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Transcript: day 1. breakfast;pancake bakery lunch;febo dinner:Rancho day 1 we will be in amsterdam and we will go and STAY AT seven bridges hotel AND WE WILL GET AROUND BY BUS FOR THE WHOLE 7 DAYS we are in amsterdam. day 7 we will go out to canal boat tours to see what its like around amsterdam . We will be going to Netherlends,Amsterdam on Janurary 2 and we will come back on Janurary 9.We will be in Amsterdam for 7 whole days.4 PEOPLE ARE GOING. we will get up and make sure everything is packed and make sure we have all of our belongings and then we will go get breakfast and wait until OUR PLANE ARRIVE THEN WE WILL LEAVE. day 6 breakfast ;hotel lunch:febo dinner:maoz Falafel we will go to theater tushkinsi and watch mary poopins afterwards we will go to bluburg ann zee. BREAKFAST:HOTEL LUNCH:MCDONALDS DINNER;HUMPREYS i will leave my hometown at 1:pm and be in amsterdam around 12:00 midnight.OR THE NEXT DAY. we will get up early in the morning well not really early and go eat at starbucks and we will go boat riding until further notice. LUNCH AT FEBOS AND DINnER AT HuMPREYS. and my mother day 2. . Day 3 breakfast:hotel lunch:caf`e de klos SUSAN 14 TRINITY 12 MOM 33 we will rent motorcycles at scooter rent amsterdam and we will ride around amsterdam and go back to our hotel room for the next day because we have to go. T'nizjah 12 trAVEL PLANNER zaniah Holifield. Where am i going day 5 who will go. who will go with me is my two bestfriends and my causin day 4 we will wAKE UP GET DRESS AND GO OUT OUR HOTEL FOR BREAKFAST AND WE WILL go to magma plaza to buy a couple of things.then we will go to lunch and at night go to maoz falafel flight

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