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TATA Steel

Transcript: Had a tough time especially to implement the software in one stroke. Meets the demands of a big firm like TISCO. Associating and implanting TISCO to all the stakeholders (time granted for the process was 8 months) Business process was divided into two main segments: 1-Core functions 2- Supporting functions. The company took all efforts to ensure that the change did not produce any sort of resentment in the organization. The Company TATA STEEL Problems of the company Challenges of the company Solution for the company History Background B Muthuraman, MD (Designate), said: "Implementing any ERP system is a challenge for an organization because of the declining success rate of ERP implementations world-wide.” Successfully implementing SAP to 46-odd geographic locations across the country under a big bang approach in just eight months. Integrated IT model Results TATA Steel ERP SAP software was associated with certain strategic goals: TISCO wanted to bring forth a culture of continuous learning and change. Enable TISCO to achieve a world-class status for its products and services and strengthen its leadership position in the industry. They wanted the software to result in quick decision- making, transparency and credibility of data and improve responsiveness to customers across all areas. Thank you :) General Data Products Branches IT Benefits ERP IN TATA STEEL Reduced application maintenance costs Lower integration costs Lower infrastructure costs Definition How it works? Remarkable result in terms of financial technical and managerial parameters. The effective handling and speed delivery resulted in greater sales. Drastic fall in the amount owned to creditors. The systems were made more user friendly. This improved the quality of work thereby increased the productivity. Massive change in terms of accountability administration and control. PLAN Arthur D. Little( Strategy Consultants) and IBM Global Services (BPR Consultants) redesigned the two core business processes: Order Generation & Fulfillment and the Marketing Development processes. To improve customer focus, facilitating better credit control, and reduction of stocks. Adopted the latest production and business practices to offer innovative processes. Choosing The Platform and Technology ERP Benefits: Integrated Supply Chain Shared Services and Outsourcing Agility in functioning Increased information transparency Supply Chain Management When orders are being entered, availability checks assign the order to a block and feeds back a date. Right before production starts, planned orders from the SCM application are converted into production orders and, via the ERP system. Detailed scheduling then takes place, sequencing and combining pieces from various orentations into lots for optimization. Production completion then posts an updated status of the orders into the ERP system, including stock receipts of finished products, and so forth. Implementation The Challenge Introducing ERP in TATA STEEL

tata steel

Transcript: Study of Implementation of DCS in Sinter Plant 1, 2, 3 and 4 DCS architecture of sinter plant 2 Typical DCS System Architecture Sintering process DCS architecture of sinter plant 3 After sintering Peer-to-peer architecture (P2P architecture) is a commonly used computer networking architecture in which each workstation, or node, has the same capabilities and responsibilities. The decentralized nature of P2P networks increases robustness because it removes the single point of failure that can be inherent in a client-server based system. Sinter plant 5 All circuit of sinter plant is now available at HMI which can be operated and controlled in central control room. Operator control station and sinter handling operator station is now unmanned and all these activities are now being done from central control room. Table feeder control room is now unmanned and its entire control is through central control room (DCS) Furnace temp control has now become much easier and accurate. Trending /archiving of all data is possible even for a longer period. Better visualization of process by operator All the data of sinter plant is available at the DCS and start /stop of SP is can be done by DCS. Fault diagnosis is now easy .It can be done by operator. Forcing/bypassing is now much easier than previous. Awareness regarding sinter plant has now improved because all data are now available at central control room HMI. 1. In the sintering process, coke is ignited by a natural gas burner; and air is sucked through the material bed. Client / server network TATA STEEL This is how it looks in real !!! Introduction cont……….. By Anusha Patel H S 1SJ14LDS01 A server host runs one or more server programs which share their resources with clients . A client does not share any of its resources, but requests a server's content or service function. Clients therefore initiate communication sessions with servers which await incoming requests Peer to peer network Particle size less than 5mm Overview DCS architecture of sinter plant 3 Bistupur, Jamshedpur , Singhbhum(dist.), Jharkhand -813011 rails Particle size greater than 5mm 1.Sinter is fine particles of iron ore, coke and limestone, fused into lumps for use as blast furnace feed. Processing sinter helps eliminate raw flux, which is a binding material used to agglomerate materials, which saves the heating material, coke, and improves furnace productivity. 2.Machines and field devices used for processing sinter is controlled by DCS (Distributed Control System). DCSs are usually designed with redundant processors to enhance the reliability of the control system. 3.Siemens have implemented DCS in sinter plant 2 using client server model. Whereas ABB has implemented DCS in sinter plant 3 using hybrid peer to peer model. Comparison of DCS architectures of two sinter plants is made and the conclusion is made Distributed Control System (DCS) 1. What is sinter? 2. What is sintering process? 3. What is sinter plant? 4. DCS and architecture 5. Which architecture is best for plant and why? 5 1.Established in 1907 by Dorabji Tata as Asia's first integrated private sector steel company 2.World's second-most geographically-diversified steel producer What is sinter? Sinter is fine particles of iron ore, coke and limestone, fused into lumps for use as blast furnace feed. Introduction Uses of DCS in sinter plant…….. A Distributed Control System (DCS) refers to a control system of a process or any kind of dynamic system, in which the controller elements are not central in location but are distributed throughout the system with each component sub-system controlled by one or more controllers. The entire system of controllers is connected by networks for communication and monitoring. DCS is a very broad term used in a variety of industries, to monitor and control distributed equipment. Sinter plant Internal guide Dr. S BHARGAVI PROFESSOR Dept of ECE, SJCIT The client-server model of computing is a distributed application structure that partitions tasks or workloads between the providers of a resource or service, called servers, and service requesters, called clients. Often clients and servers communicate over a computer network on separate hardware, but both client and server may reside in the same system. Abstract As nodes arrive and demand on the system increases, the total capacity of the system also increases, and the likelihood of failure decreases. If one peer on the network fails to function properly, the whole network is not compromised or damaged. Agglomeration takes place on sinter bed . It involves combining particles to create products with new particle sizes. 2. The air and coke react to partially soften and reduce the ferrous materials with the slag forming materials bonding everything together into a (cooked) lump of solid sinter. Sri Adichunchanagiri Shikshana Trust(R) S J C Institute of Technology Department of Electronics And Communication Abstract TATA STEEL Ltd. Before sintering bridges

