Fun Fair Friday Night Live UIC Heart Walk UIC Fashion Show Common App Fall 2013 Apply for FAFSA Opportunities vary Based on UIC Admission Application Possible Scholarships: -P.A.P -Transfer Merit Tuition Award or Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship Honors College ROTC Private/Public? Some students have a background or story that is so central to their identity that they believe their application would be incomplete without it. If this sounds like you, then please share your story. 82 Bachelors Degrees & 93 Masters Degrees Famous Alumni For help: Scholarships Majors Reflect on a time when you challenged a belief or idea. What prompted you to act? Would you make the same decision again? NCAA Division UIC will not be boring! Demographics The End :) Any questions? -42% Caucasian -22% Latino -21% Asian -8% African American 27,580 Total Student Mascot & School Colors Recount an incident or time when you experienced failure. How did it affect you, and what lessons did you learn? Fun Activities $50.00 Nonrefundable fee Tuition & Room and Board List of scholarships:: Essay Questions $6,969 to $8,945 Per Semester In-State $13,164 to $15,140 Out-Of-State Common App/Fee

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