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Transcript: By: Timothy Lee Merchants and Artisans Double click to edit Comic Strip Parable- a short story that teaches a principle about what is good behavior Resurrection- the act of rising from the dead Apostle-Christian leader chosen by Jesus to spread his message Salvation- the act of being saved from the effects of sin Martyr- a person who is willing to die for his or her beliefs Hierarchy- an organization with different levels of authorities Double click to edit Comic Strip Clergy- Church officials Laity- regular church members Doctrine- official church teaching Gospel- the accounts that apostles wrote of Jesus' life Pope- the title given to the Bishop of Rome Icon- a representation of an object of worship Iconoclast- a person who destroys icons Excommunicate- to declare that a person or group is no longer a member of the church Schism- a separation or division from a church Monastery- a religious community Merchants/Artisans Merchants and Artisans Artisans were skilled workers who specialized in making products such as weapons, pottery and other items. Merchants organize the movement of goods. Christianity was brought by a jewish person named Jesus during the rule of the Romans. It spread very quickly across Rome. Constantine also helped Christianity develop. He won a war and thanked Jesus for helping him. Who brought Christianity to the world? First Essential Question Christianity began in the time when Jesus and his disciples started preaching the word of God. His parables were short stories that teaches a principle about what is good behavior. It helped interpret what Jesus was saying. Second Essential Question How did Christianity get started? Third Essential Question What was Christianity before Jesus? Christianity before Jesus was the belief of God. The Jews thought that a savior might come and rescue them, and they kept their religion alive by keep studying it. When did Christianity become legal? Fourth Essential Question Christianity became legal when the Roman captain Constantine began to make it as a dominant religion.

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Transcript: Impacts in the Workplace Here is where I will wrap up my presentation. I will likely close with a brief summary of topics discussed, a personal anecdote and a short question and answer session if the setting allows. Thank the audience for their time, and step down. Closing Personal Anecdote Impacts in a School Environment If attached to an school or organization, I would include a handout or pamphlet outlining my presentation as well as some contact information for various resources. Workplace Solutions Style Template & Storyboard This is where I detail the difference in technology usage between the generations. Using some derived stats from my resources if needed, I will show how many people are moving with this change as those who are not. Identification of the Generational Gap Here I will offer solutions for school settings. This is mostly tapping resources that the school may offer, as well as how to handle some other more abstract issues like those of cyber bullying and the like. General Style and Presentation This is where I introduce myself, and give a light outline of my speech that I am giving. This will ideally open with a greeting and a smile. I'll make brief eye contact and acknowledgement of those who respond to my greeting before moving on. This is a pivotal point where I will need to grab my audience and ring them in so presentation is key here. Professional Dressed, Clean cut appearance Standing upright, with good posture Smiling and making eye contact Gesturing with hands for better expression Reduce the usage of notes to a minimum I explain the impact of this phenomena in the workplace here. Using the generational management heirarchy as a primary example, and how its held back many businesses should paint a good picture for them to understand the need for these skills. I will cover a few cons to this argument for the sake of fairness, but keep it mostly positive. Explanation of Tech Usage Between Generations Speech Sequence and Composition Pamphlet/Handout This where I explain the general details of the generational gap with technology usage. This is to be handled with a bit of tact, as experience tells me this can be a rather sensitive topic with people that are identified like this. The less people I offend with this portion, the better. The ideal environment for this presentation is A classroom, conference room, or similar area where a group would meet to hear a speech or lecture. This is where I tell a short story of my experiences on the job with my coworkers and their skill gap with technology. This serves as a point for both connecting to the audience, and illustrating the point of the difference in tech usage that exists between the generations. I make a transition from workplace tech usage to school tech usage, likely through the mention of taking classes to learn tech. I tap my resources to mention the pros and cons of school tech usage, but aim for a more positive beat to keep the interest in learning. Setting Solutions for School Introduction I offer solutions for learning to use more modern technology here. This is mostly through classes and community programs, but I will also suggest independent exploration and discovery as well for learning resources.

