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Transcript: THEORY 2 College as Job Training Tatiana Corso Jade Lowber Interviewee: Stan Crabtree Sydney Crabtree Stan Crabtree lives in Poulsbo, Washington and is 46 years old. He works at Puget Sound Navel Shipyard as a Project Supervisor. He has been working at the Shipyard since he was 16 years old and went through the Shipyard's apprenticeship program instead of a 4-year university. In conclusion we have learned that the meaning of college can be interpenetrated in many different ways across the three theories. The people who did not pursue a college education thought that it was either an accolade or for job training. The people who did go to college said it was mainly because they just wanted to learn. We as a group generally agree that we are here because the importance to get a good job over taking in the college experience. What we all do agree on is that in this day and age college really isnt an option. The demand is growing in all fields for a college educated people. If people want to be successful a college education is a great start College as a Sorting Mechanism Interviewee: Robert Regan Senior Master Sergeant United States Air Force Created By: Ben Nagel Jade Lowber Tatiana Corso Sydney Crabtree Megan Walker Josh Mason Michael didn’t not attend college due to lack of money. He did although wish he did and really does understand that college is very important and said that everyone should strive to go to college. His stance on college was that “… college is an accolade, a challenge to overcome for everyone”. He said that if he could go back that he would definitely go to college if he could because he had the attributes he thought were perfect for college. He describes himself as self driven with a good work ethic. Ben Nagel Interviewee: Michael Liera THEORY 1 Interviewee : Dale Walker Interviewee: Dyllan Espindula THEORY 3 30 years expieriance in the Technological Warfare Field. Holds a degree in Human Resource Management, from Park University in Parkville Missouri. Served in Korea, Kuwait and Afghanistan Dyllan Espindula is 18 years old and a graduate of Borah High School in Boise Idaho. He currently works full time as a pest control technician and hopes to attended college as a math education major in the future College as a Formative Learning Experience Mike “Canadian Bacon” Atkinson #99 D-Line Boise State Senior, Communications Major Kinesiology Minor Josh Mason Interviewee: Mike "Canadian Bacon" Atkinson Dale Walker grew up in Kuna, Idaho and graduated in 1979. Dale started working at Micron when he was twenty years old, and did not pursue a college education. He will be celebrating 30 years at Micron in February. Megan Walker Value of Education


Transcript: Source of E v i l Riley Pries, Lauren Maloff, Cassie McRoberts, Alyssa Cooley, and Marlie Bloomster Where Does Evil Come From? Where Does Evil Come From? Nature Nurture Supernatural Nature Nurture Supernatural Nature A popular and contriversial answer is that evil is a subject of genetic influences or occurences in the body. Whether through DNA, or mistakes in the brain, the source of evil is being investigated in today's world. Nature Genetics A 2002 Study found that... - A particular variation of a gene predicted antisocial behavior in men who were mistreated as children. - The gene controls whether we produce an enzyme called MAOA (abbreviation) which at low levels has been linked to aggression in mice. - Boys who were neglected and who possessed a variation of the gene that produced low levels of MAOA were more likely to develop antisocial personality disorder, commit crimes and grow up to have a violent disposition. - Those living in a similar environment who produced more of the enzyme rarely developed these problems Genetics Split : Kevin Wendle Crumb - Mental illnesses are the reason for Kevin’s violent and inexplainable decisions - It is not Kevin, the biological being of that body, but rather the alter egos that live in his mind who chose to be evil. - Your brain no longer follows the commands you give it, that your senses can’t be trusted, that you’re at the mercy of internal forces you can’t comprehend or control Psychology Psychology - Aversion therapy that makes him violently ill at the thought of sex or violence, it is only the Prison Chaplain who stands up for him, claiming that the practice that has taken away Alex's ability to