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Social network presentation

Transcript: Are they good or bad? Are they good or bad? What do you think if I present the most important ones? First I will tell you a little about social networks Arcadio Céspedes Hurtado Social networks Goodbye Thanks for watching Goodbye Social networks have good and bad things What do you think if we see the good things and the bad? Positive things Negative Things Negative things Topic Instagram The account with the most followers It was created in 2010, in North America. It is an application that allows its users to upload images and videos The post with the most likes The most viewed videos Person with most followers Cristiano Ronaldo is the most followed person on Instagram, with more than 566 million followers. Post with more likes Leo Messi The 2 videos with the most views After several searches, I have deduced that the most played videos of all instagram are... kyliejenner Currently, the record is held by Kylie Jenner in a video that she published in 2021 and that surpassed her previous record, which was for years the most viewed video in the history of Instagram. Ester Expósito This is a video in which Ester Expósito is seen dancing in her bedroom during the covid-19 quarantine. This video became the most viewed in the history of Instagram because it accumulated more than 37 million views and more than 280,000 comments. Topic Topic Facebook Topic It all started back in 2003 when university student Mark Zuckerberg decided to create a humble website to keep in touch with his classmates and entertain them in some way. His name was Facemash and he allowed others to rate the physical appearance of other students. F Mark Zuckerberg At the same time as the creator of this platform, he was also the owner of the first facebook account. Arie Hasit Arie Hasit was the first non-founder user of Facebook F[0]=68.ARCRiqbRzVNnbArFmwvJczZ-YEI8n2eonh7chKam0Qoo3gg3t_Pvq8rgH1o5CSczFGUrdXDa612N3xxLD9-MKs1vNfsIFuTmLxB5O6tgLXhsfML-4691bWXT20cGMcItAb7kLDT4InIkMu8hzO4pzoPesYlZTTPa3YT8KavJx4eynk11dItfWVd-hGS3kYy7_71v7tRvf9DqgmGZ5l_LjJwSdJQrLmdpwR1fZCjPmDKN_t7Bi4VP_sYum8KlxmJGceaGmwoW1pAUe-kr1wg The oldest post on facebook Twitter Twitter is a social network that has many different uses, and today I am going to tell you about many of its uses in a summarized way. What is the use of Twitter? Videogames On Twitter you can find all the information you are looking for about video games Streamers On twitter there are many steamers. These people are dedicated to talking about video games, teaching us about them and entertaining us a little. The Grefg He is a great content creator, and one of the best known. He has more than 7.7M followers on Twitter. Main organizer of the Eslands Ibai Ibai or also known as IbaiLlanos is also a very famous and important streamer. I was being "Ibai" Games Channels In Twitter there are game accounts, that is, accounts created by the creators of the games themselves, to upload news, advances... Epic Game Store Epic game is one of the largest video game companies in the world. Fortnite is one of the great games of this franchise League of Legends ES This twitter account is dedicated to uploading content and news about the game "League of Legends" in Spanish, there is the ES of its name Controversy On twitter there are controversies of different kinds, there are about politics, there are about videogames, there are about celebrities, there are about streamers, there are about everything in general. I am going to talk about the most talked about and most recent controversies. Ricky Edit For me Ricky Edit is one of my favorite steamers, and not precisely because of the video game theme, but

