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Time Table

Transcript: Time Table 8/30/2018 My Academic Growth Academic Growth In 5th grade I started to have a lot more homework than I was used to. So I really had to start to get into a routine to make more time to do my homework. I also had to start to focus in on trying my best on what I did for my homework. Homework 5th Grade In 6th grade I really started to work on time management because school work kept growing. Time management was a change because I really wanted to space out my time because it was important to make sure I fully understood everything. Time Management 6th Grade When I got in the hang of having good time management, I started to write in my planner and stay organized with what Studying 7th Grade Pictures Pictures Spirtual Growth Spiritual Growth In 5th grade, I really started to want to learn more about God and the Bible. Wanting to learn more anout God and the Bible inspired me to really start learning more about it. I started to dive deeper in reading The Bible and talking aboutit more to my parents. I also got more interested in going to church and being more of a follower of Christ. Spiritual Growth 5th Grade After learning more about God, I really felt inspired. So I really wanted to accept Christ into my life and get baptised. Since my uncle is a pastor at a church, I wanted him to baptize me. In the year of 6th grade i got baptized by my uncle in his church. Baptism 6th Grade After getting baptised and becoming a follower of Christ, I started to read the bible more, going to church, worshipping God, and being able to talk to people about it. Making this decision to do everything I did with this was a really life changing experience. Spiritual Growth 7th Grade Pictures Pictures Social Growth Social Growth When I was in 3rd grade I moved to Austin and moved into a brand new house. This was a big transition for me. I had to leave all of my Houston friends behind and had to make all new friends. Moving to Austin 3rd Grade I went to a new school called Lake Pointe Elementary. I was kind of scary having to move schools because this was the first time I went to a new school. There were many girls that lived in my neighborhood and even next door to me that were in my grade. This really helped me to create a stronger bond between my now really close friends. Lake Pointe Elementary 3rd Grade After I got out of 5th grade and I was going into 6th I had to make another transition to a new school. Since I already knew what it felt like to move to a new school, it wasn't as hard or scary. Then again it was hard to leave the friends that I was close to, I made new friends that are also close friends. Another New School 6th Grade Pictures Pictures Technology Technology In 3rd grade I got my first phone. When I first got my phone I wasn't sure what to do on it. Mostly I would just call my friends and talk to them. I thought that's all you could really do till snapchat and instagram became popular. My First Phone 3rd Grade When I got into 6th grade, I really started to get addicted to my phone. I pretty much only spent my time on my phone. I was always on my phone and never spent time to do anything else. Phone Addiction 6th Grade In 7th-8th grade I really started to see that I should start spending more time off my phone. My parents also love when I spend more time with them and the family and not just be on my phone. This really helped me to learn to use my phone wisely and not be on it all the time. Phone in 7th-8th Grade 8th Grade Pictures Pictures Enterainment Entertainment In 4th grade I tried taking a cake decorating class with my friends. I realized I had a lot of fun so I decided to try to start baking at home. I always would watch my grandma bake things so that also inspired me to try it out. Baking 4th Grade In 5th grade I really started to practice different things you can bake. I would try different things till I made it good enough. After lots and lots of practice baking and decorting desserts I finally got the hang of what to do. Practice 5th Grade In 6th and 7th grade I really had the hang of what I liked to bake. So after school or on the weekends with my family we would bake and have lots of fun while we did it. Not only did we have fun but we also got to spend quality time together. Entertainment 6th/7th Grade Pictures Pictures Responsibilities Responsibilities In 3rd grade I got a puppy and I had to learn to take full responsibility for her. My mom didn't trust me at first to do everything but after a while she did. 3rd Grade 3rd Grade In 4th grade, I started to get trusted with more things that had to do with the puppy. My mom started to trust me with feeding the dog the certain amount of food that she needed and how many treats she got. My mom also let me stay alone with her and take care of her. 4th Grade 4th Grade In 5th grade my mom trusted me with walking her by myself around our neighborhood. She trusted me with this, which was a surprise because our neighborhood is big and there are multiple

