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Transcript: The Great Commission "The GC can also be interpreted in terms of social structure. The church is to go into all realms of social life: in volunteer and paid labor - skilled and unskilled labor, the crafts, engineering, commerce, art, law, architecture, teaching, health care, and service. Indeed, the church should be sending people out in these realms - not only discipling those in these fields by providing financial support for young adults who are gifted and called into these vocations Conversion of the Germanic tribes in general took place "top to bottom", in the sense that missionaries aimed at converting the Germanic nobility first, who would then impose their new faith on the general population Austin miller, Samantha miller,Chrissy Charleman, Annika Young , Christine Nini , Amanda Davis, Claire faith, Nicole Downer Top to down Culture can be defined as “the sum total of the beliefs, rules, techniques, institutions, and artifacts that characterize human populations” or “the collective programming of the mind.” “A Germanic king was not only a political ruler, but also held the highest religious office for his people. He was seen as of divine descent, was the leader of the religious cult and was responsible for the fertility of the land and military victory. Accordingly, the conversion of their leader had a strong impact on his people. If he considered it appropriate to adopt the Christian belief, this also was a good idea for them.” Since the 1960s, none of the movements in contemporary Christianity have been prominent in creating, Contributing to, or supporting structures in the arts, humane letters, the academy, and the like”. Hence, the main reason Christians have not had the influence within culture to which they aspire is not because they don’t believe it enough, or think Christianly enough, or have the numbers, but rather because “Christians are absent from the institutions at the center of cultural production. The cultural capital American Christianity has amassed simply cannot be leveraged where it matters most”


Transcript: F(1, 51)=6.67, p=0.013; =0.12 F(2,58)=7.14, p=0.002; =0.15 'yes' -visually salient object (abrupt onset) Visuospatial working memory - predictions partially confirmed: there were no interactions in maintenance stage, however, in retrieving stage some effects were obtained that were driven by probe position whether task irrelevant space-related word meaning would be strong enough to affect processes in visuospatial working memory It is unclear how other sort of information could affect content of visuospatial working memory Experiment 2. Results Interaction between word and dot location, discrimination task, accuracy data Additional analysis main effect of dot location (F(1, 51)=4.56, p=0,037; =0.08). Research question 1 experiment, Results Conclusion -irrelevant information should be salient enough to affect maintenance of visual location (Smyth, 1994) -RT at memorized location is better than at non-memorized (Awh et al., 1998) >>>> >>>>if dot location and probe position share space RT will be faster if they do not share space ('UP' dot location+ 'UP' probe position is faster than 'UP' dot location+ 'DOWN' probe position) - both tasks word meaning is activated automatically (Logan, 1997; Neely & Kahan, 2001) space-related word (up, down) elicits attention shifts (Hommel et al., 2001) irrelevant space-related word meaning interacts with word physical position (Spatial Stroop effect) F(1, 42)=9.98, p=0.003; =0.19 -activation of upper space resulted in better performance, concerning identification an categorization -activation of lower space resulted in worse performance, concerning identification and categorization, but better performance for spatial identification 'no' - 'down' word made visual field asymmetry is more pronounced -'down' word made visual location more tangible in the space - relevant and non-relevant information could compete, if irrelevant one is novel, salient, personally important (Cowan, 1988; Cowan, 1993; Cowan, 1995) Location recognition task, RT interaction between dot location and probe position (F(1, 28)=5.09, p=0.032; =0.15 (F(2, 84)=9.41, p=0.000; =0.18 Interaction between word and probe position, discrimination task, RT -maintenance and manipulate relevant visuospatial information ; symbols: @&%# - word would affect speed of probe categorization, irrespective of dot location, 'up' word facilitate processing of 'up' probes, 'down' word - 'down' probes 3 (word: up vs. down vs. symbols) x 2 dot location (up vs. down) x 2 probe position (up vs. down) Experiment 1 2 (dot location: up vs. down) x 2 (probe position: up vs. down) - 'down' word eliminated privilege of upper field for object categorization (RT, accuracy) 1 experiment Is working memory sensitive to irrelevant information? Experiment 1, Results - limited capacity system Experiments setup Location recognition task, RT interaction between probe position and dot location -'up' word would facilitate recognition of dots, 'down' word would inhibit it (RT data) Discrimination task, RT main effect of probe position Interaction between word and probe position, location recognition task, RT data, 'no' responses Experiment 2 Main predictions Procedure and design Experiment 2. Results -spatial attention and visuospatial working memory are interrelated Measurements: RT, accuracy 1 experiment Results Discrimination task, accuracy data F(1, 51)=5.63, p=0.021; =0.10 Interaction between word and dot location, location recognition, accuracy data, 'no' responses 'no' - evaluating of spatial position, re-checking of position 'yes' - identification of object Procedure and design -processing of stimuli at memorized location is faster than at non-memorized = =processing of stimuli at preattended place is faster than at non-preattended one words: 'gore', 'dolu' 1 experiment Is working memory sensitive to irrelevant information? Discrimination task Location recognition task, accuracy -maintenance of visual location -retrieving of location FROM TOP TO BOTTOM: DOES A WORD AFFECT PROCESSES IN VISUOSPATIAL WORKING MEMORY Semantic information Discrimination task, RT: main effect of probe position: F(1, 28)=4.95, p=0,034; = 0.15 - word would affect processing of probes, 'up' word would enhance discrimination, 'down' word would impair it (accuracy data) F(2, 58)=3.89, p=0.026; =0.12 Predictions - 'up' and 'down' words would affect recognition of probes depending on 'yes', 'no' condition (accuracy data) Experiment 2. Results Experiment 2. Results Location recognition task

