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Social Media Marketing Presentation Template

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Social Media Marketing Presentation

Transcript: Social Media Presence Product- At Gucci we want to make are products the best material. Price- We want to keep are price range expensive but affordable to middle class income Placement- We want to put our stories in more upscale malls and stores to have people feel the upscale vibe when they walk in the door. Promotion- Gucci is going to promote themselves in fashion shows, magazines, and on billboards to show off the new materials Opportunities- Gucci opportunities in the world are to sell to other countries outside of the common countries and now have a way to market itself in places like Asia, India and China. Gucci can do this by adding in new things to keep other countries amazed by the product. Threats- Some threats for Gucci is that they could get in a little trouble sometimes because of how expensive the brand is and the amount that has been put out without being sold. Another threat is the competition like Louis Vuitton, Chanel and other brands that are out there. SWOT Analysis Executive Marketing Summary How are we going to sell Gucci? The way that Gucci is going to sell and get some exposure is through magazines, fashion shows, on-line marketing and in catalogs. Magazines and fashion shows would be mainly to sell all of the new and upcoming arrivals that are going to appear in the future. Our on-line marketing will be placed on our site to help those who couldn't get to the store at the time to let them shop as if they were in the store. Also for the catalog Gucci would have their own catalog to let shoppers know what’s in stock and what’s to come. The catalog is for people who like to relax and take their time looking at are beautiful accessories. Our Marketing Plan is to have people and business man come together and show interest in our company here at Gucci. Gucci was established in Italy in 1920, and ever since then the product has grown all over the world today. I wanted to show our goals and our overall view of our product. The way that I want to do that is by showing are target market and are SWOT Analysis. Gucci is one of the most well-known fashion designing companies in the world today Implementation Our specific tactics and tools toward this is to • keep prices high • materials different • new and upscale look Messages- how are we going to get publicity? • Radio Stations • Booklets • Television Social Media Marketing Presentation Keevis Tukes Budget and Summary SWOT Analysis cont. Age / Class /Objective Toddlers -1 to 7 year-olds -Sell them accessories that are real but not as expensive as the adults. Young Adults- College students -Get them at this age while they are listening to celebrities and wanting to be like them. Adults- Middle class and up- Have there items a little more pricey and not to flashy to keep them into style but more business oriented. Targeting Market/ Tools Twitter- We are using twitter to share links to check out our site. Facebook- Also like twitter we are using Facebook to share links and also show images to help create an audience. Instagram- Instagram we are using straight for images so we can show the audience our new items. Celebrities- We like to have celebrities who the youth looks up to and think there cool to help sell products Goals for Gucci the four P's of Marketing • Gucci has reward cards for all our customers who sign up also you can get many of the different discounts when you spend more than $500 with Gucci Strengths- Some of the strengths of this company is that we are a very powerful brand that has a rare material that everyone wants. Also we have a way of not handing our brand of to retailers and basically cutting off the middle man. Weaknesses-Is that Gucci have got themselves into a lot of debt cause we have a lot of materials and other brands that flopped over the years and put Gucci into a debt that is increasing over the years and is still going up. Our budget here at Gucci is horrible we have been in debt for years now and is very hard to get out of it so we need to find something to help get Gucci out of debt. We have a plan to help try to get out of debt by using the four P's of marketing and also tools to help advertise our product. By looking at our SWOT analysis we are strong in some areas and weak in others. But Gucci would like to get a lot of the Middle and upper class working group to buy the product because Gucci is an expensive brand. Reference Facebook logo. (n.d.). Retrieved April 27, 2015, from

