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Teal Presentation Background

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Transcript: Standard Four & Five Personal Growth Opportunity Completed by: Sarah-Elizabeth Chandler ~John Adams~ Standard Nine Content Knowledge & Assessment Mr. Piner keeps a log of what is effective and what isn't in a sort of teacher journal as we spoke about in class. This seemed to be a very effective way to keep track of his effectiveness. Also he asked me following some of my observations what my thoughts were on his teaching, this allowed him to receive feedback from someone who is a student themselves. Standard Ten Educational Philosophy Mr. Piner's assessments including: pre-assessment, formative, and summative. His pre-assessment consisted of improv games to help them understand the dynamics of theatre. He also would walk by their rehearsals of their assignments: scenes, monologues, etc and would watch their progress. For summative assessments the students would have to perform their works to the entire class as Mr. Piner graded in the audience. There are two educations. One should teach us how to make a living and the other how to live. Ability to Build Relationships Showtime Uintah He also was very strong with his relationship with his coworkers, even the administrators delivered him cookies at one point. As Harry Wong discussed, it's important to be a family within your school. Beyond this however, he also had several visits from former students as I observed him. Other Professionals Project Shy TEAL 1010 FINAL PRESENTATION Mr. Piner's Classroom: 9th/10th/11th/12th Theatre Uintah High School, Vernal, Utah Through this course I have learned a new array of what it truly takes to be a teacher. Education isn't simply about teaching a lesson or meeting the curriculum, it is about truly reaching a student. My philosophy is that to an effective teacher and classroom revolves around teamwork. A teacher cannot do all they can and then pick up all the extra work of the students and vice versa, but must be a shared load. It has to be a you do-I do relationship in the sense that each person is doing their part. I also believe that education has to be taken thoughtfully and not just like a chore, you're educating young minds and you cannot simply just shove facts down their throat, you have to teach their mind and their heart, as cheesy as it sounds. In short this quote describes my educational philosophy: Showtime Uintah is a musical revue that UHS puts on every year in the fall, this year I had the unique opportunity to be the house and assistant stage manager for the production. This experience taught me a brand new understanding for what work has to go into a production as well as giving me an appreciation for those who complete this task. Standard Eight Learning Environment Assessment Practices Service Standard One In Harry Wong's lecture, "The First Day of School" he spoke about how important it is to ot involve the students in the attendance. Mr. Piner quickly and efficiently takes attendance before class even starts so that it isn't a drawn out process. Eduacation is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the WORLD. ~Frederick Douglass~ Ability to Communicate Effectively Showtime Uintah Uintah High School, Vernal, Utah I have an extensive history with Mr. Piner because of my participation in the Uintah High Theatre program. Within the semester of this class I have seen him take on many leadership roles in school and in the community. Beyond being the theatre teacher at Uintah High School as well as a Modern World History teacher: Mr. Piner directs the theatre program at Uintah, helps to run our local television channel, VTV, and even helps direct the Miss Uintah County Pageant. Uintah High’s theatre program has become renowned through out the state of Utah, and much of that has been a big thanks to Mr. Piner. Through work within the community and by trying to form strong ties within the theatre world, he has built up a legendary program. The most outstanding part of his leadership is definitely the fact that he does this all for the students he works with. Through his participation within the VTV Channel and the Miss Uintah County pageant he has promoted a sense of reaching forward within our community. He always tries to teach his students that someone out there is doing your dream, so why shouldn’t it be you? Overall, I see a strong sense of educational leadership and advocacy within Mr. Piner, after all his phrase has been, “Those who teach, can.” Standard Six & Seven I have always been a very shy person, that's just the fact. But through several activities and projects I have become a person who isn't so afraid anymore and I'm proud of that. Some projects were singing in church and being the announer for Showtime Uintah. Overall, these things have caused me to be a better and more outgoing person. This class has taught me, whether they be about myself or education itself, I have learned many lessons. Teaching is something I know I could do and I know I would enjoy. However, through this class

Experimental Teal Season Background and history

Transcript: Michigan met criteria but was not granted teal seasons along with other production states (IA, MN, WI)--11 states in the Mississippi Flyway were granted teal seasons Teal Season MOU Goals Other Considerations Questions and answer Recording Fates of Shot Birds Criteria were met: Historic attempts at non-target flocks in Michigan were below 25% (22%) and non-target kill was < 10%. Teal Season MOU Evaluation Criteria (A flock of Metrics) Let someone know your hunt plan Maintain safe distance and direction from others Observe PFD and other safe boating practices BWT Migration Timing and Winter Distribution Questions Michigan's first experimental teal season held 1965 ` We Have Succeeded and Can Do So Again! Teal season MOU and evaluation criteria ? 1967 Season Documented in Report 2618 Production states have pursued teal seasons for a long time but only now is that an option Declining waterfowl hunting participation Mentoring especially important for waterfowl hunting: Relatively complex regulations Duck identification Specialized equipment Decoys, boats, waders, etc... Why have an early teal season Topics Historic Teal Seasons Options Provided by USFWS for Expanded Teal Hunting Opportunities Mentor a Youth or Other Hunter Experimental early teal season 2 additional teal in the regular season daily limit No additional opportunity Continental Status of Blue-winged and Green-winged Teal Teal harvest assessment concluded much more harvest could be sustained "1. Estimate the harvest of teal species during the experimental September teal season of 2014-2016. 2. Estimate the proportional take and attempted take of non-target species during experimental September teal seasons of 2014-2016. Non-target species are defined as waterfowl other than teal, and American coots." Your Safety is Priority 1 Experimental Teal Season Background and History Dave Luukkonen, MDNR Wildlife Division Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Between USFWS and MDNR "The season will not be approved for operational status if the experiment determines that, (1) the upper 90% confidence limit on the attempt rate at non-target species exceeds 0.25 (all production states combined), or (2) the kill of non-target species exceeds 10 percent of the kill of teal and non-target species combined, or (3) results are inconclusive. Furthermore, if the upper 90% confidence limit on the attempt rate at non-target species does not exceed 0.25 (all production states combined), but the upper limit of the 67% confidence interval for an individual states’ non-target attempt rate exceeds 0.25, that state will not be allowed to continue with the teal season on an operational basis." Signed by Directors of USFWS and MDNR Establishes agreement to collect data and evaluate teal season Similar agreements established with 3 other production states 3-year experiment MOU and Evaluation Criteria Why Have a Special Early Teal Season Now?

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