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Spring Flowers Powerpoint Template

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spring flowers

Transcript: Spring flowers Toktasyn Shugyla Spring flowers How impatiently we all look forward to spring. How we rejoice at the first warm rays of the sun, the first thawed spots and streams. But the first spring flowers cause special delight. The appearance of these small, but bold messengers of spring indicates that spring has come completely and irrevocably.I will introduce you to 4 of the 11 first spring flowers Spring 1) Pulmonaria She blooms one of the first. At the same time, he does not argue with such stars of the spring garden as tulips or daffodils, but gracefully accompanies the soloists. When the Lungwort fades, fancy colored leaves come to the fore 2) Galanthus Flowers Snowdrops, the first flowers of spring, or as the Greeks called them, galanthus ("milk flowers") belong to the genus of perennial grasses of the amaryllis family, are early small-bulb plants and are listed in the Red Book. Pictures Pictures 3) Helleborus Moroznik is a perennial herbaceous plant from the family Ranunculaceae. It lives in the Mediterranean, Asia Minor and the Balkans. Hellebore can be found on shady mountain slopes or in light forests. It can be called a primrose, because flowers appear in early spring. Sometimes at the end of winter you can see blooming buds on freshly fallen snow. in Pictures Subtopic 3 4) Krokus Crocuses are very beautiful spring flowers. They bloom in early spring and bloom from 7 to 10 days. After the flowers wither, the leaves remain still fresh, but in the middle of the first summer month they also wither - a dormant period begins in these plants. Almaty

Spring Flowers

Transcript: blue= native, grey= introduced Spring Flowers Spring Time has Come Taraxacum officinal - Dandelion blue= native grey= introduced - Osmorhiza longistylis - Longstyle Sweetroot, Sweet Anise, Aniseroot The tiny white flowers of Longstyle Sweetroot are held in compound umbels above serrated, frequenly lobed ovate leaves. - Blooms first appear in mid spring and continue into late spring. Geranium maculatum - Wild Geranium Stellaria pubera - Star Chickweed While Star Chickweed appears to have 10 petals, there are really five deeply notched white petals.Each flower is about ½" across, consisting of 5 green sepals, 5 white petals. The blooming period occurs from mid- to late spring and lasts about a month. Blue= native grey= introduced References: The flower of Robins Plantain is compound, having both ray and disk flowers. It has 50 – 100, usually around 80, ray flowers which are white to pale violet, up to about 3/4” long. They surround the yellow disk flowers. These are perennial flowers. they usually bloom a little later during the early summer and can be found in sunny habitats with a history of disturbance. Robin's Plantain - Erigeron pulchellus - Native Status: Introduced - the variety found in the east (officinale), which is also found in the west, is introduced. -perenial in spring and fall, when day length is less than twelve hours, or in summer if there is sufficient shade. Lamium purpureum Blue= native grey= introduced - Purple Deadnettle blooms early -the upper leaves are close together, with every other pair 90 degrees from the prior one, . The upper leaves will have a purple hue. The blooming period usually occurs during mid- to late spring and lasts about 1½ months, although plants that are summer annuals may bloom during the fall. tras :) Blue= native Grey= introduced - - we all know that this is the spring season, meaning organisms are coming to life, and I want to focus on flowers I was able to look at flowers in Wilmore, KY, lets take a stroll shall we . All geraniums have a "multiples of 5" consistency - 5 petals, 5 sepals, 10 stamens, and a 5-part pistil. G. maculatum is widely-distributed in the eastern United States. The blooming period occurs during the late spring to early summer, lasting about 1 month. blue= native grey= introduced

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