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Template For Planning And Zoning Presentation

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Planning and Zoning Meeting

Transcript: Textbook q.14 1. Overall Impression: underwhelmed. 2. Could the Organizers have done any different/better? probably not. The Basics 컨설턴트로 일했음 Opinion right before it started The Board Represented the organization. Public Notice: "Advertisement" - On website.  Planning and Zoning Meeting Location appropriate? Yes, Very central location. Input being sought - mostly location/logistics of local art pieces & a new member The Official title of the Event : Local Planning Agency (LPA) Planning and Zoning Board Meeting - City of Coral Gables Public Transportation? yes, the Coral Gables trolley Tele/Video Capabilities made? yes. In English & spanish Coral Gables TV - Webcasts Easy location? yes. p. 70-71 3. Could the participants have done any different/better? They could have attended, and half the audience shouldnt have walked out. which community organizing method/process mentioned in the textbook most closely resembled the method utilized at the meeting? Opinion q.15-17 과식 anam z parpia PAD 4141 moreQUESTIONS 블리자드에서 게임 했음 . Well attended event? It was not. Main Audience - (started with) 5 Characteristics of audience: Young Women, 'Wise' men & me - The Board Seemed approachable. no, i was a fantastic participant. Event Characteristics . 관양Example: 프레지 코리아 매니저로 일하고 있음 Under community visioning, the comprehensive-rational model best fits the intention. and although it may not have garnered enough attention, the goal of addressing the future is apparent through the LPA Basics q. 1-5 Technicalities q.6-9 Characteristics q.10-13

Planning and Zoning

Transcript: Planning and Zoning Affordable homes Uniqueness Housing appreciation Engaged community Inexpensive living Recreation Clean air and water Low crime rate Well paying jobs Low taxes Good schools Plentiful doctors Good weather Retail Why plan? Historically decided by monarchy Now driven by public input Assess the community's current form Make decisions about the kind of city we want in the future Formulate regulations to bring about that future Employ regulations to make that happen Conserve natural resources through compatible development Appropriate, efficient, balanced, long term growth Variety of residential options Vibrant and viable commercial and industrial development Development that respects community character and does not overburden public services Coordination of land use and transportation planning Progress towards pedestrian and bicycle friendly community Increased capacity of water, wastewater, and storm sewer systems Housing to meet the needs of students and is sensitive to impacts on neighborhoods Marketing of heritage based tourism Objectives Clear targets for specific actions Action statements Specific tasks Strategic Implementation Plan Capital Improvements Studies and Plans Regulations and Standards Non-Administrative Preliminary Plat approved by P&Z Design Construction Final Plat approved by P&Z Acceptance by City Council Division of land into zones based on current or future land use Districts Residential Commercial Industrial Medical Agricultural Intensity levels R-1, R-2, R-3, R-4 B-1, B-2 I-1, I-2 Land Use Schedule applied Specific use permit requirements established Site design standards established Density Height Parking Setbacks Landscaping Signs Coordinate development meetings Review plans for compliance with zoning ordinance Liaison with developer during review process Application Jobs created or retained Salaries added or retained Value added Analysis Terms approved by Council and applicant Construction Rebates are given after performance Town Hall Meetings Neighborhood Associations Ordinance Amendments Civic Clubs SFA NISD Nacogdoches, the "Oldest Town in Texas," appreciates and protects its historical, natural, and cultural character, promotes a healthy living environment, and enjoys future growth and prosperity. Comprehensive Plan Subdivision Approval design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi Census Data Economic Development History of Planning Goals Total taxes rebated over 5 years = $112,743 Total taxes retained over 5 years = $83,541 Administrative Small divisions of land No new infrastructure Total taxes rebated over 10 years= $112,743 Total taxes retained over 10 years = $269,614 Zoning Downtown Central Business B-3 Zoning District Zoning Ordinance Public Participation Development Review Economic Development Planning Process Goals Earliest cities used planning - Egypt, Mesopotamia Site locating Size Utilities Transportation Zoning Adjacency Grid Central squares Neighborhood markets Export and import on transportation routes Special districts Historic Overlay Downtown Washington Square Zion Hill Virginia Avenue Sterne-Hoya United States Grid pattern Central squares Neighborhood markets Export and import activities on roads Grid pattern Central squares Neighborhood markets Export and import activities on roads Grid pattern Central squares Neighborhood markets Export and import activities on roads