Time Table

Transcript: BY 10;00am.... eaten breakfast BY 11:30am... showered, brushed teeth 12:00pm... listen to love you like a love song in spanish 12:30pm.... revise first part of the topic for PE. 1:30pm.... Practice piano... focus on sight reading 2:00pm... Research different styles of writing and read a book. 3:30pm... BREAK 5:00pm... Begin to look at electricity in homes from textbook 6:00pm... Chemistry homework 7:00pm... continue to learn love you like a love song in spanish Sunday - 28/10 BY 10;00am.... eaten breakfast BY 11:30am... showered, brushed teeth 12:00pm... listen to love you like a love song in spanish 12:30pm.... revise second part of the topic for PE. 1:00pm.... Practice piano... focus on sight reading 2:00pm... Start putting together biology book 3:30pm... 5:00pm... Spanish Grammar Book 6:00pm... read news paper/news 7:00pm... continue to learn love you like a love song in spanish THE DAY IS DONE BY 10;00am.... eaten breakfast BY 11:30am... showered, brushed teeth 12:00pm... 12:30pm.... review first part of the topic for PE. 1:00pm.... Practice piano... focus on pieces. 2:00pm... 3:30pm... BREAK 5:00pm... arabic vocabulary 6:00pm... 7:00pm... learn we are never getting back together in spanish DAY IS DONE MONDAY - 28/10 BY 10;00am.... eaten breakfast BY 11:30am... showered, brushed teeth 12:00PM.... listen to we are never getting back together in spanish 12:30pm... review the second part of the short course PE 1:00PM.. practice piano focus on pieces 2:00pm.... putting biology book together 3:00pm... BREAK 5:00pm... spanish vocabulary (money) 6:00pm... arabic homework 7:00pm... learn we are never getting back together in spanish DAY IS DONE download and learn spanish vocab (money) SATURDAY - 27/10 Sunday - 28/10 BREAK listen to we are never getting back together in spanish continue putting together biology book EID TIME-TABLE

Time table

Transcript: Channel Media Media Message We are going to present our new idea and aware the audience with the idea of planting by your own hands. -MBC & CBC. -use radio channel nogoum fm -We also going to launch our new campaign on the official Nestle website Media Channel Channel July -Television -radio ads& -Outdoors (billboards) are the most suitable media activities for the first month of our campaign. - Social media (face book page). 1)Advertising message: 3) Subtitle: June March May Media 6) Appeals: 5) campaign slogan and logo: -Our message will reflect the importance of planting that it makes us happy and healthy. Gain appeal. Nestle bottle will appear in the image of the garden. Channel The message will make them share the importance of planting The message will be every bottle you will buy it will help in planting more areas in Egypt. Special events: Summer areas Cycling Marathon. Shifting to summer time, in June, 2/6 till 23/6 we are heading to clubs to make sports activities and encourage audiences to buy Nestle Bottles to collect the money we need to start planting more green areas in Egypt. We are heading to Wadi Degla Club, El-Ahly Club, Heliopolis Club, Platinum Club, El said club. And Al Jazeera club. Moving to July, 1/7 till 28/7 we are putting outdoors in the streets in El Marghani street and El Rehab City to encourage people by doing activities and by having a Cycling Marathon in El Marghani street we will distribute our flyers and brochures during those events and from 16/7 till 28/7 we are traveling to Porto Sokhna and marina gates 1,2,3,4 to make some fun activities and spread the knowledge about planting among youth, kids and parents. The message will be encourage people to plant with their own hand and make them feel and share the importance of planting. Making booths in parks. Face book page “Go Green” August Message Go Green EZRAA TEFRAH Channel Ending in August, 1/8 till 15/8 which is the month of our celebration. We are heading to malls, city stars, Cairo festival city mall and mall of Arabia to celebrate with people our campaign's success and also we are heading to streets of Maadi, Masr El Gdeda streets and Marghani street to celebrate 2)Title: Go Green With Nestle for better life. Message MBC CBC Nogoum FM Sound cloud We are visiting orphans in April starting from 1/4 till 15/4 in Dar el TEFL el yatem, Ahbab Allah orphanage, and Kariet El Amal for orphan; also Kafalet el yateem and Gamaait El Helal. Also in April we are visiting students in schools starting from 17/4 till 28/4. We are visiting student of OASIS school, AIS school, BCCIS School, Nefertari school, Lycee Francais du caire. Moving to the next month which is May, 3/5 till 25/5, we are heading to parks in this month, asking audiences there if they tried planting by their own hands before and share with them information about how to plant and why is it important to plant. We are heading to El Azhar park, El Hadeka El Dawlia Park, El Andalus Park, 6 of October Park, The palace park, the Japanese Park, Fostat Park and Family Park. Message Go Green with nestle is depending on the concept of planting and the importance of planting as this outdoor ad reflects the relationship between the nestle bottle of water and the campaign of “Go Green”. It shows a green garden which has a bottle of water located in the image. Message Channel Outdoor ads. Radio ads. TV ads Personal selling Content analysis of outdoor AD Event stages Time table Media Nogoum FM Specials events in clubs. Personal selling : making events Social media Reminding our audiences of what we did in the previous months and give them give a ways from product nestles’ and Go Green as a thank you. Go Green. April -Radio ads. -Out door ads. -TV ads -Personal selling and distribute(flyers, brochures) Message -MBC & CBC. -use radio channel nogoum fm -Special events in schools and orphanages. 4)Graphics: Social media Person selling Media Replay our song as a reminder and the jingle in : TV channel Radio Station Social media Make audience know the techniques of Planting colorful flowers & plants with easy and available materials through events.

