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Transcript: Hypothesis: Students who report more frequent or more satisfying sexual behaviors will have less anxiety. Anxiety and Frequency- Negative correlation, very insignificant The higher the frequency of sexual behaviors, the lower anxiety (barely) Bidirectional Anxiety is highest for females who engage in sexual behaviors fewer than 5 times a month. Males show low anxiety with greater frequency of sexual behaviors (20+) Definition of sexual behaviors intentionally ambiguous Satisfaction with last sexual experience Mean: 4.28 (after N/As filtered out) leaning towards "slightly satisfied" Std. Deviation: 1.53 r= -.003 p=.979 The Relationship Between Sexual Behaviors and Anxiety Anxiety and Number of Sexual Partners in the Past Year Anxiety Mean = 58.33 Anxiety Deviation = 15.335 Highest Possible Score = 102 Partners Mean = 2.70 Partners Deviation = 4.951 Cap = 30 Demographics Anxiety Mean = 58.33 Anxiety Deviation = 15.335 Highest Possible Score = 102 Masturbation Mean = 1.94 Masturbation Deviation = 2.226 Max = 7 Limitations Hypothesis: People who are more anxious are less likely to go home with someone they had recently met at a party. Results: N = 100 r = -.193 p- value = .054, p >.05 (almost significant) Demographics While the trend was negative the correlation was not significant and rejects the null hypothesis. The number of people who answered, "Not likely" and "Very likely" almost the same. Other factors can occur as to why someone may/may not want to go home with stranger, not just anxiety. WebMD Social anxiety was negatively related to sexual satisfaction, especially for women. Women might associate this dissatisfaction with negative evaluation and avoid future sexual behaviors. Women with high social anxiety have sex less frequently while men with high social anxiety have sex more frequently. Men are more likely to seek out pleasurable activities to distract from negative or anxious feelings while women are more likely to ruminate. Positive correlation, meaning the more anxiety they had the more sexual partners they had in the past year *Surprising, but not significant* ---- opposite of what lit review suggests Negative correlation, meaning the more anxiety they had, the less frequently they masturbated *Not significant* NHS Discussion (cont.) Jenna's Results Survey Presentation Lit Review Sexual attractions occur during states of strong emotion "Love on a Bridge" study with Thematic Apperception Tests. Shock experiment (Dutton & Aron 1974) NBC r = 0.106, p = 0.294 Lit Review Jessica's Results References Jessica's Discussion Questions? Thank you :) In each ethnic group, except Asian/Pacific Islander, females had higher anxiety levels than males Comparing the White population to Black/African American, the levels were fairly proportional *Surprising* Jessica's Discussion Social desirability bias Not random sampling People could have different definitions of sexual behavior Many of our participants were not and never have been sexually active (one third) Difficult to measure anxiety in a short survey Lit Review Look at specific types of anxiety Define sexual behaviors Ask about current relationship status Interview style Francesca's Discussion Terleki et al (2017) reported that: Higher Social Anxiety (HSA) college students reported more frequent alcohol-influenced sexual risk including regretted sexual situations, unprotected sex, sex with unwanted partners, unwanted sex, pressured/forced to have sex, and pressured someone to have sex. Coping motives significantly interacted with social anxiety group in the prediction of risky sexual behaviors except regretted sexual situations, such that HSA students with greater coping motives experienced more frequent sexual risk when drinking. Leary & Dobbins (1983) reported that: Highly anxious people were less sexually experienced, engaged in sexual activity less frequently, and had fewer sexual partners Kenney et al (2014) reported that: College men are more motivated to engage in hooking up behaviors relative to their female peers, regardless of the specific motivator Jenna Patel, Francesca Peavie and Jessica Bimstein Jessica's Results Jenna's Discussion Satisfaction and Anxiety almost no correlation, almost no significance Less satisfied, more anxiety Bidirectional Limited by N/A group Females are more satisfied, males are less satisfied 32 males, 68 females Kashdan et al (2011) found that: Demographics Lit Review We surveyed 101 undergraduate and graduate students at a small, mid-Atlantic, liberal arts college by sending a link to the survey to group chats, text messages, and Facebook groups. We conducted a pilot study which was successful. We recoded anxiety to be a sum of Likert scale responses. We excluded one participant. Dutton, D. G. & Aron, A. P. (1974). Some evidence for heightened sexual attraction under conditions of high anxiety. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 30(4), 510-517. Kashdan, T. B., Adams, L., Savostyanova, A., Ferssizidis, P.,

