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Sourcing Strategy

Transcript: Post position onto BNSF Facebook Page . Discuss with HR Generalist on posting into Central and Northern California. Reach out directly to military bases. Outsource to Universities and local community colleges in Southern California by direct contact to the Career Development/Job Placement Department. Attend Career Fair 9/27 in Long Beach. Providing Updates to HR Generalist and Director of Staffing throughout process. Assisting staff members with issues that may arise and following up to confirm task completion. Posting position on social media (Facebook) and responding to potential candidates. Preparing for Career Fair. Long-term Staffing Solutions Mgr 1 Staffing/Sourcing Kellen Timms 9/27/18: Long Beach Career Fair. Details:( 9/28/18: All Staff Members reports completed and turned in with applicants uploaded in ATS. 10/1/18: Locomotive Electrician (Barstow, CA) position closes. Reasoning Objective Plan of Action I chose the methods shown in the plan of action because of the direct approach of addressing the low candidate pool quickly while being cost effective and creating the development of relationships within the community. Advertising is used in the direct contact method due to time constraints. Process Increase candidate pool for Locomotive Electrician positions in Barstow,California in order to fill 8 current openings. Two staff members will be contacting universities and some community colleges requesting resumes from career/job placement departments. Military focused staff will be contacting military bases providing advertisement and requesting resumes of job seekers that fit the job description. A chosen staff member will assist me in Career Fair. (Staff will receive a job task guide sheet provided in word document.) Creating CTE (Career Training Education) Contracts with Community Colleges. Method allows for a direct source of candidates for high demand positions. Can be offered as an incentive to retiree or current employee to BNSF. Graduates of the program receive twice the BNSF training and procedures and are able to make a smooth transition into the company if hired. My Role Project Due Dates Sourcing Strategy

Sourcing Strategy

Transcript: It is a great way to network with other professionals Split the days and hours to search Hi Giuseppe, I saw on your Linkedin that you like reading. I love it too! Would you recommend me a book? I am currently looking for a skilled Software Engineer with strong experience with Ruby and JavaScript for our offices in Dublin. Let's connect and have a chat! Laia ;) Location Ireland Portugal Spain Italy Romania Poland Etc Countries to target Linkedin Databases and job board For the Software Engineer For Software Build Engineer Tools and technologies. General requirements. Responsibilities. Sourcing Strategy Email: Quick email with some insight about the role and the company. Arrange phone call. Software Build Engineer Stuart Findlay Damien Donlon This knowledge will help me to get the right candidate for the team! ✆ As a result... Thank you for your time Monster Role Meet up Software Engineer Alberto Abián Belmonte David Tuite This sourcing tool is very effective because we can get quicker information of potential candidates. Understand the roles Other tools Search string with the skills required for the position. As an example: I would have a look on current employees profiles Email connection in Linkedin Github Candidate engagement (engineer OR software OR developer OR “build engineer”) artifactory (Scala OR Java) (CI OR “continuous integration” OR cruisecontrol OR teamcity OR bamboo OR jenkins) -/pub/dir -jobs -recruiter Searching tools I usually go once or twice a week. (engineer OR software OR developer OR designer) (ruby OR “Ruby on Rails” OR RoR) (Javascript OR HTML OR CSS) (chef) -/pub/dir -jobs -recruiter Phone call: - Technologies and tools. - Main responsibilities. - Projects. - Extra information about their current role. Time management have a higher understanding... As an example:

