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Syracuse/ Syracuse

Transcript: Syracuse was the home of the great mathematician Archimedes During the Second Triumvirate, Sicily was taken by Octavian Sicily has many remnants of Roman buildings. It also has its own style of Architecture known as Sicilian Baroque which emerged after rebuilding from the 1693 Earthquake. Founded circa 735 BC by Greeks on the Island of Sicily Syracuse has a Mediterranean Climate with yearly lows around 60 degrees and highs around 90s. It has many rivers which run through, the longest of which is the Salso Sicilian Architecture Sicily has cuisine that is very similar to that of Italy, although it has heavy Greek and Arabic influences Syracuse was also the seat of a Praetor Sicily was covered in farmland and thick forests, which were used for the Roman Navy Sicilian Food Modern Day Syracuse Average yearly rainfall is about 44 mm Sicilian Language Sicily is a mostly hilly island with numerous volcanoes Necropolis of Pantalica Sicily was the center of trade in the Mediterranean Archimedes helped defend Syracuse at the siege with various catapults Conquered by Romans during the 2nd Punic War at the Siege of Syracuse Infrastructure Modern day Syracuse has a population of 120,00 It is still an agricultural center and is a prime destination for tourism Sicily is still a center of trade in the Mediterranean, with many ports Syracuse, Sicily Climate Sicilians speak a language different than Italian, It is a Romance language with about 7 million native speakers Syracusae Sicily was once filled with great forests, though many have disappeared Syracuse was the capital of Sicily under Roman rule


Transcript: history Off campus there are many things to. Ror example General Info. Syracuse University is located in Syracuse, New York. It is a 4 year that offers certificate, bachelors, associate and doctoral degrees. It also has a primary residential campus. Syracuse is currently ranked lnd in the country at lacrosse. They ended their season with a total of 178 goal. Also, winning several player or the week awards. Syracuse Ornges Syracuse offers many sports includding lacrosse, football, soccer and much more. winning athletice awards. The Syracuse soccer team has won many awards. They recently added two national ranking played to their team. sports Mens lacrosse soccer In 1973 Syracuse University inaugurated its first chancellor Alexander Winchell Syracuse first opened in 1870. Once known as Genesee College attempted to move to Syracuse, Ny in 1966. In the summer of 1990, the cheerleaders and mascots were at a UCA Cheerleading Camp in Tennessee and the students who were chosen to suit up in the costume narrowed the field down to two potential names -- "Opie" and "Otto"—as a new orange costume was made. It was concluded that the name "Opie" would lead to the inevitable rhyme with 'dopey', and settled on "Otto." Later that fall, word got out that the cheerleaders were calling the latest mascot costume Otto, and the name stuck.[1][2] For 17 years the university did not settle on an "official" mascot until the chancellor appointed a group of students and faculty to create a mascot and logo. University administration considered introducing a new mascot (a wolf or lion were likely candidates), but the student body supported Otto. He was recognized as the official mascot of Syracuse University by 1995 Syracuse University THINGS TO DO OUT SIDE OF SCHOOL


Transcript: High demand for product Significant market share (40% or more) High technology solution by Syracus Talented and experienced engineers team Jacques(CEO), Antoine, and Francis as founders 28 years as managers in DeereTec Old and experienced but retire soon In 1999, raise 2M CHF capital -- New participants NEW PRODUCTS Wednesday, February 26, 2014 SYRACUSE BY:KUMAR HASSAN ROY SHARES STRATEGIC ROAD MAP CHF 10 millions - 33% shares enhance R&D Recruiting talent Update the product line develop new products. Enter New Market SYRACUSE GLOBAL CONTEXT 40% of the niche market but low 10 % of globe measuring instruments market. New products to explore new markets: Measuring probes Multiplexer Digital scales And so on…. Forecast for the future growths(in 5 years): Rising market share from 10% to 20% in globe market Rising operating revenues from 20millions to 50millions. RISKS FOUNDERS Syracus’s structure is getting bigger Misunderstanding due to lack of policies Slow demand from 2003-2006 Founded in 1998 in Switzerland with an initial investment of CHF 2 million . Jacques, Antoine and Franks are considered founding father of this company. Developed the first product a card that could translate an electronic signal into a sequence of numbers, up to 1 billion measurements per second : fastest in the world 1999 CHF 2 million - 2004 CHF 16 Million clients : CERN , NASA ; IBM , NOKIA ; SDO Boeing Fast growing cause some management and structure issues; Lack of structure in the engineering projects lead to renege on the promise to the customers; Age structure of the top management; ABOUT THE COMPANY OPPORTUNITIES We are only as successful as our innovations and we have to have future talent that will bring that kind of innovative thinking and help us as future employees. 33% SYRACUSE


