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Technology Roadmap Presentation Template

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Technology Roadmap

Transcript: Technology Road Ahead 2012 2012 HercULes as Storefront wULverine to support repoting 2015 2015 Sofa Trials Sofa-trials fULfil App Catalog & Fulfil App Navision Uniware & Navision 2018-2021 Cancellation Policy Implementation. Code zero projects. Automation of Refunds. Cost optimization Initiatives Implementation of Razorpay Gateway. 2018 Cost | Policy Revisions | EBITDA 2021 2021 VMI Business Logistics solution for geographies expansion - FO Integration with RRL Online Systems Online Systems 2022 Enable business deliver differentiating value to our Customers by Scalable technology Solutions and Innovations. 2022 ... Growth Growth Template based catalog naming Listing Filters Enhancements - Cleanup Listing Sort logic Enhancements Simplifying discount update engine Product Search Enhancements (SaaS Solution) AJIO / Jiomart Integration (As with Amazon/Flipkart) Cross device attribution Detailed payments visibility to vendor Detailed cancellation visibility to vendor Serving subset of SKUs to a location Web & App UI/UX Revamp (Multibrand module) ModULar ModULar Interior service visibility on all platforms Onboarding 3rd party solutions for D2M. First Proposal & Estimation Flow BOQ (Sale Order) tracking - Basic Purchase Order tracking - Basic Puchase (Service) order tracking for vendors (Installation, Painting etc) Lead Management and Customer communication - Basic BOQ (Sale Order) tracking - Detailed Lead Management and Customer communication - Detailed Raw material Inventory sync with D2M Solution Box level tracking Experience your design via VR (with iMOS VR Output) Purchase Order tracking - Detailed Vendor API Integration (for each service) Service - Operations Service -Operations Multi FC Support in FO. Direct deliveries - QWIK (Forward & Reverse). Direct deliveries - 3PL (Forward & Reverse). Automated delivery scheduling. Automated delivery planning with route optimisation. Fulfil App revamp for lastmile tracking. Inter FC stock moment Automation. Vendor drop ship for MTO. Hybrid flow - 3PL (FC to DC) + UL lastmile. Box level tracking. Service - CRM Customer GSTIN Verification during order placement CRM (Clevertap) Integration for order tracking updates (Whatsapp) Refund Iniatiation on product pick up NEFT Refunds Automation (Through Payout link) Improved communication on promise change Warantee Policies Streamlining Service Order Flow - Slab based SKUs (At home, Pick & Repair) Order flow & Service flow for VAS Integration with Tech Gaurd for Order & Service updates Service Order Flow - SKUs for all Components (At home, Pick & Repair) Streamlining VMI Cancellation flow Detailed order tracking (3PL Tracking) VMI Aftersales / Replacement flow. After Sales App Enhancements Wallet Integration for Refunds Service - CRM Supply Supply Subcontracting implementation Promise for Multi FC (for MTS Inventory) VMI Multi Facility Fulfilment Exceptional SLA for SKU Inventory Forecasting & Replenishment engine Shipsy Integration for Imports Quality check at vendor place Vendor capacity configuration engine (for MTO) Finance & Compliance Finance & Compliance Streamlining cancellation reversal (Including VMI) Delivery challan implementation for After sales Fabric order flow Gift card ledger creation JioPay Integration Customer email and phone verfication Voucher liability report Inventory report (Stock location, Adjustment) Vendor Invoice knock-off Thank You

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