Global Sourcing: Sourcing Strategy

Transcript: Sourcing Guidelines Human Rights and Enviornment Health and Safety Conditions Enviornment Political and Economic Enviornment Legal System Manufacturer Assesment Work Force Health and Safety Enviornmental Concerns Community Intellectual Property and Ethics Legal and Ethical Expectations Documentation Contracts Disputes and Complaints Termination Manufacturers El Salvador Vietnam India Phillipines Best Manufactures Picacho S.A. Fully staffed Stand alone Works closely with mills in Europe, Asia, and Latin America Ensures quality Esquel Group Large manufacturing capabilities High quality production of wovens High company standards Intime Knits Prime location Expertise in silk fabrics High quality of knits Su Style Inc. Focused on woven tops Adherence to legal certifications Large facility Gauranteed lead times Costing Negotiations Working together for a Success story in.... Sourcing Strategy Esquel Group $39.75 Based on the requested quality of fabric, a higher cost will be neccesary K+Y Apparel Group Product 2 Code Implementation El Salvador Picacho $41.37 $40.95 India Intime Knits Country Assessment $32.95 Who will be supplying the materials? Product 4 $21.70 Product 3 Picacho S.A. $22.05 $21.25 Jak Industries Intime Knits Ltd. Industries Merlet S.A. de C.U. J. Suzette and Co. $30.16 Nemtex S.A $26.44 $20.91 $39.23 Hari Garments Epic Group (cc) image by jantik on Flickr Vietnam Esquel Group Lucretia Apparel Ind. LTD Product 1 $30.35 $21.14 $21.77 $20.05 What type of Packaging do you want? $24.22 Phillipines Su Style Pricing Su Style Inc.

Sourcing Strategy

Transcript: Strategic Sourcing U S S Your Strategic Sourcing Team PREZI BY Stephen Allen, Cliff Feiring, and Nichole Orr Let's get Creative in recruiting Welcome to the Creative Zone #1 Goals for Meeting Employer Branding Sourcing Strategy Options Recommendations Determination Agenda Employer Branding Employer Branding What is it? What is Employer Branding? Similar to Corporate Branding Positioning GDIT as a top Employer Social Media presence Why is it Important? Why is it Important? How can we use it? How can we use Employer Branding? Focus on "selling" USPS through Social Media Landing Pages Other We like the sound of that No Cost Options P Sourcing through the Applicant Tracking System Workday Workday Linked In Facebook Twitter Niche Sites Social Media Social Media Linked In skillset groups Facebook groups Option to create groups to drive interest Social Media Groups Groups Drive attention to skillset Drive attention to the program Use current employees to help recruit #USPSTSS & more Hashtags Focus on USPS specifically Highlight Team and Program Managers Emphasize Employment Brand Landing Page Landing Page Drives Candidates to Landing Page (engagement) Have USPS team support event Virtual Chat/ Interview Rooms Creates momentum and can talk to multiple candidates vs in-person events Virtual Career Fair Virtual Career Fair Currently Access to Linked In Clearance Jobs Career Builder Indeed Handshake Other Free Tools Live event through Skype Free Tools Free Tools Budget Required More Options Linked In Campaigns Billboard Bus Benches Radio/Subscription Ads Newspaper (online as well) Advertisement Other Ideas Other Ideas Hootsuite Networking Events (in-person) Career Fairs (locally) Events Events Strategic Approach Recommendations Recruiting Strategy Recommendation Create Landing Page for USPS & drive traffic Target and engage through Social Media platforms Linked In, Twitter, Facebook, etc Virtual Career Fair Approved budget to target Program Manage Process Expectations (SLA and minimizing down time) Recruiting Program Managers Other Ideas Other Ideas

