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Transcript: TENDER PRESENTATION BY Total number of mentions in social media by brands Consultancy monthly strategic consultancy and analysis reports on automotive market strategic long-term and annual PR plan for the brand summary reports and analysis of important JLR press events based on TNS and internal resources quarter and annual report on media relations and public perception concept and support for crisis management and special projects Our PR approach is based on a new PR paradigm SWOT-analysis OPPORTUNITIES book about Jaguar history with the usage of digital technologies. It' s a must have for such a legendary brand! Idea for special project is to enhance "quality" & "reliability" brand benefits and to get extra media coverage for Jaguar XE creation of the unique installation by Recycle art-group JLR Boutique becomes a modern art exhibition for one month opening party as a high life event with VIP-guests and celebrities the exposition becomes part of the VIP program of "Night of Museums" new media (social media, online resources) are becoming more and more powerful due to fast internet penetration & better quality of connection. Their advantages: no strict limits in content volume for online media more transparency in terms of audience coverage thanks to open statistics, flexibility (possibility to launch campaign in 3 days) immediate effect after any company's announcements Idea for Test Drive event for Jaguar with AWD: winter test at Teletskoe lake personal speed record on ice - we provide a unique opportunity for journalists to drive the car at the maximum speed the organizers guarantee the safety of the test social media is an instrument for direct customer communication where you can see the feedback immediately. The audience has lately become very sensitive to the content, users don't want to see advertising or PR messages in their private accounts on the wall PR specialists should choose thoroughly the messages in order not to get the opposite effect relations with automobile & business, regional media THREATS Status since August, 1st till now Idea for "Discover Russia" project copywriter/translator, experienced car journalist Mentions of Jaguar & Land Rover - split by social nets This gives an inspiration to modern art creators! Public relations maintenance of good media relations and development of journalist networks in line with business strategy of JLR operations in Russia updating and management of media databases exclusively for the brand in retainer addition of bloggers and key on-line influencers to communication networking support in building up and maintaining good relations for special JLR projects in Russia collecting editorial plans of the tier 1 media for the brand on a monthly basis Team structure themed expositions at the Museum with JLR cars (classical and modern, sketches, concept models, engines, art objects, etc.) or integration into expositions themed excursions such as "British scientists and engineers", "The History of technological revolution" with JLR cars and technologies being part of it, "Car design", etc. STRENGTH cost-saving is the ongoing reality for big brands meaning marketing and PR budgets cuts —> it is going to be more difficult for PR professionals to fulfill KPIs based on AD Value Nikita Luzan - media monitoring analyst WEAKNESS Monthly budget for PR retainer - 350 000 rub excl. VAT* Access to IQbuzz - 30 000 rub. weekly and monthly reports that show result of the agency’s work providing profiles and contact database of publications and journalists interacting with JLR media monitoring –qualitative and quantitative supporting the media with JLR background information on a daily basis assistance in representation at industry bodies update of celebrities database for the brand and its use for events providing regular industry reports providing regular information reports on Press activities of Competitors Idea how to increase the loyalty of journalists: test cars for personal journeys in Russia (3-4 days). The only requirement is a series of posts on the wall of the personal account in social nets + additional promotion of the post in order to get the bigger coverage of the audience cool personalized gift for birthday Cooperation with Polytechnical Museum is a fresh project of the top-blogger Segrey Dolya: a community of travelers creating a unique guide around all Russia 60 actively writing authors 2000 unique users daily we mark on the map Land Rover destinations (Discover Russia Project) with special signs in social media there's a tool to prove the effectiveness of the PR campaign using the online SoMe monitoring system (IQ Buzz, e.g.) Art-group Recycle Laureate of Kandinsky Award 2010 Andrey Blokhin & Georgy Kuznetsov use industrial materials for art installations a series of children classes (infotainment format) in English for free from native speakers the most successful pupil gets a chance to visit London Miroslava Duma