Social Media Marketing Presentation

Transcript: Social Media Marketing Presentation Homeopathy is a medical system based on the belief that the body can cure itself. Those who practice it use tiny amounts of natural substances, like plants and minerals. They believe these stimulate the healing process. Company Description I think social media should be used in Homeopathy’s marketing plan because social media is an essential piece of your business marketing strategy. Social platforms help you connect with your customers, increase awareness about your brand, and boost your leads and sales. With more than three billion people around the world using social media every month, it's no passing trend. Conclusion of whether you think Social Media should or should not be used in your Company’s Marketing plan. Atomsville Physical Therapy used Instagram so they could Build Their Channels Early. “Don't wait for launch day to create your social media channels,”Build Relationships With Influencers, and Find Their Audience. Examples of Companies Using Social Media in their Marketing Plan. Color can be used in our logo/business Homeopathy because color is an important consideration in your brand identity system. Colors have a significant impact on people's emotional state. Color in branding is also important because our response to a color is based on our life experiences and cultural associations. Use of Company Colors and Fonts. Pros of using social media in marketing is brand loyalty and low cost. Cons of using social media is the loss of control and the risk of negative publicity. Pros and Cons of Using Social Media in Marketing. Methods of using social media in marketing are to start using chatbots,create a personalized experience for your customers,and create an efficient content marketing strategy. Methods of Using Social Media in Marketing. Possible social media outlets to use are famous apps such as LinkedIn,Twitter,Facebook,Instagram,and Snapchat. Possible Social Media Outlets to Use.

Social Media Marketing Presentation

Transcript: 1,000 52% 1. Far Cheaper and Much More Flexible Than Print Advertising 6. Add Value and Satisfaction 30 increase from 2012. Social Media Marketing Companies can generate more than... Facebook likes also receive nearly... website visits a day. compared to... 8. Improve credibility % of the average internet population. 25% 15% #10. (NEILSON) 9% 40% It means you're losing money! #2. 1/2 13% #1. Websites with over twitter followers generate more than new website visitors a month. 10. Growth Opportunity Join The Big 5 of all marketers who have found a customer via... #4. (COMPETE AND TWITTER) 23% (HUBSPOT) of total U.S. internet time is spent on social networking sites. 1 of total U.S. mobile internet time is spent on social media sites. of marketers are investing in blogging and social media in 2013. 2x 48% vs 43% (EXPERIAN) 17 Incredible Social Media Marketing Facts 11. Two-Way Communicative Marketing #8. 36% (HUBSPOT) of customers who complain about products via Facebook or Twitter expect a response within hour. Be Where The People Are 800 (AMERICAN EXPRESS) So what can a small business owner do? 2. Market Expansion 59% Social Media Marketing In 10 Easy Steps Approximately of online users count on social media when making a purchase. Social Media Marketing (HUBSPOT) On Facebook, brand posts get of thier reach within minutes of being posted. #5. (HUBSPOT) (IPSOS) #7. 12 Benefits Of Having A Website ...But where to begin? Get A of all marketers say Facebook is important to their lead generation strategies. Not Just For Big Business 3. Diversify Revenue Streams 21% #9. 7. Standardize Sales Performance 46% 1,000 4. 24 7 365 Women are more likely than men to regularly check out a brand's social page... 1,400 Social media produces almost the marketing leads of trade shows, telemarketing, or PPC. (HUBSPOT) 9. Promote your Brick n Mortar Presence of twitter users have visited B2B tech brand sites, 27% (SOCIALBAKERS) What's all this mean to my small business? #3. 74% (HUBSPOT) (HUBSPOT) 43% 12. Cheap Market Research Social media lead conversion rates are higher than the average conversion rate. (HUBSPOT) of marketers say that social media has become more important to their company over the past 6 months. (EXPERIAN) 5. Offer Convenience #6.

