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Transcript: -Simon as "trickster" figure -Destructiveness is constructive "the heart and muscles and mind of something perilous and new" (4) -Brathwaite: "Letter Sycorax" -oral and written -"What does it mean to be Maori in a post-colonial world" becomes "What does it mean to be human in a post-colonial world?" -inclusive instead of exclusive -In-corporate tradition to create new body -Tower becomes a Marae -Joe becomes guardian of canoe god -Hopeful "ending" that is really the beginning -hopeful vs. happy -"instruments of change" (4) Effects of Colonization By: Erin Tagomori To prevent "post-colonialism" from stagnating, perhaps we should look to the Maori worldview of the spiral that makes room for multiple "centers" united by the underlying humanity in us all. The Bone People Hopeful is Human -Chaos causes renewal -Joe's violence toward Simon breaks them apart -Spiral moves because "center" isn't stable -Characters are stripped down to the bone -end and beginning: re-birth -must re-build identities and culture to restore balance Thesis: Untangling Humanity from the Mortal Coil -Traditional role in The Tempest -rejecting "correct" way to speak -Caliban becomes the "voice"/author -subject of poem= humanization -appropriating language to "speak out" against literary canon -Novel proper "begins" in isolation --Kerewin's Tower --Joe's loss of wife and biological son --Simon as a mute, orphan child -Each character is a point of origin in spiral Resistance to Colonization Through Form and Content -Thiong'o's "chaotic" encounter -Lack of vocabulary to describe experiences because of cultural hegemony -"How to undo it?" -"Is this even possible?" -"Post-colonial" literature attempts to "write back" to imperial center -Problems? -New binary relationship between colonial and post-colonial Masks Removed -Story itself "unfurls" from isolation to chaos to hope -shape: organic rather than a fixed entity -room for multiple "centers" rather than prioritizing one over the other -"The End at the Beginning" -progressive and cyclical -"moves forward from the place it came from" (Knudsen 24) -flows into one another -How is it possible for individuals to come together and form a new way of "being?" Loss of "Maoriness"


Transcript: SPRIAL GALAXY There's a candy named after "me" :P PHYSICAL PHYSICAL SpIrAl GaLaXy: galaxy in which the stars and gas clouds are concentrated mainly in one or more spiral arms. alot of dust and gas very bright and some are not NGC 6872 5x the milky way (522,000 light-years) Interacts with lenticular galaxy IC 4970 (way smaller) One of the laragest known to man Examples Spiral galaxies are also known as disk galaxies. 20 second fun facts 20 second fun facts The majority of the mass of a spiral galaxy is made up of Dark Matter. As of 2005, the Milky Way galaxy has been classified as a Barred Spiral Galaxy. Milky way Mass‎: ‎0.8–1.5×1012 Thickness of thin stellar disk‎: ‎≈2 kly (0.6 kpc) Diameter‎: ‎100–180 kly (31–55 kpc) Pinwheel- stars‎: ‎1 trillion (1012) Constellation‎: ‎Ursa Major Apparent magnitude (V)‎: ‎7.86 Redshift‎: ‎0.000804 Sombrero galaxy: constellation‎: ‎Virgo Absolute magnitude (B)‎: ‎−21.8 velocity‎: ‎1024±5 km/s−1 Blackeye: Apparent dimension (V)‎: ‎10.71 × 5.128 moa Galactocentric velocity‎: ‎400 ± 4 km/s Heliocentric radial velocity‎: ‎408 ± 4 km/s Apparent magnitude (V)‎: ‎9.36 Messier 81 Apparent magnitude (V)‎: ‎6.94 Galactocentric velocity‎: ‎73 ± 6 km/s Heliocentric radial velocity‎: ‎−34 ± 4 km/s Distance‎: ‎11.8 ± 0.4 Mly (3.62 ± 0.12 Mpc) PICTURES :) PICTURES :) More pictures More pictures Existence Existence Oldest is over 9 bliion years old Scientist find galxeys that shouldn't exisit (Milky way) Currently, the Milky Way is swallowing a small dwarf galaxy) Galexys can merge and collide. In the early 1900s scientists starting figuring out their where other galxeys Edwin Hubble 1936 Oldest Galexy is 10.7 billion years Discovery Discovery Video ( Video 10 second fun facts! 10 second fun facts! Cites page CITES PAGE

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