Transcript: Archaeological Park Church of Santa Lucia Maniace Castle This church was built in 6th century and was the cathedral of Syracuse for a long period. The column remains are the only original peices left in the church. The rest of the church has overgone many changes especially after the earthquake, including the main face which was rebuilt in the Sicilian Baroque style. Roman Amphitheater Monuments found in: This is a freshwater fountain that was the peculiarity of flowing right to the seashore. Since ancient times this fountain was visited by many famous poets and writers. An ancient Greek myth says that the origin of the spring was attributed to the fate of Arethusa, who was transformed by the goddess Artemis into a spring to escape the stalking courtship of the sea god Alpheus. He too was transformed into a river (by Zeus) and mixed his water with that of Arethusa. History and Culture Church of San Giovanni (1/2) Ear of Dionysius This cathedral was built on top of the remains of the Doric Temple (5th century B.C) in Ortigia. The Duomo contains Greek, Byzantine, Arabic, and Norman influences. The main face was rebuilt in Baroque style after the earthquake in 1693. This grotto earned its name because it was where the 'cordari' (or rope-makers) carried out their work for centuries. The humid atmosphere made it easier to twist the ropes together, creating the perfect enviroment for their job. Archaeological Park (2/2) Ortigia This theater was hewn into the rock of Colle Temenite around 5th century B.C and is the largest in all of Sicily. It is considered one of the main hubs of cultural life in Syracuse. Each year several famous Greek Tragedies are played out in this wonderful theater. The Church of Santa Lucia was built in 6th century A.D where, so the legend goes, Syracuse's patron saint was tortured. Since then the church underwent several changes, especially after the earthquake. Rope-Maker's Grotto Arethusa Fountain Churches Dionysius' Ear (or The Ear of Dionysius) is a deep cave about 65 meters deep, 11 meters wide, and 23 meters high. It was built with an acute angle shaped ceiling, similar in shape to the outer ear. Thanks to this, it is well known for its special acoustics, a sound amplified up to 16 times. A famous legend says that this cave was specially built to serve as a prison for political dissidents so Dionysius could hear all their secrets and plans. a look at Syracuse Syracuse (or Siracusa) was founded in 734 B.C by Greek Colonies. 249 years later, in 485 B.C. Gelone became the first tryant of Syracuse. Eventually, the people of Syracuse rebelled against the tryant and set up a democratic government. In 413 B.C Syracuse found itself in desperate need of protection from the powerful Carthage, so the city placed itself under the protection of the tyrant Dionysius. Many years later Syracuse was conquered by the Roman Empire which caused the city's decline. In 476 A.D. the Roman Empire fell and Syracuse was later conquered by The Byzantines, the Normans, the Swabians, and the Spanish. In 1693 a tremendous earthquake shook Eastern Sicily. Syracuse was then rebuilt in the Sicilian Baroque style. Finally, in 1870, Syracuse was annexed to the Kingdom of Italy. The 'Duomo' Historical Buildings and Monuments This amphitheater was built during the Augustan period, not far from the Greek Theater. It is the 3rd largest amphitheater found in Italy, after the ones in Rome and Verona. Like the Greek Theater, it is hewn almost entirely into the rock. It was made to showcase gladiator contests, fierce animal fights and naval battle simulations. Churches Baroque Masterpieces, Ancient temples and Cathedrals Monuments found in the: Greek Theater This castle was built by Frederick || of Swabia on the far point of Ortigia. It overlooks the sea and owes its name to the Byzantine general who conquered Syracuse around the year 1000. Monuments found in the:


Transcript: Syracuse Notre Dame After that video, the better team is Notre Dame! Syracuse Coaching Staff THANK YOU! Notre Dame Coaching Staff The Fighting Irish are know for being a strong and powerful team and have come very close multiple years to winning the National Champs title, but have never won one. Syracuse won the National Champions Title in 2010 and have come close many times since to winning again, but have failed at the task. Kevin Corrigan entering his 27th season on the Fighting Irish sideline in 2015. Since his arrival on campus in 1988, Corrigan has built Notre Dame into one of the premier men's lacrosse teams of the nation. Returning with the Irish in 2007, Gerry Byrne enters the ninth season of his second stint as an assistant coach for the Notre Dame. After his graduation from Notre Dame, Matt Karweck assist his former school to win many of their games. Championship Game 2010 Championship Game 2014 After the lose to Denver in overtime, Notre dame was handed there first lose of the year. After the double over time win against Syracuse, Notre Dame in currently the number 1 team in the nation. With John Desko leading the team with his 5 NCAA National Championship titles with Syracuse, I believe we will be fine this year and thought the many to come. Not forgetting Kevin Donahue who is an alumni of Syracuse and has been with the coaching staff for more then 2 decades. As for the defensive coach, Lelan Rogers joined the staff in 2007 and since then, Syracuse is now one of the best defensive teams in the nation. Syracuse was number 1 in the nation until they lose to Notre Dame in double over-time. Syracuse is currently number 4 in the nation after the lose to North Carolina. About the season so far