Social Media Marketing Presentation

Transcript: SOCIAL MEDIA What is Social Media? Why is it Important? Which Media to Focus On? Helpful Marketing Tools What to Post on your Social Media? Events (Local Conferences, Fundraising Events, etc) Chapter Meetings New Pictures or Videos (Of Past Events, Promotional, Informative, etc) Related News That Your Group Will Like (Articles, News Release, Videos, etc) How to be Found? Start Out by Joining Us at Our Next Workshop: We are giving out FREE Websites to any Student with a knights email account Location...Career Services Experiential Learning Building, Room 121 Date...Wednesday, April 13th, 2011 Time...3:00-4:00pm Cons: Similar Online Programs on different Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, and many other Apps) A newer, less commonly used Social Network Harder to use without a Smart Phone People using TOOLS (blogs & videos) and SITES (Facebook and Twitter) to SHARE CONTENT and have CONVERSATIONS ONLINE! CoTweet: Pros: Members could Check-in at Organization Events (iKiwi) and get Discounts in Return Connect with your Facebook, Twitter, and Address Book Contacts Helps attract Members' friends to your Organization's Events It is a Growing Social Network "I just Ate." Flowtown: Increases: "This is where I Eat." HootSuite: Pros: Can set up Organization Page(s), Group(s), and Event(s) More people are on Facebook than any other Social Network Insert Videos, Statuses, Photos, Links, etc. Others can "Like" or "Share" your Organization's Facebook Page or Event Cons: Hard to search for Specific Videos Not many people Sign-up for an Account Most people watch YouTube video on some other Social Network No one will "Follow" (Subscribe) your Videos Cons: Viewers could possibly miss posts Only 140 characters Can't explain Detailed Information You can only Post Links to Websites Web Hosting Company Currently located in 7 Countries Founded in 2001 "I'm the fastest Eater!" "I need to Eat!" Pros: Can post Videos on practically any Social Network Viewers prefer to watch Videos rather than Read Long Descriptions Easy to get People Excited or Knowledgeable about your Cause Connect all your Social Medias together... "Why am I Eating?" Your Website Should be your "HUB" for your Social Marketing Cons: Viewers only visit Facebook Group Page Once or Twice Some people may take longer breaks from Facebook Facebook Groups, Sites and Events can get confusing to others RSVPing is not 100% Valid (Wrong or No Replies at all) Pros: Quicker way of communicating Micro-Blogging (Shorter Messages, Straight to the Point) Best Approach: Tweet during the Day! Ask others to ReTweet Your Recruiting Pool Size Your Organization's Recognizability Your Communication with Present & Potential Members Traffic to your Organization's Site Member's Awareness of your Upcoming Events ETC... "Look at me Eat!" Social Media:

Social Media Marketing Presentation

Transcript: Fashion, Arts, Music, Entertainment, Culture, Finance,Tech, Film, and Events Will Feature related content from partners (current events, product & social news) SEM & SEO optimalization Host banner ads and contests Increase awareness of your product, service or brand Customer service Create virality (word-of-mouth marketing) Create engagement Increase sales indirectly Facebook Promoted Posts F.A.M.E. Social Network Broadcasting Facebook Promoted Posts The process of gaining attention through digital channels Utilizing content as a means to create virality Driven by word of mouth marketing Identify influential bloggers Utilize our partner's blogs Leverage audiences & influence Create "domino effect" Tools of Engagement How EvoSpend will Use Social Media Marketing Contests and Promotions Influential Blogs Promoted posts appear higher in news feed Promoted Posts allow EvoSpend to leverage the existing audiences Allows EvoSpend to maintain a high level of visibility on our partners fan page The F.A.M.E. Rewards Blog C: Be Creative & Consistent R: Be Relevant & Resourceful E: Be Engaging & Entertaining A: Be Adaptable & Abstract M: Be Multi-channel & Magnetic Wednesday February 13th, 2013 Juan Yanez Social Media Manager Social Media Marketing Presentation What is Social Media Marketing? EvoSpend Social Media Marketing Blogger Outreach Program Will function as the "voice" of EvoSpend F.A.M.E Network broadcasting will be a mixture of created content and relevant content from our partners F.A.M.E network broadcasting will be a key driver in community building and relationship management EvoSpend will use the "tools of engagement" How to utilize Social Media Marketing: Contests & Promotions F.A.M.E Network Content Mixture Facebook Promoted Posts F.A.M.E Network Broadcasting F.A.M.E. Blog Contests & Promotions Blogger Outreach Program Hashtag Campaigns Product Give-a-ways Milestone Rewards Promo/Offer Codes Social Network Specific Contests & Promotions

