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Tattoo Presentation

Transcript: Becoming a Tattoo Artist A Basic Understanding of the Industry Displaying Your Portfolio Portfolios When starting on a portfolio, make sure it is displayed professionally. One effective way to do this is to use a binder with clear pockets for the pages to protect your work. Making Your Portfolio Engaging Making Your Portfolio Engaging Start by including your resume and cover letter. Include any relevant education or experience. Include a variety of pieces that display your versatility. Only use completed pieces and put the pieces you're most confident in, at the beginning and the ending of your portfolio. This is so that your portfolio starts and ends on a high note. How to Start an Apprenticeship Apprenticeships The first thing you need to decide is who you want to mentor you. Find someone who works in a reputable tattoo shop that is hygienic. Ideally look for someone who will challenge you. Once you decide on that, approach the person who you'd like to train you and ask them if they'd be willing to teach you. The Cost of an Apprenticeship The Cost of an Apprenticeship Few apprenticeships pay you. Usually, the opposite is true. Since you're being taught a skill, you'll be expected to offer either payment or free labor in exchange for training. The most common cost for an apprenticeship is between 4,000-10,000 dollars. Apprenticeship Contracts You'll likely have to sign a contract when agreeing to be an apprentice. The contract will set forth the expectations for both you and your employer. It will include how long your apprenticeship will last, what you will pay, and what your weekly responsibilities will be. You can have an attorney review it if you feel it necessary. Apprenticeship Contracts Pre-License Certifications After you finish your apprenticeship, you'll have to get a few certifications and possibly go through some training courses to meet your state's licensing requirements. Pre-License Certifications A Blood Borne Pathogen Certificate Blood Borne Pathogen Certificate Since tattoo artists work with human skin it's important to follow health and safety guidelines. This certification will show that you know how to prevent the spread HIV, Hepatitis C, and other infections. Training on Disease Prevention You may have to go through several classes and seminars that further your knowledge on different types of diseases that can spread through tattooing and how to prevent them. Training on Disease Prevention Licenses After gaining the necessary experience, you can apply for your license. Make sure to check the requirements for your state and any state you want to tattoo in. You can be licensed to tattoo in more than one state as long as you meet the state's requirements. Licenses

Tattoo Presentation

Transcript: How Tattoos Affect the Integumentry System The Tattooing Process Explained Brief Summary: The tattoo artist will select a machine with a variety of sterile needles. Each indivual tatoo needle has smaller needles attached to them coming to a single point with dye linked in between. The needles when triggred by the coil (Tattoo Machine) peirce through the skin deep enough to drag the ink deep into the dermis leaving the ink to reamin permanent in the skin of the person. The Tattooing Process Explained What Makes Tattoos Permanent In order for a tattoo to remain in the skin the tattoo must go beneath the five sublayers of the epidermis and 1mm to 2mm deep into the dermis. Furthermore, when a tattoo goes into the dermis the body reacts as if it was an open wound and sends white blood cells to fight off the potential wound/infection. When microphages get to the wound they are only able to fight and carry a few of the dye pigments away leaving most behind causing them tbe left behind and remain visible in the skin. What Makes Tattoos Permanent How Tattoos Are Permanent Cont. Also, tattoos remain permanet because the pigment of the dye is too big for the white blood cells to completly be absorbed How Tattoos Are Permanent Cont. What Can Happen if the Needle Does Not Go Deep Enough If the needle and the ink does not go into the dermis the tattoo will not remain permanent. The tattoo will not remain permanent because the epidermis regenerates new skin cells roughy every 25-30 days. This means the tattoo would fade out and diminish along with the rest of the dead skin cells. What Can Happen if the Needle Does Not Go Deep Enough How Tattoos Can Affect the Immune System Positively Research by The American Journal of Human Biology suggests that getting inked can actually toughen up your immune system. Reasoning behind this study is it causes the body to adapt to future tattoos and allows the body to heal faster. Another study also concluded that the IGA levels of those with no pre-existing tattos experineced more stress and a larger spike in IGA levels compared to those who have pre-existing tattoos following the inking session. How Tattoos Can Affect the Immune System Positively How Tattoos affect the Immune System Negatively While getting a tattoo the skin is puntured, causing bleeding, which can put one at risk of contracting Hepatitis B. While it is rare between one and five percent of tattooed people suffer a bacterial infection, and some people can have allergic reactions to the ink Lastly, a study published this year found that tattoos may interfere with the way your skin sweats. Compared to non-tattooed skin, inked skin excretes about 50% less sweat How Tattoos affect the Immune System Negatively Works Cited Works Cited

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