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Transcript: How long is a human intestines? At least 7.62m in an adult. Where does digestion starts? In the mouth Watch the next video to be able to make a list of the organs involved in DIGESTION. ('South park' style) You are now able to list the main organs in the digestive system The mouth, the oesophagus, the stomach, the liver, the pancreas, the small intestine, the large intestine, the rectum. Watch carefully this 3D animation video which shows the whole process. Using simple words to explain the stages of digestion. The 5 stages of digestion are as follows: 1. The chewing of food in the mouth, where saliva breaks down food to make it easier for it to go down the Esophagus. 2. The food enters the stomach where acids mix and break the food out more. 3. It goes to the small intestine where villi enable food into the blood to feed the body, this is where nutrition and vitamins are stored. 4. The large intestine is all waste, this is where the waste becomes more solid, because water is constantly sucked back into the body. 5. Waste collects in the rectum until the brain tells it to release the waste, where it leaves the body. Seeking professional advices. Ask your question to a doctor (invited for this occasion) for better undustanding and clarification. Who would like to play the role of a doctor? Ready for assessment? Fun guaranteed. Next,follow the finger explanation of the surgeon Feb 2012 Great design for a T-shirt (Digestion is the breaking down of large, complex, and insoluble food molecules into small, simple and soluble food substances .) Dr Paolo Hey doctors, have the anesthesia been done?

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Transcript: Introduction to Multimedia Brief The education department is looking to produce a series of 'Respect/Mana' stories for young people (age determined), to teach tolerance, understanding and compassion towards other/s cultures, religions, abilities/disabilities, age etc as well as more recent issues such as text bullying, sexting, video and music piracy etc. How does this reflect the brief? Teaches a message of an understanding that nobody is bulletproof and you shouldn't drink and drive. Why? Statistics show that 15 - 24yr olds are involved in the most fatal crashes when alcohol/drugs are a factor. A few more statistics PROJECT TIMELINE Research Story Ideas Resources Required Resources required for project This projects intention is to be based on illustrated characters and photography. Will use my own photography of the road for the project but may require some stock photography of an ambulance. Also this project will require some sound effects to play in each scene and will source them from a sound effect gallery. The character creation will be based off my own photography. This will help with the expressions and composition of the characters. I do not intend to include any text within the movie as I will try to set the scene with the sounds effects supplied. The movie will be animated between adobe's photoshop and after effects. Some slide will use a flash fade to a previous scene to symbolise a flashback. All slides will have a distinct and different sound effect to tell the story rather than text. Estimated costs Submit progress to client Explore storyboard ideas Storyboard ready for production 5. Medium Long Shot. Rear view of ambulance with lights flashing. 10: Car going through drive-thru at McDonalds. Having a flashback of the accident site as it reminds Sam of it 4: The back view of an ambulance speeding to the crash scene all lights flashing An unforgettable night There’s nothing more that teenagers, Sam and Joel (both 20yrs old) look forward to on a Saturday night, than getting drunk and having a good night. They were at a 21st birthday at one of their mates houses when Joel decided he would stop drinking because he was getting bored and wanted to go home. He noticed Sam was extremely intoxicated so thought it was time for him to go home too. Both of them were out of money as they spent their last dollar on alcohol and eliminated the cance of a taxi. Joel thought “what the heck, I’ve only had a few” and chose to drive home. So off they went. They were only half way home when Joel lost control of his vehicle as he misjudged a corner and swerved off the road and wrapped the car around a tree. A driver in the opposite direction witnessed