Sourcing Strategy

Transcript: Purpose of this meeting: SHOW PROJECT'S PROGRESS Freelancing short-term fast coverage of capacity peaks flexible option for project-based engagements cover software adaptation or troubleshooting Business to Business long term careful evaluation and negotiation of contracts with future partners 1. Approach to Data Collection & Analysis Phase 2 Limitations 3. Business Model Selection a. Business to Business b. Freelancing 4.Regional Selection a. Poland b. Bulgaria c. Russia d. India e. Mexico 5. Overall Recommendation 6. Proposed Approach & Timeline 2nd Semester 7. Q&A Russia Strenghts: strong IT skills low wages good English skills economic ties governmental support for IT industry native talent and education system Opportunities: new market, as Russian IT sector is notable for pace of development 5. Overall Recommendation Bulgaria independent workers, NOT employees the payer has the right to control only the RESULT, not how and when it will be done LOGSOL GmbH = SME located in DD, offers web-based software solutions for logistic problems Looking for 3-4 additional software developers to cover capacity peaks, due to a growing demand for its customized logistic IT support systems Consulting engagement with University of Applied Sciences in Dresden to research suitability of Off-/Nearshore sourcing solutions as business strategy 3. Business Model Selection Data Collection & Analysis Phase Business to Business Weaknesses: huge labor turnover rate inefficient and corrupt bureaucracy lack of innovation concerning SME´s Threats: governmental interference with missing regard to infrastructure new competitors overall rise in cost Country Selection B2B solutions: 2. Limitations legal framework = working with contractors, independent professionals, interims and/or consultants from across all sectors Exclusion India - difficult to find a cooperation on eye-to-eye level Russia - IT sector not as developed as in other countries Future Focus Bulgaria, Poland - advantages of well developed nearshore solutions Mexico - rising star and strategic point of operation for penetration of US market Weaknesses: freelancer is unfamiliar with company little face-to-face contact between freelancer and client hard to develop loyalty Threats: data security "Blind Hire"- little contact during on boarding process Payment: wages dependent on country, task and skills International Business Strategy Team University of Applied Sciences Dresden 28.02.2017 Poland Weaknesses: legal and political uncertainty inefficient jurisdiction Threats: increasing wages (+5% in 2016) increasing shortage of skilled labour high competition for IT nearshoring solutions Freelancing 1. Approach Procurement: Freelancers are commonly hired through online platforms Situation Summery Business Strategy Project LOGSOL GmbH Development of an Off-/Nearshore Sourcing Strategy Interim Report Content Strengths: double-digit growth in IT industry strong IT education system well equipped IT workforce high number of possible collaborations close ties to Germany Opportunities: growing, innovative IT sector eye-to-eye level of motivated, newly found companies governmental subsidies Mexico Strenghts: short term solution no social security costs knowledge input Opportunities: possibility of long term cooperation higher productivity due to flexible working hours Previously agreed on focus: India, Russia, Bulgaria, Poland, Mexico Weaknesses: missing IT certification Threats: weak defence of intellectual property right corruption missing organizational skills VISA problems and political threats Purpose: development of a plan of action for the future implementation of a sourcing solution into LOGSOL GmbH's business strategy Deadline: week 26 of 2017 Focus: conducting further research and evaluating possible B2B partners in Poland, Bulgaria and Mexico evaluating freelancing as short and/or long term solution (focusing on job requirements and procurement) facilitating contact between LOGSOL GmbH and prospective freelancers / businesses abroad summarizing all findings, evaluations and propositions in a final report and presenting the results in a final presentation India = cooperation between two independent businesses making commercial transactions with another LOGSOL: long-term engagement with an independent enterprise opportunity to cover capacity peaks & focus on developing new products while maintaining a high standard of customer satisfaction Strenghts: governmental encouragement for this industry (software development parks) high quality standards cost-effective human resources high industry growth tax advantages Opportunities global market with possibilities to build up new networks outsourcing projects continue to rise Business Model Selection: recommendation for a combination of a permanent B2B cooperation and a flexible freelancing solution 4. Regional Selection Intellectual Property Right: exploitation right need to be regulated in the contract Employment Right: __________to

Sourcing strategy

Transcript: SOURSING STRATEGY Presented by Daria Kazarinova for 8allocate Recruitment WHO is SOURCES WHO is SOURCES Sources CIS Sources CIS Researcher оценивает рынок выбирает тактику и каналы поиска кандидатов составляет списки кандидатов отправляет их рекрутеру SOURCER Europe & US SOURCER Europe & US Sourcing manager Researcher выбирает стратегию reach out берет на себя первоначальную коммуникацию и «продажу» отправляет лид рекрутеру What sourcing strategy is? What sourcing strategy is? What's in it? What's in it? Position Analysis To Highlight: Position Analysis skill1 (основной скилл) skill2 (важный скилл) skill3 (желательный скилл) city (город) country (страна) primarytitle (должность по основному скиллу) title (общее название должности) And more: where we can find thouse skills: what companies? what specific portals? Market Map donor1 donor2 donor3 Market Map Целевые компании-доноры (в порядке приоритетности) Long-list of candidates Long-list of candidates CANDIDATE'S NAME COMPANY POSITION CONTACTS Devide long-list to blocks: 1-st priority 2-nd priority 3-rd priority THIS PRIORITIES WE WILL USE IN MAILING STRATEGY Boolean string's for long-list preparation Boolean string's for long-list preparation skill2 AND skill3 AND city AND primarytitle skill2 NOT skill3 AND city AND primarytitle skill2 NOT skill3 AND city NOT primarytitle AND title AND skill1 skill2 NOT skill3 AND city NOT primarytitle NOT title AND skill1 NOT skill2 NOT skill3 AND city AND primarytitle NOT skill2 NOT skill3 AND city NOT primarytitle AND title AND skill1 NOT skill2 NOT skill3 AND city NOT primarytitle NOT title AND skill1 AND (donor1 OR donor2 OR donor3) NOT skill2 NOT skill3 AND city NOT primarytitle NOT title AND skill1 NOT (donor1 OR donor2 OR donor3) MAILING AS A PART OF STRATEGY MAILING AS A PART OF STRATEGY make a mailing campaign make an analysis of received answers (especially of positive one's): who are this peoples? where are they from? make changes (if needed): in long-list, in mailing campaign AS A RESULT AS A RESULT