choose is itself criminal. - This leaves the viewer with the takeaway that Alex should be free to choose his path - even if it is one of pure evil. - “Everyone has the right to live and be happy” – Alex’s reply to convince someone else that what he was doing wasn’t wrong - Control vs. Human Nature A Clockwork Orange A Clockwork Orange Nurture Evil comes from our childhood surroundings. From parental influences, events or tramas, or even geography. Ultimately, people are shaped by their experiences. Nurture Evil in Disney Films Beauty and the Beast : The Prince - Mother's death - Father's negitive influence Tangled : Fylnn Rider - Orphanage - No parental guidance Evil in Disney Films Harry Potter : Voldemort - No parents - Orphanage - Thirst for power - Desire to be evil Superman : Lex Luther - Started with good intentions - Harsh childhood - Jealousy - Desire to be evil Evil in Film Evil in Film Supernatural Religion and Supernatural Forces play a huge role in providing us with the answers to where Evil comes from. The Religious and Supernatual anwsers to the origin of evil are demonstrated all throughout pop culture. Supernatural Religon Origin of Evil from the perspective of: Christianity Hinduism Christianity's Explanation shown in pop culture: Movies: Angel Heart, Hercules, Little Nicky, and Legend Music: Sympathy For The Devil, Runnin' With The Devil, and The Devil In Her Heart. Hinduism's Explanation shown in pop culture: Movies: The exorcist, Demon, The conjuring, and Sinister Music: Demons by Imagine Dragons Religon Origin of Evil from the Supernatural: Paranormal- Stranger Things Spirits and Demons- The Conjuring Dark Magic- Snow White and the Seven Dwarves Voodoo- The Princess and the Frog Paranormal Paranormal In Review... Genetic Makeup Childhood Environment Supernatural In Review... To sum it up.. To sum it up.. THE END THE END

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Transcript: University of Florida Presented by Cassidy Kramer Cost? Cost? In State Tuition: $21,251 Out of State Tuition: $42, 468 In State Expenses In State Expenses Tuition: $4,477 Books and Supplies: $1,210 Other Fees: $1,904 Room and Board: $9,910 Other Expenses Budget: $3,750 Total: $21,251 Total: $21,251 Continue clicking for more! Out of State Expenses Out of State Expenses Tuition: $25,694 Books and Supplies: $1,210 Other Fees: $1,904 Room and Board: $9,910 Other Expenses Budget: $3,750 Total: $42,468 Total: $42,468 2017 MAP Continue clicking for more! Projected 4 Year Degree cost Projected 4 Year Degree Cost Graduation Percentage? Graduation Percentage? Both the on-time (two or four years depending on the degree) graduation rate of 66.4% and the overall rate of 86.5% rank University of Florida among the best in the country. 86.5% 86.5% Great Qualities of This School? Great Qualities of This School? Great Engineering Program My brother attends currently Great Design program Have living arrangements lined up A lot of good friends go here Only 3 hours away from where I live Looks great on a resume Amazing campus and atmosphere References References CollegeSimply. “University of Florida Tuition & Cost Guide.” University of Florida - Net Price, Tuition, Cost to Attend, Financial Aid and Student Loans, “University of Florida Graduation & Retention.” College Factual, 15 Oct. 2017,

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Transcript: by Lilian Poling Changing the Game for the Better! The impact of the technology for the modern tennis racket in the present times The impact of the technology for the modern tennis racket in t... Thesis Because of the technological advancements made to the tennis racquet, the game of tennis itself has evolved over the years Thesis Since my main statement is that technology for the modern tenn... Since my main statement is that technology for the modern tennis racket has evolved tennis, I am claiming that players are now hitting harder, faster, and heaveir. As a result players are putting more time and effort into their bodies to make themselves stronger, faster, and less likely to get injured. Here is a picture of a ball that professional player Andy Roddick h... Here is a picture of a ball that professional player Andy Roddick hit. His serve was so hard and heavy that the ball literaly got stuck in the clay. Andy used a metal Babolat Pure Drive Here are two pictures. The top picture is of current professional tennis player Angelique kerber. As