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Tutoring Presentation

Transcript: I learned a lot about teaching and learning through my experience as a tutor. I learned that teaching is much more than just learning something. You must teach that student why it is important to learn and how it can help them with their daily lives. As far as learning goes, I learned that learning does not stick to a person’s mind if you just talk. You need to provide examples, background information, and discussions to see how well the lesson is going for that student. By: Lama Hakim When I went for Frederick Douglass International Academy’s Saturday tutoring program, the environment was warm and quiet. This may have been because there were less students present. As soon as you walk in, you feel welcomed as students and teachers there greet you. I visited the school 3 Saturdays between the times of 9 and 11 a.m. This averaged out to 6 tutoring sessions total. My role there was to be an individual tutor, so that I can help a struggling student one-on-one. This ensures the best results since students get lots of attention and focus on troubling areas. challenges encountered rewarding experiences Something I advise future EDA 205 students about tutoring is that every student is at different levels. You might have to start from the bottom for one student, but pick up where a student left off in their class for another. Some just need a little extra time and attention while some just need a little push. Although there were some fulfilling moments, there were some challenges as well. Something I struggled with was time management because I wanted to get through all the topics within 2 hours so that the student can go home confident of everything they were struggling with. As I was struggling with this, I decided to plan my time. I would spend a certain amount of time on something different, and if the student still needs more time on a certain area, we go back to it at the “extra time” at the end. Adding onto that, I struggled with helping a student because they did not have background knowledge of what they were learning about to understand the problems given. I solved this issue by explaining what numbers, counting, and carrying a umber is. After she knew this, she understood addition and subtraction much more. All the students I tutored are smart, but there was on in particular that left a strong impression on me. She told me that he had been held back a grade because of her math, so I took that as an opportunity to help her master addition and subtraction. After I had taught her everything she needed to know, not only did she help another students, but she wrote down her own problems and solved them. All her answers were correct and she told me that she felt as though she could know them all along, she just needed somebody to help her out. Impressive students tutoring advice teaching and learning There were some experiences that were rewarding as a future teacher and a present tutor. One was when one of the students understood so much of the math I taught her that she helped another student struggling in a different group. This made me proud that she decided to pass on the techniques and knowledge she acquired onto someone else. Also, when another student felt that she was finally caught up with reading with the rest of her peers, she felt confident that she can get through the rest on her own. She told me that because she will know what to do when she struggles with difficult words and she will know how to review as well. What I took from this experience is that, even if you have failed a couple times, it is still possible to succeed. All it takes it the ability to still want to learn and someone to help you get there along the way. Basic Background Tutoring Presentation

Tutoring Presentation

Transcript: Provide contact information for extra questions. Tutor to the individual-learn how they learn. Listen to the student's responses for feedback. Share your experiences. Ask them what the expectations of the class are. How would you develop a working relationship with Zach? Now You Try! How can you help tutor Zach so that situation doesn't repeat itself? Name: Zachary Higgins Year: Freshman School: Franklin Pierce University Offense(s): Bad study habits, Using technology as a distraction, Not coming prepared to tutoring sessions. How do you teach Zach to utilize technology constructively? Investigate & Crackdown on Bad Study Habits Help them solve the crime themselves, don't solve it for them! Bring all the necessary materials. With the Tutor Police At least be familiar with the text. Tutor Miranda Rights Use Technology with Discretion Zach comes into tutoring with his friend Greg. Greg is having a hard time paying attention in class and concentrating on his homework because he is texting all the time. Since he doesn't listen in class, he doesn't understand the book, the professors instructions, or what he will be tested on. How would you help Greg develop better study habits like we did with Zach? Force yourself to avoid social networking. Use apps, tiles, widgets, etc. constructively. Set reminders for important projects or due dates. Make use of online databases or citation machines. Repeat Offenders Incident Report You have a right to undisturbed studying. Any incomplete work that you do can and will have consequences against you and your education. You have the right to a tutor before and after each session. If the services of a tutor are not available, an alternative means of assistance will be provided for you. Do you understand these rights as they have been presented to you?

