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Broker Presentation

Transcript: Welcome Professional Home Organizer Occupied Home Stager Mom of 14 year old twin girls GBS Survivor Organizing When it comes to organizing I believe it is about so much more than pretty bins & boxes. Your systems need to work for you, not the other way around. Less Is Probably The Answer Occupied Home Staging Occupied Staging Occupied Staging is not about "pretty", we're prepping the home to be marketable. Occupied Staging highlights the fixed assets of the home. No Judgement When you mention staging during your listing presentation it removes judgement from the process. No Judgement Key Rooms Key Rooms Kitchen. Primary Bedroom & Bathroom. Rooms you see upon entering the home. We want to focus time & money on key rooms. Neutralize The Home Neutralize Occupied Staging is the opposite of decorating. Staging is the art of creating a space that the buyer wants to live in. Neutralizing so that every personality feels at home in the space. Listing Services Listing Services Pre-Pack Walk & Talk Consultation Occupied Home Staging Photo Prep Pre-Pack Pre-Pack Pre-packing is the foundation to preparing a home for sale. It does more than give a head start on moving day, pre-packing helps buyers visualize themselves in the home. Plus a pre-packed home makes showings & open houses a snap for your client! Walk & Talk Consultation Walk & Talk A comprehensive plan, unique to the home, will be provided which would allow the homeowner to complete the work on their own. I do provide additional services if they would like help along the way. Occupied Staging Occupied Staging Once the client has completed the action items from the consultation I'll make modifications in the home to prepare it for photos & listing. I focus on areas that will impact buyers the most. Photo Prep Photo Prep Available after pre-pack or consultation & you would like assistance for the details needed to ensure strong marketing photos. That’s what the Photo Prep is all about! I attend to the details so you can enjoy the fruit of all your hard work. Best practice is to have me there the day of photos. Clutter Clinics Clutter Clinics are an opportunity for me to teach simple strategies around common clutter issues in a fun & relaxing environment. Hosting a Clutter Clinic for your clients is a wonderful opportunity to help them get ready to sell their home or organize their current home. Clutter Clinics The Imperfectly Tidy Podcast Resources Listen anywhere! Donate & Recycle Guides

WCT Sales Presentation Template

Transcript: Central Europe Vienna Salzburg April 27: Salzburg - Sound of Music Tour - Salzburg/Performance Cuenca Vienna, Austria Performance Tour to Austria Rouen April 24: Vienna Prague California Bath Derry Thank you for traveling with Salzburg Festspielhaus Figueres $2,799 P/P Dbl. Occ. (Plus Air Taxes Exceeding $450, Pending Air Confirmation) Check-in to hotel in Salzburg Temperatures range from 41*-60* F in April Home to one-fourth of the Austrian population Also home to the highest waterfall and the oldest carousel in the world Spain Argentina April 28: Arrive Boston 7:55pm Mont St. Michel St. Charles' Church Pienza Valencia Washington, D.C. France Cabo da Roca Haus der Musik Beijing Oxford Philadelphia Versailles Stratford-upon Avon Getreidegasse Connemara St. Petersburg April 23: Vienna/Performance Tallinn Hotel Europa Mondsee Riga Normandy April 22: Arrive Zurich 10:55am; depart Zurich 12:35pm Pompeii Portugal Coimbra Oporto Estoril Tandil Schönbrunn Palace/Performance April 25: Potential Performance, Recital at Melk Abbey Killarney Stockholm Savannah Capuchin Church San Gimignano Mar del Plata Dublin Dinner together at local restaurant Sorrento Sintra Florence Monserrat China Montreal Melk Abbey/Recital Charleston Klaipeda Caen Sitges Montalcino Italy Toledo Dinner together this evening United Kingdom Budapest Salzburg, Austria April 23: Potential Performance, Chapel of Schönbrunn Palace Montecatini Buenos Aires Quebec City Baltics Tarragona Belfast Shanghai April 27: Potential Performance, Salzburger Dom Mozart's Birth House Glendalough Barcelona Siena Yangtze River Hofburg Palace Tour Inclusions Vienna - 3* Free internet access Easy access to city highlights Amalfi Vilnius April 26: Salzburg/City Tour - Hallein Salt Mines - Salzburg April 21-28, 2014 Dover Roundtrip Airfare Six (6) Nights Accommodation Luxury Motor Coach Tour Manager Throughout Three (3) Performances Including One (1) Recital Breakfast Daily Welcome Dinner Two (2) Additional Dinners Farewell Dinner Sightseeing per Itinerary Standard A+ Travel Insurance Air Taxes Up To $450 Gratuities to Tour Manager, Driver & Local Guides Paris April 22: Arrive Vienna 1:55pm April 28: Depart Munich at 2:05pm April 25: Vienna - Melk/Recital - Salzburg Boston Naples Belmont High School Choir Star Inn Hotel Wien Schönbrunn Girona Lucca St. Peter's Abbey Temperatures range from 41*-59* F in April Salzburg is the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and is the fourth-largest city in Austria Madrid April 21: Depart Boston 9:45pm Rome Performance at Salzburger Dom Chongqing Sicily Have a safe and enjoyable journey! New York City Capri Canada Leopold's Castle Burren London Chicago Pisa Nanjing Chartres Farewell Dinner at local restaurant Salzburg - Superior 3* Walking distance to Mirabell Gardens Internet available Prater Park Canterbury Xi'an Helsinki Ireland Views of St. Gilgen on Lake Wolfgang Nonnberg Abbey Hallein Salt Mines Cascals Lisbon Welcome Dinner at hotel Stonehenge Galway