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Transcript: Collectables Animated Splash Screen Tarzan GUI Design What does it tell us? Interesting Facts Sleep Colouring In Activities Founded in 2009 Sound MyMonkeyWorld Learning Activity Days Gromit Unleashed Orang-utans Consistent Colour Scheme Bristol Based 4 Primate Models Unlockables Inconsistent Page Design Social Chimpanzee Family Programmer 8-10 year olds Bananas Development Team Child Friendly Content Consumables MyMonkeyWorld Swing Thank you for Listening Friendly Over 250,000 Downloads Distance Technical Milestone 3D Models Rent Constant Communication Platforms: iOS, Android & Windows Phone Downloads: 50,000+ The Grand Appeal Built in Donations Built from ground up Social Features Colchester Zoo App Icon Staff Contracts Company Investment £9000 Quick End User Testing Profit Margin £15,000 Interaction Logo Exciting Fonts Social Integration During Visit Monthly Meetings Professional Fees Leaderboards Informative Poor Layout Skillset Accessible PokeDex Style Unlock Rewards Fun Individually Animated 3G Issues Technical Milestones Sound Effects Name Background Information Travel Character Informative Motivation Encyclopedia Freelance Agreements Home Screen Eat Payment Plan Font Family Memorability Talent Team Meetings Navigate 10 Members of Staff £150,000 FlickIt Soccer After Visit iOS Fun We believe we will make the best possible product Pride Rewards Platforms: iOS, Android & Windows Phone Downloads: 100,000+ MiniGame Collection London 2012 Achievements Studio Portfolio MyMonkeyWorld Monkey Hunt 8 Applications Challenging Different Section Headers Organized Companion App Zoo Interactive 10 Payments 10 Months Chase Bristol Game Development Meets Unlockables Bright, Bold Colours Entertaining Android Functionality Score Boosters Finance & Legal Maintenance Vibrant Colours Simple Why Us? Artist Intuitive Utilities Diversity Poor UI Unattractive Colour Scheme Payment Triggers Sleek Design Educational Easy Navigation QR Codes Clean Designs Platforms: iOS & Android Downloads: 15,000+ Bristol Zoo Gardens Scavenger Hunt App Functionality 3D Modeller Images Functionality Current Resource Evaluation Existing Product Research Useable Information SDA Game Avatars Wow! Gorillas Quiz Tap & Field Functional Accessible Managing Director GUI VAT Registered Reliable Compatibility Testing Scrolling Background Lead Device Rope Escape Park Location Simple Controls Platforms: iOS Downloads: 50,000+ First Self Funded game 3D Graphics Staff Costs £95,000 National History Museum Before Visit MyMonkeyWorld Prefix Park Maps Development Plan We've done this before Wordsearches Sound Design Lead Developer Bland/Dull Design Fast Loading MyMonkeyWorld 3D Habitat Individual Primate Pages High Quality Lots of Content Brand NDA Park Testing Dated Value Primate Facts Contingency Plan Tender Presentation Woolly Monkeys Praise Gibbons Not Kid Friendly Learn From The Best Both ends of the Spectrum

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Transcript: Who are Pinnacle LLP? download this prezi template from At Pinnacle we already deal with over 50 clients in the financial industry including banks and building societies. So, we already have the knowledge, skill, and expertise to handle a wide variety of complex commercial transactions. Some of our key areas in this field include: - Corporate/ Commercial - Commercial Property - Employment - Litigation Our story.... Pinnacle LLP was established in 1997 when we opened our first legal practice in Bristol. Building strong client relationships is the compass for our business strategy and future development, and has helped us to grow quickly to become one of the UK's largest and most successful national law firms. We are grateful for the continued support of our clients, our people and our communities, all of which have made it possible for us to celebrate the milestones and achievements that make up our evolving history. The value we can add to Virgin Money... Pinnacle are a unique law firm who believe we can offer you value added services through the initiatives driven by our core values and our commitment to innovation and our corporate social responsibility, which ties in with your ethos. At the top of the law but still down to Earth. Pinnacle are committed to making a positive contribution to the communities in which we live and work because we firmly believe that it's the right thing to do. As part of our 20 year anniversary celebrations our 90 partners and 300 fee earners have all pledged themselves to committing 20 man hours of time to local charities and projects in our communities. That works out at a total of 7,800 that we will pledge this year. Pinnacle is also a member of a pioneering initiative which aims to encourage greater diversity in the legal profession by offering quality work experience and continuing support to young people from less privileged backgrounds. Currently we help school pupils aged 13-17 by offering them the opportunity to take part in a structured work experience programme on a weekly basis during summer. This is co-ordinated and delivered by our staff nationwide. We have seen the positive impact this