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Transcript: Bull Sharks Requiem sharks, depending on the breed, can range from less than 40 inches to more than 24 feet. They are commonly seen in the Gulf of California How Many Types of Sharks Are There in the World? Sharks are known for having an aggressive attitude. They also have a reputation for biting humans but it is because they think we are aquatic animals. What Do Sharks Eat ? Blacktip Shark Citations Bull Shark Territory Sand Tiger Shark Sharks Sharks have adapted to living in a wide range of aquatic habitats at various temperatures. While some species inhabit shallow, coastal regions, others live in deep waters, on the ocean floor and in the open ocean. Sharks The Bull Shark: No Shrinking Violet. (n.d.). Retrieved June 01, 2016, from Tiger Sharks - Tiger Shark Pictures - Tiger Shark Facts - National Geographic. (n.d.). Retrieved June 01, 2016, from Tiger shark. (n.d.). Retrieved June 01, 2016, from Video: Never Trust a Tiger Shark. (2016). Retrieved June 01, 2016, from While some shark species are solitary, others show more social behaviors. One example is Hammerhead sharks that school during mating season. Other sharks such as the Great White surprise their prey, usually seals or sea lions, by attacking from below. Fun Fact More people die from vending machines than sharks per year as of 2011. Goblin sharks are among the deepest swimming fish in the ocean. They can grow up to 12 feet long and 450 pounds. Not much is known about their behavior. Fun Fact Top Five Deadly Sharks "Fish are friends not food" The New York Times reported in July 2008 that there had been only one fatal attack in the previous year. On average, there are 16 shark attacks per year in the United States with one fatality every two years. Citations How Humans Use Them They have several rows of teeth that can number in the thousands. As teeth fall out, they are rapidly replaced by those in the row behind. Once they spot a target, they use a burst of speed to bump their prey while biting it at the same time. #5: Blacktip Shark #4: Sand Tiger Shark #3: The Great White #2: Tiger Shark #1: The Bull Shark Tiger Shark Specified Sharks The End. These eel-like sharks reach about 6.5 feet long and are very specialized for the deep ocean. They eat mostly squid as adults but there's no data on juveniles. They eat a variety of different fish. As well as seals, sea lions, and other marine mammals. More people die each year from falling coconuts than shark attacks. Danger, Attacks, Deaths? They have a mouthful of sharp teeth that point in all directions even when the mouth is shut. They can continuously float through through the water by storing surface air in their balloon-like stomachs. Baby sand tiger sharks devour their siblings in the womb. How They Behave There are a wide variety of sharks in the sea. Such as the ones listed. Blacktip sharks have been observed to live in separate boy/girl schools except during the mating season. They have been spotted leaping from the water, rotating several times, and splashing down onto their backs. This is thought to be part of their feeding strategy. They are a species of requiem sharks which are responsible for a large number of human attacks. These sharks are known to eat a variety of strange things.Due to this, they do not usually swim away after biting a human. Stomach contents of captured tiger sharks have been known to contain jewelry, licensed plates and old tires. There could be a billion or more sharks in all the oceans around the world. Today, scientists believe there are more than 400 different species of sharks in the world. The smallest of these-the dwarf lantern shark-is less than seven inches long. Frilled Sharks Shark Fins - Used for everything from "Chinatown food" to pet food. Shark Cartilage - A very popular dietary supplement Shark Livers - The derived oil from them is used for cosmetic and medical purposes. Every year around 75 attacks are reported worldwide. Despite their relative rarity, many people fear shark attacks after occasional serial attacks, such as the Jersey Shore shark attacks of 1916, and horror fiction and films such as the Jaws series. They are the most aggressive, and invasive species of all sharks. They live in warm shallow water. The largest Bull shark was 12 feet long. Where Do They Live? Requiem Sharks Great White Shark Goblin Shark Blacktip Shark - Shark Pictures - Blacktip Facts - National Geographic. (n.d.). Retrieved June 02, 2016, from Frilled shark. (n.d.). Retrieved June 01, 2016, from Goblin Shark Animal Profile. (n.d.). Retrieved June 01, 2016, from