Christmas Social Network Presentation

Transcript: OPERATING SYSTEMS iPod Classic iPod Nano iPod Touch iPhone iPad Zune MP3 Player link sharing system map connect with others with similar likes retweeting communities locations hipster community hugely customizable photos twitter WINDOWS feed SOCIAL NETWORKS photos and text photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli connect your business with others profile names public folder Phones unsuccessful Dell HP Apple Alienware friends photo sharing upvotes "like" system similar to fb profile pics connects to fb, twitter simplicity photos Rogers Bell Telus Virgin Fido following connects to device virtual drive friends home page puchased by facebook follow friday karma system Mac OSX Cheetah Mac OSX Puma Mac OSX Jaguar Mac OSX Panther Mac OSX Tiger Mac OSX Leopard Mac OSX Snow Leopard Mac OSX Lion Mac OSX Mountain Lion Social Networks pinterest similarities intergoogle connection sharing blog Foursquare Digg Reddit Blogger Tumblr Handhelds & Computer System tagging circles tagging link sharing autosorts files 4chan no longer used as much used by phone pages and groups easily searchable to find business took itself out "notes" Phone Providers/Phones easy to share with the world easily searchable Windows 98 Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 7 Windows 8 4chan Pintrest MySpace Dropbox TOR filters and other easy editors tweeting posting Android (HTC Evo) "digg it" timeline pics Handheld Devices subreddits strong aesthetic design personal webpage pin things to your pinboard reblogging PLEASE OPEN YOUR FOLDERS AND TAKE OUT DOC #1 relationship status downvotes facebook for business photo blog MAC OS Google Apple Samsung LG HTC hugely popular for a time google drive notifications Twitter Facebook Google+ Instagram LinkedIn liking chat optimization iPhone (iPhone 5) timeline online / hard drive handlers

Social Network presentation

Transcript: - Remember people there is an event that comes soon - Incite them to participate to this event - Make sure they want participate to it Twitter After - Post the article written in “Our Work” about the event - Post articles on the same theme (current affair about cinema, short movies, etc.) - Share/Write the article on the blog After “This weekend, Nikon Film Festival Awards was in London. Winners received the prices they win and we we’re able to watch they short film. Now what’s next? What were people’s reactions for this event? Read more on our website.” Before Instagram - Add a conclusion/ study case to the article Newsletter Google+ LinkedIn During - Show the event onlive - Share the moment with followers Before Write an article about the aftereffect of the event - what people think about it - the gain for Nikon - the using of the price by the winner - etc. Before - Write an article in Our Work Blog - interesting or amusing content - have a closer contact with users - Show the personality of the company Send to people the news articles on the website Before How they are connected ? - Since October: beginning of the competition - During the vote: create link with people - January: end of the public vote for the European Film Festival Write an article related to the topic of event Before Before Social Network Keep an eye on what's happen around When use them ? After Website 1 week before - Thanks everybody for coming at the event - Inform them if they will be photos, videos or more information about the event - Create a continuity in the social media “The Nikon’s Film Festival Awards is coming to end very soon. Beautiful prices will be given to winners. Want to know more about this event, the purpose of it ? Read more on the article post on our website.” After - Post the interview of the winners (Nikon's website) - Create link with the article on the blog and the conclusion on the website - Share Nikon's Google+ articles Nikon's photo - Share the moment on live with your followers - Look to their reactions - Show them on live what it looks like Before before After During Share the website and blog content

English social network presentation

Transcript: 09/01/2019 Fiorentini Francesco 5°AIN What is ASK? EXP is a global social network that allows you to actively interact with other web users. It means that it allows you to ask questions, leave likes and send (public) messages to the person concerned with an anonymous identity. The site was founded in Latvia by brothers Ilja and Mark Terebin, and launched on 16 June 2010 HOME PAGE HOME PAGE PERSONAL PROFILE PAGE PERSONAL PROFILE Personal profile that everyone can see Personal profile infos What makes ASK so famous REST ASK was made famous by the ability to ask and receive questions completely anonymously. Now we'll see some examples. QUEST QUEST As you can see next to each question there is or not the sender FRIENDS FRIENDS Also you can add friends by simply following their profiles. MY EXPERIENCE #1 FINAL GOAL I must say that I have used this social network a lot to meet new people and to have fun with my friends. In its time it was one of the best, but because of the time it was overtaken by other giants, like Instagram. ASKI? THE TRENDS #1 #2 #3 Ask? It consists of asking a person to ask other questions to the people who like the answer. Vote? It consists of giving votes to people who like the answer. What do you think? It consists of saying what you think of the people who put "I like" to the answer. THE END THE END In conclusion, we can say that this social network has presented a revolutionary idea, but it has not been exploited at its best over time.

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