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Strengths presentation

Transcript: Strengths Presentation Pivotal Moments Pivotal Moments Eating Disorder Bulimia Relationship with food depression counseling Why I became an RM Roommate Conflict Groupme beef differing opinions stay neutral 1on1 discussion constructive conversation SC State Fair out of the box programing communication I have a life bonding Signature Strengths Eating Disorder Relator: My eating experience Adaptability; being available for residents Responsibility Harmony: Hear both sides of the story Tolerant of other opinions Responsibility: Respond appropriately Intervene Roommate Conflict SC State Fair SC State Fair Adaptability: Attendance transportation Deliberation: Would have been easy to cancel Intended to connect w/residents owning my impact Personally Diversity of thought/different upbringing Personal sacrifice Routine/Schedule Get out of my comfort zone Time management Communication - individual/public speaking Management - accountability Networking Professionally Professionally Responsibility Awareness of others Attitude Residents Residents Helping other new RMs Events - accountability Being available Staff Staff Social Academics involvement Community Community Support Team Support Team Nigel (Supervisor): Professional advice How to handle difficult situations Natalie (Co): Brainstorming - hall ideas programming Academic advice Roommates: Vent Give advice Myself: I like routine/structure I like helping others Job satisfaction Financial planning Others: Background/struggles How to communicate with 30 different personalities Different stages of life Key Insights Key Insights

Strengths Presentation

Transcript: 1 m 2 p Y g X My Strengths My Strengths By: Nyazya Bostwick Class: SLS 1122 Connectedness 1: Connectedness My Description: A person with this talent believes that nothing happens by chance and that everything affects another. How this applies to my past life: When I first went looking for jobs the company that I really desired to work for was Publix. I had applied for the job but I hadn't yet got a call back or an interview for a while. I then applied and got interviews at Chipotle and Panera bread. Both of them fell through. After that I had an interview and Dunkin Donut's and got hired. The Friday of the week I got hired I was supposed to sign papers for the job. Publix called me the day before and asked to me to come in for an interview and that day I got a call letting me know I had the job. Ultimately I believe I got turned down from those two jobs and got the call from Publix when I did so that I can have the job that I wanted. Application for the future: I will continue to work hard in school so that being successful business woman and physical therapist can be a guarantee for me. Responsibility 2: Responsibility My description: Someone with this talent say what they mean and mean what they say and can be trusted. How this applies to my past life: Although I had got my job at Publix I still went in to Dunkin Donut's that Friday to tell the manager that I could no longer work there. She said that she appreciated me actually coming in to tell her, instead of just never showing up. Future Applications: I will continue to honor my word be known and be a trustworthy individual. This can help me accomplish my goal of moving up in the Publix company, because reliability is one of the things that managers look for. Consistency 3: Consistency My description: Someone with this talent treats everyone the same despite their differences. How this applies to my life: Just the other day there was this man who was standing outside my job who was sharing with me the struggles he was going through. He had no job and no where to stay. I then told him about my grandfather owning rental properties and possibly having some work for him, which he was really thankful for. During the conversation he mentioned that part of the cause for his situation was that he had just got out of jail. At the end of our discussion he said that he appreciated me taking the time to listen to him although he had a record, because others would not have done the same. Application for the future: I want to one day have a program for people going through similar situations. That allows them to have a smoother transition for getting back into the society. Discipline 4: Discipline My Description: People with this talent go by the book and like to complete tasks when given specific instructions. How this applies to my current life: When I follow recipes I like to have the exact ingredients listed because I do not like to substitute for them. I also do not like to measure the ingredients by eye I prefer to use tools made for measurement. Application for the future: I will ask for information from my adviser and experienced individuals on becoming a physical therapist. This will allow me to have a clear plan to follow so that I can accomplish this goal. Achiever My description: A person with this talent is very diligent and is fond of being productive and getting tasks done. How this applies to my past life: I worked hard in high school and was in the top of my class when I graduated with honors. Also, at honors night of my senior year I received certificates of academic excellence for being the most outstanding in: math for college readiness, physical science, british literature, and digital design. In addition to this I was acquired of by the National Society for High School Scholars. Application to my future: I will work hard to earn my bachelors in business management and get my license for physical therapy. 5: Achiever My Strengths My Strengths: Discipline Achiever Responsibility Connectedness Consistency

