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Wedo Supplier Presentation

Transcript: We are always striving to improve our customer service and see this as one of the key areas of growth in our team It is a commitment to our relevant brands to have a high street presence Who we are Our customer service team has been one of our biggest areas of investment 2012 saw launches of dining room furniture and sofa beds Growth - Marketing To offer a simple shopping experience allied with a compelling product range. We opened our first store in Colchester in the summer of 2013 We have grown our team from the initial 7 to 40 and have added key skills to the team at every point The look and intuitive feel of our websites is the key to our success It also gives customers a place in which they can see our top selling ranges Flexibility Not just by adding categories but by constantly refreshing and developing our top performing categories It gives us the ability to hold more stock, make more technological advances and bring in more experienced members of staff Better imagery and more in depth product descriptions and information set us apart from our competition We launched our first category in 2011, which was mattresses Our growth in 2014 will come from the addition of several key new sites We aim to raise our average order value with new merchandising features allowing greater upsell opportunities Showroom We’ve experienced 100% growth year on year from 2011 to now We are keen to ensure that the customer experience doesn’t end with an easy to navigate site We are keen to work with our suppliers to improve our accounts Investment Beds, headboards and bedroom furniture followed quickly after 2014 Growth - Categories We will be bringing more ranges into stock and consolidating our best performing categories Suppliers We are a multi-channel furniture retailer We are extremely flexible in how we work with suppliers and this allows us to maximise our sales of each brand, as each supplier is different and has something unique to offer To make the move to becoming a recognisable brand we are also investing in TV, radio and print advertising in 2014 These will include bedding, Customer Service We also develop the quickest and most efficient logistical procedures in partnership with our suppliers This includes highlighting key products with our suppliers and taking better imagery and video of them This will bring our brand into people’s homes and begin to make Wedo the destination for people shopping for the home Our Mission living room furniture It is key to our success that we are prepared to find the best way to market products We are looking to launch shop-in-shop experiences with several bigger brands in 2014, allowing us to really push a supplier’s brand values We closed a £3m round of investment in late 2013 which will allow us to continue our growth and sofas Growth We have had great success in rebranding products with smaller suppliers and creating our own label ranges with some of our larger suppliers

Medis Presentation - Supplier

Transcript: “From Maputo to Rovuma, the right Medication at the right Time ” MEDIS THE BEGINNING In 1998, MEDIS - in partnership with SICS - set a milestone in Azevedos Group’s internationalization process THE BEGINNING MISSION Serve the country with more and better health, promoting the communities’ quality of life and to contribute to a sustainable social and economic development. MISSION MORE AND BETTER HEALTH Medis contributes decisively to the development of the economy and the pharmaceutical sector in Mozambique. Based on the principles of quality, effectiveness and safety of its medicines, adding value to the integrated circuit of the distribution, promoting high standard employment and employees’ qualifications. MORE AND BETTER HEALTH Range of Action Maputo Medis in Maputo Beira Medis in Beira Nampula Medis in Nampula Medis We remain at the forefront of the pharmaceutical sector in Mozambique. We remain at the forefront of the pharmaceutical sector in Mozambique. We provide more than 750 medicines covering the entire therapeutic spectrum. We provide more than 750 medicines covering the entire therapeutic spectrum. Medis provides to the Mozambican population with the availability and accessibility of medicines. Through the creation of close relations with the most diverse partners of the pharmaceutical circuit. With a nationwide operation. With a nationwide operation. Technological Partner Medis Pharmaceuticals´ activities are guided by the focus on social and technological development in Mozambique, through close collaboration with several Mozambican universities, such as the Faculty of Medicine, ISCTEM, UEM and Unilúrio. Medis Pharmaceuticals´ activities are guided by the focus on social and technologic... These partnerships outcome is the creation of professional internships, aimed at doctors, pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, as well as support of a number of complementary training actions. These partnerships outcome is the creation of professional internships, aimed ... Investment Strategy Medis follows a strategy of continuous investment, with a strong commitment to the qualification of its human resources, updating and modernizing operational means and working conditions, in order to achieve the top level of best practices in the pharmaceutical sector. Strategy Achievements 50% market share of the private market sector. Nation wide implementation. 50 orders processed daily. Educational support to the local community. Sponsorship of various college degrees. Continuous staff training. High percentage of staff from local. communities in managerial positions. Achievements Sales Sales Total Sales Box Units 2015 - 2.372.422 Box Units 2016 - 3.734.316 Total Sales Thanks!!!! Thanks!!!! Thank Your Audience! Goodbye Now!