GeoSensor Presentation for Sharks

Transcript: GeoSensor and the Premise for Sharks The present and the future plans GeoSensor GeoSensor is a multipurpose geotagging scanner and mapping application designed for android and iphones. The App Now onto Policies Mapping Mapping is done via custom points or pictures taken by the user which will plot the points automatically on a map of the area allowing for custom mapping to be done with labeling tailored to user decisions. Mapping Tagging Tagging is done by manual user pictures, this allows revisiting of the map by the user later and the ability to use the pictures for cataloging or just for rehashing what they did. For example using the tag feature during a hike, and showing someone the paths you took later that night in preparation for hiking the next day. Tagging Uniqueness The app is unique and flexible enough as it doesn't infringe upon any existing copyrights nor does it copy any existing patents so this avoids any issues with theft or plagiarism of any existing works. Uniqueness Policies working with GeoSesnor Inc. Including examples of Monitoring, Onboarding and Offboarding policies. Policies Examples of monitoring • Employees will be managerially monitored daily, and checked to ensure that the application is being improved and worked on. • There will be a daily sign in sheet fitted with employee tasks needed for that day and the work week as a whole. • Work desktops will have monitoring software for preventing access to sites that are risky and considered not safe for work. • Employees are allowed some creative freedoms in how they complete their tasks as long as they are completed correctly. Monitoring Examples of Onboarding Onboarding • The employee will be given access to an account with Full Office Suite access, which comes with Microsoft programs such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Visio, Outlook, and of course Teams. • Employee will participate in a mandatory meeting to get acquainted with coworkers and to be caught up on current assignments and tasks. • Employee will receive a tour of the office, their station, facilities, and a virtual tour will be provided of the common software and miscellaneous programs used. Examples of Offboarding Offboarding • Employee’s Microsoft Office Suite access will be revoked to prevent access for security purposes. • All physical keys will be returned to office. • Work phone will be returned to company and factory reset. • Desktop will be wiped back to default state to clear any previous user data. Concluding plans for GeoSensor Inc. Conclusion and Plans Company based in U.S. with plans to expand. Company does not use Cryptocurrency as of yet, until suitable. Company will require the full package for cyber security, as network security, fraud defamation, data loss and privacy loss are all issues in a cyber work environment. KiwiQA will beta-test our software As per their own statements, "We are a team of Experienced, Seasoned and Erudite Software Testing Professionals who help You build Flawless and better IT Systems with complete Focus on end-users Needs. With Multifaceted Expertise in Automated, Manual and Advanced Testing Technologies, We assure Immaculateness in Your Software Systems." Details about KiwiQA Beta-test Agreement GeoSensor Inc. has reached an agreement with U-Tor to handle beta-testing for our GeoSensor mobile application. The code will be transferred from KiwiQA to our possession, and then to U-Tor for testing. This process is all to ensure we as a company are going in the right path in our software development, and in the long run, our partnership with U-Tor is implemented to save our time and our money. Beta-test agreement

