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Transcript: LONDON, ENGLAND Places to Be People to See Food For Thought Total Cost: $9157.99 A Typical Sunday Roast Yorkshire Pudding Traditional Pie and Mash The Ivy Some of the oldest buildings are found here. Renaissance London Chancery Court Hotel 1 Pound is equal to about $1.55 Canadian. Well actually London is one of the most safe cities, other than the 2005 London bombings, which coincidentally happen five years previous to the time of my trip. The medieval times are over, there really isn't much to worry about. Air France $7298.90 Rich in mystery. $521.35 per night Safety Some of the best stories are written here. $1698.09 Friday July 9, 2010 British Music Experience £12 London also does not make an appearance on the lists of the world's most dangerous cities. Transportation Monday July 12,2010 Tour of Westminster Abbey £6 Lodgings Leaving: Saturday July 3, 2010 London even has numerous songs written about it... The Cinnamon Club There is only one safety concern: Jack the Ripper. Currency and Exchange Rate Vegetables The currency in England is the pound. Sunday July 4, 2010 Dinner Cruise on the Thames £75 The climate is mild, hardly ever too hot, rarely cold. It is mostly cloudy and foggy and recieves about 1461 hours of sunlight every year. Thursday July 15, 2010 Tour of Hampton Court Palace £7 Climate Two Week Stay Returning: Saturday July 17, 2010 It is rich in history. Roast Beef Wednesday July 7, 2010 Tour of Windsor Castle, Bath-house and Stonehedge £61 Roundtrip Flight

Trippy Vibes

Transcript: Trippy Vibes Price Dy’Monique Singleton Tarlisha Singleton Non-Virtual contracts are responsible for bringing in 70 percent of all income. Leaving 20 percent from trade shows and 10 percent from our own website. Also, we are planning cooperative promotions with internet cafes and other businesses. Our Company The Marketing Mix People who favor the Camo line will more than likely be ones who bonds with nature and enjoys going out to fish and hunt. Lastly, we have our School Spirit in which is for local schools within the cities of our business. The Rave line is more of our concert look with spunky, wild colors. We have a Chrome line that is more of a professional with more elegant colors. Placement Product The goal of our pricing is to maximize sales in order to make a profit. We have a production cost of $216, but comparing our prices with our biggest competition we settled on a price of $300. Product Line: Chrome Management Matrix The trippy vibes mission is for customers to experience the trip and feel the vibe th rough our customizable products... Product Line: Camo Product Line: School Spirit Trippy Vibes is a start-up VE firm for the purpose of selling customizable headphones at competitive prices The Trippy Vibes Mission Our company’s product are customizable headphones. These headphones give people a sense of their own style. With our product we offer several lines to choose from such as: the Camo line, Rave, Chrome, and lastly our school spirit line. Planning Organizing Directing Controlling Product Line: Rave


Transcript: Lyss Gozum and Aitana Abouata Trippy won a Guinness World Record in 2013 for Most Days of Consecutive Vlogging. He hasn't missed a day in 6 years! WHO IS CHARLES TRIPPY? ACCOMPLISHMENTS. WHY WE CHOSE CHARLES AS OUR HERO. Charles Trippy is a famous Youtuber, and bassist, mostly known for his daily video blogs, in a series called Internet Killed Television. Trippy started the vlogs on June 16, 2008 and has vlogged everyday through the laughs, anger, and tears. Charles built a unbreakable bond with his fan base the CTFxC, or the Charles Trippy Family Core. SOME TRIPPY WORDS OF WISDOM. In 2009 he won two Mashable Open Web Awards; one for the best Online Video Web series, "Internet Killed Television", and another for Youtube video of the year. The video was titled "Surprise Marriage Proposal in Spain". Although Charles appears to have an extraordinary life, he has faced some obstacles none of us could even bare to think of. On February 24, 2012 Charles was told he had a brain tumor, because of the tumor Charles has seizures that impair some of his abilities. As if that wasn't bad enough in April of 2014 Trippy and his wife filed for a divorce after being together 6 years. We chose Charles as our hero because despite everything he has been through he still continues to live life with a positive mindset, and teaches us that even if we face problems in life we shouldn't give up on our dreams. In 2012 Charles won a Twitter Shorty Award in the category of travel.

Charles Trippy

Transcript: Charles Trippy was born on September 2, 1984 in Sarasota, FL. He was the oldest child of two children (He has an younger sister). Charles Trippy was raised in a neighboring city of Bradenton, FL. Charles Trippy was always raised with dogs/ they were his best friends. -Nominated for teen choice awards for web choice awards. -Won guinness world records for most consecutive number of daily blogs, for vlogging for five years. -Nominated and won the twitter shorty awards for travel. -Won best brand use on YouTube (internet killed television) -Won twitter shorty awards again for humor. -Video of the year on Youtube (surprise proposal in spain) Thanks For Watching! Charles Trippy Divorce Charles Trippy first started his YouTube account in December of 2006. He first decided to do daily blogs for one year and later stop. During that year of daily blogs many people have started to subscribe and comment saying that he is there inspirations and saying that he should continue. In 2011 Charles was recognized by one of the band members of We The Kings, they asked Charles to join their band and be the bass player for it. He approved the request and still continues to travel on tour and play in the band. Until now he has two incredible/ we'll paying job. By : Mari Elizabeth Valencia #24 Education status Career took-off Charles Trippy currently hit 1,541,000 subscribers on Youtube. He is now dating Allie Wesenberg. The doctor stated that 98% of tumor has been removed. Living healthy and loved by family and friends. Charles Trippy attended Montessori New Gate Elementary School in Sarasota, FL. He went to Lakewood Ranch High School, also in Sarasota. He graduated high school in 2003. He went/ graduated college from The University of South Florida. On April 7, 2014 Alli Speed and Charles Trippy decided to have a divorce. They made a video on YouTube saying that since he has been on tour most of the time there has been a lot of stress, on top of all that, the surgery has been very painful for Charles and they decided that he needs time to think. Alli Speed confirmed the divorce on April 22, 2014. Charles was in the store with his ex-wife (during the time they were still married) and suddenly he had a seizure, they rushed him to the hospital. A few hours later the doctor brought back very bad news. The doctor told him that he had a large tumor in his brain and that he needs brain surgery. On September 20, 2013 Charles filmed himself having an awake brain surgery. The video is currently on via YouTube with 2,635,854 views. Early Life Tragic news Resources Happiness! Awards and Accomplishments

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