Presentation for Sales

Transcript: Summarize Production facilities Thank you! What is the common goal for 2022 ? 2018 2018 Target Real Vietnam 5% 13,82% Kessel 7% 7,16% USA 5% 12 projects Last year: 6.348 Stock level 2017 target 2018 jan-may 2018 Kessel 18 15 10 Meer 60 45 18 Vietnam 11 10 8 Usa sales/prod 315 203 87 Total 404 273 123 For 5 month 113 SOS project - Chantal – Jessie – logistic team / sales team Donut Topper team – all disciplines – Harm Sales team – IC team Gerben – Rogier Sales & Operation team – IC-Sales-Procurement-Supply chain Teamwork Mention two rules of Admiral's Ten Presentation for Sales €100.000.000 Halal Asia Passed Feb BRC/ISO Belgium Passed Mar Kosher Asia Passed Apr GDOA USA Passed Apr SA80000 Asia Passed May BRC USA Passed, Grade A June BRC unannounced Asia Passed, Grade A+ Efficiency Questions 1 Coffee –US 2.Coffee –China 3.Coffee –UK 4.Indulgence(‘Retail OTS & T’) 5.Growing Channels 6.ISB Australia 7.C-Stores 8.Mexico 9.New Consumer Groups–Hispanics 10.B2B Kits –OTS Partnerships 11.Licensing 12.Co-branding What is the estimate CAGR , used for the strategy 2022 ? QA Audits USA -943 keur Emea +325 keur Asia +213 keur Total -405 Keur 11 July 2018 If you do NOT have a collective goal, you do not need each other Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn From feedback, to feed forward I’ve never won a match, using my weak points The body achieves, what the mind believes Loser wait until something happens, winners make something happen Do not work harder, but in a smarter way You are not given responsibilities, you must take them Losers often say impossible, winners often say possible Winners have a plan, losers have excuses Questions Sales is for EMEA and Asia under control – USA needs attention Efficiency- complaints-investments under control QA – all audits – no recalls Each department takes his responsibility – now time to look over the borders – working together Start of Strategy 2022 – needed teamwork and follow up What is the average price of Dark Chocolate ? QA Complaints Production: 2.138 Goods in transit: 941 Logistic centres: 4.330 Total: 7.409 Sales €2,50 Questions Investments Kessel 6% Logistics Questions -8,14% Donut topper line – USA sept/oct 2018 Blockmelter – tanks – Vietnam sept/oct Building USA – warehousing Pouch packing machine – Vietnam Check weigher – USA Have a good holiday and a good 2nd halfyear in sales! What's going on?

Template Asset360 Sales Presentation

Transcript: Conduct Snapshot Asset360 Pro Proactively managing contract aging Asset360 snapshot Annexure A How it works... What is Asset360? How do you perform a Snapshot? Optimisation Percentage of assets incorrectly specified Optimisation Pcounter 5. What is Asset360? What separates Asset360 from existing software solutions in the market? How do you sell Asset360? 6. Agree strategy to assess/load entire client environment Pricing Policy Asset360 Sales Engagement Presentation Asset360 Snapshot Network Same considerations as sample environment How do you sell Asset360? (Cost plus 65%) 36>50 Months What separates Asset360 from existing software solutions in the market? Asset360 is an online asset management and optimisation software solution, that provides clients with a unique array of business intelligence Rental Assets 4. Asset Utilisation Completing the Pro Scanfile Optimisation Annexure A 18 Consulting Geographical Entities Asset Management Asset360 Snapshot Asset360 Pro Optimisation A. Asset Utalisation Percentage of clients still paying for absent or unused equipment out of contract Load Balancing Human resource requirements >3 Months ...thereafter Notification - canceling unwanted contracts (evergreens) Total finance cost as a percentage of TCO So what is the focus of asset management in Asset360? Completing the Snapshot Scanfile Reconcile assets with their corresponding contracts or Average finance cost Reporting Annexure A Evergreens Prime Percentage of clients able to provide all contractual records "Asset management vs. contact management" 5% +6% Results interpretation Interaction Quality Assess selected sample - indicative of entire environment Business Intelligence 15-30% ...based on data gathered from over 50 client audits and studies... 40% 1. What we found... Asset360 Pro Perform Snapshot Fixed Assets Agree on Proof Of Concept (POC) project Subnets Expensed Assets Provide feedback YSoft Availabilty Industry Insights Asset360 Scanfile Time Questions? Uploading the Scanfile B. Load Balencing Page 2 Presentation What is asset management? Size Use existing client and Contract management - ensuring correspondence between invoices and contracts (escalations and interest rate adjustments) Basic Account Profile >12 Months 2. Month difference between percieved and actual contract refresh rates Overall Equipment Effectiveness Clustering Complexity Presentation Overview 65% 12>36 Months Location Asset360 lite Building Geographical Entities (GE) Page 1 Cost No Contracts Physical Informs purchasing of capital equipment - based on actual requirements Other Identify Savings Opportunities and Efficiencies Asset360 pro Introduce Asset360 to client 3.

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