Strengths Presentation

Transcript: The End Challenges Challenges STRENGTHS Challenges Make time to read books and articles that stimulate me Organizing all the information and items collected Accept that I will never feel that I know enough Strengths insights, which explain the unique way I experience my strengths everyday Taking time to celebrate my wins Knowing when it’s time to say “winning isn’t everything in this situation.” Finding win-win solutions that can lead to positive relationships with others while maintaining my own motivation. Challenges Because I can discover the best path to success quickly, it may look as if I am “winging it,” however, explaining myself along the way will help others understand what I see Schedule daily “quiet time” devoted to consideration of my current goals and strategies Difficultly working with others who think differently if I am unable to convince them my strategy is best (leadership positions) Turn down high-paying jobs that force me to compromise my beliefs Difficulty convincing me of something if it does not agree with my beliefs, values, and morals PEOPLE EXCEPTIONALLY TALENTED IN THE INPUT THEME HAVE A CRAVING TO KNOW MORE. OFTEN THEY LIKE TO COLLECT AND ARCHIVE ALL KINDS OF INFORMATION. rooted in comparison instinctively aware of other people’s performance deep aspiration to be the best and will work hard to excel it’s not about the effort; it is about the win if I can compare, I can compete, and if I can compete, I can win. Take time to celebrate each success before moving on to the next item or task, even for just a few minutes Be sure to take regular breaks ,Limit my commitments to tasks that are aligned with my highest priorities Make sure my to-do lists include things beyond work Can be viewed by others as a show-off, "over-achiever" Always want to know more, crave information , likes to collect certain things Find many things interesting and have a natural curiosity I know that one day some of the information or things I have gathered will prove valuable Bring tools that can facilitate growth and performance I love to provide relevant and tangible help to others My resourcefulness and curiosity leads me to store knowledge that can be shared TOP 5 PEOPLE EXCEPTIONALLY TALENTED IN THE COMPETITION THEME MEASURE THEIR PROGRESS AGAINST THE PERFORMANCE OF OTHERS. THEY STRIVE TO WIN FIRST PLACE AND REVEL IN CONTESTS. PEOPLE EXCEPTIONALLY TALENTED IN THE ACHIEVER THEME WORK HARD AND POSSESS A GREAT DEAL OF STAMINA. THEY TAKE IMMENSE SATISFACTION IN BEING BUSY AND PRODUCTIVE. Competition Strategic Achiever Belief Input Juline Novotny This is me... PEOPLE EXCEPTIONALLY TALENTED IN THE BELIEF THEME HAVE CERTAIN CORE VALUES THAT ARE UNCHANGING. OUT OF THESE VALUES EMERGES A DEFINED PURPOSE FOR THEIR LIVES. have the ability to sort through the clutter and find the best route not a skill that can be taught distinct way of thinking — a special perspective on the world at large see a way when others assume there is no way I can quickly weigh alternative paths and determine the one that will work best and most efficiently have a constant need for attainment an internal fire burning inside me that pushes me to do more and to achieve more feel as if every day starts at zero and by the end of the day I must accomplish something meaningful to feel good about myself appreciate recognition for past achievements, but motivation lies in striving toward the next goal on the horizon people with high Achiever have a strong inner drive — an innate source of intensity, energy, and power that enables them to push hard to get things done PEOPLE EXCEPTIONALLY TALENTED IN THE STRATEGIC THEME CREATE ALTERNATIVE WAYS TO PROCEED. FACED WITH ANY GIVEN SCENARIO, THEY CAN QUICKLY SPOT THE RELEVANT PATTERNS AND ISSUES. Clifton Strengths Presentation Challenges Long-lasting principles by which I live Deeply held ideals and a strong sense of purpose in my life Sense of mission gives my life meaning and direction My Belief talents give me direction, guiding me through temptations and distractions toward a consistent set of priorities Viewed by others as dependable and trustworthy Wellspring of powerful drive and direction Competition Strategic Achiever Belief Input