Supplier presentation

Transcript: 826 delegates attended the conference Topics addressed this year: Advance Care Planning Palliative care in rural/remote areas Dispelling the Myths Conference Parliamentary Friends Group Theme Resources Looking forward to 2014... ehospice Senator Claire Moore, co-convenor Bringing together knowledge and expertise in palliative and end of life care from across Australia to provide robust, evidence based policy advice and advocacy, through.... Peer Mentors "I found the workshops useful. I will be recommending that others in my service attend similar workshops." Key policy document this year has been our joint position statement with Alzheimer's Australia on Dementia and End of Life Care. For health professionals Skills development National Palliative Care Week Rebranding for the organisation Review of the National Palliative Care Standards Advisory Service Project to improve palliative care in aged care Election Campaign "I thought it was well organised and excellently run conference. I loved the content, range of topics and the balance of concurrent sessions." Victorian Cancer Council Art Awards - commendation for Kaye's Story. Launch of the MyTribute website to give people a place to honour their loved ones. New community information launched on advance care planning, diabetes and palliative care. Greens and Labor included palliative care in their election platforms Over150 responses to our policy scorecard Emeritus Professor Ian Maddocks was appointed as Senior Australian of the Year in 2013. We worked with him extensively to raise the profile of palliative care 12th October Achieving Universal Coverage of Palliative Care: Dispelling the Myths Kaye's Story touched many people and continues to do so 35% have implemented sustainable practices which have maintained improvements from the project. Ambassadors A globally run news and information resource committed to providing the latest news, commentary and analysis from the world of hospice, palliative and end of life care, with the ultimate aim of improving patient care. During the first 12 months, ehospice has been established as the leading global website for hospice and palliative care, with over 30,000 visitors each month and a repository of 4,000 articles. . Without your support, none of this have been possible This year’s campaign was the most successful PCA has ever had in terms of the media coverage generated; approximately 800 items reaching an audience of over 10.7 million people. Earlier this year, a second collaborative on the topic of Support for Carers commenced with 39 services participating. Available online, on mobile and on tablet devices 20 services participated in the first collaborative improvement project on assessment and care planning. There are 22 trained Peer Mentors who provide support to palliative care services implementing their Quality Improvement Action Plans. 54 Peer Mentor Visits have taken place. Collaborative Improvement Conference MC, Jean Kitson Seven plenary sessions Forty concurrent sessions 137 individual oral presentations in concurrent sessions 14 presentations in plenary sessions The Centenary Gala Ball at Parliament House What else? 2013 was the year that we made.... We have over 50 parliamentarians in our Friends Group. Our program of events puts key palliative care issues on the agenda with decision makers. 12th Australian Palliative Care Conference Canberra, 3 - 6 September World Hospice & Palliative Care Day "The opportunity to have a peer mentor visit assisted by providing new ideas from experienced palliative care practitioners. We have made continued and sustained changes to our team meeting as a result." The 'SPECS' project team We asked all candidates standing for election to make palliative care their business during their campaigns and if elected. Posters, pens, lolly tins, badges, Avant Card postcard campaign, cinema advert, and more! The NSAP team have trained almost 300 staff from Australian palliative care services via workshops and webinars by providing free skills development training to enhance their knowledge about the NSAP cycle and quality improvement. Thank you for all of your help Policy Work Ms Ita Buttrose Our highest ever distribution of resources - over 900 orders and nearly half a million resources and merchandise circulated Being the authoritative voice for the sector Facilitated the call for applications for the Palliative Care Foundation Scholarship Program. 14 scholarships were offered to help build capacity within the palliative care workforce. Alzheimer's Australia, AML Alliance, Australian War Memorial, Ascet Digital, Canberra Convention Bureau, Ciel Systems, Coordinate, Canberra Grief Centre, Clare Holland House, Consumers Health Forum of Australia, Croakey Health Blog, Crowne Plaza Canberra, DC Conferences, Department of Parliamentary Services, Grey Canberra, Helms Briscoe, ICMI Speakers Bureau, ID photo, iSentia, Moonshine Movies, Murrays Coaches, National Rural Health Alliance,