you can tell this girl hits the gym. Her whole body, but especially her legs are very strong and she puts a lot of work into taking care of her body. If you look at the bottom image of famous player Billy Jean King, you can tell she is definitly not as strong and not nearly as in good shape as Angelique. Also take a look at the rackets they are playing with. Kerbers is a modern metal one and Kings is wooden. Here is a picture of current professional tennis player Sam Groth who is 2012 hit the worlds fastest recorded serve at 163.7 mph. Though there is some technique and strength involved, no one playing with a wooden racket would be able to hit serves anywhere near with speed Here is a picture of current professional tennis player Sam Gro... videos Bibliography Bibliography "Me and my racket: Andy Roddick." Tennishead. (october 29, 2017). C) The information is fairly current because it is an interview with Andy Roddick who was a profesional tennis player. R) the information is relevent because it is talking about Roddicks racket which is what I am writing about. A) I have never heard of the website and so I do not know how much authroity it has but it is an interview with Roddick and he has authority A) I am assuming the information is accurate because it is coming from Andy Roddick P) the purpose is to inform and entertain readers. Polvinale, Sean. "Top 10 Fastest Tennis Serves of All Time." The Richest. (october 29, 2017). C) The article is fairly current, it was written in 2014 R) The information is relevant because it talks about the fastest serves which is the info I was talking about. A) I do not think that this website has much authority, however I have seen similar lists with the same people on it. A) The information seems pretty accuate because I have seen similar lists with the same players on it. P) I think the purpose is to entertain and inform. Videos

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Transcript: Sources What is DMST? Statistics Continued Statistics The United States Government estimated that between 800,000 and 900,000 people are trafficked annually (Zunitch, V., 2003). The average victim may be forced to have sex up to 20-48 times daily (Polaris Project, 2013). One in three teens on the street will be lured toward prostitution within 48 hours of leaving the home (Polaris Project, 2013). It is "the commercial sexual abuse of children through buying, selling, or trading their sexual services" (Shared Hope International). Includes prostitution, pornography, stripping, escort services, and other sexual services. Sex Trafficking in the United States Efforts to Help seen in Half the Sky What Has Been Done to Prevent It? Video on Sex Trafficking Loose Change to Loosen Chains (LC2LC) Senator Tom Harkin's failed efforts At what age does it start? It is estimated that 50,000 people from around the world are taken in to the United States for sex trafficking. (Kotrla, K., 2012). California is a top destination for human traffickers who coerce people into the sex trade (LA Times). Why Not? American youths are the most vulnerable to getting stuck in the sex trade. Shared Hope International explains that because of this, the name has been changed to domestic minor sex trafficking or DMST. Shared Hope International performed two research studies on the age of entry into the sex trade. Their results are mind boggling. Distribute materials Volunteer to do victim outreach Get local schools involved Kotrla, K. (2010). Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking in the United States. Social Work, 55(2), 181-187. Kristof, N.D., WuDunn, S. (2010). Half the Sky: New York, NY: Vintage Books. Polaris Project. (n.d.) Retrieved November 28, 2013 from Shared Hope International. (n.d.) Retrieved November 28, 2013 from State Top Choice Human Traffickers. Los Angeles Times. Retrieved November 28, 2013 from U.S. Department of State. 20 ways you can help fight human trafficking. Retrieved November 29, 2013 from White, Samantha [Video file]. Retrieved from Psychology Video Blog #3 [Video file]. Retrieved from Zunitch, V. (2003). Experts now focusing on demand side of sex trade. Retrieved from Minors and Sex Trafficking If you can help bring awareness about sex trafficking in the United States to your community, why wouldn't you? The Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000. Prevention Protection Prosecution What can we do in the United States?