Planning - presentation template

Transcript: Planning - presentation template Sylwia Gut EC1526670 Analysis - The purpose of the application and the end-product Analysis - The purpose of the application and the end-product Client To the client ESCA (Edinburgh College Students Association) is running a two year project to help students live more sustainably. This includes cycle training, travel planning, fuel efficiency driver training and climate change education. Users To the users ESCA have commissioned you to create a four page website. The website must be engaging in design, include a minimum of two types of media and it must be easy to navigate between all four pages. Analysis - Application functionality Analysis - Application functionality First application function: First application function Generating random tips SWOT Analysis Second application function: Second application function Converting petrol distance, cost of petrol, amount of journeys and eventually will show the costs of petrol Application Design – Interface Design The key tasks Identify the key tasks required to develop the game Planning Developing Testing Evaluation Planning List each planning task Home page Tip Generator Case Study Petrol converter Development List each development task Creating home page Creating random tip generator Creating second page Creating petrol converter Testing List each testing task Navigation Testing input base and output work etc Identify what resources are required to develop the application Identify what resources are required to develop the application Hardware Hardware Personal Computer Keyboard Mouse Internet connection (router) USB pen drive Software Software Brackets – Alternative Dreamweaver, visual studio code Web browser Microsoft project – alternative Excel, Word PowerPoint – Alternative Prezi Microsoft Word – Google docs Paint net – alternative Photoshop Project plan Link or screen capture of your project plan file Questions? Thank you

Zoning: Purpose and Planning

Transcript: How are they Divided? The division is specific to the city you are in. Division can be large, small, grouped or sporadic depending on districts. Here are examples of a large vs. a smaller city. Zoning is a series of instituted ordinances that separate personal residences, businesses, and industrial areas. The process of Zoning came from the encroachment of businesses in to residential areas, affecting light, air, noise, etc. Prior to Zoning ordinances, the regulation was done mostly by adjoining landowners suing over violated nuisance laws. Council? Advertising Who decides on Zones? Zoning is very pertinent to new construction It regulates whether a specific business is allowed to construct a store at a given location. If a business is not in the correct zone, not only are the possibilities of construction at stake, but also futures revenue and taxes to be paid to the city. Each building is required a building permit pre-construction and a thorough inspection upon completion This is to maintain safety, reliability, and aesthetics to the surrounding area Zoning: Purpose and Planning What is Zoning? Zoning can be a hassle, but in the end it protects our homes from unwanted company. Proper regulation and ordinance is essential to development Zoning keep our cities organized and presentable places to live What if I plan to build? Louisville, KY Each city employs a Planning and Engineering Administrating team. They are charged with new building permits, water management, enforce city regulations, as well as many area specific tasks. Murray, KY In Conclusion Local city governments decide on where to place boundaries and how to classify them. Boundaries can be altered and expanded at the discretion of the governing council. Signs are also included in the zoning process Size, shape, height, and lighting are all contributing factors This is important to maximize business exposure while not obstructing view, distracting motorists, and endangering public safety