Draft_CameraPro Supplier Presentation

Transcript: Inspiring and empowering people to create a better world CRAFT CameraPro's Market Engagement COMMUNITY CONTRIBUTION The best gear and honest advice to guide every creative endeavour. Connecting fellow creators to foster collaboration and mentorship. Promoting creativity as an agent of positive social change. We will be an inspiring and recognised global leader in connecting people with products and experiences which are good for humanity and the planet. Through a strong culture of enterprise excellence & continuous learning we will create & share best practices, becoming a trusted leader in sustainability. We invest in and care for our people, our communities and our world, enabling positive impact and transitioning communities towards the circular, empathic economy. Insert Link To Brand Purpose Video - this video is still coming CameraPro Vision 2017 - 2019 Growth Hi Designer, can we please create a nice animation for this line graph? CameraPro Interstate Growth Hi Designer, With this frame, we want to show that we are growing each portion of the pie graph, and also show that we are growing the whole pie graph. CameraPro Team in the Last 3 Years 35 (9 Offshore) 21 17 CameraPro's Integrated Business Approach Areas of Excellence Retail Retail Excellence - Arthur Street Retail Excellence - A Team of Passionate Photographers Retail Excellence - Integrated Sales Process, Training & Coaching Inspiring visual campaigns Marketing Marketing Excellence Digital Excellence Digital Digital Excellence Out in the Community Adventure Cinema Festival Football Community Content Creators Out in the Community Insert Link To Brand Purpose Video, video still to come Pop Up Shops Out in the Community Popup Shop 475 New Adventurers at the Hawthorne Cinema Out in the Community - Growing The Market 10,000 Football Queensland Followers Out in the Community - Growing The Market 10,500 Tribe Content Creators Out in the Community - Growing The Market The Intermediate Creator The Semi-Professional Creator CameraPro 2023 CameraPro 2023 Growth Hi Designer, it would be good to animate the growth line from the January 2020 point to illustrate our forecasted growth. Retail Expansion into Sydney 2020 Retail Expansion Need to create a graphic (preferably animated) showing our website reaching thousands of devices (smartphones, desktop computers). Example concept below. Online business growth Online Business Expanded Professional & Video Range Expanded Range Basecamp Community Membership Basecamp Community Expanding the Explorer's Grant to Connect NGOs to Photographers Expanding the Explorer's Grant Stronger Supplier Partnerships to create a Better World Stronger Supplier Partnerships

