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Template For Presentation Necklace And Earring Card

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Mia Marie Jewelry and Design for Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation Price List

Transcript: Yellow Jade Charm Feather Goddess $490 Silver Lace Ball Earrings $83 Amethyst Fleur Little Wing Charm $422 Lapis Necklace $1277 14k O Tiny Sterling Chain $137 Long Turquoise Pendant with Tassel $607 Rope Link Jade Earrings $242.50 Tiny Medallion Layer Necklaces $147.50 Ruby & Garnet Earrings $950 Quartz Drop Layer Necklace $335 Sandalwood and Gem Prayer Bracelets $157 Amethyst Cluster O Necklace $342.50 Charm with Shield, Amethyst, Wing $483 Ruby Keshi Pearl Necklace $890 Flat Link Kyanite Earring $110 Leather Faith/Fight Bracelets $122.50 Carnelian Dhurga Fight Charm $465 Vermeil Feather Layer Necklace $147 Ethiopian Prayer Bead Wing Necklace $365 Turquoise Amethyst Heart Peace Charm $370 Pink Pearl Earrings $121.25 Italian Horn $277 Sandalwood Prayer Bead Vermeil Charm $157 Grey Pearl Mulit-Strand Necklace $1,050 36 inch Fancy Link Turquoise $$665 Green Zircon TB Charm Dog Tag Necklace $233.75 Ethiopian Prayer Bead Bracelet $135 Carnelian earring with oval link $80 Jade Rope Link Earrings $121 Carnelian and Blue Chalcedony Necklace $857 Jade Turquoise Necklace $970 Tourmaline Key Fight Charm $430 14K Biwa Pearl and Champagne Diamond Necklace $312.50 Pink Pearl Bracelet $265 Mia Marie Jewelry and Design for Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation Amethyst Drop Hoop Earrings $57.50 14K Teddy Bear Charm $796 Grey Pearl Solitaire Layer Necklace $277 White Pearl Earring $118.75 Double Carnelian Necklace with float link $611 Price List Green Zircon Charm Mother of Mary $475 Grey Pearl Earrings $125 Fuschia Quartz Charm Faith $470 14k Kyanite Hoop Earring $300 Rose Quartz & Pearl Double Strand Necklace $1,061.50 Double Pendant BIWA earring $647 Silver Teddy Bear Dog Tag with White Pearl $233 Double Ruffle Pearl Necklace $1,133.75 Turquoise Necklace leather extension $490 Amethyst Fight Little Wing Charm $422 Jade Rope Link Earrings $121 Oval Link Carnelian Bracelet $163 36 inch Pearl Necklace $1,095 All jewelry custom made and all pieces have a custom designed, hand forged Teddy Bear charm or TB charm Amethyst Charm Large Wing Fight $475

Macchu Picchu

Transcript: "Coin Isotopes Unravel Ancient Inflation Riddle." Coin Isotopes Unravel Ancient Inflation Riddle. Web. 30 Aug. 2015. "Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu." - UNESCO World Heritage Centre. Web. 30 Aug. 2015. "Inca Civilization - Crystalinks." Inca Civilization - Crystalinks. Web. 30 Aug. 2015. "Machu Picchu." A&E Television Networks. Web. 30 Aug. 2015. "Lost Inca Gold -- National Geographic." National Geographic. Web. 2 Sept. 2015. ADIOS pottery necklaces braclets what else is there to say located in Peru, 7,843 feet elevation largest empire in pre-Columbian America established early 13th century fell in 1572 estate for royalty religious site for the Incas hidden treasure no funds = lost effort/money Spanish leader Francisco Pizarro Incan leader Atahualapa only 30% of the site has been discovered 70% treasure Coins are Spanish in nature Crucifix Trades with Spanish Paintbrush, earring, necklace art, creativity seashell earring near coast line/river trading Ethan Kao Coins are Spanish in nature Crucifix Trades with Spanish Paintbrush, earring, necklace Art, creativity seashell earring near coast line trading Colin Yang THANK YOU FOR LISTENING TO OUR PRESENTATION Historical Importance Civilization had no ruler Elected new leader, Apalauhata, who was dictacious SO COME OUT TO PERU THE INCANS WELCOME YOU Colin Yang Why you should fund us? Ethan Kao Brochure - 1st to perform skull surgeries - eat guinnea pigs - necklace = neck armor Colin Yang Kevin Yang Citizens rebelled against the new leader war broke out Fun facts (Brochure) Machu Raichu Revanth Cherukuri Kevin Yang Spanish leader Francisco Pizarro captured king Atahualapa. Bibliography Background Apalauhata Good tourism site sister of Machu Picchu $$ get to experience Inca Culture ANDEAN COCK OF THE ROCK Decline Factor Artifacts and Site Findings Sacred, secret city religious, agricultural, and urban areas Technologically advanced finely crafted stonework terraced fields and sophisticated irrigation system by Team Red Panda

necklace presentation

Transcript: m 1 2 p b Y g X F by: Guy De Maupassant The Necklace E deffinitions be a warning or indiaction of the future example: in the story she started crying because she didnt have a dress so that indiacates that her husbaned will get her one beause he feels bad foreshadowing exaggerated statements or claims example: when she says she doesnt have anything to wear hyperbole the subject of a talk, a piece of writing, a persons thoughts, or an exhibition: a topic example: be happy with what you have theme occurs when incongruity appears between expections of something to happen, and what actually happens instead example: at the end when she tells her its a knock off necklace situational irony the use of symbols to represent ideas or qualities example: symbolism D social classes upper class upper class dont have to work for what they have have people work for them have lot of things dont have the nicest things are happy work for what they have middle class middle class usually work for the upper class dont have nice close they are poor lower class lower class C character analysis madame losiel this is the main character she wants to be in a higher class wants fancier things main characters husdand loving would do anything for his wifes happiness monsieur losiel main characters friend upper maybe middle class giving kind madame forestier B summary madame losiel wants to be upper class, so her husband brought her a ticket to a big dance. she buys a fancy dress and borrows a necklace from her friend. when she goes to the ball she is beautiful and is sad to leave and go back to her middle class live. she loses the necklace on her way home and her husband looks all over the place for it but cant find it. after a few days they go out to find a new one, and they do find a new one but its really expencive. they borrow money and buy a new one. it takes them 10 years to pay it all off and she is now lower class. then after all of this she tells her friend what happend and she tells her it was a knock off A prezentation by: maggie grace russell the end!!!

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