the accident and called 111 immediately. The ambulance officers sped to the scene and found Joel unconscious and in a serious condition and was rushed to hospital immediately. Sam was treated for mild injuries and had escaped the ordeal with a great deal of luck. The next day Sam would visit Joel who had been admitted to an intensive care unit. Joel was extremely apologetic towards Sam to which he repeatedly replied “don’t worry, I’m fine”. Joel slowly mumbled to Sam “don’t ever drink and drive bro, its not worth it, but by all means have a good night” with a cheeky grin on his face. Those words would forever be engraved into Sam’s memory. The following Saturday was no exception to Sam’s usual routine of getting drunk and having a good night. So out he was once again getting heavily intoxicated. Things just weren’t the same without Joel. So Sam decided he would go home. He could hear Joel’s voice in his head “don’t drink and drive bro”. As embarrassing as it may seem, Sam had texted his mum and asked her to pick him up from the party. She couldn’t have been happier about Sam’s wise decision to text her at 2:45am after what had happened last week. 20 minutes later mum arrives in her bright red mini to collect her son in a heavily intoxicated state. Sam didn’t mind the fact that they were travelling at 70km/h on a 100km/h road. He never felt safer in a vehicle. His mum made one quick stop on the way home… McDonalds. “Leeegend!” says Sam. 3.Close up. Sam & Joel in car driving home 15 - 24yr olds 12. Best selected scene for concluding scene 2.Medium long shot. Sam & Joel partying with strobe light flashing 4. Long Shot. Car wrapped around tree on bend in road. 8. Extreme Close up. View of cellphone with message to pick Sam up. 2: The two boys in thier car laughing away having a good time. (front on view through windscreen) 6: Sam goes out partiying again only this time without Joel. Same as scene one minus Joel 7. Medium Long Shot. Sam out partying by himself 6.Medium shot. Silent hospital room. Joel tells Sam not to drink & drive Interpret Brief 1: Sam and joel both partiying hard to the music with strobe lights flashing ? 5: Sam standing bedside in Joel's hospital room as Joel lays wrapped in bandages and casts There’s nothing more that teenagers, Sam and Joel (both


Transcript: photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli The third place I would visit is South Africa because of its wildlife and safaris -the flight to Johannesberg is 12 hours long and costs around £400 -a safari would cost around £300 The second place I would like to visit is Las Vegas because of the entertainment and weather -a flight to Las Vegas would cost around $200 but would depend where you were staying -the flight would take around 10 hours Holiday Destinations! Safari The next place I want to visit is the Bahamas because of the weather -a flight to the Bahamas would cost around £500 and it would last around 21 hours -The first place I would like to visit is New York because of its shops and famous landmarks -the flight is 6 hours if you want to go to New York -Average prices of a night in a hotel in depend on where you are going -Flight costs are between $300 and $1000 -All round cost to New York could cost upto £8000-£10,000 New York Paris The Bahamas Australia The next place I want to visit is Paris. -the flight to Paris,France is 1 and a half hours long and costs around £40 the allround cost of a trip to Paris would be around £3000 The last place I want to visit it Australia because hey have great weather and great sights -the flights are very long and you stop for a break in Singapore -the flights are also expensive, at around £1000 a ticket -to visit Australia it can cost upto £10,000 Las Vegas Where to visit all over the world! by jack robinson

