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Transcript: Meal and cost plans University of California Riverside Transportation: Mobility Transport services (MTS) are available Monday through Friday starting at 7:30 AM to 8:00 PM during the Fall, Winter, Spring and academic quarters. During the Summer quarter, Winter and Spring break, transportation is available at 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM. Number of students: The number of students is about 21,300 UCR By: Alicia Salgado Ethnicity: Asian/ Asian American: 35.4% African American: 6.3% Chicano and Latino: 32.1% Native American: 0.5% White/ Caucasian: 17% Other ethnic/ unknown: 2.2% International: 6.5% Highlander 180: 180 residential meals each quarter. 125 dining dollars, and six guest passes. Highlander 120: 120 restaurant residential meals each quarter. Meal counts restart each quarter. Includes 250 dining dollars per quarter, and four guest passes. Fraternities Alpha Epsilon Pi Alpha Tau Omega Beta Theta Pi Delta Chi Delta Tau Delta Kappa Alpha Order Kappa Sigma Lambda Chi Alpha Phi Delta Theta Phi Gamma Delta Phi Kappa Psi Phi Kappa Sigma Pi Kappa Alpha Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Phi Epsilon Nickname: UCR Mascot: Scotty the Bear Address: 900 University Ave Riverside, CA 92507 Women Sports: Cross country Soccer Volleyball Basketball Indoor track and field Golf Softball Tennis Housing options: Residence Halls, UCR campus apartments, and family housing. Number of Professors: The number of professors on campus at UCR is about 1,630. 2-9 Students per class, 14% of classes 10-19 Students per class, 16% of classes 20-29 Students per class, 33% of classes 30-39 Students per class, 6% of classes 40-49 Students per class, 4% of classes 50-59 Students per class, 16% of classes over 100 students, 12% of classes Male and Female ratios: Female: 53% Male: 47% Family housing are for students with families, they include many bonuses and also have a variety to choose from. Geography: Suburban community Majors offered: Anthropology Anthropology/Law and Society African American Studies Art Art History Art History/Administrative Studies Art History/Religious Studies Asian American Studies Asian Literature's and Cultures Asian Studies Business Economics Chicano Studies Classical Studies Comparative Ancient Civilizations Comparative Literature Creative Writing Dance Economics Economics/Administrative Studies Economics/Law and Society English Ethnic Studies French Germanic Studies Global Studies History History/Administrative Studies History/Law and Society Language Latin American Studies Liberal Studies Linguistics Media and Cultural Studies Middle East and Islamic Studies Music Music and Culture Native American Studies Neuroscience Philosophy Philosophy/Law and Society Political Science Political Science/Administrative Studies Political Science/International Affairs Political Science/Law and Society Political Science/Public Service Public Policy Psychology Psychology/Law and Society Religious Studies Russian Studies Sociology Sociology/Administrative Studies Sociology/Law and Society Spanish Theater Women’s Studies Transportation Highlander unlimited: As many meals as you need, unlimited meals. 75 dining dollars per quarter and four guest passes per quarter. *meal costs varies Big social events at UCR Involvement Fair Block Party Homecoming Highlander Welcome R-Day Students should attend this college because it has many amazing programs such as the science program. It has a greek and Scottish life, many activities that revolve around those cultures. UCR has a reputation for being diverse, superior value, and groundbreaking research. Also its only 40 miles away from Disneyland. Residence Halls are on campus, but you can get off-campus housing. UCR campus apartments, are on campus and have a variety of styles to choose from. Tuition: Its in-state tuition and fees are $12,960 (2013-14); out-of-state tuition and fees are $35,838 (2013-14). Freshman requirements: A-G requirements Finish 11 A-G requirements before your senior year Take at least 7 A-G classes during your senior and junior classes A GPA of at least 3.0 or higher A grade of C or better in A-G classes Items that interest me: The university has a diverse scottish feel to it, like its residence halls The celebrations that they have are huge and many famous artists have gone to UCR It has a good science programs for future science majors Sororities: Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Kappa Alpha Delta Gamma Delta Sigma Theta Gamma Phi Beta Kappa Kappa Gamma Pi Beta Phi Sigma Gamma Rho Sigma Kappa Zeta Phi Beta Men Sports: Cross country Soccer Basketball Indoor track and field Baseball Golf

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