Social Media Marketing Presentation

Transcript: Axel Aponte, Malinda Horsham, Racheal Mayer, Oleh Vakulenko, and Frank Dittrick COSTCO Risky Business Intro Our Team Axel Aponte - Introduction Malinda Horsham - Business Model and Target Demographic Racheal Mayer and Oleh Vakulenko - marketing tactics Frank Dittrick - Closing The Business Subscription Retail Service BARGAIN SHOPPERS All demographics Thrill of the deal Do the research Know the value Love to try before buying Environmentally conscious Minimal marketing Exclusive annual memberships In-store promotions Low profit margins Lose money Sustainability Marketing Tactics Marketing Tactics Social media campaigns to target and reach potential customers Instagram Stand For: Quality, Reasonable Prices, Customer Service, & Active Social Media Weekly Specials, Customer Awareness Brand Recognition, Tagging, & Customer Engagement Advertising Via Instagram NEWS BREAKING NEWS @costco_doesitagain Now, instead of roaming the aisles of Costco for great finds, members can browse through the Costco Does It Again feed for items to add to their list. Facebook Advertising via Facebook Ideal platform to reach Costco's demographic Most widely used social media site (2.23 billion users) Creating an ad campaign: Target your audience Set your budget and schedule Select ad placement Conclusion tl;dr Target and reach Costco's bargain shoppers through Instagram and Facebook advertisements Increase customer retention for wholesale subscription based retail service INFORMATION HOTLINE Skip Ad >>

Social Media Template

Transcript: Pros and Cons of Social Media Will, Harjot, Samantha, Savarna, Darius Who We Are Social Media Users Just Like You! By Samantha, Savarna, Will, Darius, and Harjot Pros of Social Media: Marketing You can promote your business on social media by creating a business platform page This engages customers, "Engaged customers are likely to be your best customers" (Rowe) Other entrepreneurs can find what your selling and possibly collaborate with you (it's not what you know it's who you know) Being committed to social media to create brand awareness and sales "Create your own deals on your terms" (Rowe) "Manage your reputation" (Rowe) Bad reviews online are bad for business Good reviews online encourage more people to go with your brand Business Opportunities: Communication / News Updates Instant Real Time Allows Connection With Entire World Mobile Mass Interaction No one wants to watch the news Everyone has a cellular device Notified when Tragedies / Emergencies strike Social media has tons of entertainment Everyone has a different sense of humor and there is tones of accounts with various different content such as cooking fitness weird memes Entertainment Once you know someone who is successful and have professional relationship with and have them on social media, you will always that window of opportunity in your back pocket. Linkedin is basically a facebook for networking and finding other people with the same interest and mind set as you Networking Cons of Social Media: Mental Illness The Scientific American Mind states that "Teenagers who used social media on a daily basis were 13 percent more likely to say they felt depressed than were peers who did not use it every day." The depression spike increased when over 50% of the American population owned a smartphone. Con: Cyber Bullying It's not the social media that is doing the bullying, it is the people behind the screens. People can get away with bullying very easy while online. “Cyberbullying is potentially a factor in the increase of youth suicides” - New Zealand Managment magazine. Con: People can be deceiving Not everyone is who they seem to be You can never truly be sure that someone is who they say they are. Social Media can play a huge roll in task delay Seconds are minutes and minutes are hours When you get done procrastinating on your phone, do you ever think what else you could have accomplished? Time looking at social media constantly will cause you to go from peak performance to average performance Unsurprisingly popular apps are designed in a way to be addictive to the user so the company can have a competitive edge Con: Distraction/Procrastination Nothing can ever be truly deleted How personal information of yourself is on your social media? Is your password easy to figure out? Geotagging Faceprint database- tags people by face recognition without you have to tag them yourself Comments are searchable Posts that you liked are tracked Ever searched something on youtube/amazon/pintrist and all of a sudden its popped up on your feed? Con: Privacy issues Recognize the problem Admit your social media diet Model good behavior Create a better online experience How to make social media a better experience: Power of suggestion Awareness Purge Negativity Purge the models and famous people Monitor yourself Are you checking for likes/comments? Tool for good Positive groups Social revolution Survey Results Citations: CHEN, A. (2018). Social Notworking: Is Generation Smartphone Really More Prone to Unhappiness? (cover story). Scientific American Mind, 29(2), 18. Rowe, M. (2012, July). 8 Ways to Leverage Social Media. Restaurant Hospitality. Retrieved from , 32-36. Powell, F. (2015). Be kind online. NZ Business + Management, 29(11), M27. Retrieved from Fay, Laura. “New Teen Survey Reveals Cyberbullying Moving Beyond Social Media to Email, Messaging Apps, YouTube.” The 74 New Teen Survey Reveals Cyberbullying Moving Beyond Social Media to Email Messaging Apps YouTube Comments,