Syracuse university presentation

Transcript: Place your logo here Presented by Jakob Mills Syrcause University Introduction Why I chose Syracuse I chose Syracuse University because I have always been interested in this school. I've watched Syrcause sports, like basketball, for years and always thought it would be a cool school to go to. I got the oppertunity to tour the campus while I was in New York and loved it! They have everything! For these reasons, I chose to study Syracuse. What you need to know What you need to know -Syracuse University is a Privet 4-year school that was founded in 1870. -The school is located in Syracuse, New York, on a beautiful 682 acre campus. Student to faculty Student to faculty -Syracse Universty has a 15:1 student to teacher ratio. -They offer many different classes and most of them are small. -76% of classes have 2-9 students. -11% of classes have 10-19 students. Population: 21,492 Campus; Syracuse New York Campus; Syracuse New York Popular majors Popular majors -Buisness -Management -Marketing -Journalism -Psychology Degree programs Degree programs: Syracuse University offers 127 undergraduate degrees and 78 majors throughout 25 fields of study. Tuition Tuition Tuition: $45,150 Housing/food: $15,558 Fees: $1,605 Books/supplies: $1,469 Transportation: $668 Personal expenses: $1,030 Total: $65,480 They have various options of financial aid including scholerships, loans, grants, etc... 52% of graduates to recieve some kind of financial aid. Financial aid Financial aid There is a $75 fee when you apply. Admissions Admissions Student life Student life -There is always something to do if your a student at Syracuse. They have sports teams who play in the NCAA Division 1 league and are usually very good. They have basketball, football, lacrosse, etc... -There are many clubs for anybody to join also. Located in Syracuse, New York, there are many small coffee shops and stores too. -More then 50% of freshmen were in the top 10% of their high school class and scored over 1230 on the SAT. -About 60% or fewer of applicants are accepted. Freshmen class profile Freshmen class profile At Syracuse University, they offer a program called SSS (student support service). This program is a academic assistance program helping students with their school work and teaching them how to manage their time better. Support Services Support Services Syracuse University offers many athletics including basketball, football, cross country, lacrosse, soccer, track and feild, etc... Athletics Athletics


Transcript: -The Duomo The cathedral was a Doric Temple. The building contains influences from various cultures: Greek, Byzantine, Arabic and Norman. The main facade was rebuilt in Baroque Style after the earthquake. -Church of Santa Lucia The church was built in the Byantine period and it is possible to admire the wooden ceiling with painted beams. -Church of San Giovanni This church was the Cathedral of Syracuse for a long period. The main facade was completely rebuilt in Baroque Style after the earthquake. Syracuse History The story goes that Alpheus, son of OceanuS, fell madly in love with the nymph Aretusa, the Goddess Artemides' handmaid. The nymph did not share his feelings. To save her, Artemides turned her into a water source but Zeus also turned Alpheus into a river, allowing him to meet up with Aretusa History and cultures Churches Orecchio di Dioniso This castle was built by Frederick II of Swabia. Its imposing structure stands on a far point of Ortigia overlooking the sea and owes its name to the Byzantine general who conquered Syracuse around 1000. The legend of Aretusa This is a deep cave about 65 meters deep, 11 meters wide and 23 meter high. It is famous for its special acoustics, which are due to the acute angle-shape of the ceiling that is similar in shape to the outer ear, hence its name ''Orecchio'' which means ''Ear''. It has unbelievable acoustic powers: a sound produced inside the cave is amplified up to 16 times. GOAL! Greek Theater Syracuse was founded by Greek colonies in 734 B.C. The first tyrant was Gelone, then Carthage and Hiero II. The city was conquered by the Roman Empire and when that fell in 476 B.C. the city was annexed to the Byzantine Empire. Then there were: the Arabs, the Normans and the Spanish. A terrible earthquake in 1693 destroyed Syracuse and was rebuilt in the Sicilian Baroque. In 1870 the city was annexed to the kingdom of Italy. Castello Maniace Monuments.. This theater was hewn into the rock of Colle Temenite around the 5th century B.C. It is the largest in Sicily and is still one of the main hunbs of cultural life in Syracuse: each year several famous Greek tragedies are played out in the magical place so full of history

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