time table

Transcript: Submitted to: MS Aparna (Asst. Prof. CSE) BY:Kaneshwar sharma(CSE/16/222) Ashutosh bhardwaj(CSE/16/210) Time Table Generation System Time table scheduling has been in human requirements since all thought of managing time effectively. It is widely used in schools, and other fields of teaching and working like crash courses, coaching center, training programs etc. In early days, time table scheduling was done manually with one single person or some group involved in task of scheduling it with their hands, which takes a lot of effort and time.While scheduling even the smallest constraints can take a lot of time and the cases are even more worse when the number of constraints or the amount of data to deal with increases. In such cases perfectly designed time table is reused for the whole generation without any changes, proving to be dull in such situations. Introduction Introduction In the existing system, each task is carried out manually and processing is a very tedious job. The Organization is not able to achieve its need in time and the results too may not be accurate. Due to all the manual maintenance, there are number of difficulties and drawbacks that exist in this system. Drawbacks of the Existing System:  Increased transaction leads to the increased source document and hence maintenance becomes difficult.  If any student or staff entry is wrongly made then the maintenance becomes very difficult. Existing System Existing System The proposed system is designed to be more efficient than the actual manual system. It invokes all base tasks that are now carried out manually, such as the forms transactions and reports which is added advantage. Description: Most colleges have a number of different courses and each course has ‘n’ number of subjects.  Now there are limited faculties, and each faculty might be teaching more than one subjects.  So now the time table needed to schedule all the faculty at provided time slots in such a way that their timings do not overlap and the time table schedule will make the best use of all faculty subject demands. Proposed System Proposed System Architecture Architecture DATA FLOW DIAGRAM Use Case Diagram E-R Diagram E-R Diagram System Architecture System Architecture Algorithm Genetic Algorithm A genetic algorithm is a search heuristic that is inspired by Charles Darwin’s theory of natural evolution. This algorithm reflects the process of natural selection where the fittest individuals are selected for reproduction in order to produce offspring of the next generation. 1. Initial population 2. Fitness function 3. Selection 4. Crossover 5. Mutation Five phases of Genetic Alogorithm Five phases example Project Screenshots Screenshot 1 Main Screenshot 2 Login Screenshot 3 Data Entry Clases Teachers Classrooms Courses ScreenShot 4 Database Courses Clasroom Title Instructors TimeTable Conclusion Conclusion This system can be used by Schools and Colleges to create Time-Table. Our project is operationally feasible since the time requirements and the personal requirements are satisfied. References Reference's [1] [2] This is a valuable online resource, and is a must for any developer using Microsoft tools. [3] [4] [5] Thank you Thank you

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