Transcript: Creating Ads: Only create ads on your strongest networks first. How to Organize Your Calendar By year / month / date Color code important and original content Collaborate Communicate SEO > Search ENGAGEMENT Optimization Social media is the new word of mouth Keyword searching Original content / blog posts / video Referral traffic / Pinterest Less enlisting existing employees, and see even more companies hiring social media strategists or full-time social media managers. We’ll Witness the Rise of Micro-Video Fourquare will decline sharply. New ways to reach people via video with Vine and Instagram Investment in Social Media Will Become a Necessity, Not a Luxury Video launches Sales promotions Important announcements Funny content Questions (20-30 great tips to rotate through monthly) Tips (20-30 great tips to rotate through monthly) How much time does it take to have a successful social media presence? The "don'ts" before the "dos" Purchasing conversions How do you do this? It takes time if you want to do it right. Otherwise you are just added internet noise. #Ain'tNobodyGotTimeForThat How many hours? Time allocation Posting into the weekend Optimal times for engagement (varies for each network) and image 70% of brands have a presence on Google+. That’s the same percentage of Americans hate their jobs. Although we all hate it, Google is the king of search, so Google + can’t and shouldn’t be ignored. SEO, SEO, SEO! We love questions. Tweet using the hashtag #NashSocial How to Create the Perfect Post Facebook Ads Sidebar ads Promoted posts Targeting Promoting Your Events Facebook Be positive. Provide a link. Brand Sentiment Mining for it Harnessing it Manage and elevate perception and reputation Responding to negative comments Adjust the content accordingly, more on that later.. “How we cultivate our relationships if often the greatest determinant of the type of life we get to live. Business is no different.” - Gary Vanderchuck Thank you for joining us! Facebook Events 92% of consumers trust recommendations from family and friends. 70% of consumers trust opinions of online strangers who they may never meet. - Nielsen People like to do business with people they know, like, and trust. Integrate with Google Analytics Welcome! Have a strategy! How do I measure the effectiveness of my social media efforts? Best Post Types Video Photo Link Each social network operates a little differently, and each brand's fans have their own tastes and preferences. Keeping a pulse on the competition Using social media as a customer service tool Thought leadership: The most effective 2 - word strategy: Be Useful. Facebooks new reporting system - Page likes breakdown / where “likes” came from Social Media Usage Up 800% For U.S. Online Adults In Just 8 Years. - Forbes Jane Doe This is an informal, intensive session, ask questions, interrupt us, challenge us, feed us cupcakes. Test everything and hold on to the good. The DONT'S DON'T just "hope" people show up and talk to you DON'T obsess over numbers Case Study #2 Social media is not a magic wand RESEARCH STRATEGY EXECUTE TEST REPEAT Establish yourself as an expert Original Content Post Performance Check to see how your posts are performing. See when your fans are online. The DOs Make a list of all your goals Map out all content on your editorial calendar for the next 1-3 months Create homes for your content (Google Drive folders) by type Commit to creating great original content and genuine engagement Reporting Eventbrite Mobile Make sure your marketing is mobile friendly You MUST have a mobile optimized website, if you don’t you’re losing money, simple as that. Older user adoption Track your links. E-Commerce Pinterest Avoid human faces. Look for red. Campaigns Ads, Promotions, Contests, Events, Sweepstakes Other Helpful Tools Hootsuite Bitly TweetReach Tweepi SocialMention Google Alerts Feedly Flipboard SproutSocial Promote on Social Media Core Content for Your Calendar Daily active users have reached 665 million Monthly active users have passed 1.1 billion for the first time 751 million mobile users access Facebook every month Mobile only active users total 189 million Mobile now generates 30% of its ad revenue up from 23% at the end of 2012 3 million companies have Facebook pages Let's break it down... Cross pollinate your shopping platform between all social channels Create a store tab on your Facebook page Integrate social sharing icons on each product Run contests Showcase your company's charitable contributions What do you want the numbers to tell you? Analyze the data, track the progress. Individual Post Promo Facebook Growth An editorial calendar is used by bloggers, publishers, businesses, and groups to control publication of content across different media, for example, newspaper, magazine, blog, email newsletters, and social media outlets. via: Google+ Tag people. Include large images. Know your goals. Make a list every

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