Planning & Zoning Lunch and Learn

Transcript: Cosmetic Refresh (Painting and other minor aesthetic enhancements) such as the KFC program More In depth Due Diligence Possible Architectural Review Board & Variances Building Permits Aaron D. Jenkins Burger King Program Urban Planning Robert Blackie Zoning Coordinator Assistant Zoning Manager Oversee Sign Vendors whom are doing their own Due Diligence Process Serve as a liaison between the project client and the sign vendor Assure that landlord approvals and pertinent documents have been received Coordinate sign renderings and elevations with Sign Vendor **Manage Deadlines University of California Irvine - Bachelors of Economics University of Illinois at Chicago - Masters of Urban Planning (Economic Development) Clemson University - Bachelor in Landscape Architecture College of Charleston - Masters in Public Administration Planning & Zoning Team Document Submittal Design Review & Zoning Work Scope Portfolio Zoning Manager The development and use of land, protection and use of the environment, public welfare, and the design of the urban environment, including air, water, and the infrastructure passing into and out of urban areas, such as transportation, communications, and distribution networks. TRIVIA Irwing Gama Permit Approval & Construction Hand-off What is Planning and Zoning Victoria Benham Cross Functional Work Planning & Zoning Role in Signage KFC ASAP Program Procurement Flora Ramirez Construction drawings are created and submitted for review PZ obtains additional submittal documents determined through Due Diligence Collaborate with Design on drawings University of Illinois - Bachelor in Urban Planning Vince Franceschelli Due Diligence University of Illinois - Bachelors in Urban Regional Planning University of Illinois at Chicago - Masters Urban Planning (Economic Development) Interior/Exterior Remodels Assistant Zoning Manager Shivani P. Dosaj Landlord Consent Katie Helfert Elisabeth Rask Design Review Building Permits Roles of the P&Z Team Lunch and Learn Planning and Zoning Team Due Diligence Managing Design Building Permits Lead meetings and calls Burger King Program What Is the Planning and Zoning Team and Where Does It Fit In The World of Construction Management at Lendlease? Zoning Coordinator Coordinate zoning actions or any other vital pieces needed for city approval. Site Design Coordinate studies and reports Attend public hearings Senior Functional Lead Building Expansions 7 - Eleven Program Sign Permits Interior Remodels University of Illinois - Bachelor in Urban Planning with a minor in Landscape studies Illinois State University - Bachelors in Political Science University of Illinois at Chicago - Masters in Urban Planning (Physical Planning) University of Wisconsin - Bachelors in Landscape Architecture Elizabeth Atkinson Estimating 1.) Planning and Zoning Definition 2.) Lendlease P&Z Team 3.) Roles of the P&Z Team 4.) Work Portfolio Design Review: Coordinate A/E schedule of deliverables for the entire pre-construction process for each project and response comments. QA/QC drawing sets to ensure needs of due diligence are met Robert Morris University (Pittsburgh) - Bachelors in Business Administration University of Illinois at Chicago - Masters in Urban Planning (Physical Planning & Urban Design Zoning Design Team P&Z follows up with the municipalities to ensure they have everything they need, and to obtain review comments Coordinate review comments and responses with A/E team Assistant Zoning Manager Zoning Assistant Zoning Manager University of Illinois - Bachelor in Urban Planning Assistant Zoning Manager Managing Sign Company Is the way the governments control the physical development of land and the kinds of uses to which each individual property may be operated We develop processes and procedures for our clients that reshape how they conduct their pre-construction and construction program. This added value makes the Lendlease team an integral part of the PROGRAM, not just for each PROJECT. This leads to a true partnership where we become part of the client’s team Ohio State University - Masters in City and Regional Planning College of Wooster - Bachelors in Urban Studies Brandon Crawford Operations Assistant Zoning Manager Post Submittal Lendlease Permitting Expansion of the Building Footprint which also resulted in site improvements More In depth Due Diligence - zoning becomes necessary Possible Architectural Review Board, Site Plans, Sign and other Variances, Landscape Review Westfield State University - Bachelors in Regional Planning and Economics University of Illinois at Chicago - Masters Urban Planning (Community Development) Planning & Zoning P&Z sends out a Permit Approval Email to applicable team members Lunch & Learn Agenda Responsible for Due Diligence to determine what and how much signage is allowed Obtain landlord or corporate approval Create and Submit sign elevations and renderings for review Attend any Design Review Board Hearings, determine if variances are

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