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Transcript: The schools current enrollment? What are the add missions requirments? SMU Southern Methodist University. School Mascot: Mustangs. State is texas and city is in dallas yes it is convenient for commuting ,becuase the dorms are close to each other and the school as well. One of the dormitories name is the amstrong dorm. There are rest enrollment vertifications for fall and spring semesters online. What are some majors the school offers Distance between otto? Something that i like is the mustang mascot.But what i dislike is at the school is way to big. the distance is 17.8 miles and it takes 26 min to get there. School Colors: Red and Blue. Does the school offer housintg? Some majors are buisness,accounting,finance,marketi-ng,real estate finance,chemistry,dance and economics ect. Southern Methodist University It is the nations fourth largest methodist area 6 million residents.161,600 are colllege and university students Some of the majors are buissness,accounting,finance,marketing,real estate,chemistry,dance,economics,etc. what activities ,clubs can students praticipate in? Is the school convenient for commuting? The Population yes they do offer housing, they offer dorms for the students. Schools location Some activities and clobs are Alloies trianing,The well-Christmas theme,Christmas caroling,Lyle holiday party,Moms and dads club,The faculity club,Sports club,Student club and Book club. What is something you dislike and like about this school? The missions requirments are 4 units of english,3 units of math,3 units of SS,3 units of Science and 2 must be lab science and 2 consecutive units of forgeign language. What are some majors the school offers?

SMU Presentation

Transcript: Finalize the request and take the client's approval usually on time Send the request to the client for publishing 87% of the late requests Have been Fulfilled 5 Members left the SMU for graduation and different reasons 3 New Members joined SMU in the past year the newest is 3 Months ago 91 Posters have been approved by ER in the past 2 years (from 8 months Two Graphics Designers has been Certified) 877 Requests have been accepted since we officially launch SMU email in Nov. 2012 (Average 2 requests per day including vacations) Approximated total number of all the photo shoots that are taken & uploaded on the social media are 2370 for the past 2 years Approximated total number of all the Videos that have been edited & uploaded on YouTube are 53 for the past 2 years Recently Achieved - Monthly Newsletter - Online YouTube Episodes - Creative Activities on Social Media channels - Develop New Advertisement Methods - Attract new students for training SUPPORT International Volunteerism Day 2015 Request Process Producing high quality and innovative media with an organized and coordinated team. Working to meet the needs of all sections at the Student Activities Department. Through continuous development of student’s employment to keep up with what's new in media coverage and social networking using the needed equipment. And encouraging students to actively participate in the activities of the Department. 1 - desk 1 - personal laptop 1 - personal DSLR camera Working Hours Timetable BIG How did we start ? A group of QU students who are passionate about their work in media coverage. Established in March 2012, we are currently at a capacity of 7 students who are specialized in Graphics Design Photography Videography Montage Social Media Forward Request to the Specialized Student Server Archive Monthly Checklist Orientation Day 2015 Future Projects Student Media Unit To become a model of “student media coverage” at events and student activities in Qatar University, in which it is characterized by quality, innovation and professionalism Clubs Forum Day 2015 Vision Internally In addition to Warning System Cultural Village 2015 Qatar National Sport Day 2015 External Events Coverage Mission Facts Thanks For Listening The End Who we are ? How we deal with late requests? Internal Rules and Regulations Receive Request Via Email Qatar National Day 2014

