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Tsunami Powerpoint Template

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Transcript: Tsunami 1.A Tsunami is a big title wave.Tsunami can be caused by a sudden plate shift, volcanic activity, or an occasional astroid impact. 2.Tsunamis are caused by the down drop or up thrust of the Earths crust which results in an earthquake, a large scale undersea landslide.They can't be stopped. Tsunamis can destroy factories, buildings, and ruin landscapes. They can kill animals and people. 3. Tsunamis can lead to property damage and loss of life, meany people die if not properly safe. When the Tsunami of japan happend in 2009 meany lost there lives and meany others was seriosly hurt. When you get your self "out the door" always get your family. DO NOT GET: CLOTHES, TVS, ELECTRONICS, AND OTHER STUFF LIKE THAT. 4.Before-Find out if you're home is in danger and make a plan.You will need a flashlight, portable battery operated radio, first aid kit, canned food, water, and communication. After-Stay away from floods and damage areas, and debris in water. Easton P. Katie S. Brittany C. Bibiography NA, NA. "Tsunami:the grate wave.." national weather service, nd. Web. 25 Jan. 2012. <>. Ward, Steven N. "Tsunami." world book. T. Vol. 19. Chicago, IL: na, 09. 475. Print. Bonar, Samantha. "Na." Tsunami. Ed. NA. NA. Manoka, Minnesota: NA, 02. NA., . . Print. Chowdhury, Deshakalayan. Killer Waves. Tsunami. Web. 26 Jan. 2012. <>. You will need Communication, Water, Canned Food, Battery Operated Radio, and Flashlight. What you should do in a Tsunami After a Tsunami you should stay away from debris.

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Transcript: shops stop selling transport stoppage about 1,127,000 people were severely injured roads shop-workers stop earning money homeless people flood human death death The huge displacement of water sends killer waves in all directions that can reach speeds of up to 800km per hour. These waves may only be 30cm in height when they are in the open ocean but the shallower the water gets the taller the waves become. more than 125,000 people died Farmland and vegetation was destroyed, leaving hundreds of thousands of people starving from hunger people stop earning money the earthquake that cause the Indian Ocean Tsunami Of 2004 released the same amount of energy of 23,000 Hiroshima Atomic Bombs The Function Of A Tsunami The waves of the Indian Ocean Tsunami of 2004 reached 30m in height when they stacked up on top of each other at the coast billions and billions of dollars worth of property was destroyed, leaving approximately 170,000 people homeless The Effects effected family An earthquake occurs and displaces a huge amount of water Tsunami Flow Chart businesses close the earthquake that caused the Indian ocean tsunami of 2004 hit 9.0 on the Richter scale destroyed land The closer they get to the coast, the slower they travel. Therefore, the waves catch up to each other once they reach the coast. When they catch up to each other, they stack up on top of each other, building a huge wall of water that smashes on to the coast. Tsunamis can also cause devastating floods less food and drink supply hunger and thirst Indian Ocean Tsunami 2004 buildings and residence people and animals suffered from many sicknesses Facts about the Indian ocean tsunami 2004

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