Tata Steel

Transcript: Joda Jyothi Fellowship IMR -64% reduced Camp school Jamshedpur MA in social work in Livelihood and Social Entrepreneurship Batch 2013-15. Jharkhand Seen different interventions across verticals and visited extreme backward areas where TSRDS has its presence Example- Nagada Tata Steel CSR offers a wide exposure to diverse areas of work in some of the country's most vulnerable areas with the freedom to express opinions and try out new ideas. I am here to understand the challenges of the sector more deeply and develop my own leadership skills to address the same CIVIL INFRASTRUCTURE Tinplate LAC CULTIVATION CSR fitness league which keeps your sportsman spirit alive Kalinganagar SKILL DEVELOPMENT "The place where you will find lot of things to explore and learn to put things what you want to put" Learnings and Reflections so far… Empowerment CSR Departments/ Societies of TATA STEEL Learnings and Reflections so far continues.... Regional Samvaad When you work, work as if everything depends upon you. When you pray, pray as if everything depends upon God J R D Tata Social Entrepreneurship Batch of 2013-15. URBAN SERVICES Sukinda Tata Steel Rural Development Society Apparel Designing Check Dam Odisha Founders Vision Manoharpur The organization has given me the space to learn and unlearn, always striving to give my best. A great place to work where individuality is valued. Samvaad Milk Chilling Plant TSSDS - TATA STEEL SKILL DEVELOPMENT SOCIETY “This is a great place to learn and grow with sense of ownership and sense of responsibility. I am utilizing here my knowledge, skills and creativity for impacting people’s lives through people centered capability approach of sustainable development.” Noamundi Met MD, VP, Heads, Chief of mines and great personalities like Dr. Balasubramaniam, Dr. Gopinath, Professor Joe, Dr Mukund Rajan, Viraf Mehta MANSI ( MATERNAL AND NEW BORN) Sukinda Learnings and experimenting one’s ideas Kumar Gaurav TSRDS - TATA STEEL RURAL DEVELOPMENT SOCIETY Pankaj Mahalle Samavaad 2016 Vijayendra Kadlabal Tata steel no 1 CSR as per the report of THE ECONOMIC TIMES dt. 15.9.16 SRI training, Lift Irrigation, pond construction and renovation Visit to Nagada Joda MA in social work in Livelihood and Social Entrepreneurship Batch 2013-15. RISHTA ( ADOLESCENT HEALTH) Visited all the operational areas and the open cast mines, underground mines of the company 1000 Schools project Health Intervention You work whole day, but you may gain no result. But the day was your experience AK Water Tank Rural Immersion OPERATIONAL AREAS Moral Rearmament(MRA) an initiative for change which makes you realise the importance of moral values in your life Shruti Parmar Rajesh Xaxa NMR- 63% reduced This add much to my journey Outdoor Retreat Program West bokaro TCS -TRIBAL CULTURAL SOCIETY Pre-Matric Coaching MA Social Work CODP Batch 2013-2015 NURSING Tata Sustainability Conclave 2017 Tribal life-dance, sharing their culture Competition Future scape scores of Tata company vis a vis their sectoral peers FISHERY & DUCKERY Education A Place to Place yourself Tata Steel Scholars MA Social Work in DSA Batch 2013-2015 Khushbu Prajapati "Something i love about my job is that it gives me freedom to do what I like to do. I can ask questions(not for the sake of asking question but to seek answer), I can propose ideas without fear, I can be myself at work. This is something that i think that is unique to this place. Today i work with Tribal Farmers, with Children as well as Youth. The challenge here is to create your own space and come out of your comfort zone. Go ahead and challenge yourself!" GREEN COLLEGE Shalini Kujur Tumung: Outbound Leadership In TSRDS, the senior management encourages participatory planning. The most wonderful thing with me here is that my boss will always poke to plan and do something. I am independent to plan for my vertical. I feel I am at the right place serving the deserved Gopalpur It is up to the employee how they creating their place HEALTH CAMPS VEGETABLE FARMING Mentor mentee relation, support of buddy “ We dedicate ourselves to the communities we exist in, constantly striving to be a knowledge based catalyst, enabling the community to achieve economic independence & social integration. We shall ensure sustainability through continuous participation & empowerment of the people. We shall adopt current management practice to achieve our goals” Moral Re-armament(MRA) Identifying one’s own capabilities Support of HR team and the seniors Jamadoba(Dhanbad) Gomardih jsr Liberty to choose area of interest ANIMAL HUSBANDRY It gives you a platform to showcase your talent CODP- 2008-2010 Learnings and Reflections so far continues.... AWARENESS PROGRAMMES AGRICULTURE/LIVELIHOOD Our Dear Seniors Klnr Hospitality Outdoor Retreat ,Mandarmani Annual Tribal Conclave At Jamshedpur- started in the year 2014 CATATRACT (EYE OPERATIONS) Regional Samvaad- Mysore, Baroda and Shillong Either you earn it or nothing TSFIF - TATA

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