Survey presentation

Transcript: Chris Thomson 21 years old Resides in Hilo Celebrations: Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving, Wedding, Baptism, Funeral Foods served in the celebration: Steamed Fish, Poke, BBQ, Salad (Caesar or Greek) NO! Family does not hold special gathering for welcoming those who just arrived from the Philippines NO! family does not send money to relatives in the Philippines. Superstitious belief: "Dont whistle at night; its bad luck." Cultural Practices: "Visit the graveyard every month, pour beer over grave and bring flowers." Helen Arellano - 61 years old - Cebuano/Visayan - Lived in Hilo for about 41 years - Pancit *knows how to cook *eats it only on special occasions Vivencio Varrios - 60 years old - Tagalog - Lived in Hilo for about 34 years - Sinigang *knows how to cook *once a month Arielle Castillo 17 years old Resides in Wainaku Celebrations: Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving, Lent/Holy Week, Wedding, Death Anniversary, Baptism, Funeral, & Birthdays Foods served at these celebrations: "Common in all celebrations would be Pancit." YES! Family holds special gathering welcoming those who have just arrived from the Philippines YES! Family sends money to relatives in the Philippines during the holidays Superstitious Beliefs: "eating pancit on birthday, goodluck=long life" Cultural Practices: "7 Days/Nights before funeral we have a dinner gathering each night at the house of the one who passed." Sierrah Cabantiaj - 26 years old - Ilocano - Lived in Hilo for about 16 years Pinackbet *everyone in the family cooks *once a week Language Survey - 21 years old/ Male - POB: Guam - Citizenship: US - Place of origin of Parents: *Mother: Bagvio City *Father: Bagvio City - Number of years in Hawaii/USA: 21 - Language: English Survey presentation Cuisine Survey Janjake Abedania 21 years old Family does all the celebration listed "usually what people normally serve during holiday or special events." NO! Family does not hold special gathering for welcoming people from the Philippines YES! Family sends money to relatives in Philippines during holidays Superstitious beliefs: "Catholic stuff like Jesus and what not" Cultural Practices: "not really, we just go to church and have a funeral. It's pretty normal Chris Thomson - 21 years old/Male - POB: Torrence, CA - Citizenship: YES - Place of Origin of Parents: *Mother: Keaukaha *Father: Kohala - Number of Years in Hawaii/USA: 1/2 Languages: English ; little bit of Japanese and Hawaiian Arielle Castillo JanJak Abedania - 17 years old/Female - POB: Hilo, Hawaii - Parents Place of Origin: *Mother: Cayapa, Philippine *Father: Abra, Philippine - Number of years in Hawaii/USA: 17 - Languages: English Culture Survey

SURVEY Presentation

Transcript: Caileigh Dintino, Elise Coberly, Jessica Lin, Yusra Mohammed Extroversion & Fit To William and Mary Fit & Extroversion What were we looking at? Comparing the introversion / extroversion levels of W&M students to how well they fit to W&M Would higher extroversion levels mean they like W&M less? More? Idea from observational interactions among William and Mary Students Researched characteristics of a larger school vs smaller school Researched behavioral tendencies of introverts vs extroverts This helped us create questions that would accurately assess personality type and fit to W&M as a characteristically small school Background Background Various friends/classmates and group chats Small sorority groupchat Black females on campus groupchat Chinese Students groupchat Research methods classmates Science classes Dorm groupchats WM college students Who did we ask? Participants Extroversion Examples of EXTROVERSION QUESTIONS Fit EXAMPLES OF FIT QUESTIONS Made them rank what aspects of schools that were most important and whether or not they were characteristic of a small or large school Background research on what makes someone an introvert/extrovert and characteristics of a small school Now, what we look at Getting Started GOAL: compute two variables: an Extroversion Score and a Fit to William and Mary score and see the correlation between the two scores. 1. Question that is irrelevant Q1: How many midterms have you had this week? Questions Deleted Before we code... 2. Question that yields a consensual answer Q6: Do you prefer to have your class taught by a TA/professor 3. Question that involves a lot of confounding variables Q3: Rank where you would prefer to live while attending William and Mary (Ludwell, on/off campus, Tribe Square) - Near friends - Depends on majors - With a bike/car The Questions The Questions Fit to WM Extroversion v17+ Q5+ Q12 (2) +Q2+ Q4 + Q11+ Q19 v24+Q28+Q18+Q27+Q25+Q29+Q30 The higher the score the better fit your preferences are to William and Mary A spectrum from Introvert to Extrovert. The higher the score, the more extroverted you are. How we coded How We Coded - Assign the large school characteristic: 0 - Assign the small school characteristic: 2 - Less than 20% difference between the two characteristics: 1 Is there a correlation between the Total Extroversion and Total Fit? The Big Question The Findings Introversion/Extroversion Changes High school vs. College I/O 60 total 39 total 20 flipped 8 flipped Introverts in HS Extroverts in HS About a third of students switched in college Correlation? Correlation? No. These findings show that Asian and White people are more extroverted than Black, other, or Hispanic student population (which had the least amount of extroversion) Ethnicity Findings Ethnicity These findings are similar to the findings of the simple bar of extroversion by ethnicity. Asian and White people fit to W&M better than Black, other, or Hispanic students (who were ranked the lowest) Ethnicity Findings Continued These findings look at how much people of the ethnicities listed below fit to W&M Breakdown Relates to previous bar graphs you were shown People of the minority make up a small percentage of the ethnicity on this campus Lower percentage of Hispanic students might occur because we did not send the survey out to any Hispanic groups on campus Higher populations like White and Asian people and have higher extroversion rates than groups not highly represented on campus Ethnicity Breakdown of Ethnicity More "Introversion/Extroversion" questions than "Fit to William and Mary." The Questions... The Limitations Had to throw out several "Fit" questions because everyone answered similarly... Gender Our biggest limitation is that we are asking William and Mary students about school size preferences and other characteristics key to the hallmarks of William and Mary. They will most likely approve of similar characteristics Generalizability Generalizability Did not reach out to any hispanic ethnic groups. Lower responses from them could skew the data of the relationship between ethnicity and extroversion/fit Other than that we got survey results from most of the other ethnic groups Who We Sampled Participants 90 females and 10 males. Could effect correlation of gender differences and introversion/extroversion Gender Used 0, 1, 2 Helped us calculate an overall score but eliminated variability. This is important since both "fit" and "extroversion" were intended to act as spectrum Coding Effects Coding Limitations Only looked at first choice/rank for some questions (Community Aspects, First Dates), even though these are also graded responses. How we coded inhibited our ability to make charts and calculate averages. Questions or Comments? Thank you!

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