Swimming with Sharks

Transcript: „For most of history, man has had to fight nature to survive; in this century he is beginning to realise that, in order to survive, he must protect it“ -Jacques Cousteau- Business English Coach BA Hons Business & Environmental Mngt Entrepreneur PADI Master SCUBA Instructor Shark Conservation What is a Shark? U.S. led the world in shark attacks at 36, Australia (14) South Africa (8) Vietnam (6) Egypt (6). Top 4 most dangerous What are the odds of being attacked by a shark? 0.000000015% Slow recovery when stocks are protected 1/3 of all fins imported to Hong Kong come from Europe Spain is largest supplier others: Norway Britain rance Portugal Italy 9$ billion Illegal Fishing fish extracts in concentrations of 1 part in 10 billion Lost the scent swims in a wide S shape Ampullae de Lorenzini irritation and rumours much ado about nothing busybodies less sustainable- generous promises establish resistance against pressure exert reasonable pressure back direct and control boundries talk openly appeal to emotions take vertical position show dominance and psychological size Respect of the environment Great Understanding Deliberate planning individual accountability HUMBLE When the right approach is followed sensitive to fluctuations in electrical fields confident Swimming Formative directing touch Head touch Appearance Sharks Not as adapted as the rest of it`s senses Shark? upper side of the head 50% of worlds catch water pressure towards them teaches you to be What Keep species fromdepleteing food source assess overall situaton Mother Nature calm Touch SENSES Test bites layer of mirrored crystals No nutrition 26 million sharks caught unrecorded 300 million people eat Shark fin soup Serene Tasteless Keep the OCEANS delicate BALANCE DIVING Navigation Who am I? Ruthless "Cascading" 10 millionths of a volt TOUCH touching the gills wounded prey Film Tiger Shark Million Dangerous Management Situations Bycatch REGULATORS of the OCEAN Hearing THREATS sweat Loan Shark Actual contact 3 per second Duties What can we learn? Shark Skin South Africa internal ears Facing the fear of what might happen Distant touch contact Taste highly responsive vibrations Zambezi Slow to recover from decline Sharks cowardice avoid confronting problems cover errors to avoid conflict Dangerous Competitors kept at a distance by: Fins sell for $30-$15,000 3 Sharks per second Primal Fears Eat what there is most of Sharks finned for high profit Tracking prey head moves from side to side nose an object 90% of sharks wiped out regionally e.g. 93-99% large sharks off North America destroyed- tiger sharks, bull sharks, hammerhead Talk about..... Fragile populations- unregulated Shark depletion Only 5% of Sharks body is used design reduces drag ""Natural" Leadership Coaching Can sense Lateral Lines What species of Shark? STOP FACE GUIDE PUSH MOVE GILL Test bites 3/4 White shark attacks are not fatal Watch This! Tiger sharks frequency / erratic behaviour Rapid declines NOT ABANDONED Threats Overfishing Boom and Bust movements of creatures Great White What are the chances? Which prey? TRUST composition of governing body (upper mangt to Board who is the informal leader where are the sensitive areas how are people accepted / rejected? what formal and informal rules prevail? do and dont`s man is the killer prestige wealth Back-stabbing Small number of young the truth is...... Media blood Sand paper Demand has skyrocketed since Asia has become more prosperous Detects minute bioelectrical impulses Depletion of all Scallops Kept at Distance by Oceanic Importance 400 species Shark Encounters Taste and Smell of Prey around 20 considered dangerous around 1500 Correct Leadership Behavior Diving Don`t move Take a Vertical position controlled, solutio-orientated active approach to problems critical situations people and pitfalls Not designed for heavy predation 100 Correct Behaviour muscle movement of potential prey Hardest Challenge Important Information Hammerhead Rays under the sand becomes Lack of Understanding When boundries are crossed: secure the hierarchy warnings actions with examples 4.4 are FATAL Sick or Injured Top of the food chain Flight Behaviour Uncontrollable Rods and Cones ? detect frequency sounds -1000 herz Attracted by behavioural patterns Roll back the eyes Biological Vulnerability will stop at nothing to achieve their own goals (profit). Bull Shark e.g. baiting Fear Why protect them? Slow growth and Maturity "the genocide of a species" 1 Bowl upto $100 Tonic Immobility clapping, fidgeting, kicking, rapid movement Hong Kong handles 50-80% of World Trade Major Suppliers: Europe Taiwan Indonesia singapore USA India Japan Mexico UAE Only built over time Tapetum lucidum give shark room to manouver Keep Calm pulse down echo map of surroundings FEAR remain where you are stand vertically ensure your territory don`t exhaust the situation go into hibernation think things over consider strategical actions Greedy 50 attacks per year Shark Finning cannot buy

Swimming with sharks

Transcript: The idea is what drives you You have to believe in your idea 100% You have to believe you can be the best at delivering and owning your idea in the market The idea is important but how you deliver it makes the difference You can't do it on your own Pick the best people and let them share in the upside Inspire your team and always lead from the front Integrity is key (if you want to sleep well at night and inspire others) The team is more important than the idea! Don't be stingy with people who can help you! What really matters is COSTS not REVENUE £ 1 The idea Delegate and focus on the things you do best If you feel that one person in the team is not right is means they have to go: now. Work with friends and people you trust. Things may get rocky (they generally do) and you need to trust your team Your revenue forecast will be 100% wrong, 100% of the times. Live with it. (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr In summary, what's my advice? Don't hire too quickly, hire when you are really struggling to keep up Start small, build a prototype of the idea and then move to the next stage. Think in 'phases' and tackle them one by one, don't worry about the next one (there may not be one!) £ Budapest San Francisco And a few tips on how to try to avoid being eaten 3 The money 2 The team Get enough money to build the first prototype Then go to friends & family and get a bit more (SEIS and EIS are great for this!) Then you may want to go to VCs to get even more (but you need the prototype!) If you pick the right VC they can make a big difference (choose well!) @matteoberlucchi If you are successful, investors will try to have you for breakfast. Get a good advisor, non exec director on board for shares (up to 5%) (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr But most of all, it's all about chance! Good luck! Stockholm Swimming with sharks Work smart-hard (focus on what's essential; no effort, no gain) Fail often, fail fast (you only learn from mistakes) Know your weaknesses (so you can pick the best team) Get a mentor/advisor (to cut time and risk) (cc) photo by jimmyharris on Flickr (cc) photo by Franco Folini on Flickr