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Transcript: The Body Planes and Body Directions Pulmonology - Gastrointestinal -gastr/o- stomach -intestin/o- intestine -al- pertaining to - These were just a few of the medical terms that you will be required to know upon completing your orientation process. - Collagen -coll/a- fibers that hold together -gen- that which produces - 2 warnings will be given for late returns from your breaks or lunch. After those 2 warnings you will then recieve a write up. - Etymology - etym/o- word origin -logy- study of -Septal -sept/o- septum -al- pertaining to Medical Terminology Introduction -Intestinal -intestin/o- intestine -al- pertaining to - Pulmonary -pulmon/o- lung - ary- pertaining to - Antigen - anti- against -gen- which produces -Septal -sept/o- septum -al- pertaining to Endocrinology -Baylor Hospital was founded in 1994 by Joseph Maynes. - Dermal -derm/o- skin -al- pertaining to Follow up -Oral -or/o- mouth -al- pertaining to - All other information is provided in your Welcome to Baylor Handbook. Gastroenterology 1. Combining form- the foundation of the word. -Inspiration -in- in -spir/o- breathe -ation- a process -Sublingual -sub- below -lingu/o- tongue -al- pertaining to -Medical terminology is a must to understand when working around patients in a hospital or clinic. - The patients of Baylor trust us with their health and recovering. - Communication between all medical staff is the key to keeping up with the patients. - We are going to recap on the breakdown of medical terminology into sections that way it will be easier for you to understand. Hematology and Immunology - Dermatology -dermat/o- skin -logy- study of Medical Words and Word Parts Include: The 5 Language Skills insist of: - Exfoliation - ex- out - foli/o- leaf -ation- a process 4. Writing and spelling -Hematopoiesis -hemat/o- blood -poiesis- process of formation 2. Listening -Here at Baylor we have pride in our employee's confidence and hard work that they provide to the company. - Nasal -nas/o- nose -al- pertaining to - Medical -medic/0- physician; medicine -al- pertaining to By: Patricia Patton -Cardiology -cardi/o- heart -logy- study of Dermatology - Baylor employees may only park in the designated areas. Please make sure that you are always aware of patients and their families especially while in your vecihle. - Digestive - digest/o- break down of food -ive- pertaining to - Oxytocin -ox/y- oxygen -toc/o- labor -in- substance -Cardiovascular -cardi/o- heart -vascul/o- blood vessel -ar- pertaining to -Baylor employees are expected to be at work on time every day with no assumptions unless you have notified the head manager. 3 tardies will result in a write up and 3 write ups will be an automatic suspension. Thank you! 5. Speaking and Pronouncing -Anterior -anter/o- before -ior- pertaining to - Uniforms are mandatory with any acceptions. If you arrive to work in anything other than a full uniform you will by asked to go home and fix the issues. Introduction of Baylor -Expiration -ex- out -hal/o- breathe -ation- a process -Electrolyte -electr/o- electricity -lyte- dissolved substance - If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact Baylor's Human Resources manager, Pattie at (214) 546- 9872 ext. 4387. - Communication -communicat/o- impart; transmit -ion- action; condition Welcome to Baylor! New Hiring Training Presentation. - You may download a copy of this presentation at: 2. Suffix- the word ending -Spinal -spin/o- spine -al- pertaining to - Nasal nas/o- nose -al-pertaing to Neurology _ Welcome To The Baylor Family! - Respiratory -re- again and again -spir/o- breathe -atory- pertaining to _ Endocrinology -endo- innermost -crin/o- screte -logy- study of Expectations of Baylor Employees Cardiology _ Neurology -neur/o- nerve -logy- study of - Hematology -hemat/o- blood -logy- study of - Anatomical -ana- apart from, excessive -tom/o- cut; slice; layer -ical- pertaining to 3. Thinking, analyzing, and understanding -In the case in which you need to take some time off, you may fill out a time off form and submit it to your manager 3 weeks prior to the requested date. - Cardiac -cardi/o- heart -ac- pertaining to -Communication is the key to success both with the company and with the patients. Baylor has a 12 foot rule that insists on patients being greeted the moment that they are in your eye sight. - Epideral -epi- upon; above -dur/o- dura mater -al- pertaining to _ Dural -dur/o- dura mater -al- pertaining to HAVE FUN. We are thrilled to have each and every one of you to become part of the Baylor family. - Convulsion -conculs/o- seizure -ion- action; condition _ Cavity -cav/o- hollow space -ity- state; condition Medical Terms - Here at Baylor we require you to take a medical terminology test every 6 weeks to insure that you are up to date with the terms that are necessary. - Hormonal -hormon/o- hormone -al- pertaining to _Spinal -spin/o- spine -al- pertaining to Frontal- -front/o- front -al-

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