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The Chase

Transcript: Emma, Aratrika, and Sujay This quote emphasizes the suspense that the narrator felt when the man emerged from the car. The author uses the phrase"a man got out of it, running" to add to the enigmatic mood of the text and increase the mysterious tone. Suspense builds up in this sentence as the readers do not yet know who this seemingly unnerving man is and what he might do. Character Analysis: Annie Element of Suspense #2 This quote is similar to the previous quote in regard to the fact that it also raises the suspense in the text and draws attention to the already mysterious tone of the author. In this quote, the reader eagerly awaits what the man will say after putting up such a relentless fight through the neighborhood. The previous sentences before this quote described the determination the man had while running through the neighborhood just to tell the narrator and her friends a piece of his mind. Suspense increases and leaves the readers wondering what the man will state to the narrator. Quote: "... [T]he car pulled over and stopped. Its wide black door opened; a man got out of it, running," (The Chase; para. 9). Throughout the text "The Chase" we get to understand the personality of Annie through indirect characterization. For example, we can infer that Annie is a tomboy through this quote; "Boys welcomed me at baseball, too, for I had... what was weirdly known as a boy's arm," (The Chase, para. 2). We also see that she likes the male-predominate sport of football. Furthermore, Annie's friends are mostly male. She is not a stereotypical girl, as she does not seem to like tea parties, dress-up, and have mostly friends that are boys. It seems that the boys like Annie in a friendly way. The quote above shows how they think that she makes a fine baseball player, and they hang out with her all the time. Annie also seems to have an eye for perfection. "...[A] perfect iceball, from perfectly white snow, perfectly spherical, and squeezed perfectly translucent so no snow remained all the way through," (The Chase, para. 6). She has an appreciation for creating something perfect, and aims to make whatever she is making to a high standard. Annie also has an adventurous spirit. She spent an afternoon sprinting around Pittsburgh in order to escape an unknown pursuer. Character Analysis: Annie (cont'd) Element of Suspense #1 Quote: "It was a long time before he could speak. I had some difficulty at first recalling why we were there. My lips felt swollen' I couldn't see out of my eyes; I kept coughing," (The Chase; para. 17). The Chase

The Chase

Transcript: The Protagonist waits outside the graveyard, constantly checking the time and appearing anxious, she grows impatient and enters the graveyard...alone Horror Movie Convention we will use: A Girls infatuation with a serial killer lands her in grave danger, will she meet her match or has she strayed too far this time? Buildup The girls friend arrives at the graveyard, she attemps to look for her friend, finding the serial killers grave and noticing the white rose is now gone bloodied. She spots a figure of her friend in the distance, who then disspaears as she gets close, she finds the dead body. First Scene Buildup Enigma Code Location; A cemetary at twilight in London, we will edit to create unsettling tension using different shot types for example high and low angles to connote fear She leaves the grave and begins to delve deeper and deeper into the graveyard getting lost, she starts to feel paranoid and feels the presence of someone following her. she calls her friend to no avail, symbolizing no one will be there to help her, suddenly the dark figure jumps out and begins to chase her, ultimately catching her, the screen turns black. The Camera follows both girls journey towards the graveyard, the protagonist is always a step ahead and arrives first as she appears eager and impatient, this is what ultimately leads to her demise later on. The Chase- Horror Movie Pitch Two girls are in a kitchen listening to music, the music stops and they hear a news broadcast saying that a well known serial killer has been buried, the protagonist is especially intrigued as she realises the graveyard isnt far away and convinces her friend to accompany her. All this time, the radio was unpluged, there was no official broadcast. She finds the graveyard and leaves a white rose in the dirt. As she walks away from the gravestone a dark mysterious figures appears over it. shes summoned a demonic spirit. End The Chase Scene


Transcript: The Chase Alyssa M Hallee G Lillie M Storyline STORYLINE The chase is about a small town boy who takes a trip to a serial killer museum for a project at school as he is at the museum he finds a girl as they sneek off out of the sight of the rest of their groups. Then, the musem closes and they're locked inside... when they try there hardest to find away out and cant and are begging to give up they hear footsteps on the top floor and then they elevater open and as it beeps at evey floor you hear it open on the second floor right above them when the footsteps carry out to the middle of the second floor rose sees a tall built man wearing a mask walking through talking to himself next part 2 Skylar sees that the man is holding a knife he grabs Rose and runs. Rose hits a picture and it falls off the wall so Dean, the killer, walks towards it. Rose and Skylar hide in a set next to where the picture broke. When the killer comes over they hold their breath and hope he doesnt see them. when the killer walks away they break to the top floor part three part 4 they hear the man walking up the stairs whispering to hiself that hes gonna find them then everything goes quite and then skylar decides to go and try and find away they can get out but wanted rose to stay there. after awhile rose waits and waits and skylar doesnt come back she decides to go off and try and find him with the thought in the back of her head that he might be dead going from room to room preaying not to run into the killer she opens a door that leads into a empty room she can her someone struggling to talk and breathe. she goes to find where its comning from and opens a door that leads to a closed off part of the musem she walks in carefully to see the killer tortouring skylar before he plans to kill him part 5 In a panic from not knowing what to do Rose grabs a near by umbrella that she hits the killer with across the head, ulitmately hitting him to the floor. She then carries Skylar out around her shoulder as the guard walks into the musem to do his night shift and they end up making it out alive and in the end they never catch the killer Casting CASTING Our Paid Family Money really can buy love Our Actors Top 3 Olivia Holt as Rose (female lead) Austin Butler as Skylar (Male lead) Aiden Turner as Dean (serial killer) Christian Bale as the security guard Background Characters Salma Hayek as Skylar's aunt Jake as a bored museum goer Your grandmother as a concerned museum goer Tiffany as a Museum Critic DESIGN Design Movie based in modern time Location LOCATION Located in a serial killer museum located in louisianna Set Set Louisiana New Orleans Museum Costumes Costumes Rose Skylar Dean MUSIC Since the journey compeltely changes throughout the movie, we felt the music should too. To mirror the sweet, innocent love in the start, "Closer" By Tegan and Sara will play emulating the excitement of getting to know someone new and exploring a new place, the museum. The type of music evolves after dark to a more sinister tone, with Michael Myer's Theme song playing in the background once they start to be chased by Dean, the killer to show the frightening experience of the main characters trying to stay away from this serial killer they're stuck with. Ever-evolving music YouTube Ads 1/2 Instagram Ads Twitter Ads 1/6 1/6 MARKETING We will be using a variety of platforms to access different audiences, with different approaches Marketing Billboard Ads 1/6 ARCHETYPE 1 Archetype 1 Young men under 25 More interested in visual special FX, fast moving action Visits Youtube, Twitter Quick paced, jump scare trailers The "Boom Hunter" ARCHETYPE 2 The Escapee Archetype 2 Mid-life people seeking a distraction Seen ocassionally on social media Deal better with in person advertisement Motivated us to utilize billboards ARCHETYPE 3 ARCHETYPE 3 Young women 16-25 More complex plot structure, relationships Uses Instagram, Youtube frequently Targeted via softer trailers/posts on both platforms The "Seeker"

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