has made in Edinburgh with more children going into higher education and an increase in those considering Law as a career choice.. Who Pinnacle LLP are..... Our areas of expertise click here Pinnacle LLP At the top of the law but still down to Earth. How Pinnacle can help you in the areas of... - Corporate/ Commercial - Commercial Property - Employment - Litigation > We are headquartered in Bristol, with offices in London, Manchester, Newcastle. > We have a office in Edinburgh as part of our commitment to service the key cities in the UK. > Our office in Edinburgh is an integral link for businesses in Scotland > We have 90 partners, supported by our 300 fee earners, spread throughout these offices to ensure business continuity > Our continued growth is indicative of the trust that our clients place in us and our core values Corporate Social Responsibility

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Transcript: Personal Factors Methods Break the Ice Extravaganza Food and Beverages Provided by... Students will be divided into teams based on residence buildings. Monthly and Semester Challenges between building's either as individuals or teams as a whole. First Year Fit T-Shirts for Winners of: Highest Frequency of Attendance Largest Gains Biggest Improvements World Gym Global Fitness Centre The Woman's Place Fitness Group Parkinson Recreation Centre H2O Adventure and Fitness Center CrossFit Glenmore CrossFit Okanagan Kelowna Family YMCA-YWCA Energy Plex Family Recreation Centre Inc. One Life Health + Wellness Ltd. Body & Soul Health & Fitness Club Snap Fitness PLB Fitness Transtheoretical Model Our Supporters Questionnaire Endless Summer Fun Anthropometric Measures first year students are often at lower activity levels than recommended guidelines increased risk for chronic diseases and 'Freshman 15' university setting is an ideal place to start a healthy lifestyle ... university students are a great population to implement and maintain healthy lifestyle behaviors in "... inactivity persists throughout the adult years" The staff and faculty will also be integrated into the program to give students a healthy role model to look up to, they will be able to partake in a similar program called "Fit for Life". Students will be asked to self report which stage they believe their exercise behavior coincides with on the TTM 4 times throughout the program period Class Mark Incentives Slip n’ slide, Outdoor Climbing wall, Blow-up water slide, Dunk tank & Bouncy castle Students BMI and WC measures will be taken 4 times throughout the program Body "Making the first step to fitness" Focus Groups First Year Fit Team Through program evaluation, provide a lasting environment on campus to promote physically active lifestyles for all attendants Max Heart Rate Mondays Total Body Conditioning Tuesdays Weight Training Wednesdays Tranquil Thursdays High Frequency Fridays Strength Conditioning Saturdays Spirit & Soul Sundays Staff and Faculty Participation To address the current barriers to physical activity for those living on campus Objectives Feedback on the success of the program will be assessed by an evaluation questionnaire... The questionnaire is specifically being used to evaluate how effective our First Year Fit program in the following ways: Whether it should be continued If the program is effective/ successful The cost-benefit ratio First Year Fit Components TTM Self Report Environment Background Action Comprised of many individuals with numerous skill sets: To measure the amount of reduction in negative pyschosocial factors felt towards physical activity with the use of the Transtheoretical Model over 8 months First Year Fit Events Incentive to participate will be achieved through the collaboration with professors in each faculty, by offering bonus marks on exams to those that are physically active. Local Gyms Break The Ice Extravaganza Challenges These features will provide: -Schedules and program descriptions -Pop up reminders of fitness classes -Ability to record activity and caloric intake Events and Challenges Group of program facilitators - organizie and supervise Members of the student body -implement, conduct, execute & supervise Data analysis team Why This Intervention is Needed... Evaluating behavioral change depends on the factors environment, people and behavior physiological improvements reduced risk of many chronic diseases weight loss or maintenance of a healthy weight (control Freshman 15) improved mental and brain health -decreased stress, anxiety, depression -improved cognitive function -higher levels of positive mood First Year Fit Evaluation Primary goal is to increase physical activity participation among first year university students through education and environmental support on campus Secondary goal is to help students attain or maintain healthy body measurements by taking anthropometric measurements throughout the program duration An interactive web page and phone app will be constructed to keep students informed and organized about their physical activity participation. background goals and objectives