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The Perfect Presentation Template

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The Perfect Presentation

Transcript: {The Perfect Presentation} Tip one – stay calm Chances are you’re presenting to people who are literate, past elementary school, and can speak. These are all attributes of people who have probably had to present something at some point in their lives. They know how you feel, getting up there. They will understand if you stutter or say “um”, it happens. If you’re presenting in a class, odd are that nobody is even focused on your presentation because they’re too busy freaking out themselves. They’re just as nervous as you about messing up or being awkward. Tip four – be organized Make sure your presentation is neat and organized. If you don’t have your information together, trying to talk about your topic will be difficult. It has to be neat enough that if you miss something, the audience can simply see it on your poster or presentation themselves. Tip five – focus Try your best not to go off topic. When you’re trying to get a point across, stay on that and provide solid reasons for your opinion toward the subject. Whatever you’re talking about try not to get distracted and lose your train of thought, because you will get stuck. The End Whatever your project is on, you are destined to fail if you don’t understand what you’re talking about. Knowing the information and being educated on your subject will allow you to keep your points short and to the point, and your presentation will go by smoother than if you were stuttering and reading along with the poster. Tip three – be prepared Tip Two – try to appear confident Even if you can’t follow the first tip, and literally want to cry on your way up to the front of the class, try your best to give the illusion of confidence. Smile, stand up straight, enunciate. People will be more attentive, and your nerves might even subside because your false confidence has turned into real, even if its slight, confidence. Jackie Maga

The Perfect Presentation

Transcript: The Perfect Presentation by Brandon Fischbach Overcome the fear of presenting and be able to speak confidently. Communicate using nonverbal skills. Understand importance of visual aids and handouts. Effectively interact with your audience Field and handle questions during and after presentation. In this presentation you will learn how to: Objectives Public Speaking Confident Speaking "Public speaking is the art of diluting a two minute idea with two hour vocabulary." -John F Kennedy Overcoming Fear Nervousness is normal Watch food and beverage intake Get comfortable with audience members before starting presentation Speak with Confidence Engage in relaxation techniques Be aware of breathing Practice Visualization Focus on friendly faces S - Smile O - Open Stance F - Forward Lean T - Tone E - Eye Contact N - Nod SOFTEN Nonverbal Communication Be Natural Pay attention to audience's reactions Practice! Tips! See the Difference! Avoid turning off lights Do not start slides right away Speak to audience, not to screen Interpret versus reading from slides preview slides before showing them Using Visual Aids Supplements Handouts Helps with detailed numerical information Wait until end to present don't lose control of audience Involve the Audience Work the Room Interacting Effectively with your Audience Effective Interaction Pause before answering Be honest Show appreciation Be concise Re-frame question to match agenda Field Questions Mingle and Follow up Get additional feedback Discuss future endeavors Provide additional promised information Send thank you email Establish credibility Maintain authenticity Know your material Speak with confidence Focus on people Stay flexible Use room to your advantage Communicate non-verbally Dress for success Overall Benefits Establish Presence Connecting the Dots Reference Cardon, P. 2018. Business Communication: Developing Leaders for a Networked World. [VitalSource Bookshelf]. Retrieved from Thank you! Questions

The Perfect Presentation

Transcript: Devise Your Presentation Be an Orator Rehearsing helps you to Connecting with feelings Engage more than the ear Passion is about care Pass on your passion to the audience Be an Orator Rehearse The Room The environmental catastrophes Learn your presentation Become free to concentrate on the audience Exercise Presence Exercise An orator is a person who says what he feels and feels what he says P for Produce O for Organize W for Write E for Edit R for Refine Appearance Sight Hearing Smell Touch Taste Organize Presentation Aids The Perfect Presentation Passion Research The Audience Research Connect with Feelings Preparation How we communicate Purpose Keep the humour Follow the KISS principle (Keeping things simple and straightforward) Stop Breathe Look Listen Feel Check Rehearse You, Your image and your message Ask your friends how you look The five Ps of Presentation I - for Integrated into your style M - for Moves the presentation on P - for Professional Appearance A - for Appropriate to the moment C - for Communicates T - for Technically sound Appearance Device Be Yourself Grab the attention Explain who you are Establish credibility Make people laugh or smile Make them excited , pleased , concerned Establishing The hardest thing is to be nobody but yourself in this world which is trying day and night to make you everybody else Preparation Purpose Presence Passion Personality Tips for the day Establish Check the Venue Personality Who am I talking to? How long can they spare? Audience expectations Numbers attending Be in your own style Dont leave your personality outside the room Don't be a bland informer Be you and make the difference Being yourself Presence Organise

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