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Survey Presentation

Transcript: Statistical Methodology Survey: Demographics Survey: NASP Competencies Perceived competencies for UK’s school psychology graduates You Cognitive Labs Our Motivation Blueprint for Training and Practice III Competencies School Psychology Graduate Programs Competition in job market Perceptions of Recent Graduates who are in the field. Thank you for your attention! Data-based decision-making Consultation and collaboration Effective instruction to develop academic skills Interventions and mental health services School-wide practices Preventive and responsive services Family-school collaboration services Research and program evaluation Legal, ethical and professional practice Kyle Riggs, Kim Stabler, Catherine Fischer Department of Counseling, Education and School Psychology Do University of Kentucky school psychology graduates feel competent in the guidelines and competencies set forth by the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP)? Are there differences depending on the degree the graduates obtained? Are there differences depending on the state to which the graduates are employed? NASP Competencies: (Using Likert scale 1-5) I currently feel competent in this domain of practice. I am satisfied with the training I received in this domain from the UK school psychology program. Cultural Competencies: (Using Likert scale 1-5) Conducting psychoeducational evaluations and interventions/counseling with different cultural/linguistic backgrounds than own. Exploratory Study Searching for areas of competency in which recent UK graduates do not feel as proficient in effort to improve our graduate program. Thank Methods Survey: Competency Questions Presented to faculty in effort to assist the program in modifying the curriculum. Hope to also assist students in receiving education that will allow them to be employed in other states. Research Questions Gender Ethnicity What degree did you receive at UK? What year did you graduate? What is your current profession? State of Employment? Received feedback which assisted us in changing the wording of some questions to make it easier to understand. Explained each competency further to make it easier to comprehend which would decrease subjectivity. Distributed through email to students who received their Education Specialist (Ed.S) degree or Doctorate Degree in the last ten years from UK’s school psychology program. Convenience sample Hope to receive feedback from all graduation years Hope to receive feedback from various states Cover letter: Address purpose, value of survey Confidentiality Time Outcomes Attempting to gather an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the program Descriptive statistics Frequencies, Percentages, Means, Standard Deviations Within-subjects ANOVA to compare mean scores for the competency items. (SPSS) Tukey-Kramer, Corrected Paired-Wise Comparison (determine which competencies are significantly different from others) Between-subjects ANOVA for degree (EdS v. PhD) and for states (KY v. Not KY) for each of the competencies. Tukey-Kramer, Corrected Paired-Wise Comparison (significant difference between the groups for each competency) Conceptual Framework

Survey Presentation

Transcript: What Impact has FAME had on High school and Middle school Scholars The Pressures we face the problem: 20% of the FAME scholars have definitions of self-worth and/or self-esteem that don't seem to be right The Problem: Not believing in yourself The Problem: "trying to be something you will never be. White." I think it takes confidence in who you are. I think it takes confidence, believing in yourself, and knowing yourself It takes a girl who is confident within herself for all the right reasons. Pride, courage, education Not letting anyone be able to change you and being comfortable with yourself and your situations. I think experience helps make a strong women because experiences provide knowledge from past mistakes and accomplishments She must be smart, kind and have respect for herself. Beyonce because she is the opposite of a black stereotype Michelle Obama, not only because she's the presidents wife, but she helps the community nope I dont really know what or who to look up too. Not specifically My mom, Michelle Obama Not really...Not anyone famous or anything but maybe my older cousins. No, not really. Yes Do you know Michelle Obama? How is Beyonce the opposite of a black stereotype? Why don't you have a role model? the PNC Park leadership Symposium PTEI The College Tour Alcoa Fall ball Tutoring What FAME shows the scholars that TV and other things don't they helped me learn to be more I see a more realistic leader or role model. there are not too many black, female CEO's or technical directors on TV. FAME gives me the chance to see other opportunities. Fame shows me how to remember whats important in life and my goals My point: This Survey shows FAME has an impact on all of our lives. From this I've noticed connection; that the more you are involved with FAME's programs the less you see "the problem". So what type of Impact does FAME have a great one, and if your a scholar who doesn't think this or doesn't understand I'd more than happy to talk to you because I use to think the same before doing this survey and finding out a lot about the scholars and myself in the process. What FAME event has had the most impact on you and why? This is a survey that was previously conducted this summer Delving into the "Problem" What do you believe it takes to be a strong young lady? Background about the Scholars Do you have any Female role models and if so who are they?

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