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Stationery Presentation Template

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Stationery Package

Transcript: STATIONERY PACKAGE typically includes: logo company name employee name title phone number fax number email address company address web address typically includes: logo company name company address phone number fax number web address typically includes: logo company name company address When establishing a business, it is very important that all communications are well coordinated and that the message of the organization is presented consistently. includes BUSINESS CARD, LETTERHEAD and ENVELOPE the packaging the contains the letter/form when being mailed standard #10 envelope Letterhead design tips: must be 2"x3.5" horizontal OR vertical orientation check for accuracy check for unity ... continuity among other pieces typical margin is .25" to .125" design tips: must be 9.5"x4.125" horizontal OR vertical orientation must leave room for recipient's address and stamp check for accuracy check for unity ... continuity among other pieces the printed pieces that a company utilizes for communication purposes an essential part of a stationery design. When you hand someone your business card, they will form an immediate opinion about your company. Your business card does more than tell people how to find you: it says something about your company– its mission, its culture, and its goals. Everything from the colors, fonts, the texture, shade, and gloss of the paper you print on says something about you. design tips: must be 8.5"x11" (standard) must be vertical orientation must leave room to write the letter, memo, etc– big empty space in middle check for accuracy check for unity ... continuity among other pieces a printed piece of paper used to send letters, memos, etc. Business Card Envelope


Transcript: To the observe to them students of it career of Mechatronics of it University technological of Huejotzingo which must perform travels long, for get to it stationery that is outside of the institution for get materials that les requested in their subjects belonging to stationery and electronic, within that period is lose approximately 10 minutes which could have is occuped in perform the activity that the master les has assigned. A. The kind of experimental design, because we innovarlo the change of products will be included in the machine. B. The method that will use is innovative because we have to build, look for all your elements that comprise and descriptive because we will sustainable bc is aimed at all kind of person and to use in any area you want. D. basic information is taken of websites, academic interviews. E. Places where we were the classroom, cubicles of different masters, in the library; with support of teachers and a advisor assigned. F. that resources are laptops use, books, books, pens. G. Obstacles we had were the lack of communication, availability, of interest of organization; of information. method precedents vending machine opera with regard to satisfy to consumers. which will have function in which will operate from fashion practice. stationery design of the advertising Objetive General: Design TARGET GOALS a useful vending machine school have distribution functions, printing and copies. Objetive Specific: Power TARGET buy stationery products without leave the building y/o institution. • Design mechanism for printing and copy. • Period inventory of pieces in the vending to improve distribution times. Conclucion justification It is to achieve the performance of the machine and also power to publicize how it works and step by step to modify each of these to achieve greater success and compliance for students logo Problem Statement This project is based on the economic sphere of te suppliers of school supplies for the benefit of the same, since this does not require humsn help to make the sale and deliver the services.Equally is aims to contribute with the problem of wear physical and loss of time to the make them revelant shopping necessary. Objectives

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