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Transcript: 1. find tactics to exploit 2. Tactic and strategy creates a position in the consumers mind The How 1. Defining a Target Market 2. Determining the strategic positioning 3. Developing an appropriate marketing mix for each target market Market Strategy After creating and tactic to bring this competitive to life one would come up with the marketing strategy to carry it out if the strategy is successful marketing results will occur Top to Bottom Marketing Most commonly used model Has four main elements: 2. Defines the role of Advertising in the marketing mix 3. Helps make sure the money is being spent efficiently Includes: Research, formulation, implementation, evaluation, review and reformation Marketing Objectives 1. Helps manager analyze and improve all company operations Corporate Objectives: profit and return on investment Marketing Objectives: needs of the target markets (& sales goal) Need-satisfying objectives: satisfy customer needs Sales target objectives: realistic marketing goal, needed to be achieved in a certain amt of time Bottom-up Marketing Specific short term action to take both internally and externally and by who and when All about the amount of money the company has to invest in marketing and production, its knowledge of the marketplace and the competitive environment Bottom-up Marketing Marketing Tactics The Marketing Plan Factual Statement of the organization's current situation and how it got there. Basically the history of where the company has been with its: Growth, products and services, Share of market, past advertising programs, and so on The Effects of The Marketing Plan on Advertising Bottom-up Marketing SITUATIONAL ANALYSIS Used by small companies, mainly but it doesn't mean larger companies don't use it. Marketing plan: all relevant facts about the organization including: the market, services, products, customers , competition and so on.

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Transcript: GOAL! Working My way Up Child Hood Elementary School Teen I reached my goal and that was getting good grades the whole school year and playing my 2 favorite sports. All i had to do was keep trying and not get in trouble. I have gotten 2 honorals just because of my grades. Im proud of my self and mm parents are proud of me. I have done better and that is great next time will might be even better. And next time i will have a college degree and a scholarship and that is a bet. Once i was twelve i played football in the grandview league with a team called the bears. It was really fun playing with them because we accomplished many things. On my first season with them we had a really good record and won the superbowl. My touchdown overrawl was 6 touchdowns'. The next season we did a little worse than last season the only thing that happend was we lost the superbowl. I was a little upset but i was still proud how my team still played hard even we still lost. Later on I played a different league and this was the real thing. There were huge players i had to go against, but i still plyaed anyway because my courage would not be broken. On my new team the stealers we won our first game and it was pretty fun having a challenge this time. Later on i finally became a teen during the football season. My child was kind of good but there were a lot of problems in my family. First, was my dad and mom arguing constantly all the time and i mean all the time! I could never get any sleep when they are always arguing and bumping almost every night. But once we move everything starts to get better. My mom had to girls, and they both changed. Later on is when i started to get older. When i started understanding technology i really became into video games and tv and wanted to become a famous gamer wheni grew up. But i also was really into sports most of the time playing football. I played flag foot ball before we moved and i was a really good player. When i moved to my new home granndview i had alot of fitting in to do. At first i had no things for me to do at home because we just moved in. But i did get my first friend and that was my neighbor. We had alot of fun times playing basketball and Nerf, but later i met another kid then it was just us 3 the whole time till we all became 11. During elementary there were alot of problems with a kid that bullied me the whole time. I was furious that i almost hit him but one day when i stepped up to him he didn't mess with me any more and wanted to become friends. Once years passed i fitted in and had more kids then i could even count. Thats when i thought it was great, but it was just the biggining to having a perfect outside life. Pre Teen Once i turned 13 i was able to get as tall as some of the big players in the league. Later in the league we were in our last game and we lost i was okay with it but everyone else was angry. The reason i was ok is because i knew it was going to happen when i saw my QB giving up during the game. Afterthat a long time ago i played basketball with some football teammates and we started a team. While pratice was going i was getting good grades in my middle school. Cause the more good grades i get the more appourtunities ill have for college football. I was always on top of my work if i wanted to get my grade up more and that always happend. My goal was to get good grades and have a good sport carrervand that what i just achieved. Born Bottom to Top I was born December19,2002. I was the first child in my family ever to be born. My name was Perris Andrew Hinton Ralls. The reason i had two last names is because my real dads last name was Hinton and my step dads name is ralls.

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