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China Trip Presentation

Transcript: Can't wait? I know! Hmm, how about we take a virtual tour RIGHT NOW?! Before we go, let's do some warm-up! Through pre-trip workshops, you'll first learn something about the Chinese culture, society, customs, and the Chinese people! You will then write to your host families in China to say hello! After settling some logistics, you'll be ready to go! Let's get on the plane! Arriving at Shanghai! At first sight, Shanghai may not seem that different from New York City... It's one of the most modern cities in the world, but with "Chinese characteristics." Be a good observer! Suzhou - In Chinese, there is a saying that Suzhou is "the Paradise on Earth" Compared with Shanghai, Suzhou is gentler, quieter, more historic, and more poetic. It is a city of gardens, architectural beauty, waters, literature, poetry, and stories. Home Stay with families from Suzhou No.6 High School! So Exciting! Suzhou No. 6 School is a characteristic school for the arts. The school aims to infuse arts in general education so that every student will enjoy arts and maximize their potential through arts education. The five concentrations at the school are art / fine art, music, dance, theatre, and broadcasting. Founded in 1940, it was formerly known as Suzhou Original School and was renamed in 1953 as Suzhou No. 6 School. In 1999, the school was evaluated as a national standard model high school and a provincial key high school. Located in historical Pingjiang District in Suzhou, the school covers 7.2 acres of land, and currently has 1420 students and 152 faculty. Beijing Tsinghua High School Let's see our trip on the map! We hope you will join us! Located next to Tsinghua University and Yuanmingyuan (a former imperial garden), Tsinghua High School will be our temporary home in Beijing. We want YOU to join us in CHINA! No trip to China is complete without a visit to Beijing. Enough said.

Trip to China Presentation

Transcript: Going International Lauren Hoyt Beijing In Beijing, my family and I first visited a temple built by one of the Ming Emperors. The architecture was quite remarkable. Blue red, and gold colors are used the most Temple of Heaven Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City Two of the most iconic sites in all of China. The Great Wall Climbing the great wall was quite the experience. The stairs in many areas are extremely steep and sometimes uneven. Xi'an Terracotta Warriors and Horses Yet another popular tourist attraction, archaeologists are still to this day digging up more statues at various sites. Chongqing Chongqing While we only spent a little less than a day in this city, I still learned some interesting facts. Our guide told us that Chongqing is the most populous city in China at just over 30 million people. On a culinary note, this region is well known for its spicey foods. I, unfortunately, found that out the hard way. I learned the symbol for pepper pretty quickly. Yangtze River I had the pleasure of going on a cruise down the Yangtze or, "Yellow River," for four days. Due to more laws regarding pollution, the color is actually improving. We also did a short excursion down the Goddess Stream, which is a offshoot of the Yangtze River that goes into deep canyons. River Cruise 3 Gorges Dam Project Named after the three gorges that preceed it, the Qutang, Wu, and Xiling Gorges. These gorges go through huge cliffs, mountains, and ravines. A museum that sits not far from the dam has a model of the entire structure. Biggest hydroelectric dam ever created Shanghai At the factory, there were pictures and displays with silkworm cocoons and clothing made of silk. An employee also showed us an old machine that changes the silk into string. (All shown) Silk Factory In the compound, there are multiple buildings filled with Buddhist sculptures of gold, Jade, and other stone. Jade Buddha Temple

Trip To China

Transcript: Summer palace: I would visit the summer palace because it was a breakthrough in chinese architecture and also very important in chinese history. The emperor would use the summer palace when there was war as a safe house and a place fore summer. It also has the largest royal garden in all of china. This attraction is only secondary to the forbidden city in Architecture andother wise one of the most intricate. Also the Palace was used to handle court affairs. My trip to China Attractions Flight Great wall of China: I would visit the great wall of china because It was major force that kept China safe for a very long time. One thing I never knew about the wall was that it never stopped a invasion be only stopped the horses. The great wall of china did many things, one of those is it employed thousands and also displayed the mightyness of the emporer. Even though the great wall of china never stopped a invasion but it did give china a warning that there was a attack. One of the other reasons for the great wall was simply border control. It would stop people from other country from coming in. Flight Shanghai My trip to Beijing would be 1,430 dollars, flight # 825. I would stay in the Hotel on Fuxing park for 80 dollars a night and 560 dollars in total. By Stanley suter The hotel I would stay in would be Okura garden Hotel for 120 dollars a night. A one week stay in each city, Beijing and Shanghai. Beijing Hotel Xin Tian Di - Shanghai's most popular restaurant and bar district is a great example of the success of the urban renewal effort. Tourists and locals alike pack the streets day and night. Xin Tian Di is divided into the North and South Blocks. The South Block is the more modern of the two and is home to one of China's first major shopping centers as well as restaurants and nightclubs. Shikumen architecture lines the streets in the North Block providing a difference to the modernity of the South Block. Temple of Heaven: The temple of heaven is really misleading because it is also a religious park. The temple of heaven was the place where all of the Emperor’s and their men went to pray for a good harvest and worship the god of heaven. If the harvest was bad or they had very bad storms the emperor would stay extra hours to pray. If the Harvest was good it would be regular hours. To pray the priests and the emperor would burn scented candles and occasionally a sacrificed animal. Hotel Nanjing Lu - Nanjing Road is by far the most popular shopping street in Shanghai. Crowds jam the pedestrian walkway for shopping and sightseeing every day of the week. At night the neon lights shine like the Las Vegas strip. With hundreds of shops and restaurants there is something for everyone. It runs west to east from People's Park all the way to the Bund. It is the largest shopping street in shanghai! Attractions My flight from Beijing to Shanghai would cost 244 $ and flight # 845 From Shanghai to Chicago it would cost me 1,300 dollars and it was flight # 430. CCTV Tower The Tower is a very protected part of Shang Hai because it is the central Business district and therefor is controller of it. The only reason I would want to visit the Tower would be because it looks cool other wise it is just projecting a government TV channel. the channel is government messaging for really any thing from emergencies to elections.

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