SMU Presentation

Transcript: Buissness Management Associates High School Diploma 3.7 GPA ACT-29 Name: Southern Methodist University Location: 5539 SMU Boulevard Mascot: Peruna Colors: Red and Blue Alma Matar: Oh we see the varsity varsity,varsity, as she towers o'er the hillOver there and our hearts are filled with joy,SMU, SMU,Alma Mater, we'll be trueForever! Ranking:Smu is 11th National Ranking Business and Management program is ranked 24th worldwide Paying Back About SMU Admission Criteria Alfred Hugo and Gerda Else Radke Scholarship-First Generation American Ann Biggs/Thelma Salazar Scholarship-First Generation American,Decendent from Mexico Douvas Memorial First Generation American Scholarship-First Generation american George and Anita Rimler Scholarship-First Generation American Major Requirement Management Courses (two from the following): Human Resources (MNO 3371) Project Management (MNO 4361) Leadership and Culture (MNO 4371) Leadership and Culture in the Southwest (MNO 4372) Electives (six credit hours): Negotiations (MNO 3373) Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethical Leadership (MNO 3375) Introduction to Consulting and Change Management (MNO 4330) Employee Benefits (RMI 4340) Leadership and Culture (MNO 4371) – if not taken for core requirement Leadership and Culture in the Southwest (MNO 4372) - if not taken for core requirement Business Decision Making (CISB 3380) Managing the Entrepreneurial Business (CISB 4398) Entrepreneurship - Starting a Business (CISB 5397) if not taken for senior core requirement Business Modeling with Spreadsheets (ITOM 4307) Strategic Management (STRA 5370) if not taken for senior core requirement Two Business electives (six credit hours) Small/Startup or Family Business Courses Leadership and Culture (MNO 4371) Negotiations (MNO 3373) Human Resources (MNO 3371) Project Management (MNO 4361) Managing the Entrepreneurial Business (CISB 4398) Sales and Distribution Management (MKTG 3345) Employee Benefits (RMI 4340) Strategic Management (STRA 5370) Identifying Entrepreneurial Opportunities (CISB 2379) Law for the Entrepreneur (BL 4340) To pay for my education i plan on.. Parents assist- My parents have a little savings going on that will help for a portion of SMU Job- I plan on being a bartender at the Warwik Melrose Hotel.Making $53,000 yearly and $600 tips weekly Government grants-I also plan on applying for government handed grants. Smu is 11th National Ranking Business and Management program is ranked 24th worldwide $238 term per credit hour $22,970 per semester On campus housing and meal plan $16,510 SMU Presentation Why SMU? Basic Core classes ACCT 2301 & 2302 Introduction to Financial Accounting and Introduction to Managerial Accounting STAT 2301/2331 Business Statistics or EMIS 4340/5370 Probability and Statistics or ITOM 2305 ITOM 2308 Information Systems For Management BLI 3302 Business Communications and Leader Development FINA 3320 Financial Management ITOM 3306 Operations Management BL 3335 Business Law MNO 3370 Management of Organizations MKTG 3340 Fundamentals of Marketing STRA 5370 Strategic Management in a Global Economy or CISB 5397 Entrepreneurship - Scholarships I chose SMU due to it's high admission standards.Also it would be close to home,I have always been interested in this university since i found out about it.Also i want to join due to its great buissness programs feel it will look good out in the real world. Buissness and Management Associates add logo here

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Transcript: The Future is Inherently Unknowable Why is it Relevant? Anticipated Results Tone & Culture Transparency Risk Intelligence Monitoring Intentional risk treatment E STRATEGIC RISKS commitment _ Remember when coffee cost Risks in connection with decisions about outsourcing or maintaining processes and competencies in-house. Risks concerning new product developments, such as new innovations, R&D, new product lines. Risks concerning new sources of finance, such as the optimal debt to equity ratio Risks concerning acquisitions or disposals $2.00? Tools Why it is important Cost of Doing Business Interrelationships What is meant by Strategic Risks strategy Class of '71 Cost of Core Business $1.25 $ $ 1.00 .50 Marc Dominus Risk Dictionary The chance of DEVIATION from OBJECTIVE x Risk Assessment Enterprise Risk Management sustainability x RISK $ Business $ Core Business $ Risk x $ Risk = $Profit Heat Map intelligence Values Beliefs Attitudes Ideas for Success Cost of Risk Risk Culture… Accelerated Performance Outsourcing New product Innovations Acquisitions ERM INFRASTRUCTURE Availability of Assets Capability of Assets Access to Capital Complexity Mergers/Acquisitions SOCIAL Demographics Corporate Citizenship Environmental Stewardship Privacy TECHNOLOGICAL Electronic Commerce External Data Emerging Technology TECHNOLOGY Data Acquisition Maintenance Distribution Confidentiality Integrity Data and System Availability Capacity System Selection Development Deployment Reliability POLITICAL Governmental Changes Legislation Public Policy Regulation Geo-Political Risks NATURAL ENVIRONMENT Biodiversity Emissions, Effluent, and Waste Energy Fire Natural Disaster Sustainable Development Transport Water BUSINESS Compliance Brand/Trademark Competition Consumer Behaviour Counterparty Fraud Industry Standards Ownership Structure Publicity Product Relevance PERSONAL Employee Capability Fraudulent Activity Health and Safety Judgement Malfeasance Security Practices Sales Practices ECONOMIC Capital Availability Credit Issuance Default Concentration Liquidity Market Funding Cash Flow Market Commodity Prices Interest Rate Unemployment Indices Exchange Rate Equity Valuation Real Estate Values PROCESS Capacity Design Execution Suppliers/Dependencies

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