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Stevens Institute of Technology

Transcript: Private College Research Hoboken, New Jersey Hoboken, New Jersey 2,775 Miles 40 hours by car 5 hours by plane ($237-500) 2 days by train Hoboken, New Jersey 2.011 sq. miles (56,063,462 sq. feet) 54,379 population Los Angeles, California 503 sq. miles 3.976 million population < Hoboken Waterfront Free Public Library > Hoboken view of New York Brief History Edwin Augustus Stevens July 28, 1795 - August 8, 1868 Created in 1870 Rigorous engineering curriculums "To inspire, nurture and educate leaders in tomorrow’s technology-centric environment while contributing to the solution of the most challenging problems of our time." Focus of engineering School Profile 7,208 in total 3,123 Undergraduates 30% women 70% men 4% international 3,793 Graduate Students 29% women 71% men 60% international 94% Retention Rate Academic Life Requirements for Engineering 4-years of English 4-years of mathematics 3-years of science Requirements for Business and Science 4-years of English 4-years of mathematics 3-years of science Requirements for Humanities 4-years of English 3-years of math 1-year of science Requirements for Pre-Med 4-years of English 4-years of College Prep Math 3-years of Science AP Classes (Recommended) 1400 SAT I score Mechanical Engineering Business Administration Chemical Engineering Civil Engineering Electrical Engineering Popular Majors Athletic Life NCA Division III Athletic Conference (ECAC) Student Life < River Terrace Suites Hayden Hall > Available until 7 AM to 12 at midnight!

Stevens Institute of Technology

Transcript: Ratings The Website Phone Number: (201) 216-5000 The motto that the school uses I missed information that I need to get a good grade :) Mascot: Attila the Duck History President: Nariman Farvardin Stevens Institute of Technology Type: Private "Through adversity to the stars" Lol jokes. 1 Castle Point Terrace, Hoboken, NJ 07030 Athletics ranked 3rd Nationally for return on invest for students by PayScale. ranked 3rd Nationally for Best Career Placement by The Princeton Review. ranked 7th as a Leading University Granting STEM degrees conferred according to U.S. News & World Report. ranked 10th in U.S. for Mid-Career Salary of Graduates by PayScale. graduates are the 12th-highest paid in the nation, according to CNNMoney. currently ranked #76 among all U.S. universities by U.S. News & World Report. Main Information "Per aspera ad astra" A.K.A Stevens Institute of Technology was founded from an 1868 bequest from Edwin Augustus Stevens. The acceptance rate: 38% (2013) Soccer Lacrosse Swimming Volleyball Facilities The first parts By Dylan O'Brien the size: 55 acres student population: 7,208 in 2013 I don't know exactly what you mean by athletic division tuition: $44,490 Facilities: Building repair and maintenance, grounds and landscaping, space planning and custodial services. Famous Graduates: Francis Ford Coppola, Peter Cooper Hewitt, Gerard J. Foschini, Alexander Calder, Thomas Gardiner Corcoran, L. Sprague de Camp, Alan Rosenberg, Greg McAdoo, ect Freshmen driving privileges... Freshmen are allowed to drive Nearby historical landmarks a merchant cargo ship is built by the Bethlehem Fairfield Shipyard at Baltimore. Teacher to student ratio: 10 students:1 teacher Business & Technology, History, Biology, Computer Science, Biomedical Engineering, Economics, Literature, Chemical Biology, Cybersecurity, Chemical Engineering, Finance Music & Technology, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Information Systems, Philosophy, Computational Science, Computer Engineering, Management, Science, Communication, Engineering Physics, Electrical Engineering, Marketing, Science, Technology & Society (B.S.), Mathematics, Engineering Management, Quantitative Finance, Social Sciences, Physics, Environmental Engineering, Visual Arts & Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Naval Engineering, Software Engineering

Stevens Institute of Technology

Transcript: Hoboken, New Jersey After Senior Year Five Year Program Paid - $16.68 40% Undergraduate Participation Location Academics Opportunities Stevens Students Percentage Accepted: 45% STUDYING! Why Stevens? Art and Technology Chemistry Engineering Business and Technology Computer Science Cyberseecurity Electrical Engineering Management Physics Information Systems Literature and Communications Mathematics Science and Law Cost 2010-2011 Students and Teachers $40,441- Tuition $12,390 - Room and Board ... 4 year guarnteed housing 96% recieve grant aid 83% recieve merit aid Dual Degrees Five-Year Bachelor's/Master's Pre-Med Pre-Dentistry Pre-Law ROTC Scholars Program Technogenesis Research B.A/M.D B.A/D.M.D B.A/J.D Study Abroad Program NYC Selectivity Sports Stevens Campus Private Founded 1870 Type of Institution Number of Applicants (2010): 3,618 90% NCAA Division III Athletics Reputation 31% Students Pursued Graduate Studies at California Institute of Technology Columbia University Cornell University Princeton University Stevens Institute of Technology Temple University Medical School Tufts Medical School UMDNJ Medical School University of Illinois University of Pennsylvania Villanova Law School Stevens Institute of Technology Special Programs Population : 2,234Undergraduates Stevens Institute of Technology., 2011. Web. 5 Oct. 2011. One of the most exciting cities in the world #12 College Town The Ducks City Town Greek Life Campus Life Majors Location: Yellow Ribbon School #14 Career Development by Princeton Review #3 U.S Research University by Class Size: Varies Student-Teacher Ratio: 7:1 Cooperative Education 38% Choose from more than one job offer Accenture Barclays Capital Burns and Roe Credit Suisse Goldman Sachs Johnson & Johnson JP Morgan Chase NAVAIR Picatinny Arsenal Puget Sound Naval Shipyard Sun Chemical Turner Construction UBS US Army CERDEC Retention Rate for Freshman All About the Academics: Social Life Baseball (Men) Basketball ( Men and Women) Cross Country(Men and Women) Equestrian (Women) Fencing ( Men and Women) Field Hockey (Women) Golf (Men) Indoor Track and Field (Men and Women) Lacrosse ( Men and Women) Soccer (Men and Women) Softball (Women) Swimming (Men and Women) Tennis (Men and Women) Volleyball (Men and Women) Wrestling (Men) Great Job Placement 73% Male 27% Female

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