Strengths Presentation

Transcript: Callie Fleckner 02/20/2019 STRENGTHS Winning Over Others "Woo" "Woo" Natural excitement Ambiverted Discovery Aspects Aspects 1 Carried away Needing engaging discussions People pleasers Challenges Challenges 2 Socialization Practice Boundaries Coordinator How to Help How to Help 3 Futuristic Futuristic Looking Forwards Aspects 1 Aspects Dreamers Visionaries of the Future Engaging Others Challenges 2 Challenges Spacey Thinkers Present Annoyances Frustration with Others How to Help 3 How to Help Mindfulness Planning Communication Intellection Intellection "The Thinker" -August Roden Multiple Angles Solving Problems Introspection Aspects Aspects 1 Lacking Focus Potential to get Lost Insensitivity Challenges 2 Challenges Sources (Current Ones) Emotions Problem Solver for Others How to Help 3 How to Help Ideation Ideation "the idea man" (or woman, or gender-non-conforming human) Creativity Multiple Angles Questioning Aspects Aspects Challenges Challenges Forrest vs. Trees Focus Editing Direct for Details Practice the Concrete New, Challenging, Complicated How to Help How to Help The Collector Input Input Thinking Quietly and Out Loud Collecting and Having Quick to Understand Aspects Aspects "Things" and Messiness Editing can be Painful Extensive Vocabulary Challenges Challenges Storage Emotional Support When Discarding Opportunities: Travel, Experiences, Resources How to Help How to Help My top 3 Surprising Discomfort Questions Final Thoughts Finishing Thoughts Thank You!

Strengths Presentation

Transcript: Activity 1: At My Best Activity 3: Exploring My Signature Themes Activity 4: Scavenger Hunt Activity 5: The Talent Connecion Activity 5: Balconies and Basements You will leave with an understanding of the strengths based approach You will have an opportunity to explore your talents and strengths potential You will leave with ideas on how to apply strengths within your leadership organization! Activity 1: At My Best Activity 5: The Talent Connection Read your Insight Report UNDERLINE key words or phrases that accurately describe you. CROSS OUT any words or phrases you feel are inaccurate. Successful people have a lot in common: Investing in Strengths Questions? Your talents create a unique filter that characterizes how you respond to the world around you. Empathy Individualization Adaptability Connectedness Maximizer How can Strengths help teams? They provide an explanation of what motivates you They explain how you think, weigh alternatives and arrive at your decisions. They explain who you trust, build relationships with or even ignore. Your Talents Read your Insight Report UNDERLINE key words or phrases that accurately describe you. CROSS OUT any words or phrases you feel are inaccurate. What could you do to ensure that others know the balcony impact of your talents versus the basement moments? Are there moments where the basement descriptions are accurate?  If so, how could you manage that talent differently so that it is not viewed as a weakness? StrengthsQuest OK so what is Strengths? At home, what activities do you enjoy doing the most? 33.39 million different unique orders discover your talents ~ develop your strengths ~ explore the possibilities Talent = a natural way of thinking, feeling, or behaving Skill = Basic steps in a given activity Knowledge = Information & understanding Strength = Near-Perfect positive performance Find someone with one Signature Theme you do not have. Meet new people and learn about different themes! What if….. Activity 3: Exploring My Signature Themes 278,256 possible combinations of top five 34 Themes Hello! Activity 1: At First Glance Your Talents Find a partner! Answer the question on the screen. Find a new partner and repeat! Before We Begin... Investing in Strengths My hope for today is 30% presentation and 70% participation. Meaning and insight are gained from you talking and doing, not me talking at you! Activity 4: Scavenger Hunt Activity 2: At First Glance Choose one of your Signature Themes and write down or underline the words that you have heard used to describe that theme.  The Balcony descriptors are those that sound like compliments.  The basement descriptors are the barrier labels - terms used when a talent is mistakenly devalued and dismissed or understood as a weakness. As A Result.. Four Domains of Leadership Activity 6: Balconies and Basements What is your favorite subject in school? Why? Who wants to share something new they learned about someone they talked to? What did it feel like to have an opportunity to share what's special about you with others? How can you continue to build a better understanding of the unique strengths of others? Building a Team They build on talents they naturally have. They know their talents and find roles that fit them. They don't try to become things they aren't. They invent ways to make their talents useful. They understand the value of being unique. Activity 6: Balconies and Basements Activity 2: At First Glance Think about what your Signature Themes allow you to do. Identify one specific example of when you have recently used each theme. What qualities do you like best about yourself? Identify each of your themes and write what each of your themes means to you! Activity 4: Scavenger Hunt Expectations What is StrengthsQuest? Common Language Maximize Other People's Talents Appreciate & Celebrate Members Strengths StrengthsQuest focuses on your talents and strengths! How We View Strengths Your Top 5: the top talents you come by naturally. Positive Psychology The study of positive emotions & character traits, focus on what is natural about a person. Doing More Of What You Love! What makes a Strength?

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