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Transcript: University of Florida Presented by Kaleigh Garner Location What is UF?..... UF is located in in 201 Criser Hall PO BOX 114000 Gainesville, FL 32611. To Contact Them: Call (352) - 392-3261or go to their website More about UF The Unversity of Flordia also known as the gators (their logo/mascot) is a top five public land-grant research unversity started in 1853 located right in the city of Gainesville,Fl. Where they are regonized nationally and around the world as a leader in acdemic excellence. The unversity of Florida has a total number of over 60,000 students anaually. Number Of Students Male Vs. Female Male to Female Ratio at UF This university has a gender distribution of 42.11% male (24,049 students) and 56.89% female (31,732 students) as shown in the picture, showing more women than men. The race and ethnicity of the undergraduate student body is 51.45% White, 23.44% Hispanic/Latino, 9.72% Asian, 5.73% Black or African American, 2.32% Nonresident Alien, 4.33% Two or More Races, 2.77% Race and Ethnicity Unknown, 0.14% Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander, and 0.10% American Indian or Alaska Native. The race and ethnicity of graduate and professional students is 49.80% White, 14.11% Hispanic/Latino, 5.95% Asian, 6.15% Black or African American,17.63% Nonresident Alien, 2.96% Two or More Races, 3.15% Race and Ethnicity Unknown, 0.16% Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander, and 0.09% American Indian or Alaska Native. Ratio of Ethnic/Diversity at UF To get into UF: Requriments for admission into UF Must have a minimum 2.0 overall GPA but most of the students accepted to UF have a 3.7-4.6 high school GPA. Must have at least a minimum SAT scores of 1350-1490 and a minimum ACT scores of 28-34 Must need to have a high school diploma or a passing score on the GED test Must have a 16 academic units and the applicant must turn in their addmission for this school to Office of Addmissions by the deadline Must choose a major on their application and have a good conduct record Majors To Choose From All the majors at the University of Florida are psychology, biology, science, accounting, communication, engineering, philosophy, geography, computer science, economics, sociology, environmental science, political science, social science, finance, mechanical engineering, mathematics, anthropology, physics, botany, marketing, history, art, music, media, management, journalism, food science,english, dance, criminology, accounting, advertising, zoology and many more, having 18:1student/faculty ratio but most classes are 40 plus students in upper level coures. To see even more their majors that they offer that you would beinto vist The most popular majors are biological and biomedical sciences, business, communication sciences, engineering, journalism, management, marketing and social sciences. Most Popular Majors Available Scholarships Scholarships at UF These scholarships available here are awared based on the application like presidential scholarships, out-of-state tuition waiver, admissions honor scholarships, bright futures scholarship, national merit finalist, Lombardi and stamps scholarships, Machen Florida opportunity scholars, grandparent waiver of out-of-state tuition and fees, student financial aid and scholarships, Florida college transfer academic scholarship or just transfer scholarships. Athletic Scholarships The University of Florida also offers athletic scholarships for many sports like football, baseball, basketball, gymnastics, golf, soccer, lacrosse,softball, swimming & diving, track & field, and volleyball. The athletics program overall has a total number of 628 student athletes participating in varsity sports at the school, 334 of whom are male and 294 are female. On average, these students receive around $17,882 in sports-related student aid, which can help defray a lot of college costs. Breaking it down by gender, the average amount of sports aid awarded to men is $16,403 and the average awarded to women is $19,563. Tuition at UF Cost of attending UF The tuition/fees to got UF as a in-state undergrad on campus is $6,380, for a in-state undergrad off campus or with living with parents is also $6,380 and a in-state undergrad Summer 24(A+B) on campus is $2,550. The tuition fee for an out -of-state undergrad on/off campus is $28,658. Cost of Materials The cost of materials and supplies for instate undergrads that live on/off campus, living with parents and for out-of-state students on/off campus is 1,450 dollars. For in-state students summer 24(A+B) on campus, the cost of supplies and materials is 551 dollars. Cost of Transportation The cost for transportation is for instate undergrads that live on/off campus, living with parents and for out-of-state students on/off campus is 1,570 dollars. For in-state students summer 24(A+B) on campus, the cost of transportation is 520 dollars. Living Expenses The living expenses for in-state undergrads that live on/off campus and for Total

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