Swimming with Sharks

Transcript: Whale Shark Festival Best sharks to swimming with... Isla Mujeres,Cancun Mexico Gansbaai, south Africa Beqa Lagoon, Fiji Basking Sharks are one of three plankton-eating sharks and will not attack unless they are provoked. Nurse Sharks are part of the Ginglymostomatidae family and usually Do Not attack unless they are directly threatened. Whale Sharks are slow-moving filter feeding sharks and the largest known extant fish species.they feed almost exclusively on plankton and, therefore, are completely harmless to humans. Swimming with Sharks Michelle Insunza Their are many companies that help you plan your experience. Each of these companies have different animals and things you can see. Requirements Some of the requirements needed to go shark diving is you have to have your parents permission if you are under the age of 18. Also if when you plan your trip and you decide to go shark dive with aggressive dangerous sharks you must have a scuba diver certificate . When going shark diving with sharks that aren't as dangerous you do not have to have a scuba diver certificate. Some places you can swim with sharks are..... Sharks often go through 30,000 teeth during a lifetime. The first tiger shark to hatch inside the mother's womb devours its unborn siblings till only two pups are left one on each side of the womb. Baby sharks are called pups sharks can smell 1 drop of blood in 1 million drops of water For beginners there are a few recommended sharks to swim with... For example basking sharks, nurse sharks, reef sharks, and whale sharks. The Whale Shark festival is a festival that celebrates the annual visit of the Whale Shark to Ningaloo. This year t will be held at Exmouth, Ningaloo Reef/Western Australia through May 25–29, 2016. The festivals objective is to show that these sharks are not a harm and also to bring all of the community and other people together. The Ningaloo whale shark festival is for all ages and is possibly the only event that honors these unique and spectacular creatures. Companies Interesting facts The white shark diving company BaSKING SHARK Scolano Stuart cove's dive Bahamas Splash dive center Places

Swimming with Sharks

Transcript: And the list goes on and on. We have all seen the statistics. Success Today's world - everything immediately known Dealing with issues - not good enough Only as good as last success Project - Most Important Company Activity Risks - Swimming with Sharks Issue - Bitten by Shark Not All Risk Equal No Risk Repellant Spray (magic tool) High Frequency Reviews Objective & Data-Based Risk Criteria Process Discipline Escalation Protocols a.k.a. Stopping The Bleeding Key Takeaways Price Waterhouse Coopers 10,640 projects - 200 companies - 30 countries across industries 5 of those companies completed 100% Project Risk and Issue Management Dealing With Risk Dealing with Issues Be more proficient at Risk Management than Issue Management Joseph Coffman Pessimistic Risks & Issues Optimistic Risk is often managed well in planning Sometimes things change during execution Most Likely The Primary Vehicle of Change & Voice of the Customer Project Manager!!! The 1st Question is "WHY should you care?" The 2nd Question is "WHY?" Risks not created equal Filter and Prioritize Do not track every Risk How Risky Is It Out There? Failure Harvard Business Review 1,471 IT/IS projects Average cost overrun of 27% 245 projects overran cost an average of 200% and overran schedule nearly 70% Swimming with Sharks Project Failure Means Profound Company Impact Get ahead of the curve Execution Risk Management Risks - Swimming with Sharks Issue - Bitten by Shark Ask the project team, "What could impact delivery to schedule, cost, or stakeholders' satisfaction?" Ask at every project meeting. Escalate quickly. Enjoy Your Swim Why Is Risk So Important For You?

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