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South America Powerpoint Template

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South America

Transcript: South America is one of the largest contents in the world. This highly populated area has many cultures from The Andes Moutains to the Suger Loaf Moutains of Rio De Janeiro. This area has alot of vegitation. South America is known for there largest forests that contains many animal speices. South America is a big tourist destention. It attracts millions of people from all over the world. Many tourtists go to South America for the intersting cultures or the lush green forests. Chile is also in South America. The government of Chile is mainly republican. They also speak spainsh. Their life expectancy is the age of 71. 95.1 can read and write in Chile. Bolivia is another country of South America. Their government is made up of republicans. The capital of Bolivia is La Paz. The main language they speak is spanish. Their life expectancy is the age of 67. 86.7 can read and write in Bolivia. Argentina is one of the countries that belongs to South America. Argentina's government is republican. They mostly speak spanish but they also speak other languages such as german. Their life expectancy is 77. 97.2% can read and write. Brazil is one of the countries that South America has to offer. The federal government is mostly made up of federal republic. The capital of Brazil is Brasillia. The speak Portuguese but very little spanish. There life expectancy is in the 50s or 60s. 88.6% can read and write. Colombia is another country in South America. The government of Colombia is also republican. Spanish is the official language of Colombia. The people's life expectancy can live up to 72 years old. 90% can read and write. Weather in South America is very hot, esspecially for the people in South America that live near the equator. Some states such as Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and Bolivia are the most common states that people enjoy to explore. By Geremy Gutierrez SOUTH AMERICA

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