Sourcing Strategy

Transcript: Sourcing strategy The journey Hello! My name is Tania Hello! What is the aim of this presentation? - to show my approach to sourcing strategy - to present my strong assets in which I could attract a new candidate - to demonstrate that I would be a great addition to your team! Who am I looking for? Role details Position: German- Speaking Customer Support Agent Location: Lithuania or Poland Desired qualifications and skills: Fluent in German and English (other languages is a plus) Strong customer service and communicating skills Problem-solving abilities Attention to detail Previous experience in customer support or a related field is preferred What would be special in my approach? My approach Strong communication skills Great interpersonal skills Building the relationship and trust with both candidates and hiring managers is essential My qualities which would be useful here: -personable -approachable -being able to establish relationship with people from different backgrounds -emphathetic and understanding the needs of candidates and the managers Analytical and Decision-Making skills Organisational and management skills Continuous learner and hard working Knowledge of psychology and being able to recognize the right fit for the role and our company being often in Krakow office How will I source candidates? Sourcing channels Part 1 1. Internal referrals - encourage the employees to refer qualified candidates from their networks 2. Online job boards : Indeed,, Hubstaff Talents and specific websites for some positions 3. Social Media LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook Here I have an idea to create ads and cooperate with Copywriters to target a specific candidate e.g "Are you fluent in German and English and want to work in friendly environment?" Part II 4. Job-boards in Germany -XING - StepStone - Monster -Karriere 5. Online Communities - explore industry-specific communities eg. on facebook groups to find candidates with specialized skills - Language jobs on FB 6. University partnerships and language schools - collaborate with educational institutions to attend career fairs, offer internships eg. attend the language department career fair to find a german speaking community Resilience in High Volumes How would I handle a high volume of candidate applications effectively? Important steps Establish realistic timelines for reviewing applications and conducting interviews. Clear communicatn with candidates to manage their expectations and maintain a positive candidate experienc Solution Setting the priority - which position needs to be filled the quickest Deviding the day into time slots eg. 8 - 10 am - checking and choosing CV for German speaking position Establish minimum qualifications ----> quick elimination of candidates who do not meet the basic requirements Approach Screening Shortlisting Clearly outline the qualifications and experience for this position Review CVs and applications --> look for what's relevant and min.requirements Prioritize candidates who possess essential qualifications and meet the minimum requirements Conduct Phone Screenings: Schedule phone screenings with selected candidates to assess their suitability for the position Choose candidates who have relevant work experience in customer service with German Also use subjective judgment and intuition Assess Cultural Fit: Consider the company culture and values when evaluating candidates Managing candidate pipelines Keep candidates engaged throughout the hiring process. Communicate regularly, provide updates on their application status, and address any questions or concerns they may have Conduct interviews and incorporate assessments such as language test, technical test or case study Compare candidates against the defined hiring criteria Collaborate with the hiring managers to ensure alignment on candidate evaluation criteria, hiring goals, and expectations. Regularly update them on the status of candidates and encourage feedback to improve the pipeline management process Stakeholder Management How will I collaborate with Hiring Managers? Solution Ensure open lines of communication with hiring managers Set expectations for regular check-ins, updates, and feedback sessions Gain a deep understanding of the hiring manager's expectations to effectively source and screen candidates Analyze key metrics such as time-to-fill, candidate quality Provide insights and expertise: Offer insights on candidate availability and qualification Provide updates on candidate pipelines, interview outcomes, and any challenges encountered BUILDING RELATIONSHIP AND TRUST Thank you for your time! Thank you! Looking forward to hearing from you soon :)

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