BookAsOne Supplier Presentation

Transcript: THE NEXT BIG OF TRAVEL We market for you Packages are the content, Social media is the GASOLINE No Registration Fees enter rates with Dropdown Clients will update their future travel, which can help you in planning products accordingly. ADD ONS Social Media Today every customer is looking for deals where he/she is saving money as well as getting more value. And there are those customers who have got the money and are ready to spend but do not know what unique experiences exist. Similarly, a DMC, tour operator is selling his regular products but doesn't have a platform or the correct audience to sell his unique varieties. We thus innovated a platform where the supplier can showcase not only the regular but also the unique varieties conceptualized on economies of scale, More the people - Lesser the price. Supplier can upload products in simple manner: 2 pax / 4 pax / 6 pax / 8 pax..... or Pax: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8..... and with the addition of each passenger the price drops for all. Forums, Groups can be created for discussing products, destinations, services. THE BIG DATA Economies of Scale All you need to do is create & upload packages as the below sample FLEXIBILITY what do we mean by : ECONOMIES OF SCALE Payment via: - Virtual credit card - Bank transfer Settlement: As per the contract signed between yourself and Bookasone. Assurance: Secured due to mandatory Nodal A/c rule by Reserve Bank of India (Central) Settlement in 14 currencies Behavioural analytics: Audience Geography Trending locations, top liked, shared Predictive analytics: Expected traffic to your destinations. Multilingual content SOCIAL MEDIA Commission charged on materialized bookings ANALYTICS & REPORTS CONTROL YOUR SALES Tourism boards, travel bloggers & experts Clients will request for customised plans via Trip Publisher. Preview of the package on Bookasone for the client 5 easy steps to upload: Link other services to the main package: Activities Excursions Tickets Meals Upgrades Travel experts & bloggers promote your destinations & products. The ONLY Travel Marketplace for Packages & Tours Get authenticated & recommended by Tourism Boards GLOBAL REACH LANGUAGES It is THE NEXT BIG OF TRAVEL IT'S SO EASY ! Clients share, like, tag friends on products indirectly marketing for you. User friendly extranet with interactive Dashboard Clients will create their bucketlist of travel. No of Pax Rates Inventory Management Commission to Bookasone Market specific deals Stop sell - 15 minutes to load 1 deal - 1500 packages in 2 hrs* Preferred listing: Recommended supplier Higher commission Run promo with Bookasone PAYMENTS Yes, we have our own Social Media, focusing more towards Travel

New Supplier Presentation

Transcript: 2017 Supplier Workshop 2. Customers still accept tags. Tags must be riveted to the tools 2. Asset Picture Protocol Overview of Changes CTD Detail Sheet - Tools must state the property of the end customer and the designated asset numbers. Asset Numbers will be on Customer PO's. - By accepting Award, you are required to participate annually - Asset Tag Picture- zoomed in picture of asset tag. Must clearly be able to read "Property of" and the assigned asset number - Tool creep with data changes Piece Cost Detail Sheet - Tag is not riveted to the tool Cost Model Packaging Overview - Piece Cost Form - Tooling Requirements - Tooling Cost Breakdown - CTD - Bailment Agreement - Cost Reduction Roadmap - Opportunity Tooling Picture Requirements "We Make it Happen.." Requirements per Packaging Team Example: Overview of Improvements RFQ Template Annual Cost Reduction Roadmap 1. How to Properly Tag a Tool - All required fields must be completed in order for submission to be valid - No open items on checklist - CTD's are the source of truth - If CAD data is different from CTD, please notify buyer immediately - Checking cover letter prior to submission - Cross-reference CTD for tooling requirements - Tooling POs come directly from Program Managers - Full tool picture- step back to a distance where a picture can see the entire tool. The asset tag must be able to be seen in the picture Norplas Requirements - Preferred Supplier Expectations - Target Pricing - Workshops - Data review and validation - Feasibility studies - Cost Model - OEM Models - Input from Subject Matter Experts - Tech Reviews - Magna Resin-Buy Pricing - Labor - Packaging - Contribution Margin - Due Annually - Running document with all tools Open Discussion - Cavity- With the mold in an open position, take a picture of the cavity - Resin Buy is at Magna Corprate contracted rates - Supplier can obtain pricing by contacting the resin supplier directly - Contact information included in packet - Material Price will be adjusted when market fluctuates by +/- 10% - Tooling payment terms Tooling RFQ Form Tooling Requirements Norplas Division Tooling, Annual Forms, Etc. Tooling Cost Breakdown Bailment Agreement Checklist - Core- with the mold in an open position, take a picture of the core - With international tooling, you must quote air freight of both tool and pre-production components - Tag is etched - States property of customer - Asset Number Magna Resin Buy Program Agenda 1. Preferred method to have property and asset ID on tools is to be etched or engraved Key Takeaways

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