theory use first year fit components methods first year fit evaluation Behavioural Factors Precontemplation Theory use Affective, cognitive and biological events Weekly Exercise Classes Presentation Overview THE END Website and Phone App Times: 8:00-9:00 am, 12:00-1:00 pm & 6:00-7:00 pm Barriers Bungee Cord Run, Rock Climbing Wall, Obstacle Course, Velcro Wall &Sumo Wrestling time (school work, job) financial strain (can't afford gym pass and so on) transportation accessibility (programs not offered on campus) social support A total of four focus groups will be held over the program period Students will be randomly selected to participate in upcoming focus groups by program staff, and will be notified on the FYF website two weeks prior Maintenance Quantify through anthropometric measurements how students

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Transcript: MUMTAZ BRINGING YOU EXCELLENCE FAUXLYMPICS ENGAGEMENT STRATEGY PROPOSAL Mumtaz is a multi-disciplinary consultancy offering project and event management and engagement services Mumtaz’, is Arabic for ‘Excellent, Stellar, Superb or Outstanding’ - terms we associate with every piece of work we do, large or small. FAUXLYMPICS ENGAGEMENT STRATEGY PROPOSAL Connecting People with Value The Fauxlympics is not only a global sportive event but also a celebration of diversity, collaboration and inclusiveness. Mumtaz will support Intoto in creating an event that is successful in the most holistic way and for all people involved. Connecting People with Value Displaying Austria’s Excellence to the World Naturally the Country hosting the Fauxlympic has a central role in the successful planning and delivery of the whole event and we strongly believe that Austria has all the necessary resources to create a sensational edition of the Games. Displaying Austria’s Excellence to the World Driving innovation through collaboration Much like Intoto, here at Mumtaz we always strive for continuous improvement. We believe we can always do better by learning from our experience and from the collaboration with stakeholders in order to find innovative solutions to always new problems Driving innovation through collaboration Developing a globally-shared H&S culture The safety and wellbeing of all involved in the event are of utmost importance for its success. Through the “Play it Safe” campaign we will create a widespread H&S culture and promote safe behaviours at all levels, for both the public and stakeholders. Developing a globally-shared H&S culture Bid Proposal The bid proposal for the Fauxlympics Engagement Strategy had five main sections Bid Proposal Health and Safety Our H&S manager, William Hughes, took ownership of that section and he intends to lead the H&S team in the challenge and revision of our Engagement Strategy throughout its development and implementation. Will has twenty years’ experience in management of H&S of big events and can boast participation in the H&S team of the 2012 London Olympics, the first games with zero fatalities during the construction phase of the Olympic Park and with an accident frequency rate equal to less than half the construction industry average. Health and Safety Technical, method and quality The techinal section was compiled by Dan Chinh Nguyen, our Stakeholder Engagement lead with assistance from our Communications Manager, Anna Marucci and Rocio Garcia Segovia, our Resources Manager. Dan Chinh Nguyen, who has more than thirty years of experience in engagement strategy and programme management, having worked on more than 100 projects and with all kinds of stakeholders Technical, method and quality Commercial Rocio Garcia Segovia, our Resources Manager, is an invaluable asset for Mumtaz, having over seven years’ experience in management of resources, finance and logistics of our Company. She has helped prepare the costing and with the outcome of her Go- No go review we decided to go ahead with the bid for this project Commercial Equality, Diveristy and Inclusivity Our External Affairs Manager, Christopher Elliott, with his expertise contributed to the EDI section of the report. Equality, Diveristy and Inclusivity Resources Our Communications Manager, Anna Marucci, has over ten years' experience and has successfully curated communications for 50 events of local, national and international scale. Anna helped pull together our resources organogram Resources The Bid Team Here at Mumtaz we strongly believe that collaboration is at the base of every successful initiative. Our Company is made of team players and, in every project we work on, we care about making all clients, colleagues and stakeholders feel part of the same team. The Bid Team Our Structure Our Structure Our People Our People Our Purpose Our Purpose You are in good hands Intoto can be assured that we will provide a fundamental support in delivering a successful edition of the Fauxlympics because we know we can create a safe and collaborative environment that allows all parts involved to work at their best. You are in good hands

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