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Story Presentation Template

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Story Map Template

Transcript: Character 1: Describe the protagonist of your story. What makes him or her unique or interesting? Character 2: Who is the antagonist of your story? What does he or she have in common with the protagonist? Character 3: Who is the love interest in your story? How does he or she make the protagonist's life more interesting? Major Conflicts What are the "big ideas" in your story? What philosophical or moral questions are being addressed? What are the reasons the author chose to write this book? What happened after the battle was over? In this space, type about what the world was like before the story got started Who lives here? What are the rules? Is there magic? What kind of language do people use? What is the setting like? What kind of stuff was going on? What happened in the final battle? How was the Central Conflict of the story resolved? Describe the first few things that happen in the story after the inciting incident Abyss Climax Conventions of the Genre Describe the moment you knew the world was changed forever and life would never go back to the way it was before. What happens to change the world as we know it? How does the life of the protagonist change? Falling Action By Mr. Strong Denouement When did it all go wrong? Why did it look like everything was lost? ACT ONE Character 4: Who is the shaman of your story? What unique wisdom or insight does this person have? What was life like for the characters after the story was over? Describe the next few things that happen in the story Type the Title AND author of your story here Midpoint Major Themes Story Map Template Exposition Rising Action ACT TWO Think about the biggest conflicts in your story - there may be more than one. Which category does it fall into? Person vs Fate Person vs Self Person vs Nature Person vs Person What is the genre of your story? What does your story have in common with other stories like it? Rising Action Literary Techniques Character 5: Who is the comic relief in this story? What makes him or her funny? Inciting Incident ACT THREE What kind of tools does the author use to tell the story? Rhyme Diction Sensory language Figurative Language: metaphor, simile, personification, figure of speech, onomatopoeia

Story book template

Transcript: Percy liked to help children make lots of lovely pictures. The happiest little cloud in the land. Green That wouldn't be good!" Said the children. "If Percy's colour's run he might feel all drained and pale and he would have to stay in bed and not paint with us." The children felt worried. What could they do? Purple and much, much more... It was Samuels the raincloud and he was dripping rain all over Percy! "Oh dear oh dear" thought Percy. "If too much water gets on me my colours will run!" There was a magic paint box called Percy. He gave the chidren one tiny rain drop and it SPLASHED into a cup The blue and the green and the White One day, Percy was on his way to help the children paint a funny little baby bug... The children felt sad too....but then they had an idea! Percy thought of Samuels being lonely and all the colours of him felt sad. Percy and the Raincloud! By Jessica Austin "I didn't mean to make Percy all wet." Sighed Samuels "I was just lonely and looking for friends. I saw you were painting and wanted to join in." Then Samuels started to sadly drift away... He felt a SPLASH! land on his head! What could it be? Red " Now all of the children and Percy and Samuels could paint together. They made a BRILLIANT team. "You could help us paint Samuels!" The children said. "If you could give us just a little of your water then we could it swirl our paintbrushes around and dip it in the colours!" "Hey Samuels!" One of the brave girls said; "Don't rain on Percy. He's our friend." And so that's what Samuels did.... Once Upon a time..... He was made from a RAINBOW of colours But then the children noticed that Samuels was sad. And do you know what? Samuels wasn't sad for much longer. In fact, his new friends had made him..... Orange When SUDDENLY.....

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