Tutoring Presentation

Transcript: m 1 2 p b Y g X F Tutoring Presentation: Kamryn Kamryn Kamryn is a 2nd grader with a DRA level of 4. She is friendly, positive, and extremely outgoing. Fortunately, she genuinely enjoys reading, both individually and with others. However, there were some challenges I faced while tutoring Kamryn. She often has difficulty staying on task, is easily distracted, and is easily frustrated. This occasionally made tutoring difficult, so it took a lot of extra effort to keep her attention. Kamryn E Running Record After analyzing the running record, I was able to identify the areas in which Kamryn excels. She read the Primer passage "The Pig Who Learned to Read". During the running record and the word lists, I noticed that she is good at identifying the initial and final consonants in words. This shows a strong understanding of phonics, however her biggest strength was identification of sight words. She showed automaticity in reading high frequency sight words such as beacuse, best, they, live, friend, play, there, thought, and animals. This is helpful, as it allows her to read more fluently and therefore better comprehend what she is reading. Strengths The running record also highlighted some areas in which Kamryn could improve. I noticed during the assesments and our tutoring sessions that she tends to read too quickly, often skipping words or substituting them for words that she knows. When she doesn't know a word, Kamryn looks at the initial consonant or onset and then says a word she knows that begins with the same initial consonant. For example, while reading to me she said "almost" when the word was "also". During the running record she also said "love" instead of "loved" and "want" instead of "wanted". These mistakes show that she could use some improvement in regards to the analysis of word structure, particularly decoding longer, multi-syllable words Weaknesses D Comprehension Strengths In regards to Kamryn's strengths, she often relates texts to herself and her own experiences. When she read the passage "The Pig Who Learned to Read" she told me about the time her family went to a farm and got to pet all of the animals. She often makes connections like this while we read during our tutoring sessions as well. This shows, at least to some extent, enagement of schema. Strengths In regards to Kamryn's weaknesses, I determined that she could use the most improvement in literal comprehension. During the assessments I noticed that she tended to read very quickly, which prevented her from fully comprehending the passage she was reading. This was evident during the retelling and question portions of the assessment. When asked, Kamryn was unable to recall many of the key details of the passage. She was also unsure of the order in which all the events of the story occured, only understanding the main idea of the passage. She answered some of the explicit questions correctly, but struggled with the implicit questions. Weaknesses C Standards, Activities, and More! Standards - I chose to focus my tutoring lessons on comprehension, particularly literal comprehension. It is important for Kamryn to first have the ability to literally comprehend what she is reading before she can progress to more advanced levels of reading comprehension. - The standards that I chose to address throughout my tutoring sessions are "Read grade-level text with purpose and understanding" and "Ask and answer questions such as who, what, when, where, and why" - I chose to mostly incorporate activities that allowed Kamryn to practice retelling and recalling important details of a text. - In many of the activities we played games that required Kamryn to answer who, what, when, and where questions about various stories. I presented the activities as games because Kamryn is more engaged and motivated when she is having fun. - I also Included other activities that were intended to strengthen her literal comprehension, particularly ones that focused on key details and plot. Activities Student Work On one of our last days of tutoring, I read Kamryn two similar Mo Willems books. She was able to determine the main points of both stories, as well as compare similarities and differences in the stories. B Final Thoughts Final Thoughts - Throughout the course of tutoring, Kamryn has made some minor improvements, specifically regarding comprehension. - Though they were presented differently, the activities we did each day involved similar questions about the plot and key details of stories. By the end of tutoring her responses to these questions were far more detailed than they were when I first began working with her. - I believe that we were able to improve Kamryn's literal comprehension, however there are still things she can continue to work on. Final Thoughts Cont. - While Kamryn has definitely shown progress in reading comprehension, there is still room for improvement. - To continue developing comprehension skills, there are a number of strategies Kamryn -

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